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  1. I sent a probe to Eve (for science, obviously) and was left speechless. The visuals, the music, the ambient sound... There are still a fair few issues with the game, but the developers continue to knock it out of the park in this regard. Go see (and hear) it for yourself.
  2. I landed on Laythe, exactly as intended.
  3. I tested some things ahead of a jaunt to Jool. This was the first time in many months that I booted up KSP2 to actually play, rather than just briefly checking what's changed. I don't think I'll be consistently playing until comes out, but I'm certainly encouraged by what I've seen. The game looks gorgeous (though I could do with a little more antialiasing) and performs pretty well even on max settings on my near-minimum-spec GPU, though the frames do take a hit with a lot of clouds in view. In a couple hours' gameplay, I encountered no serious bugs - nothing that couldn't be resolved with a quickload. Laythe or bust! I want to watch the sunset there, and we'll see what happens after that
  4. I appreciate that as the game improves, the discourse on this section of the forum is moving away from angry flamewars back to constructive criticism and calmer discussion. I long considered this forum one of the nicest and most welcoming places on the internet and I hope it can stay that way. The visual and performance upgrades in 0.1.5 are also very much appreciated
  5. I see this as a reason to continue to be cautiously optimistic (and also make my first post on the forums in [checks notes] four months). Keep going, things can only get better.
  6. Nice little simulation of how hot staging might work: From the description:
  7. Just my luck that my PC is temporarily out of action as the patch drops Looks like a nice long list of fixes, in any case. I'll have to boot up this patch to see what's improved when I get the chance - even if I end up leaving it to mature for longer as I have for the past couple months.
  8. This was a good update to read. I've kinda been lurking here on the forums for the past month or so, and similarly, I've been focusing my attention on other games (mostly KSP1, with a sprinkling of Elite Dangerous that I picked up in a steam sale) while waiting for KSP2 to progress. Given everything said here, I remain cautiously optimistic that this game can be what I've always hoped it would be. I've said it before and I'll say it again, things can only get better. Don't stop and falter.
  9. We'll be watching the most powerful rocket ever launch, and it doesn't matter what way you measure 'most powerful' because it tops all of them
  10. As far as I know they're the same as those on the rest of the vehicle, only held on with some special white adhesive.
  11. Wow, lovely effects there! Can't wait to see it in game. But I can't help but feel nitpicky, the big gripe I always had with KSP1's plasma effects (and, judging from that screenshot, KSP2's now as well) is that they simply displayed when you were past a certain velocity threshold without much regard for the context of the situation. I'll allow past me to explain further: I feel kinda bad mentioning this given how much work has probably already gone into the heating system, but you guys have already shown you're not afraid of making much bigger changes (i.e, the terrain rendering stuff Mortoc went into detail about), so I'll throw this out there on the off chance that you find it worthwhile. In any case, thanks again guys for your dedication and transparency. Things can only get better
  12. The Vector uses methalox like everything else. The way I see it, its stats never made it a particularly faithful RS-25 analogue anyway.
  13. KSP1 had its final update almost two years ago in June 2021, and they were very clear that it was the last major content update. We may still get a patch or two but I wouldn't count on it.
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