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  1. Follow up number 2, I asked on the KSP discord about how to improve part stability, someone said that increasing the attachment node size can reduce part wobble. So, by increasing the node sizes for the impulse engines, that should make them stiff; I'll experiment with the config files and see what happens, and reply with the results. For sanity's sake I am NOT touching the config files again.
  2. I uninstalled KJR, it seems to have improved the joint connections somewhat, but there is still some wobble in the impulse engines. I'm not sure how to fix that beyond adding external struts.
  3. A follow-up to my above post. I have uninstalled tweakscale, did not notice any differences. However, when I adjusted the settings for KJR the parts stabilized when autostrut was set to heaviest part, the sole exception being the impulse engines, though a few struts added to them fixed that.
  4. I do have tweakscale installed, though I don't use it for these parts; is it possible it's causing issues just by having it installed?
  5. Fantastic mod, but I've found parts of the main ships to be rather... eh... floppy, especially when changing direction or in the atmosphere. I have both autostrut and rigid attachment enabled, have kjr downloaded and enabled, and tried placing external struts, but certain parts still insist on bending all over the place when outside the sph build mode. Would anyone happen to know how to fix this issue, be it another mod or by editing the part config files?
  6. A suggestion for a qol improvement to the mod, could you implement some way to arrange/rearrange stored spacecraft in flight? Perhaps a separate window similar to transferring spacecraft between hangars but for a single hangar? Or, some kind of drop down menu so we can quickly select a spacecraft from a large list? My current use of this mod is proving tedious pressing the arrow button repeatedly to select the correct probe to launch.
  7. RPM is a great mod for spicing up IVA experiences, but it seems to only apply to stock/mod command pods, and not for the Making History DLC. Disregarding the outcries about 'historical accuracy' and 'hurr durr do it yourself', is there such an addon in the works/already released?
  8. I see. Kopernicus hasn't been updated in a long time, so I've no idea why this mod is suddenly compatible with the latest version of KSP.
  9. Just noticed GPP Secondary on CKAN, but Kopernicus isn't listed under mod requirements. Does this mean I can use GPP secondary by itself?
  10. At long last this mod has been updated! Now I can finally build jets with the juno without having my ears bleed!
  11. I've recently figured out how to build good aircraft, but I've found the jet engines (ESPECIALLY the juno) to be far too noisy to enjoy using. Are there any mods that alter/replace the piercingly screechy jet noises?
  12. I like the new parts that were added, but it seems the new star tracker part is not giving my spacecraft any enhanced sas capabilities. Any ideas on why?
  13. Today I decided to spend another day testing the potential of robotics parts, which has yielded an interesting discovery: by placing linear RCS ports on hinges, I can convert them from regular rotation control and angle them into an ad hoc monopropellant thruster setup. However, as I'm using mods, this phenomenon might not be the case in vanilla KSP, so plan accordingly. Also, I've learned that attaching canards/winglets to alligator hinges allows you to store them out of the way if you build a spaceplane/rocket hybrid and still need some atmospheric control after decoupling the wings/jet engine.
  14. Don't have any screenshots as proof, but lately I've decided to explore the nearly limitless possibilities offered by the robotic parts from the breaking ground DLC. So far I've built and flown a foldable rover, a space station somewhat similar to Matt Lowne's SSTO space station, and a space probe with a dynamic antenna system thanks to the antenna reflector system included with Near Future eXploration. Here's some handy advice when building spacecraft with the robotic parts: if you lock the parts in place, they won't wobble around both in flight and with SAS; discovered this after I launched my space station with struts and radial decouplers.
  15. I did some more testing today, experimenting with different weapon placements and stuff, and it appears that with stationary guns in orbit, the aiming reticle is aimed towards the prograde vector of the orbit, meaning the shots originate around that particular area. Also, when such a spacecraft lands on another planet/moon, the aiming returns to normal.
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