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  1. Primary: Build a jet to explore Kerbin from the air. Fly over the water, the shores, grasslands, and highlands. Secondary: Go a little further and explore the mountains and deserts. Jeb: Fly over Kerbin's polar ice caps. Val: Circumnavigate Kerbin Tim C: Fly the length of the river to the north of Kerbin's desert.
  2. Weekly Challenge #29 Traversing a Starfield: Primary: Build a Starfield-inspired VTOL spaceship that can take off and land vertically, but fly horizontally. Show us how close of a match your Kerbals' ship is to your Starfield ship. Secondary: Successfully test your VTOL by landing it on the parking garage or VAB roof. Jeb: Land your VTOL on the Mun like it's 1999. Use main engines to cancel horizontal velocity, then ventral thrusters to soft land. Val: Use your VTOL to deploy cargo to the Munar surface (saddle trusses and cargo bays recommended!), then return to orbit. If your VTOL is a spaceplane equipped for re-entry, return it to Kerbin.
  3. Hello Kerbonauts, It's been awhile since we have sent one of our Community Highlights as Dakota has been on vacation - so I thought I would step in and share a few with everyone. It is hard to share every cool craft I have seen, but if I missed any you want to share please drop them in the comments below! Take care, until the next highlights. - Michael aka Nerdy_Mike Discord - The Space Peacock Twitter - FischiJakob Twitter - Pesterenan Twitter - The_ShadowZone Discord - Invader Zim Discord - GalaxDragon Reddit - u/suppise Forum - MadishMike Reddit - u/Kuriente Discord - Fraplu Forum - Gummel Discord - Kenny C_cat Reddit - u/blacksheepcosmo Reddit - u/Suppise Discord - Dianagearhead Forum - Heretic391 Forum - Madishmike Discord - The Space Peacock Discord - Koriolis
  4. In no particular order I wanted to add in the work in progress shots we showed at the end of the video. Thank you everyone for watching!
  5. Explore Vall: Primary: Send Val to Vall Secondary: Land on each of Vall's distinct hemispheres with the same lander in the same mission. Jeb: One of these landings should be on top of one of Vall's mountain ridges Val: The second landing should be in Vall's lake
  6. Hey everyone, We released the first ever Dev Chat video and I wanted to leave it here for everyone to view. Dev Chat Video
  7. Weekly Challenge #27: ESA Argonaut Replica Primary: Create a replica of ESA's Argonaut Moon lander (https://www.esa.int/Science_Exploration/Human_and_Robotic_Exploration/Exploration/Argonaut) Secondary: The Argonaut is designed to land a variety of payloads on the Moon. Make a creative payload for your replica to carry. Jeb: Use the Argonaut to land and deploy your payload to the surface of the Mun. Val: Use multiple Argonaut flights to land a series of Mun base components at the same site on the Mun.
  8. Caveman Challenge!Technology go too far! Rocket no need big wing, or big tank, or big fire to go space. Make simple! Only favorites tab parts allowed! Ooga level: Go space. Booga level: Go orbit. Jeb level: Go Mun. Val level: Go Duna. 'Member, only FAVORITE TAB parts! NO FANCY PARTS! Favorite Parts MK1 Command Pod Small diameter inline methalox tanks Terrier Engine Swivel Engine Hammer SRB Small stack decoupler Small radial decoupler Small rounded nose cone XS parachute
  9. This week was great. I always love seeing what people make.
  10. So many amazing crafts. I'm always blown away by the creativity in the Community.
  11. Weekly Challenge #25 Kerbolar Probe Challenge:Primary: Build a replica of the Parker Solar Probe. Don't forget your heat shield! Secondary: Place your probe into a Kerbolar orbit with an apoapsis below 1Gm. Jeb: Take advantage of Eve gravity assists to lower your probe's orbit as much as possible. Val: Use a Jool gravity assist to establish a low Kerbolar periapsis, then gravity assist off Eve and Kerbin to lower your apoapsis. How looooow can you goooooo
  12. New Horizons Challenge: Primary: Build a replica of the New Horizons, Voyager, or Pioneer extrasolar probes. Secondary: Launch your replica on a hyperbolic trajectory. Achieve Kerbolar escape velocity! Jeb: Your extrasolar probe must take advantage of a Jool gravity assist. Val: After the Jool gravity assist, flyby Eeloo on your way out of the Kerbolar system.
  13. We've seen you add more boosters, but how well can you subtract more boosters? Primary: Stylishly decouple at least four radial boosters simultaneously from an orbit-bound rocket. Keyword stylish. We want pretty pictures. Secondary: Stylishly decouple at least six radial boosters split across at least two stages (fuel crossfeed encouraged) Jeb: Yo, we heard Jeb likes decoupling boosters, so we need you to decouple boosters from your decoupled boosters so you can stage while you stage. Val: Perform any of the above while launching from a celestial body other than Kerbin.
  14. Hello Kerbonauts Challenge: VTHL Build a VTHL, a spaceplane that launches vertically from the launch pad and lands horizontally on the runway. Primary: Launch a small MK1 or MK2-sized kerbaled spaceplane atop a booster rocket (e.g. Dreamchaser, Dyna-Soar, X-37), orbit Kerbin, and land on the KSC runway Secondary: Launch a large MK3 kerbaled spaceplane mounted to the side of its launch vehicle (e.g. Space Shuttle, Buran) and land it on the KSC runway Jeb: Launch and land an SSTO VTHL (e.g. X-33/Venture Star) Val: Transport a space station module into orbit with your SSTO VTHL and land on the runway. Then deliver a second module to the station on a second flight. Good luck
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