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  1. A few weeks ago, while on the Facebook page, Kerbal Space Program, someone asked about the various educational levels of those on the page. Taking a page from Endermens' book, I decided to start this thread. How many times have you seen someone's user name, a ship they've designed, or even a comment they've made and wondered what their degree is in? Well, wonder no more (for those who choose to participate)! Have you earned your college degree? Do you hold a trade school certificate or other vocational training certification? Are you a starving undergraduate or graduate student and plan to someday graduate? Did life smack you between the eyes and you had to leave college for a job - we've got a category for that! If you are planning to go to college, I even have a category for that as well... Include your degree, the college, the city the college is in, and your major/proposed major. If you have more than one degree, please share! With that said, here's the list (as it develops) Young and aspiring dreamers: [This category is for those who are not yet in high school but share their dreams with us. As hard as it may be for many of us who've done a few orbits more than the younger crowd, let's resist the temptation to dash their dreams and ambitions, and instead encourage them to fulfill their potential.] Astrofox Already has his private pilot certificate. Aspires to be an aerospace engineer and within the mission planning component of a space program. Bev7787 Bubbadevlin High school STEM student cubinator Aspires to become an astronaut, aerospace engineer, musical engineer, musician, and entomologist. DarkOwl57 Middle school/junior high school STEM student Findthepin1 JK_Kerbineer: Aspires to be aerospace engineer. Once out of school, wants to work for Virgin Galactic, Lockheed-Martin, and eventually either SpaceX or NASA. MegaUZI: Aspires to be employed in the aerospace industry NSEP: Aspires to be a science fiction writer, and an aerospace engineer. His ultimate goal is to either start his own space program or go to space as a tourist. ProtoJeb21: Aspires to attend MIT. PTGFlyer Wants to be a naval aviator and then work at Lockheed Martin within the Skunk Works Division. Rath Razor235 Already has his private pilot certificate. Toss between nuclear engineering and aviation/aerospace. SaturnianBlue High school STEM student Sayeret_1711: Aspires to become either a fighter pilot or in the special forces in his home nation. Also desires to earn a BA, MA, and PhD in aerospace engineering. Skylon: Aspires to become an aerospace engineer or other engineering field. Souper Ultimate Steve Yukon0009 Those planning to enter a trade school, college or university: Butterbar: planning to become a Marine Corps officer with either a major in Political Science, Astronomy, or Systems Engineering CliftonM: major in computer science CommanderSpock Propulsion engineering DarthVader DeltaDizzy: planning to study computer science. Earthlinger: wants to study aerospace engineering or nuclear physics and aspires to become a writer. eloquentJane: planning to major in physics, then do a doctorate which will probably specialize in the dynamics of interplanetary travel. fire219: Possibly seeking a degree in computer engineering, Georgia Tech or University of Alabama qzgy: currently a high school student. Planning at working on a degree (possibly) in chemistry.. Would like to become a certified pilot at some point in life. kenbobo: Duke University, Business and Computer Sciences and Astrophysics [Recently selected to participate in the 7th Grade Talent Search, Duke Univ.] Layereddiagram: Planning to major in chemistry or a natural science Mad Rocket Scientist: California Polytechnic State University NeatCrown RoadRunnerAerospace: aspires to get a pilot's license, then go into aerospace engineering or astronomy. Tex (Formerly Maximus97): Majoring in theater with a possible of a minor in mechanics. TheKosanianMethod: planing to go to college and/or join the Marines, Air Force, or teach history? (Take it from someone that does this for a living - DON'T!) V7 Aerospace: wants to become part of the RAF, hoping to become a pilot, or engineer (both will require a college/university degree). Already is a certified glider pilot. Those who would like to eventually earn a degree degree or trade certificate: flymetothemun: Currently pursuing vocational training as a semi truck (tractor trailer for the rest of the world) driver/operator or welder... r4pt0r: Would like to earn a B.A. in History focus Ancient History (Greece and Rome) at some point in the future. Those are currently enrolled and attending a trade school, college or university: _Augustus_: In college, more information to come later. CaptainKorhonen: Has been accepted and will be attending Aalto University in Espoo, Finland in pursuit of a B.Sc. in electronics and electrical engineering CornHuskerKenny: Attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln Nebraska with a major of electrical engineering. Wants to work in the aerospace industry in the future (emphasis on space). Taking flying lessons and is a member of the UNL's rocketry team. Dman979: Completed an Internship with CoreAVI, Avionics software and graphics drivers. 2016. Attending Pennsylvania State University in pursuit of a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Gaarst: Attending University of Glasgow in pursuit of a B.S. in Theoretical Physics; plans to pursue Ph.D. How2FoldSoup: Attending _________ in pursuit B.S. in Applied Physics and in Mathematics; plans to pursue Ph.D. IncongruousGoat: Currently attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in pursuit of a B.S. in computer science. Wants to work in the aerospace/space industry. parameciumkid: Currently pursuing a degree in video game design. Rath: Attending Canadian International School of Hong Kong in pursuit of a B.S. in aerospace engineering [NOTE: A rocket scientist in the making!] Riven: 3rd year at San José State studying aerospace engineering. Robotengineer: Concurrently enrolled in high school and university. The current plan is to study space propulsion or space systems in graduate school. Sampa: Attending San Joaquin Valley College: Aviation Campus in pursuit of A.A/A.S. and certification in air frame and power plant licensing program. Shikashi: Recently accepted into Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (a technical information technology college) in Perg, Austria. SupperRobin6394: Currently studying application development at the "ROC Flevoland" in the Netherlands. Tavalar: Pursuing an education in information science technology somewhere in Pennsylvania. Technical school certifications include welding, certified heavy equipment operator, certified carpenter, certified residential/industrial electrician, certified automotive care technician. On-the-job training in computer repair, guitar teacher, concrete pre-caster, and television repair technician. Thunder_86: Currently attending Collège de Rosemont (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Those who had life happen to them during a trade school, college or university: This category is for those people, that for whatever reason, life threw a curve ball and forced a difficult choice to be made. A life happened moment can happen to anyone and at any time, regardless of educational level, plans, dreams, and aspirations. In spite of what life threw out them, these folks represent professionals, maybe trained in a trade or skill, and are content with who they have become. 5thHorseman Astronut: [Note: certified as a pilot!] Azimech Beowolf: [Note: certified as a pilot!] Boomerang Captain Sierra Exploro: [Note: certified as a pilot!] Frozen_Heart LordFerret regex StrandedonEarth Wallygator The self-taught or on-the-job sage: This category is for those people, that for whatever reason, didn't go to college. Instead, they became master of new skills because of a passion for developing that skill or because of the demands of work have made them experts in their field. For whatever the reason, their expertise has rivaled those of the formally trained student of education. Kergarin: Android App programmer, game programmer Maxxq: Currently makes make jewelry for a studio/store in South Carolina. Built and flew model rockets for a while. Life happened while attending The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio Self-taught as far as science, engineering, and aerospace Those who have graduated a trade school, college or university: AlphaAsh: BSc (Honors) in Computer Science, many years ago [currently pursuing a B.Ed. ] Asharad: B.S., University of Alabama, 1995, Electrical Engineering colmo: BSc, Queen's University Belfast (mid 90's), Genetics MSc, University of Ulster (mid 00's), Bioinformatics Currently in L3 of an Open University degree focused on astronomy and planetary science Planning tp pursue a PhD in exoplanetary astrobiology or related field ComatoseJedi: A.Sc. in computer information systems, (somewhere in Georgia, U.S.A.), 2000. Cydonian Monk: BSCpE, Computer Engineering, West Virginia University, 2003 Creature: B.Sc. (Technology) in biotechnology (molecular biotechnology and diagnostics), University of Turku, Finland. 2013 M.Sc (Tech) in Biotechnology (minoring in process engineering), University of Turku, Finland. 2016 Life happened while pursuing a degree in physics. Deutherius: Bc. in IT, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic, Europe), 2014. M.Sc. at Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic, Europe), 2016 [Pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science (focused on signal processing)] EdFred: Associates of Science, ________, No date Life happened while attending the University of Michigan and pursuing a degree in architecture. Life happened while attending Grand Valley State University pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Certified as a flight instructor and is a commercially rated instrument pilot with seaplane and multi-engine ratings. [Note: a REAL pilot!] Fengist: Semi (tractor/trailer) operator (In many states, a CDL to become a tractor/trailer operator requires some sort of formal semi driving school). Freshmeat: M.Sc. in History of Science, double minor in physics and philosophy, Aarhus University of Denmark, 2011. GDJ: Certificate, Recording Arts Musical Production (Columbia Academy, 1991) Certificate, Powersound Recording Studio Certification Training, Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanics Certification Training, Gardner Denver Pump Repair [Currently pursuing a certification in Home Inspections] Inverurie Jones: MA (Hons) in English Literature at the University of Aberdeen, (year unknown) Served consecutively in Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Navy and Her Majesty's Coastguard Licensed pilot [Note: a REAL pilot!] Ionstorm: Intern: University of Houston: Houston, TX, USA (Biochemistry), 1987 A.B.: Occidental College: Los Angeles, CA, USA (Biochemistry), 1991 Fellow: NASA Specialized Center for Research and Training in Exobiology: San Diego, CA, USA, 1992-1996 Ph.D.: University of California, San Diego: San Diego, CA, USA (Biochemistry), 1997 Post-doctoral: SETI Institute/NASA Ames: Mountain View, CA, USA (Astrophysics, astrobiology), 2002 [Note: a REAL astrochemist and astrobiologist!] JedTech: B.S. (Deans List) - Aviation: Professional Pilot - Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, 2013 [Note: a REAL pilot!] JetJaguar: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1996 [Note: a REAL rocket scientist!] JebKerboom: Ph.D./M.D., Univerzita Karlova in Prague, Czech Republic. 2012 Considering a degree in mechatronics Johnny Wishbone: B.S. Computer Science, Michigan State University, 1998. Jonfliesgoats: Has degrees in something... will discover what it is...eventually. KerikBalm: B.S., Biotechnology with a math minor. University of California -Davis. 2007 M.S., MSc Molecular Biology, University of Zurich. 2011 Ph.D., Cell biology, Université de Genève. 2016 Korvath85: Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Fire Science, Community College of the Air Force, the U.S. Air Force's built-in, accredited college, 2008 Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science, Dakota State University, 2014 lynwoodm: Microcomputer Specialist and Machine Language Programming, unnamed trade school, 1995 AS, Computer Information Systems with a minor in Networking, 2000 magico13: B.S. (honors) Physics with minors chemistry and mathematics in physics from Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) in 2014. [Currently pursuing a M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.] [Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.] MaxwellsDemon: BA in Business Administration Life happened while pursuing an MBA. monstah: BSc in Mathematics by University of Brasilia (BR), 2007. Life happened while pursuing M.Sc. at University of Brasilia (BR) NightOwl07: B.Sc (Hon) from the University of Toronto in pathology (2013) [Currently pursuing a M.D. at the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario)] Nightside: B.A. in English Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz (no date) [Currently pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering at Portland (Oregon) State University] OhioBob: Bachelor of Science; Civil Engineering; University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, Ohio; 1981 PanzarAce: Bachelor of Arts in History, University of California, Merced , 2009. peadar1987: BEng. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Dublin (2009) MSc. in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh (2010) MEng. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow (2013) [Currently pursuing a Ph.D.in mechanical engineering at the University of Glasgow ("Organic Rankine Cycles using Zeotropic Working Fluids")] Plusck: LL.B. (law) with a minor in German, University of Glasgow (Year Withheld) LL.M. (law), University of Paris (Year Withheld) Life happened while pursuing LL.D. at University of Paris plotz: B.A. Eastern Asian Economics, Management & Politics - University of Bochum, Germany and Tongji University, Shanghai, China ; 2009 MSc Management and Economics - University of Bochum, Germany ; 2011 Plume-Akakak: B.A. in Plastic Arts, University of Strasbourg, Department of Visual Arts, Strasbourg, France (1998) M.A. in Plastic Arts, University of Strasbourg, Department of Visual Arts, Strasbourg, France (2002). Research field : pornography studies M.F.A., Superior School of Fine Arts, Strasbourg, France (2005). Focus : Art (video). PnDB: BS Physics, BS Mathematics, BS "Mathematics and Computer Science" (they didn't have a full CS degree), Hampden-Sydney College, 1993 MS Applied Physics / Optics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1996 [Currently pursuing a MS degree in Data Analytics from George Mason University] razark: B.A., Miskatonic University (Arkham, MA), Ancient Literature (It was reported that this was a scam - Yeah, I was "punked"!) B.S. Computer Science from University of Texas at Tyler, 2005 Reddy: M.Sc.Eng. in Mechatronics, Wrocław University of Technology, 2016 RizzoTheRat: BEng Aeronautical engineering, Loughborough University (UK), "a few years ago" S4qFBxKFFg: BSc in Engineering (Ord), Aeronautical Engineering, University of Glasgow, 2004 BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering, University of Glasgow, 2004 Licensed as private pilot. [Note: a REAL pilot!] Shynug: B.Sc.in Computer Science, Binus University, Jakarta (Indonesia), 2016 Starman4308: Bachelor's of Science in Biology, _________ University, 2013 [Currently pursuing Ph.D. in Biochemistry at ______________] sumghai: B.E. (honors) Mechatronics Engineering from The University of Auckland, New Zealand Tada: --- (left intentionally blank for Bachelor's degree information. M.S.L. (Master's degree in Law) TheSaint: A.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology, Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey (on-line), 1993 B.S. in Information Technology, University of Phoenix (on-line), 2005 Thunder_86: CEGEP (French equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree), Programming Analysist, Collège de Rosemont (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), 2007 UnusualAttitide: French equivalent of a Masters (M.Sc? M.Eng?) in Applied Geosciences and Environmental Science, Toulouse III Paul Sabatier University, 2002 Van Disaster: Life happened while pursuing a BEng in Mechanical Engineering BSc Comp. Sci from a university in London (199X) placeholder... adsii1970: Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (IL), 2013, U.S. History/U.S. Foreign Policy M.A., Murray State University, Murray (KY), 2004, U.S. History to 1865 focus: Foreign Policy M.Ed. Northwestern State University (LA), 1999, Information and Technology Systems B.A., Northwestern State University (LA), 1996, History focus: Ancient History Life happened while pursuing a B.A. in music theory and composition, University of Southern Mississippi, 1988
  2. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the A Forum User's Guide to the Thread of the Month A brief introduction: As many of you know, since June 2013, the moderation team has been able to bestow the Thread of the Month to deserving threads created by community members. Only recently, within the last few years, have I become involved in creating the thread announcing the monthly Thread of the Month and the annual Thread of the Year. Since my involvement, I will be the first to admit I've gradually made a few changes to both the Thread of the Month and the process used to select them. It is my hope that this guide will answer a few questions about how the moderation team goes about using the nominations we receive from the community for the Thread of the Month, and the expanded categories nominations are filtered into. There are also some other things that I'd like to share with the forum community that goes into the decisions made when the Thread of the Month is prepared. Each major part of the decision making process is explained in this guide. For those of you who strive to create a thread worthy of the Thread of the Month recognition, I hope it helps answer many of the questions I've been asked over the past couple of years. I'll start the guide by explaining the categories and then I'll address the other major points used in turn. The categories explained: One of the changes I wanted to do to the TOTM was to highlight more of what the community was offering each month - and the best way to do that was by creating categories. Currently, here are the categories we use for each Thread of the Month and a brief explanation of what each category is (most of this is copied off the Threads of the Month): Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Works: This category features a thread that, while not directly Kerbal Space Program related, is a creative work, fan-fiction, or other presentation related to the game. If you write fan fiction, do KSP-themed doodles, paint, CGI, or Lego dioramas or craft, or anything else that is creative arts-based and associated with Kerbal Space Program, this is the category where your thread might be featured if it is nominated. Forum Member-Created Challenges and Missions: This category contains missions and challenges created by you, the members of our gaming community. Many excellent missions and challenges threads are created that expand our fun with the game and press our skills, creativity, and sometimes, luck beyond what we get accustomed to. Let’s face it, we all have our go-to design basics and vehicles we like to use. So sometimes, a good challenge can cause us to think of another way to achieve our goals. Ideally, these challenges and missions should be original or older challenges from the forum. Still, they cannot be modifications of official challenges from @SQUAD or @Intercept Games as released on official KSP social media platforms. This category will probably be divided into KSP and KSP2 subcategories. Game Support/Game Mod of the Month: This category features either help with the game (stock or modded) or mods that add quality-of-life gameplay improvements to Kerbal Space Program. This category will probably be divided into KSP and KSP2 subcategories. General community thread of the month: This category features a thread that adds to the community and doesn’t fit the game support/game mod categories. This can be anything. In previous months, we have featured threads involving actual science, suggestions for KSP2, real space missions, and anything else you can think of. Video-based Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Works: This category features a video or other form of cinematography of a Kerbal mission report using in-game video recorded gameplay. In January 2023, I changed this one without warning the moderation team. Most of the more recent cinematic posts have been posted in one thread rather than their creators creating a new thread. And there’s nothing wrong with it; it just meant those creators did not receive the recognition they deserved. A change was made, and for this category only, the TOTM became a Post of the Month (POTM) - with a unique graphic. Honorable Mentions: Just as it says on the TOTM, sometimes it’s a challenge to choose which threads will receive the honor of being selected as the Thread of the Month for our five categories. We get so many good nominations each month to choose from, but we limit it to one for each type. Threads nominated but not selected as a thread of the month become honorable mentions. Honorable mentions will automatically be reconsidered for future TOTMs. After a thread is nominated, it is categorized according to its kind. Any thread that does not fit one of the easy-to-identify ones is put in the General Community Thread of the Month. When we first began the categories, there were times when we would list more than one as a "thread of the month" for that category. Over the past couple of years, we no longer do this. There is now only one thread of the month per category. All other threads nominated for the same type will be listed in the "Honorable Mention" category. What makes a thread a Thread of the Month: In the header of this post, there’s an image containing five points. These five points are important guidelines to determine the difference between an honorable mention and a thread of the month. I want to explain those a bit to give you insight into what we look for in the nominations. The value of the thread to the forum community: Of the five guidelines used, this one is the most important. We consider the value the thread brings to the forum community. Since we have various categories in the TOTM, this becomes easy. The categories allow us to consider nominations of the same kind rather than having to choose just one thread of the month over a variety of threads – even if they were totally different. If a forum game is nominated, it will always be listed as an Honorable Mention. Participation in forum games does not add to a member’s post count. Although forum games are fun and add to our sense of community, they are… fun. Moderator action on a thread does not disqualify it from consideration for TOTM, if nominated. Older threads that have never received recognition as TOTM are eligible to be considered for TOTM if nominated, as they still have value to the forum community. The Original Post (OP) organization/OP design: This is where presentation becomes extremely important. The organization and design of the OP is the second most crucial part of any post we consider for TOTM. A poorly designed OP can distract from the value of the information you're trying to relay to the forum community. Often, this makes a difference in a Thread of the Month and an Honorable Mention (there are other factors, too). If you are trying to design a thread with the hopes of it becoming a TOTM, here are some things about the design and organization to keep in mind. These guidelines are not hard rules or are meant to be strict rules to be enforced or curb your creativity. Basic Original Post (OP) helps: A clean-appearing OP can keep the forum community engaged in your thread. Try to avoid including "clutter" in your OP. These are things that look nice or cute but may not have any real connection to what your thread is about. Use visual organization to help you organize your OP. (Hint - this guide has one, the image at the top of the page. I enjoy making images to help tie things together). Use highlights, such as bold, larger text size, and colored text, to set off headers. Making visual dividers helps to allow the reader to see the divisions in your OP. Be careful with using any font other than the basic fonts (Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Lucida Sans Unicode). Those are standard stock fonts. Others, such as Comic Sans MS and Trebuchet Sans MS, may or may not be available to all forum users and may be substituted on some web browsers. Be careful with tables. Apple devices do not like tables and often cut them off if you use preset dimensions. Basic image helps: Use a site that allows you to copy and paste your images with their extensions in place (*.bmp, *.png, *.gif). Otherwise, you'll end up with a URL and no picture. Some sites offer free image hosting, such as Imgur, the most commonly used site on this forum. You are free to set your image dimensions to whatever size you wish. If you use the default size, the device's web browser will auto-size the appropriate images. However, setting hard sizes for your images will create problems for those viewing your thread on mobile devices. Use images that are relevant to your OP. Resist the urge to use images that are off-topic or distract from the information you are trying to relay to the community. Presentation of ideas: This guideline covers how well you explain the purpose of your thread and what it is you hope to do. Some of the best examples on the forum can be found in the mod, challenge, and forum game threads. We are looking at how well you explain the purpose of your thread. Explaining your idea is equally important as your post organization. If your post has a clear purpose and you present your ideas well, your post is probably organized well, too. Here are some suggestions you can use: Use a graphic, image, video, or introduction to explain what the thread is about. Make it easily understandable by the forum audience. Within the introduction, keep it short. You can go into greater detail later on in the OP. Keep the OP structured where the reader can easily follow your progression. The more "cluttered" the presentation, the less likely you will get your idea across. In this thread, I am using a combination of headers, bullet points, and sub-points to relay important information. This is a method I have developed over twenty years of writing academic research and study aids for undergraduate and graduate students. Look around the forum or develop your own style; find what works best for you and use it. Forum community engagement: This one has many different factors and may surprise a lot of you. There have been threads with few responses and many nominations in the past. There have also been threads with many replies and one nomination. But we consider each nomination equally based on community engagement. What kind of engagement did the thread generate from those who participated in it? Did the topic create an opportunity for debate or an exchange of ideas? Did those who nominated it feel it was a good example of what makes a really great forum thread? Nomination: This is probably the least important of all the criteria when we are deciding on which thread becomes a featured TOTM. But because many of you have asked, here's the answer to the questions most commonly asked about thread nomination: Can I nominate a thread again if it was an honorable mention already? Yes, and I encourage you to do so. Since the most recent changes to how we do TOTM, there can only be one per category and we receive a lot of really good nominations. There are some months where we have only a handful of nominations. So, please, yes, renominate honorable mentions you feel are worthy of a second (or more) look - unless they are a forum game. Can I nominate a thread again if it has already received TOTM? No. In the past there have been some mistakes made and threads have earned more than one TOTM. I am working on a side project to track TOTMs so this does not happen again. If you feel a thread is worthy to be considered of additional recognition, you may always nominate it for Thread of the Year (TOTY). I've made this really nice thread. Can I self-nominate it? Sure, you can. However, a self-nomination is given a lower weight than a thread nominated by another forum member. We also ask that forum threads be nominated without "favors" (if you'll nominate mine, I will give you a bunch of likes) as this takes away from the value of the TOTM. Threads of the Month should be meaningful and the nomination should come because someone notices your thread and thinks it has value and NOT because you asked them to nominate it. I've already nominated one thread this month. Can I nominate another one... or three? Yes, you may nominate as many threads as you feel are deserving of the monthly TOTM. Just remember that each thread you nominate should be what you feel represents the best efforts of the forum community. This thread belongs to a user who just joined the forum. Can I nominate them? Yes. There's no better way to encourage a new any forum member than to nominate their thread as a thread of the month contender. Even if they are listed as an honorable mention, it is a great way to bring focus to their efforts! Other related comments about the thread of the month: Future projects for this guide: a guide to the threads of the month listed by year (2016 to the present) Sort-able Google Docs spreadsheet link which will include honorable mentions TO NOMINATE A THREAD FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a thread you feel should be considered as a thread of the month, then use the “report comment” feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post “Nomination for thread of the month,” and we will do the rest! You can always nominate more than one thread, too. TO NOMINATE A CINEMATOGRAPHIC POST FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a cinematographic post you feel should be considered as the cinematographic post of the month, then use the “report comment” feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post “Nomination for post of the month,” and we will do the rest! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ABOUT THIS GUIDE, PLEASE MAKE THEM ON THIS THREAD:
  3. Every once in a while, we all just slip up and say something stupid. Or we say something, that makes total sense with the rest of the conversation, but alone, is completely nonsensical. What quotes have you seen on this forum that are super weird / nonsensical out of context? Rules: 1. Don't put in things you have said. 2. It must be from the KSP forums. Not reddit, not some Discord server, not some other forum. Just the Official KSP Forum. 3. Do not ridicule others, make sure you are not doing so unintentionally. See the first post for details on why this is. To start us off:
  4. Yeah, so it's possible to automate many aspects of forum moderation, which liberates moderators to spend their time on special cases and moniter the automated system for errors. Also, instantaneous post approval would be a plus, and I bet you're busier on weekends. https://utopiaanalytics.com/utopia-ai-moderator/ https://www.theadminzone.com/threads/moderating-a-community-with-ai-automated-actions.151885/ I know this thread may not belong on this forum as the suggestion is peripheral to the game.
  5. So, i was searching the oldest thread in the forum but then I found a thread by Guest for the forum rules which wasn't from 2011. It was from 1970. I will now search it again and put a link here. Found it, it is in the last page of the announcements
  6. I'm wondering if the moderators have given thought to how KSP2 will (or will not) be integrated into the Forum? For example, in Challenges and Mission Ideas, will there be a separate KSP2 section, or will they all be together and it is up to the poster to distinguish? For all we know, there may be many challenges where participants could have the option to do them in either game--in the same way we sometimes create separate leaderboards for stock and modded submissions. I have no preference, but it might be a good idea to have some outline idea. I think this is a superb forum, and I have little desire to leave it whether I play each game or spend more time in the new one. Moderators...do you have thoughts on this?
  7. I've seen quite a few people around here using images as links, particularly in their signatures. How is it done? If I paste the URL of an Imgur image into the 'link text' field, the link works but the image doesn't embed.
  8. This forum Wiki: I would like to know what the underlying accessible markup language is? To give a clarifying example, KerbalX uses Markdown. Great. What about this forum: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com? Is the toolbar above (in the Edit window) the only set of markup tools available? Is there any escape through to basic HTML [doubtful]? [I've www.searched "invision community" but turned up nothing useful...]
  9. Hello there! I joined this forum on March 24th, 2017. I was confused, and didn't know a lot at the time, but now, approximately a year and a half later, I'm celebrating joining the 4 digits club! I've met so many people, laughed at many jokes, even got a TOTM! And now, as the post count rolls over to 1,000, I'm celebrating and filled with so much happiness and joy right now! I've made many friends, shed a few tears, and seen how I changed from a confused and scared person, absolutely terrified of the moderators (and to some extent, still am) I've been through tough times, but this forum has really helped with my life, post by post. So thankyou, to everybody on this forum, whether you are the oldest user or the youngest, or if you've joined 5 minutes ago, or 5 years ago. It doesn't matter. Thankyou to everybody Time to join the 4 digit gang! Oh, and before I go, special thanks to these people: @Lo Var Lachland, @Vanamonde, @Snark, @Coca992, @4x4cheesecake, @Deddly, @Dman979, @Fraston, @Just Jim, @Cydonian Monk, @Geonovast, @The Minmus Derp, @cratercracker, @DeltaDizzy, @RoadRunnerAerospace, @NSEP, @HazelPine, @Kebab Kerman, @StrandedonEarth, @Lisias, @cubinator, @Gargamel Thankyou all for being my friends on this amazing place!
  10. I often write mission reports on my thread, and put them in spoilers. When I, say, receive a notification while writing, I go to look at the notification, then come back to my thread. While the forum saves your WIP post until you come back, it doesn't do so for anything in a spoiler, so I have to re-write my whole report. Would it be possible to have the forum save stuff in spoilers? It's a bit annoying to have to start again every time you come back to the page. (And BTW, I hope that made sense )
  11. Is it possible to add kOS syntax highlighting to the "insert code" function in the forum post editor? If it is possible, how do we make it happen?
  12. This may be more of an Invision functionality than a KSP implementation one, but I'm trying to streamline my forum catch-up times, and trying to use a custom activity stream to show only unread topics in forums I follow. It works great until it doesn't: Old, previously read topics are constantly re-appearing in the stream, even though I have selected "unread." I can re-visit all of the all of the old threads, and it seems to catch up/remember that I've seen them, then eventually the first page of topics will all be old, *already-read* threads again. Is this a cache/cookie-ish kind of thing? I'm not blocking the forum in any way I know of, and every other read status works fine in the normal forum views. Anyone else successfully use the activity streams to view unread topics like that?
  13. I'd like to delete or at least deactivate my forum account, but see nowhere on the profile settings or anywhere else to do this.
  14. A long time ago, all links to one filehoster were edited so the domain was removed but the rest is still there. (I think it was because the ads had adult content). II want to access one of these links but don’t know which domain to put there. Can you tell me what it was?
  15. @Phineas Freak's forum topic for the Real Solar System Visual Enhancements mod seems to be locked with the message "This topic is now closed to further replies" displayed where you would usually type a reply at the bottom of the page. I could not find a post by a moderator telling that the topic was closed. Instead, it looks to me like the topic was locked mid-conversation when @softweir explained to a user that you need to upload files to a file-sharing service to be able to link them in a post. If this locking of the topic is deliberate, then it would be nice to see a short message from one of the moderators explaining that the topic is closed. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this or if this belongs in Kerbal Network. If it's wrong, please move it and forgive me.
  16. Hello. I just logged in this morning and had to read all the terms and conditions, press agree, and then access the site. So... what's changed about them?
  17. I've seen several people(kerbals) put some nice badges that I assume is related to KSP challenges under their posts. How can I get them, and what badges are (or were) existent? A list of badges and links for them would be really the thing I want, but I couldn't find any, so I'd like to learn about those. Thanks!(in advance)
  18. Hello people, so I gotten Kerbal Space Program a few days ago after putting it off forever as I was really curious what it was like, and quite frankly haven't stopped playing since. So I figured I'd join the forum as well and see what it's like here.
  19. https://youtu.be/tmpQT3SBobk
  20. Hi! It's me, cratercracker! The guy who you probably heard of, but never really cared! So. So,so,so,so,so,so. Here is the thread, to tell your stories, about joining the forum and what you did here and what you are going to do here. I am going to start! So, I started my forum "career" is when I started my "The science behind the ..." threads. And oh, man. Those were the dark times of mine. Then I posted my "Beuty" post, it was noticed by the SQUAD. It was the breaking point for me. I started to post more things! I started drawing and THAT is what made me more or less popular! What about you?
  21. The forum thread for the kOS modwas first begun by user @erendrake, but he hasn't been active in the mod or in the forums for quite a long time now. For the last several versions he's not been available, and the mod has been updated and maintained by myself (@Steven Mading) and @hvacengi. Now we're running into the problem that we can't change the first post in the thread. So it claims incorrectly that the mod hasn't been updated in a while. What is the protocol for trying to do something about this? Do we just have to start a new thread and hope people eventually stop using the old one?
  22. Hey! It is cratercracker with his mumblings again and today i am showing off a project that i will work for a long time, for it to be as good as possible! It is specially designed to look good in signatures and mission reports (in terms of mission report, just put it in the first post to show your progress) 1.Kerbin. (you need to scale those down to 100 if you are putting it in your signature) One black line on the right means one ship, two-more than one. Rhombus means unmanned, square is manned, rectangle at the left means randezvous. White line means return. Manned: 2.Kerbol Unmanned: (no return, because kerbin randezvous is a randezvous too) Manned: 3.Mun (now rhombus means that you went to there controlled, so square means randezvous, this applies to all pictures further up) And yeah, circle with a triengle inside means landing. Special thanks to @Urses Landed: Special patch pack! Craft tester/moder Combat general/aerial developer Normal player Space program host/Company CEO
  23. Guest

    Webiste question

    I noticed that this forum has the same "design" as the war thunder form, just kerbalized... Link to war thunder forum. Notice how it is the same as this sort of: https://forum.warthunder.com/
  24. (not really sure where to post this) I seem to be having an issue making an image into a link. Now, if you'd click on either of the images in my signature you'd see that they are links, and they work. But, for some reason, I am unable to add an image to a post and then make it a link. As a matter of fact, the "Link" button does absolutely nothing if I have an image highlighted. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. Hi, with the growing community and the upcoming console support, i wonder Squad still not cares about https for community "support". Im not paranoid or else, but i'D love to know, that at least my logins here are encoded and cant be grapped whenever im on public LAN / using not known access-points or else. What are your thoughts? I mean, at least its something that would add up for the reputation of the maintainer of a site / game... edit: just checked my other top 3 games and all of them are using https for their whole website.
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