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  1. Weekly Challenge #36: Rover Race Next Challenge is a Rover Race! No levels for this one; just post your best time! Rules: Start at Runway R's south taxiway's crosswalk and race around the entire runway, back to the crosswalk (see map). Your vehicle may use any propulsion method, including detachable boosters or other expendable parts... But your active, kerbal-piloted vessel must not leave the ground. Your vehicle must not leave the pavement or touch grass.
  2. Weekly Challenge #35: Land on Laythe Primary: Land a kerbal anywhere on Laythe Secondary: Land a spaceplane safely on one of Laythe's islands Jeb: The spaceplane must be an SSTO that can return to Laythe orbit Val: Return the Spaceplane to Kerbin and land it at the KSC
  3. Same. Last time I caught my hand so I tend to just paint now lol Of course. Hope you have fun with them
  4. I'll be looking for your pumpkin haha Can't wait to see it!
  5. For this Halloween we made some Kerbal stencils for you to enjoy. We can't wait to see the Kerpumpkins you'll carve!
  6. It's Friday the 13th of Spooky Month! Weekly Challenge #34: Get Spooky Primary: Make us a creepy Halloween-themed rocket! Secondary: Launch it into orbit Jeb: Land it on the Mun or Minmus Val: Land it on any other celestial body
  7. Challenge #33: Land on Tylo Primary: Land a kerbal or probe on the surface of Tylo. Secondary: Land a kerbal on Tylo, plant a flag, and return them safely to Kerbin. Jeb: Plant flags in both the highland and lowland regions of Tylo in the same mission. Val: As above, but capture into the Jool system with a Jool aerobrake maneuver.
  8. October 4th is the anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite! Weekly Challenge #32: Sputnik 1 Primary: Build a replica of the Sputnik 1 satellite. Sounds simple, but see how detailed you can get! Secondary: Launch your Sputnik 1 replica into orbit around Kerbin. Jeb: Launch it on a replica of the R-7 rocket. Val: Launch your replica into Sputnik 1's historical orbit: Periapsis 215km, Apoapsis 940km, Inclination 65 degrees.
  9. Keep an eye out this Friday for our latest KSP2 Dev Chat in which Nate will be talking with Senior Engineer David Tregoning about wobbliness!
  10. Always love to see all of the creativity from players
  11. I'll hop in and say it isn't related. We do have some other informative pieces "coming soon, actually soon" were my words on Discord
  12. Weekly Challenge #31: Land on Ike Primary: Land on Ike. Secondary: Land on Ike and return safely to Kerbin. Jeb: As before, land in the caldera of one of Ike's dormant volcanoes. Val: As before, but capture into the Duna system with a Duna aerobrake maneuver.
  13. Primary: Build a jet to explore Kerbin from the air. Fly over the water, the shores, grasslands, and highlands. Secondary: Go a little further and explore the mountains and deserts. Jeb: Fly over Kerbin's polar ice caps. Val: Circumnavigate Kerbin Tim C: Fly the length of the river to the north of Kerbin's desert.
  14. Weekly Challenge #29 Traversing a Starfield: Primary: Build a Starfield-inspired VTOL spaceship that can take off and land vertically, but fly horizontally. Show us how close of a match your Kerbals' ship is to your Starfield ship. Secondary: Successfully test your VTOL by landing it on the parking garage or VAB roof. Jeb: Land your VTOL on the Mun like it's 1999. Use main engines to cancel horizontal velocity, then ventral thrusters to soft land. Val: Use your VTOL to deploy cargo to the Munar surface (saddle trusses and cargo bays recommended!), then return to orbit. If your VTOL is a spaceplane equipped for re-entry, return it to Kerbin.
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