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Found 7 results

  1. If you like to build Stations with Mobile Processing Labs like I do, you need large Numbers of high leveled Scientists. But getting them beyond Level 3 requires Interplanetary Missions which take quite a while and flying Kerbals in bulk to the Mun and Minmus can get quite tiring as well. Besides I don't see much point in having placed a Flag everywhere necessarily making you a better Scientist. For this Reason, severedsolo and Mark Kerbin have made the Kerbal Academy Mod which allows to level up Pilots in Training Courses. So why won't add a secondary way to level up Scientists? As the Final Frontier Mod by Nereid does that, it should be possible to count the Number of Science Points a single Kerbal has researched. This in my Opinion is the most logical Way to count the Experience of a Scientist. So I'd lake to create a mod to do exactly that but my Modding Experience so far is limited to adding functions to parts (Mk 2 Lander Cabin with BonVoyage Controller, Mk 4-1 Pod with Research Lab and a very crude Surface Sample Function in the Drill-O-Matic Junior)
  2. Hi Everybody? The question Is there a way to give existing kerbals moar XP points by editing the savegame? I found these lines of code, but that didn't do much. ( I haven't altered everything yet) KERBAL { name = Bill Kerman gender = Male type = Crew trait = Engineer brave = 0.5 dumb = 0.800000012 badS = False veteran = True tour = False state = Assigned inactive = False inactiveTimeEnd = 0 gExperienced = 0 outDueToG = False ToD = 0 idx = 0 extraXP = 0 CAREER_LOG { flight = 1 0 = Recover } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 1 1 = Flight,Kerbin 1 = Suborbit,Kerbin 1 = Orbit,Kerbin 1 = Escape,Kerbin 1 = Flyby,Sun 1 = Orbit,Sun 1 = Flyby,Duna 1 = Escape,Duna 1 = Flight,Duna 1 = Suborbit,Duna 1 = Orbit,Duna Background My savegame got corrupted after I accidentally upgraded my KSP to 1.2.9 pre-release. Reverting back to version 1.2.2 didn't help either, so I started over and cheated my way back to where I left off.
  3. System: Windows XP, 32-bit, 4GB ram, Core i5 KSP version (Fresh install) Graphics settings: Normal Problem: KSPedia crash in VAB. Constant crashing during Revert Flight. No problems during flight. Error reports: 73% memory in use. 3542 MB physical memory [932 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [0 MB free]. 2048 MB user address space [106 MB free]. Write to location 00000000 caused an access violation. Solving the problem: Tried lower graphis settings, no effect Tried to limit affinity, no effect Tried DEP option (NoExecute), no effect Tried PAE option, no effect Tried 3GB option, problem solved [boot.ini] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional 3GB" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut /PAE /3GB Side effect: Windows desktop 2D hardware acceleration not working any more. Launcher.exe does not start (Failed to initialize Direct3D). Question: Because I can not use this 3GB setup in normal use due to side effects, is there any other options to try to minimize memory consumption below 2GB, which seems to be the standard upper limit for any 32-bit software? Maybe you should add this option also to the topic 83211-known-issues-amp-self-help. More info: Later I tried option -force-opengl in 2GB mode and got immediate crash. In 3GB mode it seems to run OpenGL because 3GB option disables Direct 3D.
  4. Bill, newly annointed Master of Space Engineering, is eager to get to work excavating exotic ores from faraway places. Imagine his excitement when he receives his first mission to the Mun. "Am I going to learn to drill?" he asks. "No. It doesn't work that way. You're going to plant a flag on the Mun." "Why?" "For experience." "Oh, then I'll get to drill?" "No. It doesn't work that way. Next, we'll send you to Duna." "Oh, there's a drilling academy there where I'll learn about drilling?" "No. You'll plant another flag." "Why?" "For more experience." "But I'll already have flag planting experience. I need drilling experience." "Well planting that flag will give you drilling experience." "Oh. OK, then I'll just take a drill with me so I can use my experience after I plant the flag." "Well, no." "Why not?" "Because we need to bring you back to officially log the experience in your record." "Can't I just radio it in?" "No." "So, I'm going to spend a year planting flags so I can get experience in drilling. Without ever touching a drill. For a year." "Or longer. That's right." "Um, that's not what I signed up for." May I humbly suggest that the XP mechanic for engineers be tied to engineering tasks such as actually drilling, repairing and repacking and science experience be tied to things like conducting experiments, manning a lab and surveying planets? Pilots can get XP planting flags because they're kind of stupid anyway and we need to give them something to pin on their chest.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if someone would be able to make a mod that basically forces Kerbals to level 0 when hired in science mode so that it is a bit more of a challenge to work your way through. Im sure it wouldnt be too hard, and the community would love it. Thanks for any support/help!
  6. Hey, I was wondering if there is a mod that allows for Kerbals to gein xp and level up by being or working in a space station. If there currently isnt a mod. I think it could improve the dynamics of stations by making them a bit more useful. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hello people, While playing career mode, you take the helm of a space-venture a bit like SpaceX, with no guaranteed income. But in science mode, we can presume that it is a government-funded agency. But still, pilots and other kerbal do need training, even in national agencies! The LLRV, the countless sims and 'all-up tests', etc. So it got me thinking, "It would be nice totally awesome to include the experience system into science mode!" So forumnauts, please give me some feedback!
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