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Found 14 results

  1. Join us this upcoming Wednesday at our Twitch channel - KSPTV - and let's play and talk some KSP: Shared Horizons! 17:00 EDT 14:00 PDT 23:00 CET Featuring: @Just Jim @technicalfool @Maxsimal @UomoCapra See you there and happy launchings!
  2. I remember finding MatoroIgnika's Twitch streams quite enjoyable a few years ago, especially the space station building series. But now, I can find almost no trace of him or his channel on the internet - does anyone know what happened to him? Is all of the old content just gone? Is he still active somewhere?
  3. A fully stock YF-23 replica in the process of being made, and you can watch! If enough people join, I may start up a dark multiplayer server so you guys can join. https://www.twitch.tv/he_162 progress:
  4. I'm streaming my replica car builds, and other fun stuff on twitch if anyone would like to see them get built, and I am also running a dark multiplayer server, but I won't release that information unless someone is interested in joining!
  5. I have wanted to stream for a while, and I'm starting to set things up! I will be posting here with the title "162- Twitch- (x project) when I have something important to stream, or extremely cool! Today it's my DeLorean replica that I've been working on! https://www.twitch.tv/he_162 Examples:
  6. Greetings everyone! My name is Grand-Necrologist Zein but just call me Necro or Zein, This is a pretty off but on topic post. Mods, if I am not allowed to post this, well er... crap, just delete this and we will act like this never happened... haha Ahem, anyways as my 'Rank' states, I am a twitch streamer, and I just wrapped up my Hollow Knight Blind Play through which means tonight, at 6pm EST I start KSP. I was going to do a Mod Pack but it looks like I will be having to play Vanilla for now while I work on getting this Mod Pack to work. Hey, if you are good at sorting and setting up a nice quantity of mods and making them play nice with the 1.3 build of KSP. hit me up baby because I am DYING over here. ... yeah so, ahahaha tonight we start the KSP movement on the channel stop over and say hello, stop in here and say hello, you know just be social I am a pretty nice dude haha. I will need all the help I can get tho that is for sure. Come Say Hello and Feed me Pizza I will love you forever. EDIT: SO this is my issue I am having as I said above I was having issues, specifically with CKAN
  7. Hello. For a while now I've wanted to start twitch streaming. I am currently on spring break and will be trying a small stream tonight. Of KSP, but I also have several other games to play as well. If you all want to join me. The link is right here. https://www.twitch.tv/rocketscience1001
  8. Hello everyone! We're looking for volunteer streamers who would like to participate in a special event. PM me for more information. Thank you and happy launchings!
  9. I've been working on a bit of a special project, and thanks to @RoverDudewe finished up a bit of a sneak peek tonight. It turned out so awesomely I had to share it here... whew! Today (5/12) I'm going to have a few special guests on my Kerbal Space Academy Twitch stream (twitch.tv/dasvaldez)... Engineers from Bigelow Aerospace will be joining me for a live Q&A and Kerbal Demonstration of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) which is currently installed on the ISS IRL and scheduled for expansion in about 2.5 weeks. The Bigelow staff will be around for about an hour answering questions and talking about the mission, starting at 5 PM EDT, while I perform the tasks in KSP. Roverdude knocked out a very Kerbaly KERB... the Kerbalow Expandable Recreation Bubble, complete with IVA, and tonight I was able to deliver it to my K-ISS via a Falcon (boostback and ship landing capable) with a Dragon on top. I have a fully functional Kanadarm2 made with iR + the iR Model Rework pack by @ZodiusInfuser... it's able to capture and berth the Dragon, remove the KERB from the trunk, and install it over on Tranquility Node 3 right next to our Kerbal-sized cupola. Stream and Q&A will be open to the public... I plan to spool up around 3 PM EDT May 12th and the Bigelow guests will join me at 5 PM.
  10. Hello! Some of our dearest Twitchers are preparing an awesome event and we wanted to help them spread the word: DigitalPsychosis, Kofeyh, NewbiusMaximus and Akinesis_gaming will be doing a Skylab mission re-enactment Twitch stream from the Esperance Museum (where the Skylab wreckage is being held) using KSP as their demo platform. The stream will be on 27th September, starting at 11:00am UTC and it will be held on DigitalPsychosis's channel (twitch.tv/digitalpsychosis) You can find all the details here. Don't miss it!
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/csgogamingggwp we are twitching on KSP come !!
  12. The number of space and science professionals who love KSP continues to blow me away. In a sort of good way... as opposed to a "green smear on the VAB" sort of way. Tory Bruno (CEO of United Launch Alliance) will be appearing on our KSA Twitch stream. As in, the CEO of ULA... like, "Delta/Atlas Rocket Launch in the Real World ULA". Info: What: KSP Livestream w/ Tory Bruno Why: Exploring ULA's future tech plans in KSP When: Tuesday March 8th, at 9 PM EST (9 Mar, 2 AM UTC) Where: http://www.twitch.tv/dasvaldez We'll be talking about Vulcan, ACES, and ULA's CisLunar-1000 initiative... while we build them in KSP and use them to perform missions. I've already spent the last couple of weeks on the show creating a new KSP career and building up to the "advanced"/extensible upper stage tech level... so I've got a save with a lot of craft in play I'll be showing off to Mr Bruno, while we compare our KSP creations to what ULA is working on in the real world. During the show, we'll do a viewer Q&A with Mr Bruno, and as always, would love to have a strong showing from the KSP community. Explosions aside, we want to show the aerospace industry that KSP is more than just a video game.
  13. A highlight showing some of the views looking out of the Ambition, a stock rotating station. Looking mighty fine if you ask me . http://www.twitch.tv/avera9ejoe/v/35422006 Here's where I explain the baring: http://www.twitch.tv/avera9ejoe/v/35422801 Happy Thursdays everyone
  14. Tomorrow I will be hosting a stream over at my Twitch channel to celebrate and bring in the new year. I have been given a Steam key for a copy of Kerbal Space Program that I will be giving out during the night! Time: 9Pm EST(-5 GMT) (tentative) until ??? Place: PlasticSporks Twitch Channel Be sure to follow me to be notified when the event is live, and also follow me on Twitter (@PlasticSporksLP) so you can stay informed on the give-away. I hope to see you there! Thanks to all the guys at Squad for making this possible! Sporks
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