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Found 13 results

  1. Coming back to KSP after years. This time in streaming format on twitch. Twitch: https://twitch.tv/tbarcello2 Stream videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLto8EutylQ4ZmU4AHje7lC11ucSp5y9jD
  2. I tried something new for me yesterday, a stream going over the most popular stock craft of the week on KerbalX @Kronus_Aerospace Kronus Antonov AN-225 "Mriya" an absolute behemoth of a plane. It is a building masterpiece at 979 parts . Unfortunately the strain was too much for my computer. I then tested Anders Dunacraft MkIV SSTO with mining and rovers. Even with my driving it made orbit with 2200ms of dV to spare. Lastly I tested 2 of @BadPilot's craft The Whisp Interplanetary explorer and the Snowflare SSTO VTOL, both excellent craft. There were teething problems, and I am new at this so please forgive my dorkishness https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227191241
  3. I have started to stream my miss adventures in a new series that will follow Captain KneeBall's space exploration company on Kerben. Each new discovery will involve death deifying advancements in the KneeBall space program. Already the price is almost unbearably high as we lost two brave Kerbalnauts in early flight tests. The loss of the first female Kerbal ever in the 2 day history of the KneeBall space program has shot venomous doubts into the minds of all Kerbals. KneeBall News has obtained these two amateur videos of the recent incidents that claimed the lives of Jebediah and Valentina Kerman, two valued and iconic faces in the KneeBall space industry. Jebediah kerman's Final moments Valentina Kerman's Final moments "Should we be risking our life for exploration of our unknown planet and star system?" "We have lived here for millions of years and never needed to explore anything why start now????" These questions are flooding the news stands as anticipation builds for the next mission at hand. Far from our safe and forgiving homes is a point that is slotted for exploration. Location DV9-C is an unknown area on the southern tip of our continent. It holds unknown horrors and the romantic allure for explorers like Bardock Kerman, who is slated for the upcoming mission. Bardock and his team will take off in the "First Bird 3.1", A robust science vessel created just for this mission! Things to expect and look forward to: No hitting replay No Quick Saves Live or Die by quick wits or intelligent design Stock game with only the SpaceX mod installed No Mechjeb Doing everything the hard way Entertainment I will post back here on any updates of KneeBall space industries progress. If you would like updates on when I go live in Kerbal space Program on Twitch please follow me on Twitter and follow me on Twitch
  4. A fully stock YF-23 replica in the process of being made, and you can watch! If enough people join, I may start up a dark multiplayer server so you guys can join. https://www.twitch.tv/he_162 progress:
  5. I'm streaming my replica car builds, and other fun stuff on twitch if anyone would like to see them get built, and I am also running a dark multiplayer server, but I won't release that information unless someone is interested in joining!
  6. I have wanted to stream for a while, and I'm starting to set things up! I will be posting here with the title "162- Twitch- (x project) when I have something important to stream, or extremely cool! Today it's my DeLorean replica that I've been working on! https://www.twitch.tv/he_162 Examples:
  7. Greetings everyone! My name is Grand-Necrologist Zein but just call me Necro or Zein, This is a pretty off but on topic post. Mods, if I am not allowed to post this, well er... crap, just delete this and we will act like this never happened... haha Ahem, anyways as my 'Rank' states, I am a twitch streamer, and I just wrapped up my Hollow Knight Blind Play through which means tonight, at 6pm EST I start KSP. I was going to do a Mod Pack but it looks like I will be having to play Vanilla for now while I work on getting this Mod Pack to work. Hey, if you are good at sorting and setting up a nice quantity of mods and making them play nice with the 1.3 build of KSP. hit me up baby because I am DYING over here. ... yeah so, ahahaha tonight we start the KSP movement on the channel stop over and say hello, stop in here and say hello, you know just be social I am a pretty nice dude haha. I will need all the help I can get tho that is for sure. Come Say Hello and Feed me Pizza I will love you forever. EDIT: SO this is my issue I am having as I said above I was having issues, specifically with CKAN
  8. Just a place where I shall put my videos and pictures and streams and run on sentences. Enjoy, or don't. I dont care
  9. Hello all! DMSP here. I've set up a stream for my turn in the SCSP (link below, check it out), where I will be driving a rover across Duna and talking at the same time. If you're bored, want to watch some KSP, or just want to hear a ride heading across Duna, I hope you'll enjoy this. It's probably going to be a bit long, but I hope you can tune in for a bit, and even though it might be a bit "lame", I hope you can enjoy. The stream will be live under this link in a few moments: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe09qZdbxiJFIIIIpdthF4A Streaming now on my channel, thanks goes to @Scientia1423 for continuing the SCSP. Let's go!
  10. Ive decided to start streaming KSP give my a shot if you're interested! twitch.tv/walia66 Feedback would be great Streaming now
  11. Hello! My name is jbmPlaysGaming, a small YouTuber who is about to hit 20 subscribers, and a Twitch streamer. I just got KSP as well as a forum account. I am so excited to play, I have been wanting to for months now. And now I can. I'm livestreaming soon over on Twitch.TV, so come hop over there if you are interested in helping out with the game! I'm doing it modded, so next time I'll do it without mods, and then I will see which one is better. The mods I have installed are: [x] Science! 6 Crew Science Lab 6 Seat Mk3 Cockpit ABookCase Orbital Reference System Action Groups Extended Advanced Jet Engine Canadian Flags DarkMultiPlayer Ferram Aerospace Research Image viewer Kerbal Flight Data Kerbal Improved Save System Kerbal Inventory System ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager notes QuickMute QuickSearch QuickStart Solver Engines plugin Toolbar In total, there is 21 mods. So come hop over on Twitch, this is a Twitch exclusive! twitch.tv/jbmplaysgaming Hope to see you there! I hope you can help me on this wonderful LIVE journey. <3 ~jbmPlaysGaming "youtube.com/jbmplaysgaming" "twitch.tv/jbmplaysgaming"
  12. Tomorrow I will be hosting a stream over at my Twitch channel to celebrate and bring in the new year. I have been given a Steam key for a copy of Kerbal Space Program that I will be giving out during the night! Time: 9Pm EST(-5 GMT) (tentative) until ??? Place: PlasticSporks Twitch Channel Be sure to follow me to be notified when the event is live, and also follow me on Twitter (@PlasticSporksLP) so you can stay informed on the give-away. I hope to see you there! Thanks to all the guys at Squad for making this possible! Sporks
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