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  1. Ok, just watched Ep1, and I have to say its been a while since I have: - a, been on the forums b, read Emiko But I must say. This is very well done, thank you to @Oraldo revak for making this, and to @Just Jim for allowing it. Now just Awaiting MOAR!!!!!!!
  2. @Vagrant203 Sorry to hear this, sometimes it is best to get a setup and stick to it. This is part of the trials of KSP. Looking forward to the re-boot.
  3. @Vagrant203 that sounds like a standard KSP launch and mission to me.... Let's see what else happens. Awaiting MOAR...
  4. @Just Jim Flash / War of the Worlds / John Carter on Mars / Total Recall / SpaceBalls campy mash up. Is my suggestion, waiting to see what you come up with to keep us happy while we wait for Saga II.....
  5. @Cavscout74 Liking your designs and the story line. Awaiting MOAR!!!
  6. @Just Jim as an extra challenge, please try to fit at least 10 scifi references in the first chapter of Volume II??? I DARE YOU...... I think there may be a 'cheese' explosion, somewhere in the south of the US East coast. (Florida.way i think?).....
  7. Think Jeb would not have complained for an extra 3 seconds though? Nice liking this, referencing scifi in general is good, the big bad mods nice moderator's could be fun. Scot Manley, @Just Jim for your ref's so far Awaiting Moar...
  8. So much for the plans of Mice and Men... Well hopefully this weekend any way.
  9. @Gargamel, @Harry Rhodan, @Jammer-TD, @FleshJeb thanks for this info so for, I shall hopefully have a go at sorting this later today.
  10. Thanks for confirming, fairly certain the mods are up to date, I want the transfer to Windows first. Did try that but comes up incompatible. Which is why I need the magic approach.
  11. Hello All, I have a lightly modded (10-12 mods) OSX KSP 1.3.1, that I want to convert to a Win KSP 1.3.1, before I then let it update to 1.6.1. However, this is the first time I am performing this kind of Wizardry.... Can someone please point me at a thread that advises what to do/not do, or provide a reply with instructions? I think i just need to change the environment Info from OSX *** to the Windows *** version? e.g. envInfo = - Environment Info - Unix 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP - versionFull = (OSXPlayer) versionCreated = (OSXPlayer) @Mods, I was not sure where else to put the question, so please move if there is somewhere more appropriate.
  12. Hi all, Hopefully a 'Quick' question. If I have a CKAN installed KSP on 1.4.5, do I just use the exported .CKAN file to load those mods into say 1.6? Thanks in advance.
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