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  1. Squad once ran a challenge to impact the mun in 20 minutes or less. I think the fastest time was just under 12 minutes. But this was with a tiny payload. Good luck getting a station into munar orbit in the times suggested.
  2. Probably 2k+ hours on non-Steam installs plus the 4376 hours Steam reports.
  3. Go back to having a control point facing forward then hold the forward key down while alternately tapping the left and right keys. You should be able to get it moving faster than 100m/s but it's pretty painful keeping it up for very long.
  4. Slow, isn't it. This is the M8 missile hitting the runway with 300 units of ore in 28 seconds.
  5. Missile now hits the runway in 30 seconds (with 300 units of ore).
  6. Don't you love how the Mohole is the fastest way to get from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  7. While we wait for that very fast 29 seconds (or maybe less) here is the high reliability MV-6 hitting the runway in 34 seconds. To get under 75 tons it only carries 210 units of ore - total mass: 74.74 tons.
  8. Ok, that's fast. Really fast. I'd like it if it hit one of the buildings - just to see what happens. I hope that screenshot is taken from a video. Tiny motor designs. Using 24 x EM-16S
  9. Whoops. My bad - I was thinking of the air intake.
  10. Isn't it moved up and clipped into the base of the fairing to create a hole?
  11. Isn't this an exploit? Are Kraken drives ok too?
  12. No. Best speed (level flight) for this plane is achieved at around 750m - 329m/s with bombs and 330.3m/s without. Above and below this height max speed drops. Air density and propeller pitch determine the speed much more so than angle of attack - even in a vertical dive. A shallow dive from 1000m sees the speed briefly go over 331m/s. Height for this challenge is best at around 400-500m because of extra time required to climb to and descend from 750m and I only lose about 1m/s.
  13. Thanks for thinking of me but unguided or programmed is usually not really my cup of tea.
  14. M3 takes out the Island Runway in 51 seconds.
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