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  1. Can confirm that the scanners are not registering goldOre after scans. Pulled up local version and it indeed doesn't have the - _ issue.
  2. So cool!! I'll have to spin up a game and try this out! Also love the idea of restock, stock patches, or fuel switch for this, always thought the original textures looked a bit.. meh. I had built a patch for Procedural Parts for my own game that was quite useful, it was super simple, I'll see if I can't find it. Big thanks to @zer0Kerbal for reviving this!
  3. Efficiency = 0.3 to 20 ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 3 to 6 The above should be equivalent to that output. Good luck.
  4. Hi again! Why yes I did mean those drills! For anyone still following I am still interested in the mod, I'm just busy with other things atm. Apologies for the slow releases.
  5. @wile1411 Hey there! Sorry I'm in the middle of a coding boot-camp at the moment so I have been really slow to respond to anything other than sleep and food. First thanks so much for looking into the code and spitballing ideas. I love when I can get some feedback, and even better, a coder for basic functionality. I think I got through everything you mentioned about but do let me know if I missed something. To the replies! Splitting shouldn't be necessary, I'm thinking just a parts menu that would give you the option to spawn different sizes based off resource availability (ie gold and electricity). The mining speed and time to produce the gold resource needed for a spawn event is quite long (at least intended to be). Although a spawn over-time mechanic would be cool, I don't think it needs to be implemented in the first re-release. I would just do immediate spawning for the time being, and if possible (using the api you mentioned) perhaps it could spawn "docked" to the gold spawning object to prevent kraken shenanigans and orbital issues. I love this idea, consider it added! If you feel that this is something you are capable of awesome!! Visual studio and C scare me. I'll see if I can get my current build pushed to github so that you can see the source files and objects. Oh! you mentioned something about the gold nuggets being parts with values... to elaborate (after your thoughts on ablator): I think I would make the "gold ablator" worth half of the funds, the other half would need to be the gold nugget itself. Otherwise if you did get it back to Kerbin with all the ablator drained rage would surely ensue. Just a thought! Feel free to message me, or respond here. I'll try to respond as quickly as I can, but again, I currently have no life! Ciao!
  6. So, I was handed a bunch of work over the weekend. Will try to push an update soon. Apologies.
  7. So quick update, I am taking a full-time intensive course on web/program development atm and won't be releasing my planned redux for a while. Until then, I am planning on releasing a general update this weekend that will incorporate some of the stuff I am hoping to accomplish. Call it an alpha, so it won't be the default download on the main page. The changes to come are as follows: - unobtainium removed (thought it useless) -NQ-125 added: a high thrust fuel multiplier that can be utilized with a number of switchable engines. Configs to be adjusted on feedback (currently quite conservative IMO) - Removed all functionality with vanilla drills. - retextured and updated bahamut's set of drills for use on gold and NQ-125. (Will be leaving full credit for his models) -drill configs have been altered to incentivize use of more crew on drilling rigs, and greater infrastructure through drill consumption of liq/ox depending on resource. - Have done some minor changes to tanks and spawn rules/situations for full functionality with futureplanet packs. - Have created configs for a number of engines to incorporate the use of NQ-125. - will be adding an interstellar fuelswitch config if I get around to it for greater storage options. Will let you guys know if I get busy and push this release back, but hoping to complete it this weekend. Cheers
  8. I don't think I am going to make unobtainium heavy this time around, at least not like gold. I want it to be more about getting out there and obtaining it. (Get it!?)
  9. @Barar I did get a working version of the lv-n running on liquid fuel+unobtainium. I kept consumption rates the same for liquid fuel and just added in .05 Unobtainium to the mix, kind of like a Nitrogen Oxide equivalent. I set ISP at 400 - 650 and increased thrust to 140kn from the base 800 ISP and 60kn. I also made it impossible to spawn unobtainium (and goldore) in the hab. The SSTO designer in me likes the idea of needing to build a silo next to my runway to manually supply spaceplanes with their added fuel. More infrastructure, and more reasons to go places is a win to me. I'm thinking of just doing tweaks on a few engines, perhaps one of each type, nuclear, air breathing, and liquidox Any thoughts on balance?
  10. That is an amazing idea and easily implemented! I think I could get this going tonight to test. I was thinking more along the lines of improving the thrust of nuclear rockets, as those are the ones that everyone uses end game anyway. I could add a switch that would allow for the consumption of both Unobtainium and Liquid Fuel while increasing TWR and/or atmospheric ISP. Actually, this is already implemented in my updated version of the mod. It is an easy Resource config setting something like: Tweakable = No or some such. Lol... Love Stargate... I guess most players in this game do.
  11. @BararSomehow the idea that Kerbals are smart enough to get to another planet and mine for a rare resource, yet too dumb to consider the ramifications of the resulting product, makes me smile at the absurdity. Speaking of Unobtainium though, I feel that there is almost no need to ever go after it in the current mod. Perhaps combining goldore, unobtainium, and ore could be used as a recipe for a new product. Something that would be valuable for an alternate reason, ie: power production (as an alternative to 20 RTGs), late game science production via recovery, or something else. Would like to hear any thoughts on this.
  12. I am not removing the scanning for resources/mining goldore mechanics from the mod. What I am hoping to add is gold nugget production via a smelter, which will require electricity and goldore to produce. I don't like that gold is so easy to load up into a ship, as half of real world mining is dealing with the logistics of moving the substances after obtaining them. Additionally, the idea of having to deal with a big unwieldy rock appeals to the Kerbal in me. I am also going to make multiple configs to drop onto the mod in order to change the difficulty (whether resources are available on mun and/or minmus for example).
  13. @Barar I do appreciate the effort you put in here, and I may end up going that direction in the end. As the mod stands now, I want to change the entire way that you recover your gold; hopefully in a way that will ignite a challenge, while further making it necessary for landed infrastructure. If the plugin-gods send me a programmer; instead of filling up tanks of Gold, you will produce large rocks of gold to be manually hauled back to Kerbin. I feel that the current, "land> mine> fill random tanks with substance> convert to gold> fill another tank", is a little too easy, and too near cheating for me to be comfortable with. It also didn't feel like what the creators would have done in Stock. Somehow grabbing a giant boulder of gold and dragging it across the solar system for profit seems much more on the nose to me. Most of the progress to this end has already been made...
  14. Hey guys, If you or anyone you know are plugin creators, please check this out: Update hopefully inbound, waiting on above plugin! Have a good one!
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