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  1. Hi, reDIRECT and the Shuttle are balanced around using LH2 - if you use LFO instead (which is much denser) you will either end up with a craft that’s much too heavy to liftoff or has way too much delta-V than necessary. Already the balance with LH2 is much too high for a stock scale system. With LFO tanks you could probably get a shuttle out to Duna or something crazy. Given the purpose of these mods is to recreate real spacecraft with a slightly more realistic edge than is common in KSP I’m not really interested in supporting something which messes with the balance so much. I’m sure it’d be pretty easy to add a custom patch to switch the fuel types but I’d really recommend playing with LH2. It really won’t affect the rest of your gameplay much at all.
  2. Watch this space I definitely want to include some more payload stuff to give a bit more variety.
  3. You can definitely dock a vessel to itself, I’ve done it many times but others have reported the same issue. I think the angle snaps may be causing some problems for some people so I may tweak that.
  4. Plume party is a dependency for this mod - the RCS effects are from plume party, so if you remove that, you aren't going to get any effects. Likewise RealPlume is probably the culprit for the OMS engine plumes. RealPlume isn't currently supported by this mod. The third issue is not a bug, but is down to how KSP handles translation controls relative to the control point, and is not specific to this mod. You would get the same result if you set up a stock shuttle in the way the supplied craft file for this mod is and then tried to fly controlling from the docking port. The parts in this mod have multiple RCS modules per part so that you're able to enable/disable thrusters on certain axes. This makes it easier to avoid thrusters firing when they shouldn't when translating, which would induce torque and unintended translation. However, this is all relative to the orientation of the part you're controlling from. So the thrusters pointing forwards on the cockpit are no longer considered to be pointing forwards when you control from the docking port, since this is oriented 90 degrees from the cockpit's orientation. There are two solutions to this - you can either dock controlling from the cockpit by eye (or from the IVA - the view from the aft flight deck windows is ideal for docking), or you can enable advanced tweakables, and adjust the actuation toggles yourself in flight. You could also just set all the RCS thrusters to fire in any orientation, although this will make the shuttle harder to control precisely and also use fuel faster, as you'll have additional thrusters firing.
  5. How are you aligning the separation nosecones? They shouldn’t point directly into the stack, but should be at around a 45 degree angle, so that they push the boosters both out and down (away from the orbiter). I’ve never had issues with them exploding the ET due to overheating even with them pointed right at it - I suspect that if you’re missing separation rockets on the bottom of the SRBs, they may not quite be clearing the stack properly and be pivoting into and colliding with the ET, causing it to explode. The flight log will be able to tell you whether it’s overheating or colliding.
  6. Hi all, Continuing my series of updates on the future of my mods. Go read my latest post in HabTech2 for a detailed explanation of my overall plans. Basically, the next update of this mod will be the last. Here's what it'll add: - IUS cradle - PAM cradle - A few other payload structural bits - Orbiter boom system - Canadarm2 - A few fun things I'm not looking for feature requests at this time. I will continue to maintain the mod after I consider it finished to ensure it always works with the latest version of KSP1. Many thanks for your understanding, Benjee10
  7. Hi all, If you haven't seen my latest update in the HabTech2 thread, you should give it a read as it explains my intentions going forward. TLDR: I'm planning on soft-retiring from KSP modding for a lot of reasons, but before I do that I want to bring everything up to scratch over the next couple of months. What that means for reDIRECT: - General polish of art assets & cfgs - Addition of emissives and a few other bits and pieces for engines - Addition of some long-needed texture variants - ICPS/DCSS 2.5m variant - SLS exploration upper stage - Orion IVA That is all I have planned. The next update will be the last for this mod. Unfortunately this means RS-68/Delta IV stuff will fall my the wayside. I simply don't have the time or energy to embark on a project like that. Hope you all understand.
  8. Hi all, First off, I've just been on vacation and am still away from my PC, so it will be a while before I get to check out any bug reports for any of my mods. I just wanted to provide a little update as to what my plans are going forward. For me and many other modders, the announcement of KSP2 has really put a bit of a spanner in the works. I'm extremely excited to play it, but I must admit that when it was announced it pretty much instantly killed any motivation I had to continue modding KSP1, and as it stands, I don't intend to continue being a mod maker for KSP2 when it does release. I have a number of reasons for this. I've been modding KSP for around 5 years now, and it's safe to say that it's been a pretty big part of my life - probably the hobby that has taken up the most of my free time. I've loved every minute of it, and that's in no small part down to the fantastic community that this game has. However, it's gotten to a point now where I'm looking to move on. I have a full time job now, and on top of that I'm trying to break into the film industry here in the UK, which in itself is no small task. I'm at a point where I have very little free time on my hands, and I want to use it to the maximum possible effect. I have several short films I'm trying to get produced, as well as a feature film script in the works, and I'm also learning to drive and trying to pick up freelance film gigs in the process. That doesn't leave a lot of time for KSP, and it feels especially wrong to dedicate so much time to it when the community that uses my mods is inevitably going to dry up to some degree and move on to another game in the near future. Before I went away it was pretty much my intention to quit entirely and immediately. However, I've thought about it, and I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet. I'm not comfortable leaving my work unfinished, and I have one other (quite small) mod idea that I've been wanting to execute for a long time. My intention is, over the next few months, to gradually phase out my modding work, bring everything up to a point I'm happy with, and let it be. I will release one more mod which will be my last for this game. I'll continue to provide basic support afterwards, and intend to maintain my existing mods once they're finished and ensure that they always work for the latest KSP1 version - but once I say they're done, they're done, and I won't be adding anything more to them. What that means basically is that the next update of HabTech will be version 1.0, and it will be the last to add any new content. My plan for the next update is follows: - Add Habitation Module & Centrifuge Module - Add structural adapters - Overall polish of art & configs - Very basic IVA implementation for all parts (likely using Nert's props pack) - A couple of other bits and pieces Unfortunately I will not be taking any feature requests for this update and nor do I plan to expand this list. I'll be posting similar updates on my other mod threads. I am not looking for anyone to adopt/maintain any of my mods and they will remain All Rights Reserved until I state otherwise. Many thanks for your understanding, Benjee10
  9. Have a read of the manual in the OP - it gives pretty detailed instructions of how to fly the shuttle manually or using MechJeb. You need to make use of PVG and the cockpit’s adjustable control point for smoothest results.
  10. Not sure I’m afraid. Do you have module manager installed? Looks like it could be an issue with the optional extra for the Columbia-style wing strake texture.
  11. Doable roll on the SSMEs, control point set to -15 degrees, and take it slow. SSMEs having roll control can cause instability for some reason.
  12. FAR is almost certainly the cause of this - I haven’t tested it with FAR, but given the magnitude of the changes it makes to aero I’d expect that to cause major performance changes both on ascent and reentry. I don’t know much about SSRSS, but if you’re looking for an alternative, more realistic system to play in JNSQ is beautiful and plays really well with the shuttle.
  13. What other mods do you have installed? The only thing I can think of is some conflict changing either the atmosphere or fuel density. The shuttle is balanced so that it’s far more likely to suffer over-stability (i.e. inability to pitch up) over loss of control.
  14. Unfortunately there’s no way of binding the control point switch to action groups - I wish you could, but this is a feature request you’d need to take up with squad. You’re not making the shuttle tail-heavy per se, just bringing the CoM back far enough to maintain control authority. If it’s too far forward you lose the ability to pitch up, which is fairly crucial to a shuttle and at high AoAs, the CoM can slip ahead of the CoL and cause loss of control.