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Found 6 results

  1. While making my animation plugin i started my last (pre-release) phase of adding sound support (Configuration, Animation, Control, Utility and Visual are done) I want to add sound fx to my animation(s) but my currently employed method of control/tracking animations properties can be a hit-and-miss for sound support (controlling animations looks fine for now). It works via PartModule.Update() and PartModule.OnUpdate(). These are not directly visible in PartModule (ie not suggested by VS IDE), but can be used because it inherits from Monobehaviour. After successfully doing some basic audio tests, i wanted to write an event handler that receives a reference to my class holding all needed data. And this is where i hit a wall. AnimationEvent handler is not designed to receive data in arbitrary form. There is objectReferenceParameter, but i don't know how to reference my class this way, it expects UnityEngine.Object. If example is needed, i'll try to provide a short version. Reference material
  2. 絵を描くPETERさんの架空機をKSPで建造するぞ大会 2017! 絵を描くPETERさん(Twitter: https://twitter.com/peter6409)の協力の元、架空機体の建造イベントを開催します。 この企画では、Peterさんがこれまでに公開している架空機をモチーフにして、KSPで建造した機体による展示飛行の画像や動画を募集します。 カーバルスペースプログラム- Kerbal Space Program (Steamストア): http://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/Kerbal_Space_Program/ 絵を描くPETERさんの架空機たち: Twitter: https://twitter.com/peter6409/media Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=9429014 機体レギュレーション: 機体はストックパーツのみで構成されたもの。MODパーツは使用不可。 地表からの離陸、飛行、着陸能力があるもの。 SSTO、TSTOによる宇宙飛行は可。 HyperEditは使用不可。 景観MODは自由。 投稿レギュレーション: モチーフにした機体の画像またはリンクは必須。 添付する画像は3枚まで。 SpoilerまたはImgurのアルバムに添付する画像は10枚まで。(上と合わせて13枚) 動画の添付は2分以内に編集したものを1点のみ。動画は画像の枚数に含まない。 機体性能や、紹介文は任意。 Twitter投稿タグ: #KSPwithPETER #KSP Twitter投稿作品: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23KSPwithPETER&src=tyah 世界のプレイヤーにも見てもらいたいので、このフォーラムにもぜひ投稿してね。 お問い合わせは @EBOSHI もしくは Twitter: https://twitter.com/2525_eboshi までどうぞー。
  3. 60 Years ago, the "Sputnik" satellite has been launched into low earth orbit. Little probe was lifted by a rocket, with an edenticall name- Sputnik. This achievement blast-waved though the world, starting the new era.. The era of space exploration. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Help me add more images to this by PM-ing me.
  4. Does KSP have an event for when the throttle changes, that I can call in my plugin? If not, what are the alternatives - how can I do calculations when the player changes the throttle in flight? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer: No KSP does not have an event for throttle yet. But I have created one, which will be part of my next release of GTIndustries mod.
  5. Hello everyone! We're looking for volunteer streamers who would like to participate in a special event. PM me for more information. Thank you and happy launchings!
  6. Kerbin Decathlon Summer Event! The following 10 events are designed as tests and stretches of what kerbals can do! The following rules apply to all the events: You may not use any of the hacks or cheats. You must use stock KSP (No mods, not Kerbal engineer, not FAR nothing!) Sub note you may use a custom flag for your crafts Max ship size is 255 parts for all events And here are the events! High Jump – Using just one flea for propulsion, reach the highest height you can, while returning intact to the surface of kerbin. No ejection stages allowed – F3 on landing to determine max height. Parachutes are allowed, you may use any probe core. Long Jump – Using just one flea again, and just the stayputnik probe core (no sas/rcs control) reach the furthest ground distance covered from the launch and land intact. You may land in water, and parachutes are definitely allowed. Again, no ejection stages allowed and F3 on landing to determine max ground distance covered. Aerodynamic parts are allowed but realize without SAS that might be tricky! Runway Dash – Reach the end of the runway (starting on the runway) without going airborne in the fastest time. You must stop before the end of the runway, ending between the number 27 and the end of the runway at the stop. Any combination of parts are allowed here, just no leaving the ground and no going over 255 parts. Shot Put – Using only decouplers and a probe core (launch platform must be stuck to the ground with launch clamps and be static – no moving parts) reach the furthest distance you can in ground distance covered. The probe core must land intact. Heavy Lifting – Put the largest mass object you can into valid kerbin orbit. Orbit must be at least 70 km and be a stable orbit. You may not leave kerbin's SoI or enter Minmus or Mun SoI. Mass is determined by the total mass of the ship once it is in stable orbit. Air Height Event – Using only air breathing engines reach the max height you can, max 255 parts and must land intact. You may jettison parts along the way but no rcs or any thing other than pure air breathing engines (No rockets, solid boosters or rapiers) Javilin – Using only 5 liquid fuel (use a mk 0 liquid fuel tank and reduce it to 5 liquid fuel) and no other fuel reach the furthest distance from the KCS as you can, landing intact. Landing in water is fine. No using decouplers to push the distance or leave craft behind. Parachutes are allowed. You'll be surprised how far you can go on 5 liquid fuel!!! Marathon – Using only a single Z-400 battery and carrying 3 kerbals make as many laps as possible around the KSC. You must start on the runway and leave the runway going west. Once you are off the sloped area you may go either direction around the KSC. A lap is considered complete once you pass the west end of the runway again. You may not go up any of the slopes around the KSC. No using any other fuel, no using RTGs, solar panels or fuel cells. Any probe cores or craft parts used must be emptied of electrical current. Total starting current must be 400, from the battery alone. Speed Swimming – Reach the runway island – you do not have to actually get on to the runway, just touch land. You may not go airborne and must start from the runway. You may use up to 255 parts in any way you want as long as you do not go airborne and go into the water to get there. Archery – Launching from the launch pad land as close as you can to the black monolith near the KSC. Note you can see this thing from the main KSC screen it is just to the north of the runway. You may only use solid rocket boosters and may only use the stayputnik, no SAS/RCS control allowed. You must land the probe intact. You may use decouplers and parachutes. Closest to the monolith for victory! (I expect to see someone who landed on the monolith to be honest!) And that is the 10 events! Feel free to post your results! Screen shots encouraged with the F3 results. As a side contest try to come up with your own flags for the event! Get creative and have fun! Good luck in your kerbal events this summer! Hope to see some great results! I will start on these events myself on KSPTV on Thursday morning at 11 AM EST! Hope to see you there and hope to see some great entries!
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