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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering if deployed science can break. I am crashing an unused engine stage into the Mun and decided to have it crash next to the deployed science to gather some data. But just in case I missed the target, I was wondering.
  2. Okay, so I set up my deployed science on Eve. After reaching orbit I noticed I had no communication device set up. Okay, sending a rover with a relay and regular antenna to get some distance. Then I noticed that the basic module has a first hop distance of something like 33 Mm. It just directly communicates with a satellite in Eve orbit. Now my question is: Why is the science not transmitted? Weather analyzer and Mystery Goo station have 100% science generated, but still at 0% transmitted data. I have two RTGs with a total of 6 power set up. The modules are powered, but not "enabled". I really don't understand how that stuff works and I am a bit bummed out because I have contracts open for those things. I am on 1.8.1, if that's important.
  3. I finally got around to using the deployed science experiments and was frustrated with the choice of cargo containers. Squad missed an obvious size to me. The side bays of the updated Mk2 Lander Can are screaming for a cargo box. It seem like the natural place to stash the experiments, but the stock cargo box doesn't fit as nicely as I'd like, so I ended up sizing one to look built in. This is just a Module Manager patch to rescale the small cargo box and modify it's attributes for the larger size. At the same time I added attachment nodes to the sides of the Mk2 Lander Can itself to make fitting the part simpler. It should snap in place as shown in the picture Based on the new volume compared to the stock part it should hold about 11 parts, but I've left it at 9 as I think the stock cargo box in undersized for 3 experiments. The storage locker is a little larger than the side bay and does clip into the Lander Can. This is intentional to eliminate any gaps around the part and give it a built in look. Dropbox download link Download and save the config file somewhere under GameData. The only requirements are Breaking Ground DLC and Module Manager. The entirety of the patch is in the spoiler if for some reason the dropbox link goes away at some point. Consider this Public Domain. There is no code beyond the MM patch. I'm not posting it to CKAN, so don't ask. This should work until Squad renames or deletes the parts, so if you pester me about it working in later versions, I'll probably ignore you. I have little interest in user support. I'm posting this in case others find it useful.
  4. I'm curious whether anyone has completed this contract. If so, at what distance from the seismic sensor did you hit the surface? Also, what was the the mass and speed of your craft on surface impact? Did you get the pointy end down and was it under power? My first attempt was pretty lame - floated down slowly and hit 20 km away. I did get a message from the sensor to the effect that there had been no effect. I am, of course, in the process of trying again. (And have had no problem with this type of contract on other planets/moons)
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