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  1. This is a chronical series, that I hope it will help my story telling , for another fanfic I will start eventually. I will post probably every Monday,Wednsday and every other Friday. It is for the previous school day. In Louisiana right now, I have to go Tues Thurs and every other Friday. So thats the explaination for the posting schedule. I will leave out big details, such as full names, school name, etc. I put this in The Lounge because its not on topic, or a fanfic. 10/20 Tues Tuesday was fun, boring but fun. Civics was a recap of American History in 7th grade. We had a test, or a quiz I should say, it was easy I guess. ELA was boring, I am tried of reading Ernest Gaines' A Lesson Before Dying. It is a boring book, that is supposed to reflect the attitude of whites in the 1940's. In the book, they basically claim that we are really racist. PE is easy, as always right now, I just get to sit on the forums, and hang with yall. Band is exciting, because I have to learn like 20 new songs for our football games. I had been taken off the football band roster twice, and I am hoping to go next weeks game, but who knows. Physical Science was easy, as always. IBCA/ Business is a pain, as we have to type a 3 page essay on some applications of various programs in the business world. I hate geometry right now. Like really hate it. I hate algebra, and I have to use algebra in geometry. I barely passed alegbra last year. My extracurricular activity for tuesday was XC practice. Coach made us run 1 mile 3 times with 5 minute breaks in between. I will add more details in the next one (Tomorrow's edition, about Thursday's events) @adsii1970, I decided to go with an idea for your rants explainations of university professor life, and morph it into this series, with using the Lounge as the base for it. I will try not to explain because most who read are out of HS, but rather tell about my life as a student on a high school campus.
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