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Found 12 results

  1. KerGuise Experimental engineering (KGEx) Brings you the Assortment Pack Continuation of random parts by various (named) authors, now continued by zer0Kerbal with community support. On the docket: B9StockPatches ProbiTronics SIL SIL patches ScrapYard 1.9.1 OyScrap 1.9.1 MobileFrameSystem (someday) KaizenKensai DrKermnassusPartsEmporium HotBeveragesIrradiated Komplexity Komplex This is where work on KGEx will be. This thread is a WIP, Released: More Hitchhikers by zed'K Module Manager patch to add fourteen (14) hitchhiker sizes. Spacedock CC BY-SA 4.0 for now here is a lovely screenshot(s): tentative dance card (so far): flying lander --- using Nuke VTOL CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA Source Code: Github repo.
  2. Where the nonsense never ends! Nice Kerbin Rings Self explanatory. Dependencies: Kopernicus and ModuleManager DOWNLOAD: Spacedock EZtree Planes and Probes first! Dependencies: ModuleManager DOWNLOAD: Spacedock L00NTools IMPORTANT DEPENDENCY! Dependencies: None DOWNLOAD: Spacedock Watermel00n's Part Tweaks (WIP) Changes: (note that these are MM patches) Size 1-2 adapter Size 1.5-3 adapter Size 2-4 adapter Short Mk2-Size 2 adapter 2 sizes of structural fueslage A stubby nose cone. Adapters now store fuel! A 0.625 m juno that's stretched (reconfig) Monopropellant fuel cells and small fuel cells in each pod. Radial Junos! Struts are longer and stronger QBE has small reaction wheels Multi-point connector has reduced weight to 0.25 tons New Juno reconfig that has performance between Wheesley and Panther Ants can be unlocked with Basic Science Pulsejet juno reconfig. Nuclear engines now produce EC at all times. Dependencies: ModuleManager DOWNLOAD: Spacedock
  3. As some of you may have seen on the thread "show off your screenshots" I like to made mission patches, I decided to show you my collection here; I use photoshop for the design and Indesign for kerbonauts names. A patch takes me approximately between 2 and 4 hours (find the design, colors...), for my inspiration it mostly comes from the screenshots I make or with real mission patches. I started to create patches a year ago, so you can see my progression with style and photoshop skills Patches complete family Missions descriptions below : Other patches and projects: My "S&G" Simple & Generic project patches consists in doing simplist patches for KSC ground constructions and planets of Kerbol system, it's available for free on Dropbox! Click on the image ! As some of you noticed, I started to make some illustration besides of the patches : No idea where to go for you holidays ? Let you charm by one of the destination proposed here, trip proposed by our two main contractors : Tantares, BDB, Contares and Coyote industries ! Don't hesitate to give your mind on my patches or suggestions, as you can see I'm not a native english speaker so if you see some english faults in my poster please tell me! Thanks for reading ! All my work is License by CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 You like my work and you want to offer me a drink ? You're welcome! :
  4. How many Module Manager patches can you get?!?! Lets have a bit of a competition to see who can get the most MM patches while loading. So far I've got 1672 with more mods on the way. How many do you have?
  5. Module Manager is required. All this is done with Module Manager Patches. Google: "ModuleManager ksp" and you'll find it. So I've been a longtime player of KSP and always got bored.... very quickly once I unlocked the tech tree and went to duna and beyond. I've been a programmer for a few years as well and so I figured lets see what I can do, easily. Basically...The contracts in stock suck, and the mods for new contracts are for 1.4.x and not 1.7.x..... So I started to do some investigating. Feel free to change my prices.cfg MM patch however you please to improve it or fix any bugs. Just let me know so I can update my own copy! Anyone can make changes to this! Career Realism Goals - To change part prices to real world prices. A command crew that weights 1-3 tons shouldn't cost $600.... it should cost $500,000+. Using some tweaking and realistic part prices, adjust all parts to accurately reflect real life cost - with a mix of "design, test, manufacturing, and installation". This includes resources as well, per cost, example: Space Nuclear Conference, San Diego, CA gives a cost of Xenon gas of $US 850 / kg - To increase the hardness of the game.... Re-entry heating goes to 110% as an example, some mods provide other examples (such as OhScrap for random part failures) - Increase or decrease the % of science returned from probes for probe missions - Increase contracts cost to accurate costs. Want a satellite into space? Looking at $30-100mil cost. (needs to be adjusted based off some variable, but idk what). How to use - Install everything and make sure you delete all the ModuleManager titled files, BESIDES the one ending in .dll - set ContractInterceptor = false in /GameData/MonthlyBudgets/MonthlyBudgetsDefaults.cfg - Make a new game with the following custom settings: Funds 500k, science: 250,No missing crew respawn, Funds Penalties: 500%, Reputation Penalties: 150%, Always allow actionBars - Load game up, check the price of a mk1 command pod - it should be like 300k+, check prices on all items to make sure something like a heat shield isn't 5.5million. Done - Part pricing works pretty well and is generally okay, some things can be changed here or there to make them more realistic. 11k for a 2HOT thermometer seems like alot.... but cost per kg into space is in the thousands. All can be adjusted based off feedback or real world pricing. - Contracts provide accurate/semi-realistic amounts. Escape atmosphere? 1,000,000. Orbit kerbin? 1.5mil. These are progression contracts are give less. Want a part tested? Looking at 500k-5mil. (Try getting a decoupler on escape trajectory when your ship costs 35mil) - Changed pricing to upgrade buildings into the millions TODO - figure out how to make contracts, easily, that are realistic. Like deploy some comm sats or science contracts (some mods do this, but which ones work on v1.7.x??) - Change the prices further to balance better. - Give me more updates to do and I'll see what I can do. Mods included (may or may not be required, I'm new to modding, so I don't really know... but here are all my mods) Mods I really like to use and should be added: MonthlyBudgets [x] Science! B9PArts SSTU KerbalEngineer MagiCore MechJeb2 NearFutureConstruction NearFutureLaunchVehicles NearFutureProps OhScrap PatchManager ScrapYard All Mods in my /GameData prices.cfg - the main MM patch file with all the changes @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Science],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 7.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Command],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 700.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Pods],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 700.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Aero],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 30.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Coupling],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 35.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Structural],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 30.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Thermal],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 45.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Electrical],#cost[*]] { %addedCost = 45.0 %entCost = 5.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[~category[Science],~category[Command],~category[Electrical],~category[Aero],~category[Pods],~category[Thermal],~category[Coupling],~category[Structural],#cost[*]]:FINAL { %addedCost = 400.0 %entCost = 50.0 @cost *= #$addedCost$ @entryCost *= #$entCost$ } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE:HAS[#experimentID[*]&#xmitDataScalar[<1]]] { @MODULE:HAS[#experimentID[*]&#xmitDataScalar[<1]] { // For each Module with an experimentID and a transmit penalty, adjust xmitDataScalar to eliminate the penalty. @xmitDataScalar = 1.0 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer],!RESOURCE[MonoPropellant],!MODULE[ModuleTankManager],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines]]:NEEDS[InterstellarFuelSwitch&!ModularFuelTanks&!RealFuels&!ConfigurableContainers]:FOR[InterstellarFuelSwitch] { %totalCap = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ %onlyLH2 = #$totalCap$ @onlyLH2 *= 5 %cryoPower = #$onlyLH2$ @cryoPower /= 800 MODULE:NEEDS[!WarpPlugin] { name = InterstellarFuelSwitch tankSwitchNames = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoPropel;Hydrogen;Methane resourceGui = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoPropellant;Liquid Hydrogen;Liquid Methane resourceNames = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoPropellant;LqdHydrogen;LqdMethane resourceAmounts = #$../totalCap$;$../totalCap$;$../totalCap$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$ tankTechReq = start;start;advFuelSystems;advFuelSystems;highPerformanceFuelSystems tankResourceMassDivider = 8;8;6.66666666666;5.5;8 adaptiveTankSelection = false orderBySwitchName = true displayTankCost = true hasGUI = false } MODULE:NEEDS[WarpPlugin] { name = InterstellarFuelSwitch tankSwitchNames = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoProp;Hydrogen;Nitrogen;Argon;Methane;Ammonia;Hydrazine;CO2;HTP resourceGui = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoPropellant;Liquid Hydrogen;Liquid Nitrogen;Liquid Ammonia;Liquid Methane;LqdArgon;Hydrazine;Liquid CO2;;High-test peroxide resourceNames = LiquidFuel;Oxidizer;MonoPropellant;LqdHydrogen;LqdNitrogen;LqdArgon;LqdMethane;LqdAmmonia;Hydrazine;LqdCO2;HTP resourceAmounts = #$../totalCap$;$../totalCap$;$../totalCap$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$;$../onlyLH2$ tankTechReq = start;start;advFuelSystems;advFuelSystems;largeVolumeContainment;largeVolumeContainment;highPerformanceFuelSystems;highPerformanceFuelSystems;specializedFuelStorage;largeVolumeContainment;specializedFuelStorage tankResourceMassDivider = 8;8;6.66666666666;5.5;8;8;8;8;8;8;8 adaptiveTankSelection = false orderBySwitchName = true displayTankCost = true hasGUI = false } } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:AFTER[InterstellarFuelSwitch] { // Remove temporary variables to eliminate log spam !totalCap = 0 !onlyLH2 = 0 !cryoPower = 0 } @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#unitCost] { @unitCost *= 200 } @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#unitCost,#name[ElectricCharge]] { @unitCost = 1.5 @unitCost *= 200 } @CONTRACT_TYPE[*]:HAS[#rewardFunds] { @rewardFunds *= 700 } //@Contracts //@Contracts:AFTER[ContractConfigurator, MonthlyBudgets] //@Contracts:AFTER[MonthlyBudgets] @DMContracts[*] { @DM*:HAS[@Funds]{ @BaseAdvance *= 20 @BaseReward *= 24 @BaseFailure *= 24 @ParamReward *= 80 } } @Contracts:AFTER[MonthlyBudgets] { @Progression:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 10 } } // Disable Asteroid retrieval Contracts @ARM:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 900 @BaseAdvance *= 900 } } // Disable Planetary base construction Contracts @Base:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 900 @BaseAdvance *= 900 } } // Disable Flag planting Contracts @Flag:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 750 @BaseAdvance *= 500 } } // Disable Grand Tour Contracts @Grand:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 900 @BaseAdvance *= 900 } } // Disable ISRU Contracts @ISRU:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 700 @BaseAdvance *= 700 } } // Disable Recovery Contracts @Recovery:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 500 @BaseAdvance *= 500 } } // Disable Satellite delivery Contracts @Satellite:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 700 @BaseAdvance *= 500 } } // Disable Data collection Contracts @Science:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 199 @BaseAdvance *= 99 } } // Disable Space station construction Contracts @Station:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 900 @BaseAdvance *= 900 } } // Disable Survey Contracts @Survey:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 50 @BaseAdvance *= 50 } @SURVEY_DEFINITION[*] { @FundsReward *= 50 } } // Disable Part testing Contracts @Test:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 100 @BaseAdvance *= 125 } } // Disable Tourism Contracts @Tour:HAS[@Funds] { @Funds { @BaseReward *= 250 @BaseAdvance *= 150 } } }
  6. I finally got around to using the deployed science experiments and was frustrated with the choice of cargo containers. Squad missed an obvious size to me. The side bays of the updated Mk2 Lander Can are screaming for a cargo box. It seem like the natural place to stash the experiments, but the stock cargo box doesn't fit as nicely as I'd like, so I ended up sizing one to look built in. This is just a Module Manager patch to rescale the small cargo box and modify it's attributes for the larger size. At the same time I added attachment nodes to the sides of the Mk2 Lander Can itself to make fitting the part simpler. It should snap in place as shown in the picture Based on the new volume compared to the stock part it should hold about 11 parts, but I've left it at 9 as I think the stock cargo box in undersized for 3 experiments. The storage locker is a little larger than the side bay and does clip into the Lander Can. This is intentional to eliminate any gaps around the part and give it a built in look. Dropbox download link Download and save the config file somewhere under GameData. The only requirements are Breaking Ground DLC and Module Manager. The entirety of the patch is in the spoiler if for some reason the dropbox link goes away at some point. Consider this Public Domain. There is no code beyond the MM patch. I'm not posting it to CKAN, so don't ask. This should work until Squad renames or deletes the parts, so if you pester me about it working in later versions, I'll probably ignore you. I have little interest in user support. I'm posting this in case others find it useful.
  7. It's been nearly 2 weeks since Making History DLC was released when are we getting a new patch? There are many issues that are very annoying why haven't they been fixed yet?, When are we getting a response on the forums? I'm scared of using my default game untill it is patched. Please give the Community some idea when it will be ready or that you are at least working on new patch (which obviously you must be). Thanks. Great DLC by the way loving it apart from bugs.
  8. Gaelean Space Agency In this thread you'll find screenshots and hand-crafted illustrations I have made for my career play through in Galileo's Planet Pack. I originally intended for this to go up in the mission reports section with a background story but since my writing skills aren't up to par with some of the amazing content that goes up there, I thought I didn't bore you guys and focus on what I can do best instead. link to source files Ongoing Missions and Programs Ambassador Count Bill All artwork posted by me in this thread is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  9. These are are selection of flags, patches, and drawing made by me in Microsoft Paint. Feel free to use them wherever you want. I shall be accepting requests. Send me a PM if you want a flag/patch done for you. Hello guys! It's me, again. This is just a thread for me to showcase the drawings, flags, and patches that I draw using the simplest of imaging software, Microsoft Paint. I, as the above clearly states, shall be accepting flag/patch requests. Here are my first couple of drawings: This was my first ever drawing with Microsoft Paint: Very simple, as you can see. This was my second, an Apollo CSM with an SIVB, presumably performing the Trans-Lunar/Munar Injection Burn: This was my third, a drawing that I'm not too happy with - a Saturn V launching: My fourth, and my personal favourite, a Mercury capsule re-entering the atmosphere: And, my fifth, and, currently, my last drawing, an Icarus spacecraft while in orbit. The Icarus spacecraft was the spacecraft I used to put the first Americans into orbit. (More here.)
  10. Hello and weclome to my little collection of abstract patches! Those patches you can put in if you completed a mission to a certain planet! If you want a similar patch-PM me, i will do it as soon as i can. Kerbin Mun Minmus Eve Gilly Duna Ike Moho Dres Jool
  11. Hi I just installed the new patches today. Yes I know I am behind. After they installed when I go to play the game it only goes to a black screen that shows loading. I completely reinstalled 1.0 and ran the patches again and the same thing happened. Please help
  12. We in the way back machine to point nine ohh.
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