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  1. alright guys, gals, and non-binary pals i actually did the descriptions for this mod, however the part editor cut them short so heres the *complete* lore of how the kerbals got their hands on this new tech (will be updated for each new part) part lore by Dreamliner#4012 on discord / me here on the forums: RCS nosecone: milfree Kerman was a normal office worker at the ksc, however all that changed when he was tasked with designing a “simple” nosecone for a new rocket program called “untitled space craft” excited for this new assignment milfree immediately ran to the tv claiming it would “give him ideas”. after hours of rewatching Kerbfeld and asking his co-workers to get him food and drinks milfree finally finally got a idea. It came to him while he was suffering through a ad break. The advertisement was showing off a exercise drinking cup which the advertising claimed would keep you running back to the break room if you tried to relax. Shocked with his new idea milfree took his bosses kerbal card and ordered seventy-seven of the cups. Once delivered milfree studied and recreated the shape of the cup.. using the rest of the cups. Milfree not exactly being the best at ducktaping noticed holes at the bottom where monoprop was leaking all over his office floor. In the heat of the moment milfree claimed it wasn’t a bug it was in fact a feature and could “definitely” could be used as Rcs thrusters Gridfins: One day Milfree kerman was at the astronaut complex and “accidentally” poured liquid metal in the lunch room waffle maker, what came out made von Kerman very intrigued. Von Kerman got right at work attaching two now very rare parts called a “servo” and a “hinge” to the extra metal that found its way out of the waffle maker, once the part was attached von Kerman brought it straight to the vab, at first the kerbals thought this was a fancy way to heat up frozen waffles during reentry but sooner rather than later they came to realize that this infact killed the waffle and did not toast it, however while the kerbals sat sad and hungry after a unsuccessful lunch delivery they realized that the device actually acted like wings and helped steer the rocket back to ksc, finally the kerbals could use this device to land on Duna and cool down their iced coffee without the need for ice or a fridge Kheap-0 engine: One boring day at the office milfree was tasked with developing a new engine, his boss told him “make it small with a big punch so we don’t have to use that big vector anymore” milfree which was quite confused why he was tasked with this stumbled to the vab where he started to indulge in the premium break food the vab workers had, before he knew it he had gained 4 pounds, wasted 5 hours, gotten sick twice, and had no engine, so milfree quickly grabbed a nerva nozzle, a vector injector plate and turbo machinery, and a few nuts and bolts from a mammoth to create what he called “100% going to work 1000” which promptly exploded in his boss’s face. Milfree quickly explained that the failed test demonstrate that “funny engine go brr” and “the design only needs very small tweaks” after his many heart attacks milfree went to the local arts and crafts store for some kerb-tape and kerb-taped so much of the engine together that you can’t even tell he found the vector turbo-machinery while fishing near ksc Variant descriptions by CrtfdLvrCosta on discord: Nosecone size variant desc: XS - But Milfree Kerman's boss wanted something smaller, more precise so Milfree, looking at his half eaten sandwich said: “what if cut it in half?”, his engineers missunderstood him and instead of cutting MIL-14 in half, made it with half the dimensions thus creating the MIL-7 S - Milfree Kerman was asked to design a “simple” for a rocket called “untitled space craft”. Excited, he ran to the TV claiming that it would “give him ideas”, and it did, an ad for exercise drinking cups gave him the idea to slap it on a rocket but it was leaking. He told his boss it was a feature M - But Milfree Kerman's boss wanted something bigger, so Milfree, fed up with short duration media, told his engineers: “So we have MIL-14, what if we double it and give it to boss?”, they did it thus creating the MIL-28 L - But Milfree Kerman's boss wanted something even bigger, Milfree desperate for ideas went for a walk to refresh his mind. He came back running “I have an idea” - he shouted - “What if we make it a tree” his engineers once again missunderstood and tripled the dimensions of MIL-14 thus creating the MIL-42 XL - But Milfree Kerman's boss wanted something even bigger, better, Milfree was defeated, he had totally run out of ideas. He went home sad until he heard, from his son computer, “FOUR”, probably from some game.He came back to the KSC and quadrupled the dimensions of MIL-14 himself thus creating the MIL-56
  2. suggestion to people using this on steam, in launch options put [-no-singlethreaded ] really helps performance
  3. 100% hyped for the part customization options
  4. no prob, was busy aswell, gonna try and make a better design, looks like engine planes should help a bunch
  5. f, i did manage to get it working last night, it should work off the bat but it looks terrible, so what i did was get rid of the earth clouds (high+low+shadows) in the eve menu and i also went into the stock configs and changed body=duna to body=mars, i haven't checked mars yet but the changes i did to earth do work
  6. so now that the new eve version is out, wen configs?
  7. here's the screenshots for attempt 2, it seems the glider just needs more speed on horizontal landing and i should be able to land it https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w_Au-P9paNBXNuzXQKPrjlzGoMB8u9Ws?usp=sharing quites proud of this attempt
  8. and then i crashed after 3 circumnavigations
  9. doing another run now, edl is going well, just worried about landing
  10. no problem, i took a bunch of pics for just that, just haven't got to uploading it to imgur yet
  11. got a pretty good try, managed to circumnavigate duna before stalling and crashing
  12. January 16th 2003 cape Canaveral Florida As the crew of sts 107 drove over to the launch site Lisa Smith head of the TPS-HSE program or “Thermal Protection System Heat Sensing Experiment program” Enters the program’s control room to begin turning on the experiment with her fellow colleagues. The TPS-HSE was an experiment that was built into the shuttle’s airframe and to NASA this was an experiment that looked to not pose any risk to other mission objectives and could give valuable data on reentry and accent heating on the tps, after all venture star was going to use it for its orbital test flight in two years time. The TPS-HSE had over two thousand sensors across Columbia's wings. The experiment would tap into the Extended Duration Orbiter Pallet in Columbia’s payload bay. Lisa Smith gave the command over the big loop to turn on the experiment around the L-20 minute mark. Columbia turned on its electrical systems early to accommodate the TPS-HSE. The launch director for sts 107 continued to check system until the L-10 minute mark when then he started to focus more on making sure experiment systems where ready for flight including centaur flight systems which where crucial on bringing TDRS-F to its geostationary orbit where it would communicate to STS orbiters on their missions. Charlie Pérez commander of sts 107 was given a go to start centaur fueling door closure. The CFD or Centaur Fueling door was implemented into all the shuttle orbiters in the late 1980’s for shuttle Centaur flights that require the Centaur to be fueled through the cargo bay doors with a launch tower side fueling arm which retracts 5 minutes before liftoff. Martin polo head of NASA, Sherly Thomas the 3rd ever director of the STS program, and Bob Stevens head of Lockheed martin all met in mission control Houston to watch the launch. (above: space shuttle Columbia during max Q during sts 107) 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. “Lift off of the space shuttle Columbia on a mission to study life in space.” “Booster officer confirms good thrust on the shuttle’s two solid rocket motors.” Shortly after liftoff a foam strike was observed on Columbia by the booster officer and the strike was radioed into mission control Houston. The news got mission controllers speculative of the state of the wing but no one seemed to think it could give reason for a abort. The teams at the TPS-HSE control room saw something much different, over 400 sensors went dead which made Lisa freeze in shock that the foam strike she heard of on the big loop could have pierced the leading edge of the wing. She quickly had her teams check where the sensors that failed where and sure enough all on the leading edge of the left wing. The crew of sts-107 were still oblivious to the foam strike and asked over the nets if Houston was still receiving communications after not hearing anything since their roll program. Cap-Com told 107 that they still had good comms and they were go to throttle up. For the last 20 seconds Lisa had been frantically talking to the flight director about the mission sensors. Flight director Harrison Taylor compared data and even got the booster officer involved over the next 30 seconds.
  13. not sure how to start this but here are the basics, i started working on this because i saw a gap in alt histories. most focused on apollo and the space shuttle, or around that time range, i however wanted to look into how nasa's constellation program and ISS program could have played out differently which made me mess around with concepts for a few months and finally without double checking things leading me to just post some stuff, i hope you enjoy and criticize me because i know you will
  14. with footage of the icps staging will you update the icps to have silver foil?
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