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Found 12 results

  1. v0.1.1.0 bug You can still adjust and control ships in the tracking station by pressing Z and X to set the throttle See video:
  2. I experienced this bug while perfoming air launch challenge. My rocket was decoupled from plane but rocket SAS was turned off and throttle was set on 0%, which was dangerous for air launch. After second staging situation repeated and it caused missclicking, because I didn;t reaslize that input went and engine was turned on
  3. Hi all, I'm fairly new to KSP (couple of hundred hours into career mode) and playing a pretty fresh installation of 64-bit 1.3.1 on Windows 10. Good old X58 platform with a Xeon X5660, 4GB GTX970 and 12GB of DDR3. I'm aware that Unity has some known issues regarding joystick input handling, and I've searched/scrolled through this support forum to read the previously posted questions re. multi-input, HOTAS throttles and Thrustmaster peripherals. But I haven't seen my specific issue previously reported, so I thought I'd post a thread... doubting it will be a super-quick-fix kind of issue, but I may as well document it eh? So, prepare yourselves... wall-o-text post incoming... SITUATION: I got all inspired by Cupcake's videos and bought myself a wee christmas present... Thrustmaster 16000.M FCS flightstick and the TWCS HOTAS throttle to go with it. These units can be used "plug'n'play" (in which case the game detects them as two separate input devices), or they can use a software app/virtual device driver called "T.A.R.G.E.T." which is basically a GUI laid over Thrustmaster's custom scripting engine. This software allows you to combine multiple physical controllers into one "virtual device", with customised axis mapping/response curves, button mapping, keystroke generation, mouse pointer control, etc. PROBLEM: Now, if I go the plug'n'pray route and don't use a T.A.R.G.E.T. profile, KSP recognises both devices as separate controllers and I can map the axes with no problems, everything behaves as it should. Except the JoyButton inputs are duplicated for both devices (whether due to limitations of the DirectX API, the Unity engine, or KSP's input handling code, I'm not completely sure), e.g. the flightstick trigger registers as JoyButton0 in the game but so does the thumb button on the throttle, and this behaviour is the same for all the buttons on both devices. Obviously this makes most of the buttons on one or both devices unusable for specific functions. Some duplication is acceptable, but you really need more than 16 buttons across both devices in order to make the best use of the HOTAS setup. BIGGER PROBLEM: "That ain't no problem..." says I, "...just create a T.A.R.G.E.T. profile with all the axes and buttons mapped the way I want". So I did this, and all the button mapping/keystroke generation worked perfectly. Except, as soon as I launch a craft and touch the joystick, all the control surfaces travel to their authority limit and stay there. When I push the joystick to the limit of an axis, the relevant control surface moves through its normal "rest point" to the other extent of travel, and then back to the first limit again when I release the stick back to centre. If I move the stick to the other limit on the same axis, the control surface in question exhibits the same behaviour. The throttle also seems to set its 100% limit at the middle of the DX_SLIDER axis' physical travel, and moving the throttle either side of this point causes the in-game throttle to move sharply back to 0%. Reversing the axes, either in the TARGET software, in the KSP input settings, or by changing the "deploy direction" of a control surface, merely results in the part moving to the opposite extent of travel on launch. All other response curve adjustments, absolute/relative settings, sensitivity and deadzone adjustments in TARGET and in KSP appear to have no effect on this behaviour. FURTHER BACKGROUND INFO: It should be noted that when observing the behaviour of the "Thrustmaster Combined" virtual device's axes (either via the Windows properties dialog or via the TARGET software's built-in "device analyser" function), all the axes and buttons appear to behave normally, the visual indicators sit at a center rest point (or lower extent of travel in the case of the Throttle/Slider axes) and move to their full extent of travel along with the appropriate physical movements of the controller/s. I've also tried previously suggested fixes such as starting the game with the physical throttle set at 50%, and I've tried starting the game with the joystick pulled over to the full extent of X/Y travel. No difference to be seen. Furthermore, I've tried disabling the TWCS throttle in the combined TARGET profile in case there was some weird axis mapping/config conflict occurring, and the FCS flightstick alone still exhibits the same behaviour on its assigned X/Y/Z/slider axes when being detected by the game as a "Thrustmaster Combined" device. POTENTIAL CAUSE: So it seems obvious to me that the issue lies with how Unity/KSP interprets the "rest value" of the virtual device's axes at startup. It assigns the centre "rest value" of the joystick axes as being one extent of travel and the axis limit (in either direction) as the other extent. But it's the opposite with the "virtual" throttle... the rest point is defined as being halfway along the physical axis (instead of at the lower limit of travel), with movement in either direction dropping the throttle back to 0% (or throwing it up to 100%, if the axis is inverted). When you analyse and think about this behaviour, it seems that Unity/KSP is getting the virtual device's "joystick" (self-centering) axes and "slider" (non-centering) axis behaviour ass-backwards. Self-centering axes behave as though the joystick's center rest position is one extent of travel and the axis limit/s are the other extent; i.e. behaving like a throttle/accelerator pedal. Non-centering axes behave as though the mid-point of travel is the rest position, with movement in either direction throwing the control to its limit; i.e. behaving like a self-centering joystick. But I have no ideas as to why this behaviour is only occurring with the combined "virtual" device, and not when the controllers are mapped as separate input devices. CONCLUSION: Sorry for the long long post, but I'm hoping this report might make possible some kind of fix in a future update, so I can use my AUD$250 HOTAS setup effectively in the game. At the moment I'm stuck using it as 2 separate input devices with severely limited button mapping/control options, which is pretty disappointing. I also suspect that squishing this bug might solve a lot of similar issues that people are having with other HOTAS/multi-input setups, especially where third-party "virtual device driver" software is involved. However, I also recognise that this is very much an edge-case bug, and probably not worth the dev time/cost to fix. But maybe the community can come up with its own fix... it's been done before. I've considered the possibility that this bug may be fixable by digging deeper into Thrustmaster's scripting engine/language - it's pretty much syntax-identical to C code - but the fact that Windows reports the virtual device as behaving normally leads me to believe that the issue doesn't lie with the TARGET profile/script, it's to do with how Unity/KSP interprets the input/rest position values of the virtual controller's axes. If I knew Unity at all I'd dig deeper into the game code/mod API to try and fix it myself, but that's beyond my scope at the moment. Feedback/input from anyone else using the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS setup specifically, or Unity/Mod developers generally, would be appreciated as a worthwhile contribution to this bug report thread. I'll capture a video of the behaviour and link to it from this post shortly. Logs and other supporting documentation etc. can also be willingly provided upon request. Cheers, BR
  4. Hi, so i finally bought a Joystick (Logitech Extreme 3d) to play KSP with and everything works fine, besides the throttle. when i put the throttle to 0% or 100% it works perfectly fine but everything in between slowly starts to wander either to 100% or to 0%, depending on the setting it was switched to prior, even when the physical throttle on my Joystick stays at 50%, for example. I tested if it is a problem with the controller or its interaction with my PC but in the properties slide of Logitechs Profiler the problem doesn't occur, which tells me its a problem in KSP. i searched the internet but no one seems to have similar problems so i want to ask this community. Am i doing something stupidly wrong? Is there an in game setting i couldn't find? A bug maybe? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone! Since Squad hasn't yet addressed the problem with minThrust handling (engines with minThrust > 0 can not be shut down by throttle, complex bug report is here) , I would like to request the simplest possible mod solution that does just that without affecting anything else. A good starting point would be ThrottleControlledShutdown plugin by @NotTheRealRMS which dynamically sets engine's minThrust to 0 when ship's throttle is 0. Maybe someone would be kind enough to refurbish and clean this thing up, (i.e. 'foreach' are bad as far as I heard). Or maybe there is a better way to solve the problem altogether. Edit: this plugin works in 1.4.2. Although it sometimes lags behind throttle and other ships coming into physics bubble may have their engines unaffected and therefore ignited.
  6. I Have a Saitek Cyborg Evo Force in an unmodded install of version I can map all the joystick buttons, the thumb hat, and pitch & roll but not throttle or yaw. These functions work in the control panel but KSP seems to not detect them at all. Happy to provide more info if required. Also does KSP support force feedback? I have read that afbw mod may solve the issue but it seems to be no longer available. Thanks in advance
  7. My first experience of Kerbal Space Program was on PS4. I put a lot of hours into it. As I discovered later it's behind the current release and it's tendency to corrupt save files is now legendary. So, I figured, let me try it on my Mac book pro. Mouse usage has been great. Flight controls leave a lot to be desired. When I connected up my ps4 controller, I couldn't help but notice that the controls are behaving like the keyboard. Yaw and pitch are just on and off, despite having full analog control on the ps4 version of the game. My basic question is, does anyone know what the best ps4 controller setup is for Mac? I'd like to be able to do more that just throttle on/off and binary movements. It's so bad that I'm just sticking to the keyboard until I can find a solution to this. Before you say "use big picture mode", I've tried that and KSP hangs or crashes on startup if I enable big picture mode before starting.
  8. Does KSP have an event for when the throttle changes, that I can call in my plugin? If not, what are the alternatives - how can I do calculations when the player changes the throttle in flight? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer: No KSP does not have an event for throttle yet. But I have created one, which will be part of my next release of GTIndustries mod.
  9. KSP: 1.2.2 Windows 64 bit, Steam version Computer: Windows 8.1 64 bit, Intel i7 4710HQ, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GPU nVidia GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB GDDR5 Problem: I'm flying two separate unmanned vessels, both being controlled by a CH-J3 fly by wire controller; one is going to Eve, the other one is going to Jol. I can't control the throttle on both crafts discretely (which means with the Left Shift - Left CTRL keys); I'm able to change the thrust by either full on or full off (with Z and X keys). The problem exist with this save file only: opening my old saved game, the crafts throttle seem to work just fine. Here's what I've tried so far: Opening another save file: it works, I have issues with just my current save file. Remapping the keys for discrete thrust: didn't work on the current save, the new key binding works on the old save (which, again, had no problems from the start). Running KSP as administrator: didn't work. Removing all mods except MechJeb: didn't work. De-activating Windows 8.1 accessibility options (I'm not sure how it's called in English): they were never activated in the first place. Cussing at the keyboard: didn't work, but I felt slightly better. I've read on the Interwebz that other people had the same problem with Shift and CTRL, and it was due to a program called Synergy, but I don't have such program installed on my PC (unless it's a buitl-in Windows feature). I am also unable to revert any of the flights to the launch pad, as I improperly closed the game (read: ragequit). I have to point out the fact that I'm using the in-game cheats for infinite propellant and infinite battery power; don't judge me, I like to focus on the orbital mechanics rather than the rocket structure itself. Mods installed: MechJeb 2.6.0 Reproduction steps: I have no idea, I can't reproduce it myself, if not with the save file in question. Log: [snip] I hope it's the right file, if not please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Okay, so the ability to set thrust limiters on engines is great, and with the exception of solid fuel engines, those thrust limits can be adjusted while in-flight. This is quite handy for things like reducing thrust output to make fine maneuvers without overshooting, or when using a VTOL craft with downward facing nozzles that need to be adjusted to balance the thrust across the mass. However, it does come with the limitation that trying to do this while in flight and (especially) under thrust is incredibly difficult. On a single engine craft this is kind of possible, on multi-engine craft this is a nightmare. Try limiting the thrust of four engines, one at a time, while also under power and you will see what I mean. Thus, I would like a way to adjust maximum thrust on-the-fly (ha!) using action groups, if I can previously specify some thrust limits in the VAB/SPH. This would allow things like an efficient transition from a VTOL mode to a forward-thrust mode, or the ability to steer a craft by controllably making the thrust asymmetric. Or even just having a multi-purpose lander that can switch modes to best suit the gravity of the body it is trying to land on. And (I hope) this would be a relatively easy thing to add.
  11. Throttle stays locked in the off position when attempt landing burn. Engines still gimbal and I still have control of RCS and SAS. Anyone have an answer?
  12. Hi all, This is a small feature I would find very useful, very often, just wondering if anybody else would too? We have theMax and Min throttle buttons, which instantly sets 100%/0% throttle, very useful. I would like a hotkey to be available to "pulse" the throttle. The simplest operation would be simply a "pulse" version of max. throttle. Press the key and you have 100% thrust whilst you hold down the key. More useful would be to be able to set this key to any percentage thrust: 1%, 50%, whatever. I can already "simulate" this functionality by manually adjusting the max throttle slider in the engine context menu and then using the Max/Min throttle keys. But I do this fairly often (on most manouvre nodes) so having a pulse button would shorten/simplify that sequence significantly. Perhaps it is more appropriate for a mod rather than stock functionality? Or perhaps nobody else would find a use for this? I dunno, thats why I'm posting Thanks! Pete
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