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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , For last two days I tried to create a KSPedia JNSQ delta map chart, but I can't get past the problems with missing TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 link. Please if someone has a free version of TMPro available and could kindly share, I would be very gratefull Edit: after doing some research I have found that 1.0.26 TextMesh Pro is the same as 1.0.56 as described here in Unity Docs . Also I have found a way to obtain package 1.0.26 from Unity package manager by dynamically editing package.json in project files. What I can't figure is how to make the ksp part tools recognize the Text mesh pro as the required 1.0.56 instead of 1.0.26. Anyone could help or help me at least take a direction?
  2. with 1.1 on the horizon i find it slightly concerning that we A) haven't had a new part tools since 0.24 at least, B) the official ling to the website AND the latter dropbox link are both dead. and C) there has been no mention of a part tools compatible with unity 5, which from my testing it isnt. so where is it? and whats the news on the compatibility?
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