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  1. @blackrack doing Blackrack things! And as always, they are
  2. I came here to type up something from the same point of view, thank you for doing the typing for me! o7 KSP 1 was lightning-in-a-bottle and trying to force recreate this for nostalgia isn't the way to go IMO. The KSP community has evolved significantly since KSP was first introduced and KSP 2 should blaze it's own, new trail. I don't want wobbly rockets for the sake of just having wobbly rockets, if this happens, I'll likely stop playing. I'd rather see rockets come apart from poor design choices or flight profiles like high AoA and dynamic pressure creating sheering forces that RUD the rocket.
  3. I like the story telling! You could put this all together into a Kerbal themed digital comic.
  4. Great write up and makes a lot of sense to standardize under "metholox" fuel type to appeal to a larger player base and let modders get into the nitty-gritty for those seeking hyper realism. And of course those engines shown are drool worthy!
  5. No one knows for certain yet, but you can make a fair guess, since they are planning on releasing a console version for PS5 and XBOX X/S (after full release on PC) - I would expect the PC equivalent of those console specs to be near the minimum requirements.
  6. Wings mean aircraft and spaceplanes! I'd love to see a dev update on the aerodynamics for KSP 2! Will the editors still act as rudimentary wind tunnels as they do in KSP 1? And I would still love to make some of the "stock" aircraft for KSP 2!
  7. @Nertea I can't express enough how happy I am that you are on the KSP 2 team! \o/ And thank you for all the work you put into your mods for KSP 1! This work looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on KSP 2 and see first hand what's in store!!
  8. BDB is one of my favorite rocket mods, the details are outstanding! And has more parts than you'll know what to do with! Well done Team @CobaltWolf! Pair this with @AlphaMensae's awesome Launchpads mod for maximum immersion!
  9. @ensou04 This is one of the first mods I always install for another go at KSP. Great sound is one of those things that many overlook, but has such a dramatic affect on immersion and gameplay satisfaction. As always, well done!
  10. @JPLRepo Thank you, Sir for all that you have given to the community all these years!
  11. Nailed it first try! https://clips.twitch.tv/KnottyCreativeCatTwitchRaid-vroDRqu7XRMsXyA2 Received a response from the official NASA Twitter on it - which is pretty cool!
  12. This is one of those items that you didn't know you needed until you see it! This will really help with those niche creations or when creating a Kerbalized analogue of a real craft! Well done @JadeOfMaar
  13. That is so awesome! This makes my hear pump cartoon style for KSP 2!!! \o/
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