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  1. Manually via an EVA Kerbal - they should pull from nearby vessels.
  2. tbh.. I don't even remember. Those were done a very long time ago.
  3. Crew capabilities are also shared - so you're free to move them into the hab modules for your base so you have less to check. Also if you have 5 billion vessels in the save, you probably have other issues
  4. I don't MKS was built with full support for disconnected bases. So stuff shares within 150m for most stuff, longer distances for others.
  5. That's really up to you to be honest. But it's designed with CTT in mind for those doing a career playthrough.
  6. I'll let @DoktorKroggtake this one Though I will say it involves robots!
  7. Sitting tight as there's a lot of overlap, and I'd like to see where KSP2 lands first. Won't be me personally - my role in KSP2 was purely some of the art. And since I am off on a different project now, I have the same info you guys have Yep on both counts. Our new game takes priority right now (and it's downright snazzy!), and there will be no consideration of a port of any of the USI mods to KSP2 till we see where KSP2 lands both in terms of stability as a modding platform, and overlap with the USI stuff. That being said, we will be doing a bit of buttoning up on the KSP1 mod side in the relatively near future.
  8. Is the drive on? Solar is not going to be enough to sustain operations.
  9. We do a few sneak peeks on the USI Discord
  10. Did a bunch of art for KSP2, not code or design this go around. Been neck deep building a new indie game with @DoktorKrogg for over a year now. The fun part being that we get to build the game we always wanted to play. The not fun part being that it's not done yet - though we're pretty stoked about where it is (and there's a lot to be said for being 100% greenfield), and having a blast!
  11. Varies by gravity - should be something you can see in the config files.
  12. Not enough info unfortunately. They aren't going to work with TAC-LS without a config
  13. USILS is not bundled, but they do share some of the same dependencies. As long as you nab the latest versions of both you will be good to go.
  14. WOLF leverages the stock resource system (written by yours truly). If Gold Standard uses it as well, awesome. Otherwise, you can see the Community Resource Pack configurations for examples (or the stock example for Ore).
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