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Found 9 results

  1. Have you ever build silly features for your vessels? Put your ideas here! Typical examples include a swiming pool in a Laythe hotel, a maze, etc. I'll start: a table in my Lander. Seats 6 Kerbals with hot chocolate.
  2. KERBAL KRISTMAS PACK Provided by Santa Gift Industries, a subsidiary of Integrated Phoenix Industries. DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/2034/Kerbal Kristmas Pack - Lights and presents DESCRIPTION: Just a fun little silly festive mod which adds attachable lights and a KIS container present. Requires Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) to function. You can get KIS here: NOTES: - I haven't figured out how to do colour changes on one part, so the lights are separate parts for each colour. CHANGELOG: v1.0 -First Release
  3. General (3 stars) Jeremiah Icarus Ichabod Kerman, the Kerbal Space Center Base Kommander, was in a foul mood. His two assistants, General (1 star) Halski Kerman and Brigadier General Ronard Kerman, stood across from the desk, eyes downcast and looking very glum. They knew that the General thought of himself as "popular" amongst his command. The word they might have used themselves would have been "autocratic". Or "apoplectic". "General", as General Kerman was universally known[1] on base [or "Harry" while getting drunk off base], had just finished the best part of an hour raging and gesticulating in front of his aids. But he wasn't cross with them; he had just been venting his heart-felt frustration. A command transcript transmitted from Kerbal Space High Command lay on his desk. It was tersely-worded. The two phrases that had gotten under General Kerman's saddle so badly were "get over your mid-life crisis DOUBLE-QUICK, soldier!" and "stop F.A.R.T.ing[2] around in the Hangar, tinkering with new planes, and GET BACK OUT THERE in the universe and EXPLORE!!..." The command had ended with an ultimatum to set Kerbal boots on Vall by the end of the weekend -- or face the consequences. The general snarled, "Get me some boffins in here! PRONTO!! We've got work to do. And only 18 hours to do it in...[3] Let's cut some corners, gentlemen." [pictured[L-R]: Mk 1-3 capsule, Hawk lander, Omega ion-drive module, Aquila lifter/transit vehicle] 1. with the sole exception of his wife and formerly childhood sweetheart, Griselda Kerman, who calls him Icha-BODD!!, when he is in trouble, and Icky the rest of the time. 2. one bridge too far? 3. not counting warp time
  4. I have been playing ksp for quite a while now, mostly building mediocre tanks and planes, but recently I created a very silly and surprisingly useful land vehicle. It's powered only by reaction wheels. On it's ends I added wheels and landing legs (for safe spinning on the side and jumping) and also enough RTGs to power it even at full speed. Specs: Part count: 50 Top safe speed: 25m/s Torque: 80 Mods used: Kerbal foundries link: https://kerbalx.com/samuel9900/Spiny
  5. Here is a place for your most kerbal designs and ideas. Mods, stock, who cares. Happy building!
  6. HI, welcome to the post where you post silly, everyday stuff Enjoy freedom You still want someone to elaborate on this Exactly what the tile says
  7. THE BARN MOD: The "Mod" ...is basically just some graphic resources and re-textured parts zipped up with the save file and .crafts I built using them. But the real star of the mod is the TextureReplacer skin I cooked up that replaces your Kerbal's space suit with a pair of denim overalls and trades in the moon boots for flip-flop sandals. I made this Kerbal skin back when 0.90 was scheduled to be released with a Tier 0 KSC that was comprised of a big red barn with trailer-homes for the astronaut complex. (Yes, that was a thing that happened.) I've been sitting on it ever since and I decided it was time to let it out to aire. Then the rock started rolling downhill and, well see the above video. DOWNLOAD Head to http://roninpawn.com and look through the list on the 'Crafts' page to find the download. REQUIRED(ish) MODS TweakScale - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/344 TextureReplacer - https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/150/TextureReplacer TweakScale isn't really necessary unless you want to load up my BIG BARN Mk1 craft file. There's two non-TweakScale'd crafts in the VAB if you can't be bothered. TextureReplacer, however, is what makes time travel possible. So you will need that if you want to look dapper in denim. #BroughtBackTheBarn It's a silly thing this, but if you get a smile or a laugh out of it then I've done my job. For more smiles / laughs visit my comedy gaming channel at http://youtube.com/roninpawn. And don't for a minute believe that I was ever serious. Even though I am. Not. Totally serious. About nothing. If not this. And we're done.
  8. So, as many of you probably found out, while we were waiting for the forums to migrate, we were greeted with a loading screen that said the forums were being migrated. We also got some silly text that popped up, similar to when you start the game. I for one found these quite amusing, and watched them for quite some time. I also took note to start writing them down, as they would be gone after the migration was done. At first I was watching the website and furiously typing the text if I hadn't already seen it and typed it. After about 100 I realized it would be much simpler to just open the website source code and find the entire list. I only missed 14 out of 117, which means I spent about 45 minutes staring and typing I've added the ones I missed, and now have a complete list of every phrase of text that could've come across your screen during the migration. It's quite long, so it is contained in the spoiler below: Well, hope you enjoyed reading through it. The forum admins sure had fun typing those.
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