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  1. @linuxgurugamer I do not presently have any immediate plans to pick this mod back up. Feel free to adopt it until further notice.
  2. Pretty sure that this is a stock thing. So even the stock deployable antennas still work when not deployed.
  3. Did someone say French station parts? Yes please! Also good opportunity to practice more IVA's
  4. Looks Ace @TiktaalikDreaming I think parts are very nicely done indeed and I note some similar design philosophy's between REKT and your mod. May I recommend the use of the 'NoAttach' tag for the collider of the escape pod mounting adapter. I find its very useful in deterring people form accidentally putting things in front of fitted escape pods.
  5. PicoPort has been updated for 1.4.3 ,mostly just a repackaging exercise but i have incorporated @LeLeon , @fitiales and @cakepie Localization contributions.
  6. I am currently in the process of overhauling the GitHub source (tidying) and adding the submitted localisations. I will update Spacedock with the new update. But thank you @Mark Kerbin glad you like it.
  7. Well I've finally had time to try out 1.4 but haven't managed to install any mods yet. So here is my tester '2-Launch Tended Station": Bob inspects the 2LTS after deployment of the large solar panels Full profile of the 2LTS (left to right): Maneuvering Tug/Life-Boat, Blok 2 - Utility Truss with main Solar Arrays and Secondary Comms, Fuel Tanks, Command Hab Blok 1 - Crew access with Main Comms and Secondary Solar Arrays, Main Batteries, Crew Hab Crew Vehicle seating 3, Service Module with propulsion
  8. Due to the unique way in which 'nodes' work with KSP making the ARM/DISARM a simple toggle would break the part. You see the actual 'grabbing' node is fixed, it doesn't not move and is always at the same location with respect to the part. It doesn't matter where the arm is in it's animation the actually point of 'docking' is always the same, so if you had the part ARM/DISARM without the correct animation you'll end up with parts appearing to dock when not actually connected to anything. Also the PartModule which drives the 'grabber' requires an animation, if one is not present on the part it will not work (its needed it to toggle the node which does the grabbing) and the actually grabbing node only becomes active one physics update AFTER the completion of the animation. So to that end its always worth deploying the manipulator well in advance of its target.
  9. Its just parts pack, there are no clever plugins for LLL so it should behave in 1.3.1 without any issues. The only thing I can see is it won't have localization support.
  10. Possibly but the only way I can see that being doable is if I give the relevant modules probe cores? otherwise its plug in writing and that beyond me.
  11. Some small changes for 'quality of life' in game play. if they are not to tastes feedback is always welcome, bearing mind things still need balancing. Also @MOARdV has done a simply wonderful job of the MAS config for the MRK, so much fun to actually fly the thing from the pilots seat! Changelog Correction to RCS on DM/DMr Added OMS to DM/DMr Added Lights to DM/DMr Added Endurance Module Added CXG's superb CBM Docking Ports from CxStationParts (thanks @cxg2827!) Added MOARdv's MAS configs (Thank you very much MOARdv, looks and flies great in there now) Added Craft Files Other minor tweaks (resource levels, etc)
  12. Objection! this is mere speculation. Besides, MINE's better : Please note that liberal sarcasm has been applied to this topic post...
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