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  1. the tower sure, but i have modular launch pads and the mobile launcher the part the shuttle is actually standing on is way different
  2. how is the cargo version of dragon 2 supposed to de orbit with no super dracos? im not sure im in just being stupid or not lmao
  3. is there a guide for if i actually want to BUILD the ISS or freedom, like piece by piece?
  4. if you have the mod the srbs come from (photoncorp) then you can as long as you dont use modular launch pads
  5. there needs to be a parachute solution because currently we have to use bad looking stock parachutes kks space x pack does very good with this but that mod dosent have any inventory and the dragon capsules are huge
  6. is there any way to add breaking ground inventory system to the dragon capsule?
  7. i have this ekopernicus error about an exception in the ruling or someting like that i have the latest version of the mod it worked fine on 1.12.3 but broke when 1.12.4 came out and now EVEN IF i downgrade my game it will still not work
  8. i meant to place it in the thread for the one thats out
  9. because of the newest update 1.12.4 the mod is broken because kopernicus is not working for this version and downgrading only makes this worse and solutions? either the game wont load into the space center new or old game or it will load but you can only enter certain buildings you cant leave them and you cant leave to menu. ive tried for so long since the update trying to get this to work and im out of luck. any help will be extremely appreciated.
  10. being this is artemis construction kit will there be gateway parts?
  11. i cant compress it into a file format that it will accept. Github only accepts .ZIP files and i can only compress it as a .rar or a .7zip
  12. the log cant be uploaded to github its "too large" and if i try to paste the text the webpage crashes
  13. will an image work? [ERR 20:31:45.244] [ModuleBdbCutDrogue] ModuleParachute not found on part Kane-11 Drogue Parachute [LOG 20:31:48.581] bluedog.Apollo.DrogueChute added to ship - part count: 3 [ERR 20:31:58.865] [ModuleBdbCutDrogue] ModuleParachute not found on part Kane-11 Main Parachute [LOG 20:32:01.589] bluedog.Apollo.MainChute added to ship - part count: 4 heres the part of my log that is relevant for the drogue and main chutes pretty sure this also is a thing for all the blue dog chutes and the artemis construction kit chutes if needed i can send the full log
  14. im on the latest veim+rsion of BDB and the paracutes are broken i have realchute and ive tried it without but it shows the stowed and deployed model and im pretty sure the game dosent recognize them as parachutes might also be an issue for other mods but i know for sure its an issue with BDB
  15. any plans on making a ET and decoupler for shuttle and include it in SOCK so we can abandon REDirect?
  16. its a replacement foor the orion in redirect allthough the old orion from re direct stays in the gaame what parts did you use for the core and what part do you use for the interstage
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