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Found 3 results

  1. First post, so hopefully it's in the right place! So, I know KCT has a recovery option to basically re-use vessels, which saves on build time (and funds, but I'm in science mode, so that's not relevant for me). I also have StageRecovery (SR) set up to auto-recover stages that are below the terminal velocity. I know I can "edit" KCT recovered vessels, but how can I access the stages themself that SR recovers? And if so, how can I merge a SR recovered stage with something that KCT has recovered? Or is that not possible?
  2. I was searching around then I found this. What is a potato in KSP?
  3. Good news everyone! Rescuing kerbals early in career mode is a daunting task. But fear not, we have an answer to your kerbal recovery needs! Farnsworth rocket surgery is proud to introduce the Kerba-Not rocket series! The Kerba-Not rocket's are designed to recover kerbals that are stuck in orbit around Kerbin, the Mun or Minmus. The standard Kerba-Not rocket will recover kerbal in low Kerbin orbit. The long range Kerba-Not rockets are for Mun or Minmus recoveries. The MK I Kerba-Not Rocket is available fairly early in the career mode game and the other designs will become available as you acquire more science. And yes, the MK IV may have received some design cues from the Boeing Dyna Soar. All rockets are designed to be used with the Stage Recovery mod. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/78226-105-stagerecovery-recover-funds-from-dropped-stages-v162-010216/&page=1 If you don't want to use Stage Recovery then the extra chutes can be removed for part count and weight reduction. I hope you enjoy them! I will have them available on KerbalX shortly.
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