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  1. I Think Harrison Schmidt wanted mini versions of these guys to be loaded in a CSM and used for a far-side lunar mission
  2. YEAHHHHHH... You might wanna put this on hold for a while.
  3. Donated 10 GBP. I love your Station and Shuttle Mods, and I want to continue to see you making these awesome mods.
  4. Mun Bound This NEVER gets old I mean... of all the things still left to be made. The MEM/Voyager stack, would be the ultimate holy grail to see be made in a stockalike form.
  5. Just curious, will you ever upload the crafts? I love the craft files and would love to recreate them.
  6. Good to have a new Soyuz back in the game. I've been restarting another playthrough in JNSQ and I forgot how much fun this was.
  7. Personally, a MEM Lander and NERVA Tug inspired by the Space Task Group would be great, but it's all on the BDB team.
  8. Kinda pointless too. Use it on a single mission that will never be used in any other context. You're better off just simulating it by shutting down the SPS.
  9. I'll stick with KSP1 for now. I've got a 3070, and given that some systems lag on 3080s, yeah, it'll be 2-3 years before we get into the swing of things properly.
  10. Ahhh... The days when it was just an Atlas V and Explorer, then Atlas and Titan, then we begged for a Saturn I since FASA wasn't up to scratch and now... Man, it's come so far.
  11. ACK? Cool @OrbitalManeuvers What are the engines and station parts?
  12. KSP2, a game I am both anticipating so much, but at the same time... somewhat dreading it'll take years for the mods to be up to scratch with KSP1. Especially since we're in a golden era of KSP Modding
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