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  1. The KerboArm2 parts are for Canadarm2 (predictably enough!) but they aren't textured yet. I was using them to test out the new robotics initially. They should all be functional, so if you fancy testing them out (albeit untextured) you can un-comment the PART node in the configs (warranty void etc. etc.)
  2. Every time someone asks when this gets updated I break another part jk, I appreciate that quite a few people are eager to play with it which is nice, but as others have said I have quite a bit on my plate right now so this is a ‘it’s done when it’s done’ kind of deal.
  3. Radiators on the payload bay use the mapped shader which isn’t supported in earlier version.
  4. This is probably because the solar panels use the mapped shaders which were introduced long after 1.4.5. I’d imagine the game isn’t able to load them because of this.
  5. Sounds like a mod conflict. What KSP version & what other mods do you have installed?
  6. Great screenshots. Love the use of (I assume) conformal decals to add stuff like the rescue sign! I'm afraid I have no plans to support KSP versions prior to 1.8.
  7. 1 has been asked a lot. Make sure all the robotic joints in the arm are locked at launch and set an autostrut on one of the arm parts (end effector works best), and/or turn on same vessel interaction. Can you elaborate on 2? Don’t think anyone else has reported this. The manual goes into some detail about reentry and landing but it varies depending on what scale you are playing at. Part of it will be trial and error. Atmospheric Autopilot makes the landing itself a lot smoother.
  8. 51 years ago today, Kerbals walked on the Mun for the first time... OR DID THEY? Exclusive new evidence shows that the Mun landing was in fact filmed by Stanley Kerman on a sound stage.... on Dres! With Apollo Recreation Kit, you too can recreate the iconic Apollo missions the way they actually happened*. This mod adds a number of parts & props to build your own soundstage and fake the Moon landing on any planet you so choose: All parts feature Kerbal Inventory System integration, and the backdrops and stage blocks feature switchable textures. See the ReadMe for instructions on how to add your own backdrops. DEPENDENCIES Apollo Recreation Kit requires Kerbal Inventory System to function, which should be downloaded separately. B9PartSwitch, Module Manager and Community Category Kit are all bundled with the download & are distributed under their respective licenses. All rights reserved. DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK *It's just a meme bro
  9. There are no IVAs currently except for on the cupola module. The black spaces are placeholders to allow Kerbal portraits to show, eventually I do plan to add IVAs. Interesting, thanks. Will have to look at the drag cube changes in 1.10.