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Found 9 results

  1. Just a quick explanation of what this all means: The PAM (Part Action Menu) is a new UI menu implemented in KSP2 that replaces KSP1's PAW (Part Action Window) for parts, the PAM is designed to give a single centralised UI where all parts within a vessel can be searched for. The PAW (Part Action Window) was a menu system in KSP1 where right clicking a part would bring up a singular interaction menu for that part, windows brought up can then be pinned to the screen, forcing them to stay on screen until the user unpins them. On paper, the PAM seems like a step up over KSP1's PAW system, giving you one centralised location to access every part on your vessel and allowing you to search your vessel for parts that would otherwise be unreachable by right clicking (E.G. parts that are clipped inside your craft or inside fairings), however there are two primary problems with the current PAM system: 1) It's very slow Needless to say this is a huge problem and one of KSP2's core issues that bring down the gameplay experience at the moment in my opinion. The critical UI interface that serves as the primary interaction point between the player and their craft's parts is hideously slow for vessels with even moderate part counts, let alone vessels with high triple digit part counts; for my Duna SSTO with over 160 parts the entire game freezes for over four entire seconds before the PAM opens every time I right click a part, which is quite easy to do accidentally by the way. 2) It's very large While less significant than the first point, it cannot be ignored that needing to bring up a UI that eats up an entire 1/6th of your screen every time you want to do the smallest thing is very cumbersome and inelegant to say the least, and while yes the PAM can be rescaled, this tends to not work too well as it's very difficult to find a scale that works well for all parts without eating up too much of the screen space, often forcing constant adjustments to the scale of the UI when switching through different parts, combined with the PAM not locking camera scrolling while moused over it, causing you to zoom the camera as you scroll through the menu, and it feels very clunky and inconvenient to use overall. Even if the PAM were made to be more snappy, it still wouldn't solve the 2nd problem of it feeling very cumbersome to use while needing to manage many parts at once, as such I believe the best course of action would be to bring back KSP1's PAW system alongside it: This mockup is designed to give an idea of how KSP1's PAW system would look in KSP2; as can be seen the already segmented and isolated window design of the PAM's submenus lend well to being disconnected and allowed to float on their own, along with this I also had the idea of incorporating a PAM button within the PAW, allowing the user to quickly jump to that part's location in the PAM should they wish to. I personally believe that the PAW should be the default when right clicking parts, allowing for a quick and snappy experience when looking through parts, with the PAM complimenting it as a more in depth search option for searching for parts within the vessel as needed when they're difficult to locate with the camera, implementing things this way brings back the snappy experience of KSP1's PAW without eliminating the advantages of the PAM.
  2. This appears to be a bug, but as an ESDF gamer, I am unable to remap my WASD keys to ESDF as the "E" key exits the prompt to remap the key. Obligatory DirectX information:
  3. It's a bit of a nitpick (I like to do UI design) but I think the UI in the VAB need some uniformisation. I'm making this post especially for the "color manager" popup. I hope we can all agree that the most annoying thing about this window is that it doesn't have a close icon. (We are forced to click on the select button to close it) And now for the nitpick part : The "header" of the color manager is not like the others like I said there is the close button but also it's not the same height The color of the background of the color manager is not the same The bluish-purple border is not on the "engineer's report" and on the "color manager" We can't move the "color manager" around, just on a vertical axis Maybe these choices were deliberate? (Maybe the background color is for distinction between vab editing and rocket informations but for the others I don't see it)
  4. I tried to create a save for a specific challenge and was not able to put some characters. So "#", ":" and "&" don't work, I didn't test others but I think some people want them and I don't know what's the harm of these.
  5. i think having some kind of tool tip when you hover over a UI element that displays the shortcuts related to its use could be very helpful, i have working in Maya for a while now and one of the few things that i really lie is that functionality. (i have left a example in image below) One thing that i remember from being a new player in KSP 1 was slowly finding out all the short cuts, i believe having something like this could be a non intrusive way of teaching newer players all the shortcuts and make the UI more navigable. something like this but with our the text discription
  6. Xbox one EE cursor controls career mode, hard difficulty, part upgrade purchase disabled as it doesn't work Bug: A craft is built and on the launch pad, move the cursor over a science module and its highlighted in green (e.g. thermometer), pressing "B" to open the action menu has one of three outcomes, seemingly at random: 1. correctly open the action menu 2. open the action menu of the command pod or other part the selected part is attached to even though its not highlighted 3. do nothing Expected behaviour: open the action menu of the highlighted part, only, every time
  7. Hello, Before I begin making my mod, I wanted to ask a question. As I understand it, some games do not allow modders to access certain core game code, variables, and features. I wanted to know if it is possible in Kerbal Space Program to make custom, animated Flight Indicators that have access to variables such as yaw, pitch, roll, vertical speed, altitude, and attitude. If you're curious about what I'm trying to make, feel free to ask, however, please note that I am designing a custom indicator that does not exist on any aircraft of spacecraft that I know of and it may be difficult to describe without photos, which I do not have. The purpose is to provide a new way of visualizing flight variables in a way that is uniquely relative to the process of regaining control of a flipping, spinning spacecraft. Thank you for your time and help!
  8. I've searched this forum to see if this idea has been previously suggested without finding it. We've all had the experience while transferring fuel in flight where we mod-right-click the wrong tank. We then have to start the selection process over again which can involve changing camera angles, gnashing teeth, and maybe uttering a few profanities. Perhaps having mod-right-click simply toggle the selection status of a tank would make resource transfer a bit easier. You've selected the wrong tank? Mod-right-click again to deselect it and Bob's your uncle! (I've been wanting to use that expression for ages!) Does anyone else think this would improve the user interface?
  9. Can developers add a filter checkbox in VAB/SPH load window where is vessels/planes/space craft. To hide *** Contains locked or invalid parts *** (VAB/SHP) in caree mode. Because it is especially in the beginning completely pointless, since these vessels can not even be used. And the discovery of their own vessels to accelerate. I do not want to remove them because they open up the technology tree is long enough. The filter would be a good addition to the game. Load menu show *** Contains locked or invalide parts *** check image in my www-site. http://linux.ylasiirtola.net/muut/KSP-hangar.png
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