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Found 6 results

  1. No Shortage of Dreams Intro: For around 3 months I have spent a lot of time researching the Skylab program and procrastinating about what an alternative history of Skylab would've looked like if it went right. This will be my own take based on what I love and dozens of studies, PDFs, concepts, etc from the various space agencies/companies pitched for Skylab, mainly the Reuse Study by McDonnel Douglas and the Power Tower studies by Lockheed. It will focus mainly on Skylab being a S&D station and extended by the Space Shuttle. The thread will contain 1 mission per post containing KSP Screenshots and diagrams. Thanks: @Talverd For their help with certain ideas, pure support, and the main inspiration for all of this, and please check out their fantastic "Chasing Dreams" alternative history. @Kuiper_Belt With their Incredible Shuttle Adventures The Beginning. Skylab 1 and Skylab 2 (SLM-1) wait on their respected pads. May 14th 1973. Mission List Skylab 1 - Finished Skylab 2 / SLM-1 - Finished Skylab 3 / SLM-2 - Finished Skylab 4 / SLM-3 - Finished Skylab 5 / SLM-4 / TRS-1 - Finished Skylab 6 / SLM-5 / STS-2 - Finished Skylab 7 / SLM-6 / STS-5 - Finished Skylab 8 / SLM-7 / STS-6 - Finished Skylab 9 / SLM-8 / STS-7 - Finished Skylab 10 / SLM-9 / STS-12 - Finished Skylab 11 / SLM-10 / STS-14 - Finished Skylab 12 / SLM-11 / STS-16 - Finished Skylab 13 / SLM-12 / STS-18 - Finished Skylab 14 / SLM-13 / STS-21 - Finished Skylab 15 / SLM-14 / STS-22 - Finished Skylab 16 / SLM-15 STS-24 - Finished
  2. Introduction: In summary, this is a alt-history scenario where the Apollo program didn't lose any public attention leading to it's demise, and managed to live long enough to go beyond to moon. Apollo 10 Apollo-10 Sitting on LC-39A, May 18th 1969, Crew are Eugene Cernan, Tom Stafford & John Young. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ,5 ,4, Ignition. 3, 2 ,1. Liftoff & Tower Cleared of Apollo-10. Roll Program Complete. S-IC Separation. S-II Separation. Apollo-10 Getting ready for TLI. Trans Lunar Injection Burn. Lunar Approach. Lunar Capture Burn. "Snoopy" Getting ready for descent burn. I Image Taken by Eugene Cernarn. Image Taken by CSM Pilot John Young Snoopy is disposed off. Time to go home. Re-entry. Drogue Chute's Deployed. Main Chute's Deployed. Splashdown of Apollo-10. That Concludes Apollo-10, Apollo-11 Should be posted soon.
  3. Intro I've always been intrigued by Post-Apollo concepts and alternate timelines including AAP (Apollo Applications Program) and others like David S. F. Portree's NSOD's timeline and Eyes Turned Skywards; So I wondered what would Apollo look like in a modern setting based around mid to late 90s This timeline won't just include Apollo (which I will have my own take on), it will also include other things like Space stations and uncrewed missions and so on Note: This alternate timeline takes place in the Tempus System - A part of the Beyond Home mod by @Gameslinx Main Inspiration @TruthfulGnome's Awesome No Shortage Of Dreams Skylab Alternative History @Jay The Amazing Toaster's Kānāwai: Ares To Mars @Talverd's Chasing Dreams Alternative History Shuttle Timeline nik "hound" proxima on Twitter for the title name suggestion, Check out their Proxima AH as well https://twitter.com/defconlove?t=nb89xicwfRXQ-tXG6DQ-zw&s=09 And The Mod Creators who contributed to the parts used in my builds
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The driving force behind humanity's initial urge to explore the cosmos was a primitive reaction out of fear and a display of power. It was humanity's exhibition of deimatic behavior, one nation merely showing off its power to inspire fear in a rival nation. It was not out of a desire to explore the ethereal worlds across the void; it was instead a brutish, arrogant cry of "I am better than you." However, Kerbalkind is not a warlike species. This is in a sense both a blessing and a curse. In one sense the drive to explore space would be out of sheer curiosity and wonder at the lights in the sky. However, without the ubiquitous fear of failure and war on the horizon, any program toward cosmic exploration would lack the support and interest of fellow Kerbals. Instead of a reckless race to space, it would be more of a saunter. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings Such thoughts were percolating in the mind of Raymond Kerman as he gazed into the sky on a warm summer night. Well, nights were always warm and, for that matter, always summer where Raymond was from. He took a slow sip from the glass he was holding and closed his eyes, savoring the serenity. Crack-THUD! A wave of compressed air shot the contents of Raymond's glass all over his face, accompanied by the diminishing sound of a decelerating supersonic plane. Lawrence was almost twenty minutes early. An invisible black shape descended onto the bare strip of ground on a tiny island in the Effem Sea. "Thanks for letting me borrow Petunia," said Lawrence as he dismounted from the cockpit. "She's real speedy. Got everything delivered in plenty of time." "Yeh mhm," Raymond mentally sized up the storage bay. "Lawrence, you ever think about what's up in the sky past all the clouds and birds? You ever wonder what Kerbol is or whether the moon is really made of toothpaste?" "No, why?" "I think I'm gonna try and figure it out." The entirety of the next morning was scheduled to be free of flights, so the airstrip would be empty of planes and people. It was a bright, sunny morning with high visibility and little chance of rain or winds. In fact, zero chance of rain or winds, the same as every other day. Raymond climbed into the cockpit of the Petunia, slowly chewing a breakfast bagel and considering what he was about to do to his old desktop computer, which was currently crammed into the storage compartment. With a couple of modified fireworks strapped to the side of course. As the plane ascended, the light of Kerbol and the orange glare of compressed plasma shone right into Raymond's never-blinking eyes. He'd gotten used to it. Raymond aimed the Petunia high into the sky, sending it much higher than it was intended to fly. He hoped the trip wouldn't damage the engine or any of the control surfaces. Nah, if it had survived Lawrence's flying; it'd definitely survive this. The clouds, like little foamy ripples spread all the way to the horizon, and the sea was as peaceful and blue as ever. The control felt weirdly fluid this high in the sky. Everything was delayed, as if the plane was drunk or had just woken up, two things Raymond's green brain had never experienced. Once the air got too thin for the engine to breath, Raymond cut the throttle and let the plane coast up to the peak of its flight. At that point, he opened the storage bay and pushed a button, sending his makeshift probe hurtling into the sky. As the probe flew higher than any Kerbal had flown before, Raymond pulled out his phone he had paired to his computer webcam. What he saw nearly blew his mind and would cause fierce anytime he brought up the subject in conversation. What in the great green grandma of grass? Kerbin was clearly round. He'd for sure have to investigate this further. However, one problem presented itself: Raymond didn't have another old computer he could launch into space to land somewhere in the Effem Sea. The computer he currently owned was kind of important. As he coasted back to the airfield, an idea struck him. He could go to space himself. With the proper equipment of course. When Raymond had landed, he immediately called up Lawrence. "Hey Lawrence, you busy tomorrow? I just don't feel like the Petunia is fast enough. Wanna help with a project?" "Yeah, definitely! I'll be over at 3:30." "Ok see you then! By the way, Kerbin is round." "What?"
  5. "Rewriting History" Intro to series: Rewriting History is a series that I've been working on for the past few months, posting mostly on my instagram account and posting highlights on twitter, however a few twitter users inspired me to take my series here, the main focus of this thread is to cover all the major events and/or launches from the begining in 1966 to the current point in 1984. The premise of the series is that the first manned Lunar landing happens in 1966 with Apollo 8 instead of Apollo 11, the public interest for spaceflight grows even after the first few mission to the moon. After, what was supposed to be the vietnam war, doesn't happen, in 1969 NASA budget sees a huge increase and continues to rise through the years, as the world begins to focus more on spaceflight over military conflicts money get poured into space agencies all around the world. This series still is in full swing and should continue for quite a while, as I haven't reached Mars yet... I will be redoing most of the mission from 1966 to 1979 and the rest of them will come from my Instagram account untill I catch up to 1984 on here.... I've taken inspiration from quite a few different sources for this series. These include: @Talverd with his chasing dreams alternative history TruthfulGnome l with the skylab alt history Eyes turned skyward and Boldly Going Mission list as of 1984 Mod list:
  6. Welcome to this new post, in wich i am gonna narrate the troubles and discoveries of a new worldwide space agency, formed after WW2, wich combines USA, USSR and Europe technologies, in their objective to explore space "in peace for all mankind": they are the International Space Agency, the ISA. Obviusly all in RSS RO RP1.
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