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  1. So me and one of my friends were thinking about what to do w/ the ksp 2 multiplayer, and him and I were thinking about competitions. Thats when i had the idea. There should be the ability for coms slatelites to only work with certain frequencies. I.e. allowing for me and my friend to compete without needing to turn our satelites off everytime the other needs to send science.
  2. How many Module Manager patches can you get?!?! Lets have a bit of a competition to see who can get the most MM patches while loading. So far I've got 1672 with more mods on the way. How many do you have?
  3. I am currently thinking about making a YouTube series in which kerbals will fight in space and on the ground, however building such large numbers of custom spaceships could take months so I am holding a competition. I will pick the best vessels from this form and I will attempt to make a series for them they must be in at least one way related to a ksp war ie corvettes battleships cruiser etc and if mods are used must be listed below. The 2 Final Rules are that your ship can't have more then 1000 parts and it has to be able to exist without Unbreakable joints and no Crash damage as Then I wouldn't be able to blow them up. Make sure to link your craft file and pictures and let the competition begin!
  4. This might be a change of pace for a lot of folks but I've been setting up a BDAc competition for a while now. It's going to be using a lot of the infrastructure that's been set up for Scott Manley's Runway Project but we're going to be, hopefully, setting up some infrastructure down the line for AI-run competitions so that at any time somebody could hop onto a stream and watch some entertaining BDAc dogfights. Add in some player/viewer interaction after the style of Salty Bets and that's the goal. Aside from the above, there will be regularly run manual tournaments (Live Tournaments) up until and after the backend and support are there for the rest of the system. We plan on starting a vote in the next couple days for the topic or "theme" of the first Live Tournament. Feel free to click the discord link below and drop on by, all comers welcome! https://discord.gg/vB5YWP7Tfw
  5. Congratulations! You have been placed in charge of KSC's ASAP Jool mission! Your objective? Get a ship to Jool and dock with the alien station in a 1000km orbit above the gas giant, and do it faster than everyone else. RULES: Your ship must carry at least one Kerbal in a pod or command seat, and have at least one useable docking port, but outside of that it can be as barebones or as complex as you want. Your ship should be built and flown in the provided Sandbox save, which includes the target station. (You can add the save to your game by unzipping the file and dropping the "Jool Run" folder into the "saves" folder in your KSP installation directory. If you're not sure how to do this, just ask!) There are no limits on part count, part clipping, etc - go wild! Push your engineering skills to the max! DLC parts are allowed; the only forbidden designs are Kraken/phantom force drives, as those equate to Epstein drives. You can build your ship in orbit using multiple launches, or launch all at once. All of these launches must be flown! The target station has all three sizes of docking port, so don't worry about designing for a specific size. Your ship is allowed to land on and mine any celestial body. Your ship can also freely interact with any other craft you send up before or after it, such as propellant depots or resupply ships. Your time is measured in game time from Y1D1 to the instant you dock - NOT real time or mission elapsed time. THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE WASTING TIME WHEN WAITING FOR A TRANSFER WINDOW! Once you dock, you should still have enough delta-v remaining to safely return to Kerbin. (You must fly this, but it does not count towards your run time.) The run is considered complete once you safely reach LKO or land your ship and/or your Kerbal safely on Kerbin. In the former case, sending up a retrieval ship is not required. Note that rule 3 still applies, so you can also get creative with that. You may use any mod that does not affect the performance of your ship, such as MechJeb, Better Time Warp/PersistentThrust, and KAC/KER. Your ship and the Kerbolar system must be squeaky-clean stock - no functional modded parts (stuff like the radial MechJeb core is okay) or surreptiously shrinking the system to achieve a faster time. Blatant cheating, such as HyperEdit or the stock debug menu, is also forbidden. SUBMISSION RULES (Based off of the ones from the Jool-5 challenge): Submit your run as an Imgur album, with good captions and descriptions, as a video or series of videos, or as a thread in Mission Reports. Pictures or it didn't happen! Please keep the resources tab open, as well as show the informative windows from MechJeb or KER if you use them. Take a picture/video of every important moment, including transfers, stagings, and most importantly, your final docking with UT time visible. (The clock can be toggled between MET and UT by clicking on the button next to it.) Submissions using ion drives as their main form of propulsion will be split into a separate leaderboard category, purely because the trajectories you can achieve with Dawns + Xenon drop tanks are insane. I've designed ion ships with 50kms of delta-v, and I know for a fact you can go even further. This is not meant to disparage the use of ion drives - they are just as impressive in terms of engineering, and potentially even more impressive in terms of required piloting skill. Rather, it's meant to make chemical/nuke designs an attractive option, instead of having ions dominate a unified leaderboard. Good luck! Make KSC proud! DEMO RUN Just to show that you can achieve higher-speed transits in the stock game without cheats, I did a quick-and-dirty run and put it into an Imgur album here. I used a chemical booster to escape Kerbin and a light ion ship for the rest of the journey, and I completed the run on Y1D265 at 3:42:43. Note that the earliest transfer window to Jool is around Y1D180, and I left on Y1D1. An "average" Jool transfer, according to AlexMoon's planner, would leave on Y2D256 and spend three years and 331 days in transit. This is in no way the best possible time; I'm confident that times under 200 days and maybe even 150 days are possible. LEADERBOARDS: Non-ionic: Ionic: BADGES: If you successfully complete a run, regardless of your final time, I've designed a competitor badge! The code block to add it to your sig is in the spoiler, as well as a link to the fullsize version if you want to put it into a composite image or such. Additionally, the holders of the top 3 positions in each leaderboard at the end of the initial challenge period (let's say two weeks, although I can adjust it) get a gold, silver or bronze winner badge! ADDITIONAL NOTES: This challenge and the little story blurb were inspired by John Sandford's Saturn Run. Highly recommended. I am fully open to the possibility of a modded leaderboard. Just ask! If you're going for an ionic design, do yourself a favor an install a mod like PersistentThrust or BetterTimeWarp now.
  6. Welcome to this modded tank design competition, And firstly, You'll need this modpack to make and submit your designs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmkfcnew87ij8wt/Modpack.7z/file How this competition came to be I was inspired by HB Stratos's "KSP Original Design Competition" But it was about planes instead of tanks.I originally wanted The Creator of FDC to make an addon that uses same vessel interaction to make custom turrets but since he is busy so I guess we will have to make do with the ones in FDC.(if anyone can contact him it will be great) Notes&Rules Also originality and realism(in original designs) are encouraged as that the point of the design competition Plz only use FDC armor as the hull armor Don't clip turrets or Armor together Please don't go over 300 parts per vehicle Use Ksp 1.10.1 This takes place in a version of Kerbin ravaged by war throughout the 20th century. Thus, the years and dates of the wars are different but they do parallel the real life wars in tech. Now,There are four eras in this tank design competition: pre-war(1930s),earlyWW2(1943-1945),late WW2(1946-1949) and the early cold war(1950s-1960s). And your design shall reflect the design choices and technology of each era(along with the details of each contract).The tanks will be reviewed and evaluated on video over on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeaU7ksRT3GhBW496LnQyQ Anyway,here are the contracts: Pre-War Era(1930s) Early WW2 Submission format [contact no. xy][author(s)][craft name][description][pictures (max 3)][Download link (if possible KerbalX)]
  7. here's the idea, you and a friend who both have ksp start two seperate science playthroughs at the same time and on scheduled days of the week you both work to unlock the tech tree simultaneously, whoever unlocks the whole tech tree first wins you could also do this in career mode if you want
  8. In agreement with FJS, my friend and I are hosting the first Stock Fighter Jet Showdown! We’ll be uploading the competition to YouTube later this year. On behalf of stock builders, we wanted to give you guys a chance to put your hard work on display. Rules: 1. Aircraft must be fully stock, no DLC, and no mods (except armed with BDA: see rule #8) 2a. Your weapons may consist of up to 6 guns, and 12 missiles from the base BDA, this is not per craft, this is per team of up to 3 aircraft, you may not have more than 3 aircraft in a team. 2b. Guns may be either 20mm hidden Vulcans, individual 50cals, or 30mm GAU-8s. 2c. You may have up to three crafts but you must distribute the weapons across them. 3. You may not clip engines, and there is to be NO craft file editing; the exception to engine clipping is if your fighter is heavily detailed. In that case, you will be allowed to clip engines in, but the craft may not go over 800m/s as a result of the extra engines 4. Craft are to be loaded out before submission. 5. For our sake please keep the part count per craft below 200, we’re trying to avoid having crappy frame rates for the sake of recording. 6. Craft will be inspected for compliance. 7a. Please submit craft by emailing [email protected] 7b. Submit your craft in the following format: Craft Name: [Insert Name] Amount: [Up to three] Armament per craft: Your Name: [The name you want to be listed as the builder] Attach head-on, top-down, and side images of your craft Attach the craft file. (Keep in mind how many aircraft and weapons you can have: 3 Aircraft- max of 4 missiles & two guns each 2 Aircraft: max of 6 missiles & three guns each 1 Aircraft: max of 12 missiles & six guns) 8. You may not use BDA’s armor feature, and you can only use BDA for the weapons, radars, Radar Warning Receivers, countermeasures and AIPilot/Weapons Manager, and the Saturn engines. 9. Aircraft must have a cockpit of some kind, and must take off, land, and fly like conventional aircraft. 10. These should actually be fighter aircraft, whether they're a replica, concept aircraft, or original design. Aircraft which do not look like they could be a proper fighter will be ruled out. This is solely because it's unfair if a low-quality aesthetics aircraft that is absurdly performance based goes against a high-quality aesthetics one. Only the highest quality designs with a lot of effort put into the aesthetics of it will be accepted, nothing more, no less. After all, this competition is to showcase the hard work and talent that stock builders put into their craft to make them as beautiful and as high-performing as possible.
  9. Welcome to the Kerbal Bracket Challenge! A New Challenge By Johnster Space Program! In the kerbal bracket challenge, 8 users will be competing to be the champion in a series of challenges for each round! In a bracket style chart. But first, the rules! Rules: 1. No cheating (No SFS Editing, No Mod Menu, Etc.) 2. Time Must Be Set To Kerbin Time! 3. No Mods (Except KER) 4. You MUST show Video (YT) or Photographic Evidence 5. Weight In Tons of Craft For Rounds 1 and 2 Must Be 150t or Under 6. Command Seats ARE Allowed Point Scoring (For Round 3) - Best Design: +10 points - Fastest Time From Launch To Docking: +40 points - Every Crew Member Onboard After 1: +25 points - Every 1000 Funds Less Than 150000 in cost (including launcher): + 20 points Timeline: Time To Complete Round 1 - 1 week Time To Complete Round 2 - 6 days Time To Complete Round 3 - 5 days Ok Now That We Got That Out of the way, lets move on to the challenge! So, Before The Competition Can Begin, I Need 8 Users To Participate (Once I Have 8, anyone else wanting to join will have to wait until the first competition ends) Also, the challenge is to see who can complete each challenge in the fastest time possible (in kerbin time like rescuing a kerbal) or in some cases, the most impressive! Competition 1 (Users Participating): @Johnster_Space_Program, @Mythical Donuts, @bayesian_acolyte, @Aeroboi, @GRS Here is what the bracket currently looks like (3 spots for R1 left): And these are the badges you can get depending on how far you get: And last of all, the winner badge: To everyone that participates, good luck! Here is each round and what you will have to do, specified (some will require using a .sfs file that I have created): Round 1 - Jeb's Munar Rescue Oh no, looks like jeb got himself stuck on the mun! You need to rescue him, but in the quickest time possible! Rescue him and bring him back to kerbin in 5 days or less... Objectives: 1. Get to the mun. 2. Land and rescue jeb. 3. Bring jeb back to kerbin safetly as fast as possible. Round 2 - Minmus Express Johnster, Max, and Jim Kerman want you to bring them to minmus and back, but in the quickest possible time. Make their trip an express to minmus and back. Objectives: 1. Have Johnster, Max and Jim Kerman Onboard. 2. Bring Them To Minmus, Into Low Minmus Orbit. 3. After bringing them to Minmus orbit, bring them back to kerbin as fast as possible! Round 3 - A Module For A Station Kerbals have recently put a station in kerbin orbit and need one more piece docked. You will launch and dock your custom built piece to the station, make it as impressive as you can! Objectives: 1. Must Have A Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port 2. Must Dock With Kerbin Station 3. Must have RCS and SAS Control, And Liquid Fuel Winner - TBA
  10. Kerbal Fighter Jet Endeavour Kerbin is at the brink of a global war. Nations across the globe are rushing to get their fleets of fighter jets ready for the day war breaks out. Awful for the planet, but now is the perfect time for aerospace corporations everywhere to bloom! Your mission is to design the best possible jet, but that’s not where it ends! You’ll also have to sell them… The leaderboard First of all you’ll obviously have to design an aircraft. The only rule is that the plane has to be manned, no drone battles here. External command seats will not be accepted either. The rest of the design is fairly simple really, apart from a few parts, you can do whatever you want (more on that later)! Of course the plane has to be capable of taking off under its own power. The banned parts are: BDA Armor All shapes and sizes of turrets Laser armament The use of the armor slider is also prohibited Further than that, if you wish to put in reaction wheels, RCS, whatever, go ahead, it’s all allowed! However, there’s a 100 part limit (don’t want to limit this competition to only the best computers). (optional)The second part is actually selling it. Every player can, beside sending in planes, act as a buyer for some imaginary nation. Everyone gets a budget of 10.000.000 credits to spend on a fleet of your choice (obviously you can’t buy your own aircraft). The best fighter won’t just fight well, it’ll also sell well. This way I hope to promote cheaper and more aesthetic designs as well as purely functional ones. As a plane designer you’ll have to write a sales pitch to convince buyers of your craft. The following data has to be in your pitch: cost, crew number, type (single engine, dual engine, …) and obviously a link to download your craft (preferably put that in the leaderboard as well). The leaderboard consist of multiple categories based on the amount of engines: - Single engine - Dual engine - Go crazy (basically everything that doesn't fit in the above 2 categories) The tournament itself will be organized in such a way that I don’t have to be present to lead everything, this way it can continue as long as people wish to, even if I am no longer active in the forums. So, how does it work? Planes will be taken together in groups of 5 (check the spreadsheet if you’re confused right now). If you wish to enter your plane, all you have to do is start a battle with the bottom plane of the highest rated group of 5. If you win, your plane enters this board and gets to fight upwards against the other 4 planes. The plane formerly on spot 5 drops to the lower table. If you lose, you start against the lowest rated plane of the group below. This process just repeats itself until your planes finishes somewhere. In the rare case that you don’t manage to win against anyone, you just put your plane all the way at the bottom of the lowest group (if that one is full, make a new one). Fighting itself will happen in 3 rounds of 2v2, all viewed from a neutral point of view for physics sake. Battles will be run in standard KSP physics, this isn’t a FAR competition, and it will never be. All fighting will be done by the BDA-AI, therefore the settings of the autopilot play a major role in the success of your aircraft. The actual order in which the battles are fought doesn’t matter, as long as all 3 are fought. If you win 2 your plane gets to move on. Moving up is seen as 1 offensive victory in the spreadsheet. Losing to a plane above is a defensive victory for the above craft. The battles are: - 2 of yours from KSC vs 2 enemy planes from the island runway. - Opposite of the round above. - Both groups of 2 take off from KSC in opposite directions. For the sake of easiness, it is not mandatory to record your battles. I’ll go ahead and trust all of you to be honest and fair in reporting your victories and defeats, if you however do wish to record the battle and provide us with a video, please do! Yes, I will play out and record battles for you. I still highly encourage everyone to do this for themselves. Should you want me to do them for you, do mention it in your submission, and keep in mind that it will take longer this way since I have other stuff to take care of as well! On top of that, I'm not very good at video recording, I can edit but probably won't take the effort to do that...  Mods required: - BDArmory for the latest version of KSP. - PhysicsRangeExtender (should already be installed for BDA to work anyway) - AirplanePlus Text editing any files (eg: raising hitpoints) is very much forbidden and if anyone gets caught doing this, all their planes will instantly be disqualified and the player will be banned from entering the competition again. That’s it! If you have any questions or feel like something could still be improved, feel free to write a comment about it and I’ll look in to it asap. Good luck!
  11. [Picture go here] Summary: Build the best vehicle to transport cargo, participate to event and cargo mission. Kerbal Express Delivery managers came up with a new strategy to adapt their fleet of vehicles to the needs of the market. KED is a fast shipping company present everywhere in the Kerbol system. Their supercomputer(my brain) use some truely absurd mathematic theorem(my random idea) to predict the future requirements(my will) of the company. They use these prediction to decide wich vehicle they gonna buy to replace to older one. Your task is to offer that match the best their needs for current round of buy. Kerbal Express Delivery want the best of the best, they want cargo-vehicles with high efficiency or transport solution. Your craft will be given a spec sheet by the reviewer of the company with his specification and their notes, then current prediction will be multiply to your spec sheet and the sum of all the resulting numbers will be the score of the craft for the current round. NEW!: To demonstrate the effeciency of your transport solution and prove his usefulness you can present a working and complete transport network. Disclaimer: english isn't my native language (french is) be tolerant for error and weird phrasing of a sentence. I do my best. Also feel free to correct me. Rules *All mods listed are optional, stock always better. -Game version= 1.5.1 -Parts(compatibility confirmed): stock + making history + airplane plus + kerbal aircraft expansion + mk2 expansion + mk3 expansion + b9 procedural wing + b9 part switch + eva handrails continued + mk.1 stockalike open cockpit + K.A.S. + ablativeairbrakes + Wetterwings + mk1 cabin hatch + Kerbal foundries(when updated) + opt reconfig(main) + Kerbonov -other: Bonvoyage + TCA + worldstabilizer + IFS(no parts) + ballast water tank (submarine only) + tweakableeverythingcontinued (no abuse) -STXContinued:(no engine: some are unbalance with stock game)(may get remove) -tweakscale(use with moderation to not get caugth by the police) -dock rotate(use with moderation to not get caugth by the national guard) -AtmosphereAutopilot, optional but please use it. AWESOME -Craft that cause my computer to lag won't be reviewed plus I'll erase them of the known univers. If it make crash my computer well... use your imagination. -Clipping= max 20% of a part volume. To use only for good reason. I don't like evil. Ex: Compressing fuel tank to get more space is bad. -2 craft max per week per person for more take one leave one -Autostrut yes but only for big thing when it's the only way to prevent your craft from exploding when spawning -no addons that affect physic of the game -No free moving cargo in/on a craft -Electric propellers and engines are allowed providing the power comes mainly from battery and/or fuel consumming devices. -No more thant 1 RTG for 25 parts allowed on atmospheric planet. Can't use RTG has main source of power for Ion engine. -You can't use any unfair bug or exploit as a propulsion method. (Wheel Hover bug is ok) -NO NUCLEAR engine in use below 50 km on kerbin -neistridlar can only use Neist Airliner Parts -squad staff and moderator can only use upside down command pod -S.A.S. is disabled on pair day Cargo definition: A cargo(it's a payload, a marchandise, a commodity) can be a lot of thing from fuel and ore to a whole rocket, it's also kerbals. Cargo has a mass and a size and. If a cargo is, for example, a ressource that doesn't have a physic existence in the game, then the cargo have to be in a container. You can submit container. Craft Your craft can be manned or not, if not make sure to have enough power and antenna range. Your craft can be anything that can contribute to a transport logistic. Ground: for wheeled vehicle on kerbin apply the rule for electric engine(extra point for minimal use of solar panel) and no mining. Liquid: you'll need dock to load and unload cargo, we don't supply them. Atmosphere: range above 5000 Km is kinda useless. Space: Temporarly space only vehicle won't be allow for the challenge. Transport Network WIP Submission Guidelines (your craft should): be fully reusable, durable and safe (for reusability, any detachable component need to be reattachable. Ex: in a missile delivery system, missile has to be reloadable+give the price for one) be able to; move cargo from a point to an other (vehicle)/store cargo (container) be the most efficient/effective in any way* (speed, crew capacity, range, fuel consumption and maintenance cost are relative to cargo capacity) have the least amount of part per cargo capacity be easy to use be the most flexible (on cargo configuration) stay stable and manoeuvrable whatever cargo configuration is use (vehicle) be as cheap as possible have a good range of operation (for your kind of vehicle) extra points for style and originality. *Example: If, for the same price, you can buy a big aircraft or an other two time smaller and two time faster, then, they are both equivalent. Complete judging criteria(reviewer secret checklist): Submission rules: Name your company and your craft Describe his cargo capacity A Picture Main spec(that apply to your craft) ex: speed, range, cost, part, cruise altitude, deltaV,... any relevant information like safety stuff pilot manual(how to use it) actions groups and commands needs to be listed in the in game craft description link to your craft file using kerbalx (or steam but steam workshop is bad) do some blabla say wich mod you are using but most importantly if you are using or not atmosphereautopilot What should look like a submission: For reviewer Score, event, mission, round, prediction and badge Event (new post every time) Two things will happen through time; When I decide to, a new round will start(ending the previous one) with new prediction. The second thing will be mission and event. -Prediction affect the score of your craft by redefining how much point worth(multiplication) each stats. You get a badge while one of your craft is on top of the leaderboard when round end. -Event can be a lot of thing but mostly . You may get a badge by accomplishing them on time. You need to post screenshot as proof of success. -Cargo delivery mission: see below. You'll be able to see your score when the google doc(or excel or other) will be completed. Awesome super secret special badge can also be obtain by BlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBla.......... THEY ARE MINE! Find them by yourself! Mission list Car delivery WIP Rocket plane Goal: Make the most efficient rocket cargo plane. Rules: rocket engine only, max 10km altitude Score: 100*range(km)*cargo capcity(mass t)/cost Russian doll Goal: Make a vehicle carrying a vehicle, carrying a vehicle, carrying[...] a kerbal. Rules: Max mass=100t Score: range(km)*number of step/1000 Badge Link -Google sheets need time to do that. This challenge have been simplified to make sure everyone can have fun while doing it. Below are the original rules that you can still follow to get extra point, mention it in your submission as hardcore mode. You should know that they are not complete and may never be, there is a lot of missing elements that only exist in my mind.
  12. Rules 1. Entries must use only stock parts, textures will not matter. 2. RCS and reaction wheels will not be allowed. 3. Entries will be judged on performance by lap times and speed while fun, flexibility, and looks will be judged trough polls. Categories Fun The idea of this category is pretty much what it sounds like, how much fun is car to drive around the KSC or across the terrain of Kerbin. Flexibility This category will test how flexible a cars applications are. For instance, if a car is designed for the track only and will easily be damaged or destroyed on rough terrain, it is not very flexible. Performance This will test how the cars perform around a track and in a straight line. For the track I will be using the Kurburgring. Straight line performance will test how quickly a car can pass the SPH on the runway without the engines being allowed to spool up. Looks This basically judges craft on whether or not they look good. Stages Since this challenge will have multiple aspects I've decided to split things up into three main categories. Entry Submissions During this stage entries will be submitted for the competition. Judging In this stage the cars will be tested to evaluate their performance and judged through polls in the other categories. For lap times I will require a video or a screenshot on every other corner. For straight line speed I will need a screenshot of the car at the point of the runway I have marked with a red line. Results In this stage an overall winner will be chosen and I will type up a story about the competition staring Jeb and Val. While this is a competition where the winner will be the most well rounded car I don't necessarily want to see an entry trying to achieve that at a cost. What I would love to see are entries that show how you make cars in KSP, that use every bit of knowledge you know to make a car excel in certain areas, that are created the way you want. I don't want anyone to surrender their strong suits and preferred methods just to have a better chance at winning, If you like making cars that are a joy to drive but aren't that fast, then make your entry as fun to play with as possible. Current Entries @Dark Lion Essar Bean https://kerbalx.com/DarkLion/Essar-Bean @Azimech Citroen CX https://kerbalx.com/Azimech/77I-Car-with-adjustable-ride-height-Citroen-CX @LABenterprises Destiny https://kerbalx.com/LABenterprises/LAB-DESTINY EsnianMetalWorks E.M.W Storm X-1 https://kerbalx.com/EsnianMetalWorks/EMW-Storm-X-1 Performance Data Kurburgring Lap Straight Line Speed Straight Line Time L.A.B. Destiny 1:01 83.9 mps 0:22 sec E.M.W Storm X-1 1:05 81.0 mps 0:25 sec Essar Bean 2:04 28.2 mps 0:44 sec Citroen CX Rally 1:55 117.4 mps 0:19 sec Performance Winner: L.A.B. Destiny Flexibility Winner: Essar Bean
  13. Kerbal Space Program Ultimate Fighter Competition (KSP-UFC) With the Guidance of Emperor Allister of house Kerman. The Bosognian Empire would now host a gladiator pit-fight between the world's greatest aircraft designer's fighters. The First set of the competition would be Theme-less and would follow an 8 competitor bracket. The battle would be fought with 2 planes per player with the opposing planes facing each other back-back. No tampering on the planes would be done. If you sent your fighter with an maneuverability even an AI cannot control then that's how it shall battle. The Competitor would be chosen through Random Selection The Competitors Submission must be sent by E-mail to [email protected] The Competition Shall Impose restrictions on the fighters however the restriction would be light. Mods (Required) BDArmory (The (Optional) Quiztech Airplane Plus Aviation Cockpits Firespitter SMArmory Master Tech weapons Procedural Wings Adjustable Landing gear Restrictions No Gimbaling Turrets No Gimbaling missile launchers No Meteor Missile from Master Tech Weapons Crafts should be 80 parts or less FAR would not be used No PAC-3 missiles Clipping is allowed but Resource Clipping is not allowed The Clips from the battle would be posted at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLcV69Rtie9wDHmAoW-8kA
  14. What is the Kopernicus Creativity Marathon? An open competition for those who want to build planets. Every three weeks, a new challenge, describing what sort of planet or celestial body we are looking for. After the closing date for each challenge, the planets shall be judged and the winner shall be put in the Community Planet Pack. Judging: Planets shall be judged by thee following characteristics: Beauty: How attractive they are to view, and the level of detail and apparent effort was put into the world. Accuracy: How closely they match the challenge guidelines. Creativity: How unique and original is the planet, its features, and its use of procedural generation and/or textures. General Entry Rules: Planets must be made using an up-to-date version of Kopernicus and Kerbal Space Program. Any planets that are not updated to the current version will be disqualified. Planets must be created for this contest. No planets released in other planet packs may be entered. Any planets must be entered for the competition before the completion of each challenge. After the final day, submissions will be ignored. All planets must be released to myself under an MIT license, such that the worlds can be polished and made more consistent with each other so they can be released as a community planet pack. We can discuss alternate licenses in the private messenger. All credit will be given to the creators of the planets. Any entry containing a generic Space Engine export will be disqualified, however those which use the in-game editor may not be if it looks good in KSP. One planet per person per challenge round. Co-operation with other people is fine, but must be restricted to one planet per team. The above two rules may be loosened if a challenge calls for a specific number of bodies together. No plans, ideas, screenshots/images, or files regarding your planet may be shared until the completion of the challenge round for which it was designed. -CURRENT CHALLENGE ROUND- Post Date: July 18th, 2017 Closing Date: August 8th, 2017 Time: 3 Weeks The terrestrial space agency NASA has just released topographical data of one of their solar system's dwarf planets, Pluto. As such, the gods of the Solar System are gloating at us. We must one-up them. Your task is to design an icy dwarf planet oribiting the sun outside Eeloo. GUIDELINES/RULES: -Take inspiration from the known dwarf planet terrains: Pluto, Charon, and Triton. -Its orbit must be apparently stable, and not particularly ridiculous. -Try to strike a balance between realism and beauty. -Planetary radius should be between 70km and 180km, with a density between 1.5 g/cm^3 and 2.5 g/cm^3. --Radius, Mass, Density, and Gravity are related, in Earth-relative units, as G = M/(R^2) = R*D. --Earth density = 5.51 g/cm^3. Earth radius = 6370 km. --If your values for geeASL don't fit within the radius and density, then it will be lowered in the polishing phase. -You may add a small minor moon if you wish, but it will be judged separately from the dwarf planet. If it is not satisfactory it will be removed.
  15. As I was watching a documentary on American military aircraft, a thought struck me: if planes are chosen to be used in competitions, why not do it that way on the forums? So I came up with this. Weekly, I will give out loose specifications and requirements to build planes, and then put all through a assignment to prove it can fulfil its role, and finally put entries for that week in a poll, for people to vote on the best ones. It will work in two parts, the first part being the voting, and the second part being the plane completing an "assignment" I'll prepare a save of. The winner gets a shiny badge I will make in paint, and possibly get to choose the next set of specifications. Week 1: Light Bomber Class: Light bomber You are to design a light bomber designed to be able to fly inter-continental solo missions, with one refuel stop. It should carry at least 4 Radial ore tank bombs, and have at least a crew of 2, with the IVA providing front and back field of view, to spot interceptors or missiles. Rear mounted weapons would be good, but definitely not necessary. Weight: maximum 35 tons Speed: at least 200m/s under 10km Payload: at least 4 full Radial ore tank bombs Range: at least able to reach the desert continent with one re-fueling stop Crew: at least one pilot and one bomb-aimer, possibly a gunner, if your plane has a rear gun Voting poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13090973 Winner: @NotAnAimbot's RBF-6 Longbow Week 2: Military Transport Proving mission and voting poll: Winner: @Servo's C-120 Meridian Week 3: Naval Fighter Proving Mission and Voting Poll: Winner: @sdj64's FX Falcon Week 4: Cloud Seeding Plane Proving Mission and Poll: Winners: @Speeding Mullet's Mullet Dyne MD-82 Twin Equinox and @Vexnium's A107AH Hinox Week 5: Poll: Winners: @Vexnium's CA179S Mass, @Ozelui's Wasp and @NotAnAimbot's MDL F-2F+ Super Predator Week 6: Amphibious Aircraft Poll: Winner: Winner: @Vexnium's CA600N Humpback Week 7: Poll: Winners: @Joseph Kerman's Gilder and @Bob_Saget54's Falcon Mk1 Week 8: Rocket Plane Poll: I hope you enter!
  16. Please Create an aircraft that uses stock parts. The only mods allowed are for additional launch sites or graphics enhancements. the idea is to create an unenhanced (let me mention the debug menu is only allowed if you wish to use object thrower) aircraft capable of reaching speeds above Mach 3. If on a PC install please include link to KerbalX. EDIT: With jet engines and it must be crewed with some way for all kerbals to live and at least 1/2 the parts recovered.
  17. Hello everyone! For the festive season, I am running a competition here on the forum! The winner will be announced on 25th December, so all entries must be in by midday on the 24th. Also, your crafts must be 100% stock. I will run them on my vanilla version of KSP. There are two competitions, the 'wacky' competition, where you must present your weirdest craft. It does not have to conform to any rules apart from one: SPH only. No VAB. Sorry. It can be a SSTO, a rover, a supercar, a plane, or whatever the hell you want. The crazier the better. However, it must fly well, my nooby younger brother will test them to see how easy it is to fly. However, I will be the main judge. The second competition is a 'festive' competition. Submit any festive-themed craft. It can be christmassy, chanukah-y or whatever festival you like. It can be VAB or SPH, just make it good and fun. Once again, it must be easy to fly. When you enter, please write the competition you wish your craft to be judged in, and if it is a VAB or SPH. Then attach the craft in whatever easy way you want. I hope this is fun and enjoyable, and merry Christmas! Good luck. Talion. P.S yes, I did steal my nickname from Shadow of Mordor.
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