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  1. Not sure I’m afraid. Do you have module manager installed? Looks like it could be an issue with the optional extra for the Columbia-style wing strake texture.
  2. Doable roll on the SSMEs, control point set to -15 degrees, and take it slow. SSMEs having roll control can cause instability for some reason.
  3. FAR is almost certainly the cause of this - I haven’t tested it with FAR, but given the magnitude of the changes it makes to aero I’d expect that to cause major performance changes both on ascent and reentry. I don’t know much about SSRSS, but if you’re looking for an alternative, more realistic system to play in JNSQ is beautiful and plays really well with the shuttle.
  4. What other mods do you have installed? The only thing I can think of is some conflict changing either the atmosphere or fuel density. The shuttle is balanced so that it’s far more likely to suffer over-stability (i.e. inability to pitch up) over loss of control.
  5. Unfortunately there’s no way of binding the control point switch to action groups - I wish you could, but this is a feature request you’d need to take up with squad. You’re not making the shuttle tail-heavy per se, just bringing the CoM back far enough to maintain control authority. If it’s too far forward you lose the ability to pitch up, which is fairly crucial to a shuttle and at high AoAs, the CoM can slip ahead of the CoL and cause loss of control.
  6. PVG works nicely with this shuttle, certainly in 2.5x. The procedure for it is in the manual, you have to be sure to control from the -15 degree control point after booster sep, and hen roll heads up. Transfer propellant backwards when landing without a payload, you want to maintain some mass at the back to remain stable high up. Also be sure to reset the 15 degree offset prior to entry, and don’t pitch up too hard! I’ve found around 30 degrees works nicely as an initial AoA (real shuttle was around 40, but I couldn’t get everything to quite match up to real life), slowly dropping down as you dip into the atmosphere. I’ve flown over 40 test flights with the shuttle now and can get PVG to work very reliably and keep complete control down to the runway - you just need to find the technique, and when you do it becomes pretty repeatable. I’ve tried to outline it best I can in the manual.
  7. Ah yes, that makes sense - although you should only need to autostrut the outermost part to get it stable, not all of them. In terms of IVAs, it would be more work to convert those mods for this IVA than doing it from scratch. As the dimensions of the shuttle cockpit are different from the mk3 cockpit the interiors don’t match up.
  8. Infernal robotics will override breaking ground if installed, but since you’re not using it I’m not sure what the cause of your problems is. I can’t replicate the issue unfortunately. Glad you like it! There is already an IVA for both the cockpit and the docking module so not sure what you mean by that - hoping to include support for RPM/MAS in future but otherwise pretty happy with the IVA as it stands. PVG is included with stock MechJeb but works better the larger the system you play on. 2.5x works pretty nicely, and JNSQ (which is natively 2.7x) works with the shuttle flawlessly (in fact, 2.7x is probably the best system scale for the shuttle with a reDIRECT stack). I’m going to look into the joint wobble issues when I get a bit more free time since lots of people seem to be having issues with it.
  9. Are you using breaking ground or do you have infernal robotics installed? This is known and expected. It’s a limitation of how control surfaces are implemented in KSP.
  10. Hmm, not sure what to suggest, but glad KJR has helped. The lock in VAB option is only available in 1.7.2+. In 1.7.1 you’ll need to assign the ‘lock joint’ option to an action group and trigger it before launch.
  11. Make sure you have every single joint in the arm locked. If even one is unlocked, the autostrut won’t be able to run past it. You might want to try adding autostrut to multiple parts of the arm too, for instance the booms or longeron attach point.
  12. Locking the arm parts either in flight or in the VAB basically allows autostrut to run past the robotic joints, so you also need to turn autostrut on on the end effector part, otherwise it doesn’t have any effect other than to prevent the robotic parts actuating actively. When the parts are unlocked autostrut is ignored.
  13. I am curious of how you created the Letterhead in your Shuttle Manual

  14. Many thanks, glad you're finding the balance generally good! The issues you're having with the OMS come from using a stock scale system. The shuttle is designed to work best in a 2.5-2.7x scale solar system, where the payload the complete stack can put in orbit is much smaller (I recommend no more than around 15t). Because the shuttle can get a great deal more into orbit at stock scale, its OMS is consequentially under powered here when flying with a heavy payload. Bear in mind that IRL the shuttle's max payload was around 25t, so 41t is way outside of operational margins for the real STS, let alone a sub-scale version for KSP. Flying with a 15t payload you will find OMS burns a lot more manageable. At may payload the shuttle has around 360m/s delta-V which is more than adequate for rendezvous ops & deorbit. In terms of the wing strength, I don't believe there's much I can do here config-wise but applying autostrut to the wings makes them pretty rigid. Afraid I can't be of much help here apart from suggesting a clean reinstall of the mods (making sure to delete them first, not simply overwriting them). It could be that if you've jsut been overwriting the mod folders older config files could be sticking around and causing errors.
  15. I'll quote directly form the installation instructions which are included: To install, drag the ColumbiaWings folder into your GameData/Benjee10_shuttleOrbiter/ folder. If you put the files in the wrong place then B9 doesn't know where to find them so will throw up an error.