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  1. Not had a lot of time this weekend, but just started working on generic IVA props and the IVA shell for the Cupola.
  2. Noted - I believe IRL the SAWs contain a large number of batteries so that makes sense. Great stuff! I like the sneaky TKS resupply. What are you using for docking currently, just RCS on the parts and then pulling them off with KIS? I’ll put together a craft file myself when the mod is a little more complete.
  3. Yes, that's correct! Although they don't rotate with the SAWs, the circular shape is intended to make it less noticeable.
  4. Cheers! The clearance between the radiators and PMA-3 is pretty tight IRL, but the radiators are a little more offset along the truss than it looks like you have it - there's an ammonia tank on the side of the truss closest to S0. It's a bit hard to make out, but you can kinda see it here:
  5. Thanks! Those are the revamped stock science containers from Restock. Definitely planning on more updates! I want to expand the truss lineup and add some external science parts, as well as adding some modules from Freedom (including a square-profile truss structure).
  6. Thans for the feedback, will definitely be fixing the solar array hole. In the mean time just... try not to break them I guess Trunnions as a greeble part I might consider. Not sure about as a decoupler though. In the meantime, release is out! Enjoy! Obviously much love must go to @Beale for the Russian segment, which looks great as ever!
  7. Possibly further down the line. Z1: And in action:
  8. Some mighty big radiators, now available on the GitHub repo!
  9. That's because it spins - anything attached to the surface wouldn't rotate with it.
  10. The intention is that you use the T-400 port set to bare (or the circular bearing variant that will be coming in a future update) to join the two solar arrays together. A solar array with top node set to truss and bottom node set to alpha rotary joint will just about squeeze into a shuttle bay when connected to a ST-200-2. Unfortunately an orbiter docking system won't fit in at the same time, but due to limitations with KSP it wouldn't be possible to have the S5/P5 truss segment be a separate part (as it is IRL) and also have realistic looking dual axis sun tracking. But yes, for those who haven't twigged, the solar array is up on GitHub for testing! Have fun and let me know what you think.
  11. There are dedicated truss docking ports. The upcoming dev version will feature switchable port shapes so they sit flush. Tentatively aiming for a dev release on GitHub this evening (this will just be the updated truss ports & solar array wing), providing I can squash a couple of bugs and polish up the models/textures. Additional stuff will come next week at the earliest (Z1 truss, big radiators, more truss variants).
  12. Actually took a few minutes to play KSP tonight and grabbed some screens (feat. Restock & reDIRECT): Also ironed out most of the bugs with the SAWs. GitHub pre-release will be relatively imminent!
  13. aren’t you sposed to be working on titan
  14. Yup, my intention is that the IRL assembly sequence should be able to be followed. The only concession to that is that the S5/P5 truss is integrated into the solar array as a variant in order to enable everything past the SARJ to rotate together. As far as I’m aware everything else should be able to go up in the order intended - that’s why the solar arrays are independently retractable etc.
  15. Yup, Tantares will be a dependency for that though. Though for me, part of the fun is figuring out how all the parts go together...