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  1. Could someone please explain to me why I don't have signal here? All the relays around Kerbin have omni antennas and power, and this craft has a dish with power. They are supposedly in range. For some reason I was able to activate and deactivate that dish without connection, but I just assumed that was a bug. The last time I had connection, I scheduled a burn with the computer for when I was on the other side of the moon. When I came back around, no connection. I tried targeting both Kerbin and the relays with the dish. Thanks.
  2. Kind of confused about the versioning here... CKAN and Spacedock both say that Spectra is for 1.4.4, yet the title here says 1.6.
  3. Hi @_Zee, would you consider adding KSP-AVC support to your mod? Just helps to let people know when an update is available without CKAN. Also, will the Near Future patch include support for @Nertea's mkIV Spaceplane mod? Would probably just go straight to the end of the spaceplane nodes.
  4. Unfortunately mod switching between saves is not possible but I am currently using USI LS and I haven't discovered anything strange. RP0 (if you have it) will mark the USI parts as incompatible but they still work fine. I am currently working on a patch to make the USI parts work better with RP0 and RO.
  5. I am planning on writing some RP0 patches for these parts and was wondering, does anyone know how well the costs of these parts compare to (theoretical) costs in real life? I'm guessing that the prices will have to go up to be more realistic. Thanks.
  6. Well all the patch would have to do (as far as I know) would be to put all the USI parts in to proper tech tree nodes along with realistic prices.
  7. Are there any plans to make this compatible with RO/RP-0? eg Include a patch that adds them in?
  8. Hello. Could someone who knows a bit more about MM write a patch for me that sets the RP0config setting that gets placed in every part to true? It is quite annoying having 'non rp0/ro part' on every second part that I have. I have this so far: @PART[*]:Final { %RP0conf = true } But I know that that is way off. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
  9. Hello. I do not know if it is this or RP-0 that does it but how do I get rid of the 'not ro/rp-0 supported' bit in the name and description of a lot of my parts?
  10. Hello. I am having a recurring problem that I do not think has been answered in this thread. I have been trying to install RO and all of it's recommended mods however I keep getting 'Error 403' for at least 2 of the mods I am trying to install. Any ideas why? Or what this means? And do my other mods still install or do they all fail? Also, there is nothing in the Plugins folder in the CKAN folder. Is this normal? I am using KSP 1.2.2 with the latest version of CKAN. Thanks.
  11. @Phineas Freak I tried it with the latest version of Module Manager intended for 1.2.x (2.7.6) and I got the same result. I then tried it with the version of MM that comes with RSS (2.7.5) and it worked perfectly. I didn't think that the difference between the two would make a difference but apparently it does. Strange. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  12. Ah ok. I will try a fresh install and make sure I get the right mm this time, thanks.
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