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Found 21 results

  1. First post, so hopefully it's in the right place! So, I know KCT has a recovery option to basically re-use vessels, which saves on build time (and funds, but I'm in science mode, so that's not relevant for me). I also have StageRecovery (SR) set up to auto-recover stages that are below the terminal velocity. I know I can "edit" KCT recovered vessels, but how can I access the stages themself that SR recovers? And if so, how can I merge a SR recovered stage with something that KCT has recovered? Or is that not possible?
  2. I'm currently playing a science mode save, and I've geared up to do an Apollo-style mission to the Mun, complete with Munar lander and command/service module placed on top (using mods for the conical payload bay bit) and Saturn V look-alike (ok not really, I replaced the 1st stage w/ SRBs lol) My question is this: if I undock the lander from the CSM (Command & Service Modules), land on the Mun, and dock with the CSM, will I get the science for recovering a vessel that's landed on the Mun if the only thing being recovered is the Command Module (CM)? I will be collecting all the science from experiments into a container on the lander, then transferring the experiments to the CM using Lander-Tek's science containers, but will that transfer the "Vessel landed on the Mun" stat-thingy (not sure what to call it...)? Or will I need a piece of the actual lander to be on the recovered vessel for it to count?
  3. Introduction This is my attempt to blog a my science mode gameplay with Kerbal Space Program. The game is STOCK with both DLC'S and mods Kerbal Engeneer Redux and Mechjeb 2 for extra help. Chapter 1: The Begin Zarjia 1, Kerbol 1st, Y1 The first mission carried Jebediah in a 14 km-high trip on the " Zarja ", a simple rocket made of a capsule and under that a Flea SRB who pushed Jeb high up in the sky, returning back with a 26 science loot.
  4. I Landed on the Mun and now I want to get a Flyby of Minmus. Im playing science mode btw. If anyone can help I would really like it
  5. Im playing Science mode with no mods and I need some Easy Science points so can someone tell me how? Thanks.
  6. Broadcast Schedule Join us on Discord at That Other Server 2 in the #gaming voice channel, nightly at 19:00 UTC -6 / 7 PM US Central Time. Monday 28 DEC Tuesday 29 DEC Wednesday 30 DEC Thursday 31 DEC Friday 01 JAN Saturday 02 JAN Sunday 03 JAN Kerbin Relays Launch Minmus Launches Minmus Exploration Minmus Return (Taking this day off) Mun Launches Mun Landings Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete 1 of 2 Complete Monday 04 JAN Tuesday 05 JAN Wednesday 06 JAN Thursday 07 JAN Friday 08 JAN Saturday 09 JAN Sunday 10 JAN Mun Exploration Postponed Mun Exploration Mun Exploration Mun Explore or return TBD Moho Prep 2nd landing complete Postponed Complete Complete Returned Safely! Cancelled Complete Monday 11 JAN Tuesday 12 JAN Wednesday 13 JAN Thursday 14 JAN Friday 15 JAN Saturday 16 JAN Sunday 17 JAN Moho Launches Moho Landing Moho Exploration Return to Kerbin Re-Arming Re-Arming Duna Build Complete Complete Complete Complete Kraken attack! Complete Complete Monday 18 JAN Tuesday 19 JAN Wednesday 20 JAN Thursday 21 JAN Friday 22 JAN Saturday 23 JAN Sunday 24 JAN Duna Launch Duna Arrival Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Quick visit to Ike? Return to Kerbin Complete Landed Lander In Progress In Progress Complete In Progress Complete! All craft used should be available on Kerbal X, in my JNSQ Do-over Hangar, at some point. In 18 months and four KSP versions, I produced a JNSQ Exploration series. This came up after suggestions that no one ever explores past Duna, or no one ever explores past Jool, after completing the first JNSQ Space Race. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and once I fought through Moho and Eve I figured I could reach the rest of the system with relative ease. Then time constraints came up and I introduced RoverDude's Project Orion engines just so I could get to places within a reasonable amount of real-world time. But then came surface interaction problems that all started once out at Lindor, and I found the only way to work around those was to start over in a new saved game. So what I'd like to do is stream the process. I wouldn't post new episodes to YouTube until out to Lindor again, and I'd redo episodes 18 and 19 for Krel and Aden. But I'm also curious if there's a viewership interested in watching that process, including the expected failures. I don't have a Twitch account so that's out. I could stream to YouTube but I'd want to hide or delete the stream archives afterward. I think Discord would be a better choice. Is there a Discord server someone has that would be interested in hosting this? I'd like to do a regular schedule of 7 PM to 8 PM Central (UTC -6). five days a week. Once I'd reach Lindor again and ready to visit Krel, that's when the regular streams end. It would be a science mode playthrough with the goal of reaching each world's random monolith, assuming it exists. I'd use Bon Voyage to time warp through ground and ocean travel. Please let me know in responses what you all think. I'll link to here from the JNSQ main thread shortly. -- The JNSQ Exploration Do-Over Looks like I'll be able to do this weeknights from 7 PM to 8 PM US Central (UTC -6) starting on 21 DEC 2020. I picked December 21 because that's the first day back from being on-call from work. Streams will appear on "That Other Server 2" in the #gaming voice channel on Discord. Thanks so much to The @Misguided Kerbal for hosting this series! I'll try to keep some kind of advance notice as to what point a given episode will be, and hopefully I can skip past boring bits like The Science Dance and long transfers to and from Lindor. Check back here for a table featuring dates and episode themes. In the meantime I'll occasionally stream over there to show off preparations and other work. But the next week (14-18 DEC) is off because of real life on-call. I'll post an add-on list in another post here as well, so You At Hometm can play along. I'll also try to keep all craft constructed at Kerbal X, which should mostly be stock except for Explodium Breathing Engines and RoverDude's Project Orion parts.
  7. Hi all! I'm going to be playing through @Superfluous J's fabulous Kerpollo challenge. This means that in a science mode game I'm only allowed to launch 9 self contained missions with a few additional caveats that are detailed in the link below This has given me a great excuse to visit all the planets in the Kerbol system which I've been meaning to do for a while ... I'm aiming to do at least one chapter per week. I'll try to post them on the weekend. My Mod list: TriggerTech (Kerbal Alarm Clock) 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack Corvus HGR KAS KIS KronalVesselViewer ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll ReStock RestockRigidLegs My Game Settings: So without further to do here is the First Chapter of my Mission Report ... Chapter 1- Kerpollo Begins We begin as most Science Career modes do by grinding science from the KSC. Here Jeb can be bravely venturing forth to the most dangerous of places, the LaunchPad... After grinding for that oh so sweet science I end up with enough science points to unlock the necessary nodes to build an orbital capable vehicle. I present the Kerbin Flyer! The first of nine vehicles to be produced during the Kerpollo Program. This beauty is composed of three stages made from the most basic of parts but is capable of reaching polar orbit which will enable me to get that sweet science. (NOTE: I lowered the thrust level of the SRBs and the the Swivel Engine on the third stage so that the acceleration doesn't kill Bob) The Kerbin Flyer leaps off the pad carried aloft by those 4 Hammer SRBs. Crewed by our intrepid scientist Bob who is probably starting to regret his choices in life by this point... Those pesky SRBs are jettisoned and the Swivel lights up pushing the Kerbin Flyer towards a polar orbit. (Unfortunately I missed taking a screenshot of the stage separating as I was running science experiments while flying ) We made it! Bob is safely in polar orbit where he begins the long procedure of running the various science experiments on the Kerbin Flyer Obligatory beauty shot of the Kerbin Flyer as it orbits over Kerbin's North Pole I raise Bob's orbit to 250km in order to grab that "high in space" science Reentry occurs over Kerbin's North Pole. The capsule has no heat shield so I've kept the rocket stage attached to prevent Bob from being burnt to crisp. Bob lands safely in the North Pole. He's experienced a lot but has safely returned intact with his precious cargo of science! (NOTE: The outer science experiments mounted on the capsule exploded due to overheating but luckily I had made sure that Bob had stored the results within the spacecraft) Blast! My science gathering must have missed something as I just don't have that little bit of Science to unlock all the nodes on Tier 4. Oh well, I still have enough to head to my next target the Mun... Thank you for reading! My next chapter will be about my shenanigans on the Munar surface!
  8. I am a few months into KSP and I was not enjoying Career mode. I wanted to explore the Kerbol System in a logical way, but without the extra restrictions of Career mode. Science mode seemed like the answer, if I could do it without having to grind, or to do missions that were more science focused than exploration/progression focused. So here you have my “Logical Progression” Science Mode guide. There is minimal non-destination science or biome hopping, and each mission gets you progressively further into the Kerbol system. Part 1 – Kerbin and it’s Moons Mission 1 – Learn to Science! Mission 2 – Go to Space! Mission 3 – Orbit Kerbin! Mission 4 – Fly by the Mun! Mission 5 – Land a Probe on the Mun! Mission 6 – Land a Kerbal on Minmus! (and Return) Part 2 – Interplanetary Travel To be continued… *Note - This guide does not teach you how to play KSP. Use the in-game tutorials and/or watch Scott Manley videos on YouTube. Mission 1 – Learn to Science! - We don’t have the technology to get to space yet, so we’ll just learn how to science - In the VAB, build a ship with o Mk1 Command Pod o Mystery Goo Containment Unit - Name/Save the ship and Launch - From LaunchPad o Crew Report (1.5) o EVA Report (2.4) o Take Surface Sample (9.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (3.0) - Recover Vessel (Mission 15.9/15.9 Total Science) - In the R&D Facility unlock o Basic Rocketry (5) o Engineering 101 (5) o 5.9 remaining - The liquid fueled engines and decouplers should help get us to space and back Mission 2 – Go to Space! - We should be able to use the liquid fueled engines to escape the atmosphere - In the VAB, build a ship with o Mk1 Command Pod o Mk16 Parachute (Stage 0) o 2x Mystery Goo Containment Unit o 2x 2HOT Thermometer o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 1) o 5x FL-T100 Fuel Tank o 4x Basic Fin o LV-45 “Swivel” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 2) - Name/Save the ship and Launch - Launch! - In Space Near Kerbin o Crew Report (5.0) o EVA Report (8.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (10.0) o Log Temperature (8.0) - Decouple and Parachute down - From wherever you landed (try to save Kerbin’s Water for later missions) o EVA Report (2.4) o Take Surface Sample (9.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (3.0) o Log Temperature (2.4) - Recover Vessel (8.0) (Mission 55.8/61.7 Total Science) - In the R&D Facility unlock o General Rocketry (20) o Stability (18) o Survivability (15) o 8.7 Remaining - Larger fuel tanks and radial decouplers should get us an orbit-worthy ship Mission 3 – Orbit Kerbin! - We don’t have an efficient enough engine to get to the Mun so we’ll settle for high orbit - In the VAB, build a ship with o Mk1 Command Pod o Mk16 Parachute (Stage 0) o 2x Mystery Goo Containment Unit o 2x 2HOT Thermometer o 2x PresMat Barometer o Heat Shield (1.25m) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 1) o 5x FL-T200 Fuel Tank o 4x AV-T1 Winglet o LV-45 “Swivel” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 2) o 2x TT-38K Radial Decoupler (Stage 2) o 2x RT-10 “Hammer” Solid Fuel Booster (Stage 3) o 2x Aerodynamic Nose Cone - Name/Save the ship and Launch - In Space High Over Kerbin (250KM) o Crew Report (7.5) o EVA Report (12.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (15.0) o Log Pressure Data (18.0) o Log Temperature (12.0) - De-Orbit, Decouple and Parachute down - From wherever you landed, as long as it’s not the same place as before (Water gives more) o EVA Report (2.4) o Take Surface Sample (9.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (3.0) o Log Pressure Data (3.6) o Log Temperature (2.4) - Recover Vessel (10.0) (Mission 94.9/103.6 Total Science) - In the R&D Facility unlock o Advanced Rocketry (45) o Basic Science (45) o 13.6 Remaining - The LV-909 “Terrier” is our ticket to the Mun Mission 4 – Mun Flyby! - Let’s try to get a closer look before trying to land (and some science for a nice probe) - In the VAB, build a ship with o Mk1 Command Pod o Mk16 Parachute (Stage 0) o 2x Mystery Goo Containment Unit o 2x 2HOT Thermometer o 2x PresMat Barometer o SC-9001 Science Jr. o Heat Shield (1.25m) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 1) o FL-T400 Fuel Tank o LV-909 “Terrier” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 2) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 3) o 3x FL-T400 Fuel Tank o 4x AV-T1 Winglet o LV-45 “Swivel” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 4) o 2x TT-38K Radial Decoupler (Stage 4) o 2x BACC “Thumper” Solid Fuel Booster (Stage 5) o 2x Aerodynamic Nose Cone - Name/Save the ship and Launch - For an extra challenge, go for a free return trajectory - In Space High Over The Mun o Crew Report (10.0) o EVA Report (16.0) o Observe Materials Bay (50.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (20.0) o Log Pressure Data (24.0) o Log Temperature (16.0) - De-Orbit, Decouple and Parachute down - If you happen to land somewhere new, grab some extra science - Recover Vessel (12.0) (Mission 148.0/161.6 Total Science) - In the R&D Facility unlock o Flight Control (45) o Electrics (90) (26.6 Remaining) - The OKTO, Photovoltic Panels, and Reaction Wheel will be essential to our probes Mission 5 – Land a probe on The Mun! - Time to try a landing…without putting any Kerbals at risk - In the VAB, build a ship with o Probodobodyne OKTO o 4x OX-SAT Photovoltic Panels o 4x Z-100 Rechargeable Battery Pack o Small Inline Reaction Wheel o Communotron 16 o 2x 2HOT Thermometer o 2x PresMat Barometer o SC-9001 Science Jr. o 2x Mystery Goo Containment Unit o FL-T200 Fuel Tank o 4x LT-05 Micro Landing Strut o LV-909 “Terrier” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 0) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 1) o 4x FL-T400 Fuel Tank o 4x AV-T1 Winglet o LV-45 “Swivel” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 2) o 2x TT-38K Radial Decoupler (Stage 4) o 2x BACC “Thumper” Solid Fuel Booster (Stage 5) o 2x Aerodynamic Nose Cone - Name/Save the ship and Launch - In Space Near The Mun o Observe Mystery Goo (12.2) o Log Pressure Data (25.2) o Log Temperature (16.8) - Landed on The Mun o Observe Materials Bay (49.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (16.8) o Log Pressure Data (33.6) o Log Temperature (22.4) - Return to KSC (Mission 176.0/202.6 Total Science) - In the R&D Facility unlock o Fuel Systems (90) o Landing (90) (22.6 Remaining) - The external fuel duct will help us design a return vehicle for a Minmus mission Mission 6 – Land a Kerbal on Minmus! (and Return) - Finally it’s time to go where no Kerbal has gone before - In the VAB, build a ship with o Mk1 Command Pod o Mk16 Parachute (Stage 0) o 2x Mystery Goo Containment Unit o 2x 2HOT Thermometer o 2x PresMat Barometer o Heat Shield (1.25m) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 1) o FL-T100 Fuel Tank o LV-909 “Terrier” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 2) o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 3) o SC-9001 Science Jr. o 2x FL-T200 Fuel Tank (Beside the Science Jr.) o 4x Aerodynamic Nose Cone (Top and Bottom) o 2x FTX-2 External Fuel Duct (Fuel tanks to Terrier) o LV-909 “Terrier” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 4) o 4x LT-1 Landing Struts o TD-12 Decoupler (Stage 5) o 3x FL-T800 Fuel Tank o 4x AV-T1 Winglet o LV-45 “Swivel” Liquid Fuel Engine (Stage 6) o 4x TT-38K Radial Decoupler (Stage 6) o 4x BACC “Thumper” Solid Fuel Booster (Stage 7) o 4x Aerodynamic Nose Cone - Name/Save the ship and Launch - In Space Near Minmus o EVA Report (32.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (40.0) o Log Pressure Data (48.0) o Log Temperature (32.0) - Landed on Minmus o Crew Report (25.0) o EVA Report (40.0) o Take Surface Sample (150.0) o Observe Materials Bay (125.0) o Observe Mystery Goo (50.0) o Log Pressure Data (60.0) o Log Temperature (40.0) - Retreive Data from the Science Jr. - Decouple and Launch back to Kerbin - De-Orbit, Decouple and Parachute down - If you happen to land somewhere new, grab some extra science - Recover Vessel (37.5) (Mission 679.5/702.1 Total Science) This should be more than enough science to escape Kerbin’s SOI and go interplanetary!
  9. here's the idea, you and a friend who both have ksp start two seperate science playthroughs at the same time and on scheduled days of the week you both work to unlock the tech tree simultaneously, whoever unlocks the whole tech tree first wins you could also do this in career mode if you want
  10. Hey y'all! This is going to be "soft-stock" (lightly modded, stockalike only) Science Mode playthrough. Basically this will be my new save for 1.7 Mods are (links coming eventually, but maybe not) : VISUAL Scatterer E.V.E. (SVE, Pood's OPM Visual Overhaul, etc coming at some point when I'm not dead tired from travelling) PARTS Airplane+ Stockalike Station Parts Kerbal Planetary Base PLANETS Outer Planets Kopernicus (obviously) More planets liable to spawn at any time. Outer Planets liable to disappear on updating the universe. UTILITY KER tbh I really like the new stock dV interface. KER might come later if needed though KAC Craft Manager And that's it! Liable to change at any time Well then. Let's go.
  11. The goal of this challenge: Earn enough science to research every technology in as few launches as possible. Participants should create a new science mode game on normal difficulty, or a normal base difficulty with the Comm Network turned off or modified. Weight limit: All launches must be below 250 tons. Tie breaker: Total science gathered is the tie breaker if multiple submissions use the same number of launches. All science around one pod: At the start of each launch, designate a main command pod (or probe core if unmanned). All science gathering activities (experiments run, samples gathered, etc.) for that launch need to happen in the exact same biome as that main pod. For the purpose of this challenge, the launch pad and other KSC buildings are not the same biome, nor is being in a different vertical area of the same nominal biome (i.e no science when landed on the Greater Flats if your main pod is in low orbit above the Greater Flats). The only exception is that doing an EVA report above the surface (by jumping etc.) in the immediate vicinity of a landed command pod is permitted. Command seats are not command pods for the purpose of this challenge. No clipping (mostly): Only clipping of structural parts, wings, and heat shields is allowed. Clipping of anything else is not permitted, except in very minor circumstances such as ~5% of a part overlapping with another. What's a launch? A launch is any time something is put on the runway or launch pad (and isn't reverted). Even if it doesn't leave the ground, it's still a launch. Assembling a ship in orbit from multiple launches counts as multiple launches. Banned parts: No ISRU (drills/refiners) - Obtaining pretty much all the science in the game is possible with a single ISRU launch, which would be quite tedious. No Mobile Processing Lab - Unlimited science breaks this challenge. No Ion Propulsion - Their crazy DV can be a big advantage in a weight and launch limited challenge, and I don't want anyone feeling like they are missing out if they don't wish to endure ultra long burn times. No EVA pushing: Eva pushing is not allowed. Mods: Using any non-stock parts, changing parts, changing physics, or anything similar is not permitted. Informational mods, piloting mods, and automatic science mods are fine, as long as they aren't allowing you to accomplish something that wouldn't normally be possible. Showing biome locations using the debug menu is allowed. Submission guidelines: Challengees should submit screenshots or video showing the vessels used for each launch, the exact science obtained when the launch mission is complete, and a brief summary of where most of the science was obtained. More detailed information such as craft files and mission reports are encouraged but not mandatory. Happy sciencing! Leaderboard: 1. 2 launches, 19317.6 science - bayesian_acolyte
  12. Spaceplanes are really difficult to properly design, more so if you try to include a cargo bay and have the center of lift balanced enough to compensate for changes in overall mass and center of balance. After 2-3 whole days of testing, frustration, and sweat, I finally created a spaceplane capable of carrying a payload. I named the craft the K.S.S. Starflyer, and she is quite capable! Using a mk2 size fuselage, she has a crew capacity of 6, ample fuel with a proprietary fuel generation system (read as personal mod in development and yet to be released), and a somewhat complex propulsion system composed of the following: two atmospheric nuclear jet engines, two Nerv rockets as main propulsion, and five auxiliary rockets (four thuds and a terrier). For the Starflyers' maiden voyage, I figured a ground mission to Duna would suffice, with a small space station as a payload. Takeoff was a little rough, kept having trouble with staying on the runway, I nearly collided with the lights at the end! Getting into orbit was not as easy as I hoped, but the auxiliary engines really helped. When I got into a low orbit around Duna, that's when I detached the miniature space station. Thanks to mods, making a small space station with a mpl is doable, the only hindsight to the station was that I forgot to add more batteries to keep it active... (Ah well, could always send another mission to fix that!) While I was entering the atmosphere of Duna, I had noticed a slight flaw with my craft design: the parachutes weren't evenly placed, the craft was pointing upwards instead of level(ish)! In my attempt to try to level the craft so it could land on the landing gears, I failed to notice how close I was to the surface! The Starflyer landed, but not perfectly; I lost one of the main engines and two auxiliary engines. Now at this point I thought the mission was a failure and that I'd need rescuing by Matt Lowne's Blunderbirds, but nope! Turns out the Starflyer is quite resilient; it was only crippled, not disabled! Since the atmospheric engines were both intact, it was not that difficult getting into orbit, sort of. I used up the rest of the oxidizer circularizing my orbit, so the remaining auxiliary engines were useless. Because I only had one nuclear engine, the thrust was imbalanced, forcing me to lower the thrust of said engine. Getting back to Kerbin was very lengthy, but at least the mission was successful!
  13. Playing my previous save last night (see Here) I noticed, after unlocking some of the higher performance aircraft parts, that my Kerbal weren't suffering any ill effects from the high G loads my erratic flight generated. In my haste to start a new game after downloading the Enhanced Edition, I hadn't gone into the advanced settings to turn on the options I usually use. So, time for a new game! Yey! A productive morning has seen me launch high altitude sounding rockets (well, not exactly as Jeb was strapped, kicking and screaming into the capsule - thought he was Badas$=true!) then into orbit followed by Mun and Minmus Fly-bys. The only problem I'm having so far with the console version is that I have to wait until the rest of the household retires for the night before I can play again! I plan to make a very simple runaround vechile to hoover up the science points available at the different buildings of the Space Centre, which will give me the last tech tree node I need for a fully fledged landing mission. After visiting each of the biomes on the Mun and Minmus, I plan to set up an orbital laboratory complete with separate landing craft to re-visit each biome and take the reduced science point totals back to the lab for processing. Once the tech tree is all unlocked, it will be off to Duna. I've landed robotic craft there (no need to worry about getting back home) before on the PC, but have never sent a crew. I'll keep adding to this thread to keep a record of the Programs achievements and failures, but please feel free to leave any comments.
  14. I started this science program with precisely 125 mods, the mods will be in the mod list at the bottom. The purpose of this program is to colonize the solar system, particularly the Jool, Sarvin and Duna systems. I am running this in 1.2.2 64 bit version with Ckan. Haven't had a crash yet, but we will see. So far, we have sent probes to the Mun, landed on the Mun and set up several relay sats. The unmanned Harold missions, which was the starting program, is now decommissioned. It had brought us from inside the atmosphere to high kerbin orbit. The current mission is Jerry, our Mun mission which has sent landers, and sats. The picture below is the Jerry sat 2, the Jerry sat 1s, carried scientific equipment and, accidentally, direct antena instead of relay. Luckily Jerry sat 2 fixed this. Modlist: 1. [x] science 2. 000_AT_Utils 3. 000_FilterExstensions 4. 000_FilterExstensions Configs 5. 000_Toolbar 6. 000_USITools 7. Active Ablation 8. B9_Aerospace 9. B9_Aerospace_HX 10. B9_Aerospace_Legacy 11. B9_AnimationModules' 12. B9_PartSwitch 13. BahaSP 14. BetterBurnTime 15. blackheart 16. BOSS 17. BoulderCo 18. Chatterer 19. ChopShop 20. ColorcodedCan 21. ColourfulFuelLines 22. CommunityCategoryKit 23. CommunityReasourcePack 24.CommunityTechTree 25.ConfigurableContainers 26. ContractPack 27. DatedQuickSaves 28.DestructionEffects 29. LandingHeight 30. DistantObjectEnhancment 31. DMagicOrbitalScience 32. DMagicUtilites 33. DSD 34. EasyVesselSwitch 35. ElephantEngine 36. El-MKS Despartsing 37. Enginelighting 38. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 39. EVAEnhancementsContinued 40. ExperimentTracker 41. ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads 42. Firespitter 43. FlexoDocking 44. FogOfTech 45. FShangerExtender 46. FuelTanksExtender 47. FusTek 48. Hanger 49. HideEmptyTechTreeNodes 50. Hullbreach 51. HullCameraVDS 52. InterstellarFuelSwitch 53. JettisonFuel 54. JoolBiomes 55,56. JSI-advancedtranspartentpods, rasterpropmonitor, 57. JX2 Antenna 58. KAS 59. KerbalEngineer 60.KerbalHacks 61.KerbalInventorySystem-No Fun 62. KerbalJointReinforcements 63. Kerbal Kontructs 64. Kerbaltek-Hyperedit 65. KerbolOrgins 66. KIS 67. Koperanics 68. KRASH 69. KSP-AVC 70. Launch-Numbering 71. LithobrakeExplorationTech 72. MagiCore 73. ManueverNodeEvolved 74. MechJeb2 75. MK1 Cabinhatch 76. MK3 Exspansion 77. ModuleRocketSystems 78. ModularFlightIntegrator 79. NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicator 80. OPT 81. PartOverhauls 82. PlanetaryBases 83. PlanetShine 84. QuizTechAreoContinued 85. RCS build aid 86. Realistic Atmospheres 87. Reentry Particle Effect 88. REPOSoftTech 89. SafeChute 90. ScanSat 91. ScienceRelay 92. Selectable Data Transmitter 93. Sensible Pumps Continued 94. SETI greenhouse 95. SETIprobe parts 96. SETIrebalance 97. SETIrebalancereactionwheels 98. ShowFPS 99. Simple Logistics 100. Smart parts 101. Smokescreen 102. SpaceTux 103. SVE 104. Tacfuelbalancer 105. Texturereplacer 106. ThottleControledAvionics 107. Tac life support 108,109. Triggertech - kerbalalarmclock, AlternateResourcePanel 110. Scatterer 111. Tweakscale 112,113,114,115. USI - Konstruction, UKS, UKS exploration pack, 116.UnmanedBeforeManned 117. VanguardTechnologies 118. VaporVent 119. VectorRepurposed 120. VesselMover 121. Warp plugin 122. Watersounds 123. Wheelscollection 124. XenonISRU 125. ToughLove
  15. After taking a break from KSP I recently returned and decided to replay the Science Mode to get the hang of the stuff I'd forgotten plus the new additions. When I first played through the Science Mode, (IMO the best way to become familiar with KSP) it seemed to make sense to head to the Mun first and then onto Minmus. It's closer so must be easier, right? This time round and with the benefit of hindsight, I reversed that order. Getting to Minmus is only a little more complex (as you need to tilt your orbit to match that of Minmus) but you can make huge fuel savings during landings, especially if you are a cautious beginner. There are also plenty of mirror flat areas to practice your landings on. The lower Minmus gravity makes landing a slower and less intense experience whilst you're learning the ropes. Low escape velocity and orbital speed means you don't need that much fuel to get your crew (along with all those lovely Science Points) back home. You can build a useable Minmus Mission vechile without having to unlock too many science nodes on the tech tree and really get the hang of the game before heading to the less forgiving Mun. So, if you are new to KSP dont just assume that your first off world adventures have to take place on the Mun. Happy Landings.....
  16. Playing with KCT on science mode with the "Upgrades from Tech Tree" turned on. Each time I unlock a new tech it says I got a new upgrade point but when checking the upgrade points amount it still stays at 0, does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Hello guys, just a quick message to draw your attention to our new video series. We (myself and my daughter, Girlie-Gamer) are working our way through Science Mode (nothing too complex like Tyler Riaz and nothing too technical like Scott Manley). If you have a spare few minutes please take a look and offer any feedback or suggestions. Here is episode 2: https://youtu.be/w6lJHk1CyYQ
  18. Hey, I was wondering if someone would be able to make a mod that basically forces Kerbals to level 0 when hired in science mode so that it is a bit more of a challenge to work your way through. Im sure it wouldnt be too hard, and the community would love it. Thanks for any support/help!
  19. KerSpace KerSpace was founded in 1964 to conquer space as a company. After trying to build their own parts, the troubled Kerbals decided to outsource their parts. In 1971 they were able to launch their first rockets with crew on. First was the A-1. Before making their first manned launches KerSpace was not well known. Only a few suppliers gave them parts. The A-1 rocket in the VAB before launch. (Lansley Kerman) The launch of the rocket was observed on March 21, 1971 from a newly built facility. Jebediah Kerman was in the rocket's lone capsule. "It was astonishing. I could see the facilities from my window and from the two camera feeds." A new view of the Mun from the A-1. (Jebediah Kerman) This flight made huge publicity for the company and now many sponsors were offering parts. They took many and were able to create a multi stage rocket. That's coming soon. For now this is all we have. As the Kerbals say, Söídà!
  20. Links to topics that will be discussed here: This thread is solely for didcussing the gamemodes in KSP. Please take other discussions elsewhere.
  21. Hello people, While playing career mode, you take the helm of a space-venture a bit like SpaceX, with no guaranteed income. But in science mode, we can presume that it is a government-funded agency. But still, pilots and other kerbal do need training, even in national agencies! The LLRV, the countless sims and 'all-up tests', etc. So it got me thinking, "It would be nice totally awesome to include the experience system into science mode!" So forumnauts, please give me some feedback!
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