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  1. Revamped NLS-3 stage 1 tanks (thanks to advice from @Beale and @DylanSemrau) are now available on Github!
  2. I just pushed some new updates to Github. They include some edits to make sidemount vehicles fly better and a new stretched variant of the NLSUS-XL based on the EDS from the alternate history timeline Boldly Going. Hopefully you can use it with the 5m Shuttle-C payload shroud to launch lunar landers and deep space missions! Please let me know if the fixes to the sidemount parts work; I really appreciate your feedback.
  3. It's still a maybe. I'm prioritizing getting sidemount functional and capable of supporting heavy upper stages before any new parts.
  4. Hey y'all!! Check out the first batch new stuff in a little while. I've added color variants to the NLS-3 intertank to give some more flexibility. They are available on Github! (Images courtesy of @sporpolaka). '' In other news, I'm currently working on balancing the Shuttle-C parts and working out the kinks with that part set. I also hope to be able to provide a guide to flying sidemount vehicles in KSP. I have properly balanced the 3.125m part set, as well as fixed issues with jettisoning the payload shroud. These changes will be uploaded to Github soon. The Shuttle-C Block II with the 5m payload shroud is uncontrollable during flight when loaded with a full payload. I am still working on a solution so you can use these parts with all the upper stages, crew capsules, space probes, and lunar landers you may want.
  5. Although I haven't worked on this mod in some time, I really enjoy seeing people still using it. Keep it up!
  6. I've been getting it to. As far as I can tell you don't have to worry about it. I'm working to address it though.
  7. New first stage engine mount is available on Github! It has single, dual, and quad engine mounting options. I used it to make replicas of Magnum and Longfellow (2 SDLV proposals).
  8. FYI we will be creating a wiki page for these vehicles with all this info in the future.
  9. Maybe. I think I'll make a versatile cylindrical engine mount that can support many different engine set ups.
  10. Download RMM. Use the RM-69 "Cotopaxi". Don't use the stock or ReStock Vector; it is undersized and not configured for ORANGES parts. The RMM SSME is the right engine,
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