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  1. I upgraded my KSP install to 1.124.4 and I use a mac mini for it and for some reason it doesn't work? Like there is only a black loading screen FOREVER! SO I had to downgrade to 1.12.3. I think its a problem with taht new "Private Divison" launcher not working on Mac @Nate Simpsonany idea on what's happening?
  2. I didn't see a Mac support place, so I'm posting this here. I've been playing stock KSP on my Mac M1 Catalina for a while without issues, but when I tried modding it (with RP-1 and associated mods) it didn't work. What I'm wondering is, has anyone gotten these to work on an M1? I haven't seen anything on the internet to suggest someone has. If you have, I would really appreciate help in resolving the issue. Of course, I can share the details of the failure and the log file if needed.
  3. My computer ( a mac) crashes when i install far and boot it up, ksp works just fine without far and i have made sure my pc can handle far ill be posting the crash log asap
  4. Launch Pad is a CKAN Client written for macOS. It allows you to download and install mods for Kerbal Space Program, including dependencies. If you play KSP on a Mac, and find it hard to use the official CKAN application using monodevelop, give Launch Pad a try! The app is still being developed, so while you can install most mods with it, you can't upgrade them right now. The app uses the original CKAN Metadata Repository, so all mods that are available on CKAN are also available in here. I'd LOVE for some adventurous Mac users to try it out and leave feedback though. More Information on GitHub Download the latest Alpha Version Submit Bugs and Feature Request Before trying out Launch Pad, I'd recommend creating a backup of your KSP directory, simply because it's still alpha software. If you have any question regarding how to install and use the app, please feel free to ask
  5. This one is so obvious that I'm a bit ashamed of myself for just noticing it now. That's the history: my loading times are getting terrible as KSP evolves. New hires textures and maar parts are imposing a toll on my rig. Of course, using a SSD is a nice compromise, but these things are still expensive around here - and I since I have every single KSP version released on a test bed on my development rig, I would need a really expensive one. So, while researching the new APFS deduplication facilities (ie, "Copy on Write"), I realised that APFS (and HPFS+ too!!) have transparent file compression support! It just happens that Apple, for reasons only reachable by the Krakens, never cared to write GUI support for it! To tell you the true, they barely wrote tools at all - there's ditto , and that's all. Since KSP files are highly compressible, that would solve some problems: disk space on SSDs and loading times on hard disks. But how to compress the files on a living installment? Well, fortunately someone had solved it for us, the answer is afsctool . If you are adventurous, you can compile and use this sensibly more powerful fork. Apple should had included something like this since Sierra, but... (sigh) The good news is that MacPorts and Brew have it for easy installing by using one of the following commands: sudo port install afsctool -- or -- sudo brew install afsctool The bad news is that you will need to mess with the command line to activate the compression. Well, it could be worse. So, the following command will search for every GameData subdirectory from your home directory and compress it: find ~ -type d -name "GameData" -exec afsctool -c -v -9 {} \; This will take some time, execute the command line and go to the bed, leave the computer working by the night. This will compress only the GameData contents on your KSP installments, as this is where the really space eaters and loading times guzzlers are. Of course you can compress the whole shebang (I did just to see what happens), but the extra savings are not that great and compressing savegames will make savings and quicksavings a bit more expensive on CPU without significative savings on space and disk accesses. There's a tradeoff, of course. You will "waste" one CPU core on every disk access, as the data must be decompressed before use. However, most of the games do access disk files for assets in need to be used, freezing the game on the process - so the CPU is not exactly needed at this time, and the savings on disk access more than worth the stunt: my loading times halved (at worst cases!!) on every game I activated the compression on (not only KSP!) - not to mention the 100GB disk space I earned back to install moar add'ons! If you ever feel the need to uncompress the files, switch "-c" for "-d" on the command lines above - but be sure you have the needed disk space. Merry Christmas.
  6. Hi, so I'm on macOS Mojave version 10.14.6, I got this game yesterday, it was working fine but then i logged out, when back in and the buttons don't work Let me explain, everything on my mouse works, zoom, click, adjust parachutes, etc. but when i press any button like M to open map or something it makes that mac error noise. Here's my ksp.log Please help me
  7. I have installed KSP 1.5.1 on a Mac (Sierra 10.12.6, MBP). No language package nor mods. When running from an administrator account KSP works fine. When running KSP from an account without admin privileges it stalls during loading. "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" is displayed and loading does not proceed any further. (To be precise: In the admin account loading pauses for about three seconds at that stage, too, but then goes on; in the non-admin account loading stalls for minutes until I quit the program.) I have searched the forum and found the suggestion to move the KSP.app to the desktop (or any other place, I suppose) and back in order to avoid the Gatekeeper issue which has been mentioned. This does not help for the non-admin accounts. The problem persists. All other suggestions to similar problems did not seem to fit our situation. (Sorry if I missed something.) The log file says basically the same as what was reported in other posts and indicates that part of the contents within the KSP.app package as well as some files in subfolders could not be opened. (I can provide more log file info if needed, but I am on a different Computer now.) I have tried setting the permissions of the KSP.app for everyone from read-only to read&write, but that did not change anything either (same freeze). Changing the permissions of all the subfolders and the files seems to be unpractical (could only do it one by one). Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions beyond moving the KSP.app? Any help would be deeply appreciated!
  8. When I try to install 1.7 on my macbook pro, and click past the intro screen, the readme screen loads but freezes, and I cannot hit continue. Force Quit Menu says installer is not responding.
  9. Hello All, I have a lightly modded (10-12 mods) OSX KSP 1.3.1, that I want to convert to a Win KSP 1.3.1, before I then let it update to 1.6.1. However, this is the first time I am performing this kind of Wizardry.... Can someone please point me at a thread that advises what to do/not do, or provide a reply with instructions? I think i just need to change the environment Info from OSX *** to the Windows *** version? e.g. envInfo = - Environment Info - Unix 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP - versionFull = (OSXPlayer) versionCreated = (OSXPlayer) @Mods, I was not sure where else to put the question, so please move if there is somewhere more appropriate.
  10. Does the Scatterer addon have an adverse effect on the performance of KSP when it is running on a Mac? Does it slow the game down?
  11. I am installing KSP for the first time on a Mac running El Capitain. The program has been loading now for over 5 hours. It’s not hung, so I am reluctant to shut it down, but this can’t be right. The progress bar looks about 45% complete and it says “Loading Asset Bundle Definitions.” Every few seconds, the screen image changes and I see an encouraging new message (Flying Sage, Adding More Stuts, Terminating Debris, etc). What should I do?
  12. Well... The last few days I got somewhat overwhelmed by a series of crashes on my MacOS box that I didn't diagnosed correctly, and found myself chasing ghosts. =/ Not one of my brightest times. =P This thread is my attempt to gather together a knowledge base of MacOS specific issues and, with luck, minimize the time spent on crashing KSP and maximize the time spent crashing crafts on KSP. :-) The proposed "rules" are simple: a post per 'problem x solution'. I don't plan to use this as a generic support thread - I think that help for unknown problems should be get in dedicated threads. My plan for this one is to be a place where one can try to find a solution for a MacOS specific problem before asking for help. So, let the games begin. :-)
  13. I am dependent on an external DLL to perform some functionality for my plugin. To do this I use P/Invoke's DllImport and it works all fine on Windows. When on Linux/OSX, however, a DllNotFoundException is thrown. (I am using dedicated mac/linux libs when appropriate) [EXC 13:45:27.864] DllNotFoundException: osx/discord-rpc.bin DiscordRP.Discord.OSXInvoker.Initialize (System.String applicationId, .EventHandlers& handlers, Boolean autoRegister, System.String optionalSteamId) DiscordRpc.Initialize (System.String applicationId, .EventHandlers& handlers, Boolean autoRegister, System.String optionalSteamId) DiscordRP.Discord.PresenceController.Initialize () DiscordRP.DiscordRPMod.Start () The file definitely exists, so this error can only mean some other issue occurred while loading was attempted. Windows imports: https://github.com/gegy1000/KSP-DiscordRP/blob/master/DiscordRP/Discord/Win64Invoker.cs#L33-L46 OSX imports: https://github.com/gegy1000/KSP-DiscordRP/blob/master/DiscordRP/Discord/OSXInvoker.cs#L33-L46 Used library files: https://github.com/discordapp/discord-rpc/releases/tag/v2.1.1 I'm quite lost as to what's going on here -- so any help would be appreciated!
  14. When i loaded it the first time, it worked, but then i went into the VAB, everything was looking simple, the color was blue, nothing was visible except the structure of the VAB, then i tried to press the invisible "Exit from the VAB" button, everything went right, but when i got of the VAB, i saw KER`s UI, the screen was black, then it turned into something like https://imgur.com/gallery/lNtPQ, but the screen was black except the curvature of kerbin which was orange (the edges). Mods: https://imgur.com/4Zq7StG Information about my Mac: https://imgur.com/gallery/LR9iF, if you need more information, please tell me. (Mac OS X)
  15. Since the update to 1.4, the icons for the parts in the first rows in each category are not showing the top half. MacOS: 10.13.3 KSP: (Steam) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ATXLa Starting a new career or sandbox does not fix the issue. I have removed all mods to test, it still happens. Does anyone else have this issue?
  16. What the title says. Is there a way to make KSP work without having to right click on the icon in the folder and trudge through the files every single time?
  17. I have tried all the recommended workarounds, running from the root directory, with the -opengl flag, etc, etc. None of them work for me. Running macOS 10.13.3, and Kerbal ver 1.3.1 It might run for 10 minutes, or it might hang during loading. but it always dies--just totally stops responding--with a blank screen. Are Macs actually a supported platform anymore?
  18. I've crashed my game every single time i've gone into fullscreen mode on Kerbal Space Program 1.3. I'm trying to figure out if it's a problem with my computer or the game and if there is an easy solution
  19. Greetings, I have a new MacBook Air with an up to date version of OS X on it, and I haven't been able to run CKAN. I installed it through Mono as it says in the read me, but i just get a window that pops up for a split second. Any my help would be truly appreciated, thanks.
  20. I tried following the instructions for installing CKAN on my Mac (using terminal mono), but I can't get it to work. I am using a MacBook pro (Touch-bar) with OS High Sierra. Has anyone solved this issue? My goal is to get RSS up and running.
  21. So I just updated KSP to 1.3.1 (after about 3 years of not updating!) I'm currently on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. The issue I'm having is the game gets to the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" point and then stops loading. I downloaded the update and the KSP_osx folder is in the Applications folder. I have tried moving the KSP and Launcher apps to the desktop and back again, that hasn't worked. I also tried the method of right clicking and going through "Show Package Contents" to open the exe. I would upload the log, but can't seem to find that either! Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Backstory: Trying to dock a science pod to a space station/making a space station. RSC controls stuck in rotation mode and I can't really use ROT controls for docking. Before this the frames were jittering and basically going back and forth in time. Adjusted display settings, helped a little, then when docking it happened again. Don't know If this is important, but just recently updated to MacOS High Sierra, jittering happened a day before and stuck in ROT controls happened after. I'm really irritated that I cannot finish my space station, I had it in a low orbit. It was perfect. I launched a pod with a lab on it and as soon as I got close it got stuck in ROT mode and I couldn't make the right adjustments. I turned of SAS and RCS, but the SAS/RCS noises were still there. It was super annoying because I was so close to finishing my space station. Before this I also had problems, frames jittering left to right. I adjusted the texture quality and the resolution a bit, but to no avail. I'm not saying the dev. team is bad, but seriously. Please optimize it a bit better for Macs, or at least not the highest spec computers. I don't know if this is due to me updating the OS, but seriously. It sucked. I don't know if its my computer and I want to know if anyone is having these same issues after updating. Please get back to me or comment, Owen
  23. So I tried opening KSP after a while and it did not work. I have played it many times on this computer and I have tried installing it again but it wont work. I also tried opening it with the launcher command in the package contents but it just freezes and stops responding when it reached Loading Part Upgrades. Please help
  24. My first experience of Kerbal Space Program was on PS4. I put a lot of hours into it. As I discovered later it's behind the current release and it's tendency to corrupt save files is now legendary. So, I figured, let me try it on my Mac book pro. Mouse usage has been great. Flight controls leave a lot to be desired. When I connected up my ps4 controller, I couldn't help but notice that the controls are behaving like the keyboard. Yaw and pitch are just on and off, despite having full analog control on the ps4 version of the game. My basic question is, does anyone know what the best ps4 controller setup is for Mac? I'd like to be able to do more that just throttle on/off and binary movements. It's so bad that I'm just sticking to the keyboard until I can find a solution to this. Before you say "use big picture mode", I've tried that and KSP hangs or crashes on startup if I enable big picture mode before starting.
  25. Please Help. I haven't been able to play KSP since the newest update! Here is an explanation of the problem: So, I launched KSP on steam, like I always have, without updating my computer or anything different. Just a normal day. I notice the new loading pictures, wich i think are pretty cool, and then at around 75% or so of loading the game, It stops. It just stops. It stops on the asset: Squad/Parts/Wheel/roverWheelXL3/roverWheel3. I tried again, and it didn't work. So I turned off steam and opened it again and tried. Didn't work. I turned off my computer and left it for an hour or so and tried again. Didn't work. This all happened after the newest update occurred. So i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Didn't work. But the strangest thing is that I got rid of the mods I currently had installed after it stopped working, but it still reads the assets in the mods, even though there are no mod GameData. I searched through my computer and i seemed to still find a few files from the mods, but I don't want to mess up something, since I am really bad at this sort of thing, so I let them be. But how can mod files get to other places, even when I deleted their GameData? Creepy. Their assets appear in the loading bar, even after I reinstalled the entire game. But I just want to know how I can easily fix this, not about how the mods are getting through. It also always stops at: Squad/Parts/Wheel/roverWheelXL3/roverWheel3. Every single time. I have no idea what this has to do with anything, but since the update, it has never gone passed it. Btw my laptop is a MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015) / 1,6 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor / 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory / Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB Graphics. And I haven't changed anything with it. No mouse change, no setup change, no internet change. Just nothing. Im pretty sure its related to the mods or the update, but I don't know how to fix it, because I don't do this sort of thing. ;-; Do I need some sort of module manager or what? All i need is simple instructions in to what on earth I need to do (because im a noob at this stuff :(. I just want to play my ksp). (remember that I have a Mac)
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