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  1. I have been in the process of drafting the story up. Will take me another day or two.
  2. Because my friends all play solely on console, and the time I spend on my console is 4-5 times greater than my PC.
  3. Firstly, I'd like to see an in-game workshop for all vehicles that are sent in to the workshop. Think KerbalX, but for all platforms and is in-game, so it fixes the issue console only and console and PC guys, like myself, have with things they want to bring from Console to PC (or vice versa) without recreating the entire monstrosity. I'd also like to see a way to transfer save files from PC to Console (again, and vice versa), it would be a helpful feature to implement, especially seeing as my PC (which is upper middle end) can handle larger tasks than my Series S can. I will continue to update the list as I get more ideas.
  4. Great suggestion, but I believe that it would be difficult to keep it up to date, but only if the updates come rapidly and add new parts and textures and paint schemes/ colors. With that being said, I love the idea, and would like to see that, or potentially even a dumbed down version of the VAB/SPH where you could place parts together and view that. It would require another level of coding within a website, and would be difficult to implement, but could be an extremely useful tool. I was going to put more suggestions to KSP2 here, but this is not the thread for it.
  5. 401 days since the last post. 740 since this thread had its first post. I am restarting this series, now as a Junior in High school. I know not how long it will last, but I will write. CLASS SCHEDULE Spanish I Band Instructional Focus Math 105 DE Computer Technician Service Physics Honors Band World History Honors English III Honors RECAP (2020 - NOW) Freshman year was my first experience with High School. It was not the best starting year due to the obvious implications with COVID. I took classes that I believed would be easy, and didn't stick my neck out at all. Sophomore Year was a wild and hectic ride. I took classes that were on par with what I believed I could do now that we had a full year. For reference, I took English II Honors, Biology Honors, Algebra II Honors, Chemistry Honors (Great Choice @Mikenike), Band, and P.E. I will begin at the 2nd 9wks here within the coming days.
  6. It took me this long. But I haven't even logged on the forums in 8 months at least. I logged in on a whim to see this. I am kinda disappointed that it won't be on Xbox and PS immediately, but I understand why and I hope that it comes quickly.
  7. I'm sorry I haven't been very active here as of late. KSP2 Delays and just general life have made my return to these forums quite difficult. But I will guess my old friend @Lewie.... Don't know if he's still here, but me and him used to tag team.... Ah, the good ole days.....
  8. 4/10. Haven't been around a lot lately to see you much.
  9. Wait. I thought that it was long forbidden to talk about it. I thought it was like the only thing that was never to be talked about on the user side of the forum. Like politics.
  10. Will post 2 chapters here shortly. This series starts slow, but will quickly pick up the pace.
  11. The Journey of Tomul Kerman The Higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly- Friedrich Nietzsche I've worked on a few small stories over the last few weeks, here's one, so far. It was partially inspired by Audacity: Memoirs of a Kerbonaut. Chapter 1 Tomul Kerman was interested solely in engineering and the sciences when he was a young Kerbal. Yet he did not realize his dream of going to space until he was 17 years old. He knew in order to do that he must learn about what is out there. His father owned a construction firm and a junkyard. Yet I cannot start a story partway through. We must go back to the beginning, or rather, back 12 years. Tomul was only 5 when he discovered his passion for aircraft, and by his 6th year he could name nearly every single aircraft in the United Nations of Kerbin’s arsenal and all the United Kerbline’s fleet by merely listening to their engines. He had mastered the art and science of how aircraft worked, and had put up detailed drawings of many different aircraft. He took hours a day envisioning the next big aircraft, and even submitted designs to major firms like the KPMC, or Kerbal Plane Making Corporation, who was the leader in USK aircraft design. The CEO of KPMC called his parents one day asking if he could use the blueprints to manufacture scale models of some of his designs, to which they happily accepted, and KPMC even helped Tomul get a patent for his works. At 7, he had his first scale model flown, quite successfully, no thanks to the amazingly accurate blueprints he provided. By 10, he had made himself known at KPMC, who were practically begging him to work for them when he finished school. Fast forward another 5 years, he was finishing up his final mandatory schooling year, and after, he planned to enlist in UNK’s Air Force. KPMC was still requesting that he join them when he finished school. But he wanted to fly and to see the subject he so dearly loved go beyond where it was, and the best way to do that was to be a test pilot. Tomul had already shown his amazing reflexes in school, as well as his overall knowledge about any subject you asked him about, especially engineering and science. After the final grades came out, and the smartest kids were revealed, Tomul was at the top of his class, but he wasn’t a brainiac like most others, he was smart, no doubt, but he played it cool, loved to be outdoors or working out. He had lied to his classmates about his intellect so that he wouldn’t be an outcast, but people saw right through the tough guy who didn’t care about grades. He immediately went to the USKAF recruiting office, handed the recruiter his paperwork, and got a crazed look. A perfect score student wanted to be an enlisted person, so the recruiter happily helped him fill out the application for the USKAF’s Academy, which was an advanced level school that was for officers. He was accepted into the Academy later that week, and immediately went to Korado Sprigs where the academy was based. Now, two years later he was fulfilling his plan of becoming a prominent test pilot, with over four thousand hours flight time in experimental aircraft, and a little over 3k in regular aircraft in service. He flew in notable aircraft like the Sounder, which was the first aircraft to reach past Kach 5 (Kerbin Mach) at a mere 10K altitude. The only other altitude this had been done at was at 30K feet with an unmanned drone that was liquid fuel powered. His aircraft was specially built with a heat shield at the front, and parachutes for an emergency situation and for landing, as his only way to slow down was friction and drag. Tomul was called into the 466th FTS briefing room where he found none other than the squadron CO, Chuck Kerman, as well as two men in suits, one named Gene and the other named Mortimer. “Good morning Tomul, I am Gene Kerman, and this is my associate Mortimer, we are with the USK Space Agency. We came here looking for a pair of test pilots for our craft, and we hear that you are the brightest and very finest the 466 has to offer. We are willing to pay you handsomely. Unfortunately this would mean being discharged from the military, honorably, of course, to be able to come work with us.” Gene informed him. “Who is the other candidate?” Tomul inquisitively replied, trying to gauge how serious the two men really were. “Fraston Kerman,” Gene shot back, he knew of the fierce rivalry between Tomul and Fraston, and knew that it would make him want to join so that Fraston couldn’t. “You said you were taking two of us, and quite frankly, I don’t like the way Fraston does things. If I go, then you not only get a great pilot, but a person who loves engineering and science. Whereas with Fraston, you get a risk-taker who’s only want is fame and glory. If I sign on, you are going to have to pick someone else who is not Fraston.” Tomul infuriatedly replied. “Then we have a deal, we have a few papers for you to sign now, and I’m sure General Chuck will as well. When you arrive at your barracks, start packing, we will pick you up in a Mounder tomorrow at 12 sharp.” Gene told him. After signing the papers and talking with the General, he realized that Gene and Chuck were old friends and that they had discussed Tomul's abilities beforehand, and that they only wanted Tomul, and not him and Fraston. He felt played, but he knew that it was the right thing to do. He had recently taken an extremely profound interest in space and spacecraft, even more so than when he had found airplanes, some 12 years ago.
  12. I've started work on a new Fan Fic... Should I continue and post it?

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