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  1. Has no effect, the mod works fine in the latest version aside from the known solar array spawn bug. I’m only updating when that’s fixed and I have new content to add.
  2. Interesting - I've not encountered this. Under what circumstances does this happen? What other mods are installed?
  3. Yup, a bunch of tunnel/airlock/adapter parts are planned along with other parts to make payload mounting easier. For now you might get serviceable results with a 1.25m crew tube offset into the cockpit. I appreciate it's not an ideal solution, but it's at least a workable solution until I get some time to model these parts.
  4. I’ve seen quite a few people have this issue but the ports definitely be at the correct angle, so I suspect the game just isn’t a fan of angle restrictions on same vessel docking in certain scenarios. I’d imagine it treats things slightly differently to a scenario with two separate vessels.
  5. That’d be awesome. I always wanted to provide RPM comparability but just don’t have the time to embark on something like that. Let me know if you need anything from me. You can toggle same vessel interaction as of a couple of versions ago I think. Some people are having issues with the angle snap on the grapple fixture, so I’m intending to remove that next update - it seems to make things a bit too finicky docking the arm to payloads on the same vessel. If you remove those lines from the config you might have a big more luck.
  6. I’m aware of this issue and am working on a fix. It’s probably gonna take a while... weird bug.
  7. No glaring errors that I'm aware of! Will probably shoot you a PM after the next update just to clarify a few things. Might be good to have some explanations of specific parts is the only thing I'm thinking, I see a lot of people struggling with the truss connectors in particular and a more specific guide might be useful there. Will add that to the list, I can definitely see the utility of that. Would probably need a little remodeling of the SARJ to make it work as a separate part.
  8. Probably because I haven't documented it properly Hopefully when it's in a near-complete state I'll put together a little build guide.
  9. This is a commonly reported bug I'm aware of and that will be fixed in the next release. It's literally a typo in a configuration file. Luckily doesn't have any real effect so you can play normally. If anything I would avoid using the 'Bearing' variant of the truss connector port as it may be that some transforms are not loading in properly. The only major difference between 0.2.0 and 0.2.1 is that 0.2.1 has an IVA for the Cupola module. There are a few other tweaks and changes but nothing massive. Both are 'stable' but 0.2.1 isn't a public release as it doesn't have a complete set of features for that phase. So for instance some things may be implemented on some parts but not others.
  10. Yes, and I do plan to add Canadarm2 which will be powered by robotics in the same way, but again that's used for construction. There's no real reason to have the Kibo arm be actually functional and it would be a big drain on part count - so I guess animated in the best way to go? But then it just becomes a piece of decoration, unless I give it a science experiment but that might seem a bit strange.
  11. You can’t mount anything directly to the solar truss by design, as it will be left behind when the truss rotates to track the sun. To manoeuvre it into place you’ll need to use node attach. I noticed that bug earlier, it’s something which happened in previous versions but thought I’d fixed, I can’t quite remember what causes it so if anyone has any info that’d save me a lot of trial and error...
  12. The Japanese Experiment Module is finally getting its Exposed Facility: Mount will be switchable. Experiment packages will be separate parts. Haven't decided what to do about the robotic arm yet! This will hopefully be part of an update to feature the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, External Stowage Platforms/Logistics Carriers, and a bunch of little greeblies (antennas etc.) that we've been missing.
  13. Those look like normal map errors, like the normal map is not being loaded or is being read incorrectly. I know in 1.8 they changed shader behavior slightly which was causing this on some parts in reDIRECT (which I have now fixed), but I wasn't getting this error on HabTech parts testing in 1.8. Can I ask if you are using the version from SpaceDock or GitHub? The GitHub version is more up to date so I'm wondering if it persists there, or is just down to outdated files in the SpaceDock release.
  14. In this mod Plume Party provides the FX for the RCS plumes - Plume Party's main purpose is to provide FX configs for rocket engines etc. In that sense there may well be conflicts between it and RealPlume, though as far as I know the bundled version of Plume Party shouldn't be affecting anything but the Shuttle's RCS FX. It's not something I've tested. I think the version included is now quite outdated so I'll be reviewing that for the next update.