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  1. Nothing I can do about it, the Cape is scaled for vessels while KSRSS is not
  2. Motivation for this era is coming back, a return is soon with a new format. The format will include months long time skips with story and missions from that time instead of one mission per post, NSoD is not dead!
  3. There is a huge lack of any modern pads besides Starship, I can't see the point in making it.
  4. Some pictures of the new Inline Shuttle C Payload Carrier, angled Shuttle C nose cone, and payload bay length switches.
  5. Skylab 18 | SLM-17 | STS-28 | October 3 - 11 | 1985 Columbia Strikes Back! Orbiter: OV-102 | Columbia Columbia returns to flight after nearly 2 years of being down due to orbiter mantience and major modifications to the orbiter some of those major modifications include the removal of HRSI tiles on the payload bay of the orbiter, and an STILS pod (an infrared camera for observing reentry heating on the orbiter). The removal of HRSI on the payload bay reduces weight, complexity, and turnaround time for Columbia, Challenger will also eventually get these modifications. This mission will be an oridinary visit to the station to perform various science experiments. With Space Shuttle Columbia being part of the orbiters capable of visiting Skylab again, flight rate in the Skylab program will increase. Space Shuttle Unity (OV-104) however will not get the modifications (APAS-75 Docking adapter) needed to visit the station as the orbiter will need to keep a payload bay with all its space available for missions that need it. Liftoff of Columbia as she rises again on her return to the Skylab program. Luna Roll program complete! Solid booster sep External Tank Sep Columbia opens her doors. Rendezvous burn to Skylab. Columbia nearing Skylab Docking Approach Soft dock Hard dock to Skylab, the crew will now remain at the station for days performing sciences from ESA, USA, and other partners. Columbia undocks from the station landing at KSC hours later.
  6. Should be able to search them on NTRS or Archive.org and find them, I have no idea where I placed the documents lol The ones I use were made by a friend, can't remember the link for the ones you're talking about
  7. Skylab 17 | SLM-16 | STS-26 | August 25 - September 2 | 1985 Orbiter: OV-099 | Challenger Challenger starts it off with a return to Skylab, on this mission after Challenger docks with Skylab, the crew will deploy a second Spacelab module and remotely free-fly it and dock it to the MDIM port on Skylab. This module is similar to the previously attached Spacelab module (built and modified by ESA for long-term stay in space) but half the size and with a Spacelab Pallet (SLP) permanently attached to the module. This Spacelab Experiment module is equipped with many different science kits built in countries across Europe, two of the main science kits on the SLP contain a new Telescope with similar imaging to the Hubble Telescope to replace the aging Apollo Telescope Mount and an Earth observation camera. This Spacelab was chosen to be free-flown due to the risks of TRS being around hardware and poor attachment methods. Martin Marietta has proposed their station design for the future Space Station naming it "Shuttle Derived Vehicle Space Station (SDV)" This design takes aspects gained from Skylab, uses an ET Derived module as the core of the station with propellant storage for Centaurs, and a hangar based on the future Skylab truss for orbit assembly. Martin Marietta stated this station can be completed by 1995, a very optimistic time as Skylab is expected to end its program then. With more news from Martin Marietta, the company has produced a slightly modified External Tank with retro SRMs for deorbiting after being left in a circular orbit unlike normal launches, this ET will help with plans for ET reuse and Aft Cargo Carrier, and it is likely to fly on the first Shuttle launch from Vandenberg SLC-6 next year. Challenger rises again for her trip to Skylab SSME gimbal Liftoff! Tower cleared and roll program! Solid Rocket Booster separation The Spacelab module and its instruments are visible while Challenger opens her payload bay doors Dark side while awaiting Skylab arrival Approaching the docking node Challenger hard docks to Skylab Preparing to release the Spacelab module "It looks strange seeing it fly on its own like that" Free-flying king Soft dock with Skylab Skylab with her two Spacelab modules Instrument deployment Challenger departs After departing from Skylab, Challenger returned home landing at Kennedy Space Center
  8. Thank you for this! been needing something like this for ages, absolutely perfect.
  9. It's cool but won't be happening, 1987 will be interesting surrounding that topic so watch out
  10. This was my last thought of a vehicle but during this period of Reagan, I don't think it's possible
  11. Although it's cool, with limited funding and no options to buy flights from others until the mid 90s there is very very little chance of an ACRV happening at least for Skylab
  12. Skylab 16 | SLM-15 | STS-24 | June 17 - 27 | 1985 Orbiter: OV-103 | Discovery With Discovery's first flight in the Skylab program ending in high success, she is ready to take to the skies again for another mission to Skylab. On this mission, Discovery's crew will deploy a TRS (Teleoperator Retrieval System) based satellite into orbit attached to an IUS stage and dock to Skylab to perform sciences and experiments days later. In other developments, the airlock intended to be attached to the Skylab station in 1986 has faced problems and has been pushed back to 1987 and SRB-X is promised to launch in 1989. Due to the publics' previous worry with Apollo 13 and Apollo era Skylab missions and the current goals of NASA to send crew onboard Skylab for months without an escape vehicle docked at the station with Shuttle launches for crew rotations, many are raising safety concerns around this however, NASA states it is a simpler, more efficient and cheaper option. Discovery as she awaits her launch. Discovery nearing liftoff time. Liftoff of Discovery! Ascent and SRB sep Roll over ET sep Discovery's doors open revealing the IUS stage IUS erected and ready for deployment IUS deployment TRS based satellite gliding on IUS awaiting solid ignition. Ignition TRS based satellite deployment Rendezvous burn to Skylab Discovery approaching her station Soft docking Hard lock and dock to Skylab's MDIM adapter Skylab in her new position of pointing the forward APAS unit down towards Earth Skylab seen with her new coat Discovery undocks from Skylab Discovery lands at Edwards Air Force Base and finishes off another mission.
  13. Thanks I have already seen these but I will give them a read again! still have only seen the ET used as a tech demo on Skylab and not a hangar
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