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  1. Make sure you do a clean reinstall (delete the existing folders and re-download) and make sure you have the latest dev version of RMM (the SLS version isn’t in the latest major release IIRC).
  2. Artemis Construction Kit | Update 2 (screenshots by @Pioneer_Steve) Pleased to present Artemis Construction Kit Update 2, which adds Space Launch System Block 1B parts! Though I have a growing suspicion that every time I update this mod it causes an Artemis 1 delay.... New parts: Exploration Upper Stage & interstage (with multiple colour variants to match the core stage). EUS has multiple engine mount options. Universal Stage Adapter (with cargo variant) - single-piece adapter/fairing between the EUS and Orion. Serves a similar purpose to the SLA on Apollo, however unlike Apollo it jettisons as a single piece after Orion separation. 5m Simple Adjustable Fairing base (with 5m and flared 6.25m variants) RL10C-3 part courtesy of Bluedog Design Bureau (thanks @Zorg) Also includes a number of balance changes and bug fixes, as well as updated craft files. Simple Adjustable Fairings is now a dependency and is bundled with the download. Now available on GitHub and SpaceDock! In the release I've updated this so the fairing uses the decoupler icon. SAF fairings auto-deploy at a configurable altitude by default, so there is no need to manually stage them. However, if you'd like to do this you can toggle off the decoupler and only the fairing will stage instead.
  3. Trying to keep it to only current & planned Artemis/SLS stuff to avoid scope creep. If you expand it out too much you could end up encompassing pretty much the entire US space program since the 1980s XD
  4. That's odd to say the least - unfortunately I can't replicate it. Is there anything in the log when it happens? Does it happen every time? I'll take a look and see if I can provide a patch to fix it if it is an issue with Photon. Funnily enough I am just working on other payload mount options at the moment, to go along with the default 2.5m option: 1.25m: 0.625m: Flat fairing base-style: (these are all still unfinished & pending normal maps etc) A 1.875m mount seems like it would be a good idea too. I can probably kitbash it out of what I have already. These will be variant options for both the USA fairing base, and the new 5m and 6.25m (flared) Simple Adjustable Fairings I'll be adding.
  5. Yes, you should be safe to remove any of the folders other than 'Orion' 'SLS' and 'Patches' if you have the corresponding mods installed. As for the sound issue, not sure what is going on there but will take a look. I confess the last few test flights I've done have been on mute with TV on in the background so I wasn't aware that was still an issue...
  6. Just on this point, I am fairly sure that in KSP the thrust value for RCS is per thruster rather than overall. As the double aux engine has two thrust transforms it should provide double the amount of thrust as the single version. Definitely going to rebalance mass and cost on these parts - initially I was using a much higher thrust value which is why their price/mass was increased, but it turns out the real aux thrusters have about the same power as the normal RCS. It is slightly larger than 3.125m to match the bottom of the Orion Service Module Adapter. There is another adapter included (same you would use to connect the Orion SM adapter with the ICPS) that will adapt to exactly 3.125m. I haven't encountered this - at what point in flight is it happening? Are you sing one of the provided craft files or building your own? It seems like we have similar thinking but in completely opposite directions XD You're right that redundancy isn't necessary in KSP unless you have part failures, but I would argue that what the dual fuel & aux thrusters provide is redundancy for mission planning. First, unless you use KER you don't have a good idea of how much RCS delta-V you have, so separating the manoeuvring fuel from the RCS fuel allows the player to be sure they have enough delta-V for the mission they're flying. Keeping the fuels separate also makes the whole flight experience more forgiving. Any docking trouble (docking seems to be the number 1 thing players struggle with once they're able to reach orbit successfully) won't cut into the return-home budget. Conversely, if you do muck up your mission profile and run out of fuel, you have a decent amount of backup fuel and an additional set of thrusters to make the process less painful. As it's KSP the fuel values are quite forgiving, so the spacecraft has roughly the same performance you would expect even with the extra monoprop. Most players won't notice they even have more of it than they need - just like with the big buffer on the amount of Ablator in heat shields - but more experienced players who do want to optimise and are confident in their flying abilities can always tweak the amount down. Overall there's no perfect option, but I think I'll stick with what I have, at least by default. Once I'm a bit further along some optional extra that patch for just monoprop or the BDB hypergolic option sound like they might keep everyone happy! I'm getting no performance issues at all on a fairly low-end machine, but then I don't use TUFX - could you try a couple of things for me: Clean reinstall of the mod with a fresh download from github - I did make some changes to the EUS last night so you may not have the latest version Try removing TUFX and see if the problem persists If those don't do anything, could you send me a screenshot of your reflection settings in-game and the contents of your GameData folder
  7. This kind of feedback is always really appreciated as career gameplay is so time consuming to properly test. While career gameplay isn't the main focus of the mod I still want it to fit in properly with stock parts and parts from other mods. Abort towers are a tricky one in terms of balance because they're inherently useless in KSP unless you have a launch failure mod. With the Orion abort tower you also have a few additional complications over the stock LES part - there are three separate motors for one, each of which require a certain amount of solid fuel to provide the thrust/burn time required. The mass/cost of the solid fuel can't be changed. You also have the boost cover which has no function. There are also CoM requirements to ensure that the capsule/abort tower assembly is stable during abort and separation. The engine is balanced around the real-world performance of the AJ10 engine, so there's not a lot I can do there, but I can certainly look at cost vs. equivalent stock parts. I will definitely take a look at the cost values on these more minor parts. On the SM fuel issue, there is no easy answer here. The real service module uses MMH/MON which is something in between stock LF/Ox and Monoprop. If I were to switch all the engines over to Monoprop only you would end up with parts that are very overpowered compared to all the stock Monoprop engines. LF/Ox makes more sense, but that would mean making the RCS thrusters use LF/Ox too, which isn't in line with other stock parts and also makes mission planning difficult since your total amount of delta V is affected by any RCS usage. The auxiliary thrusters are also meant to be a backup to the main OMS engine in case of an engine failure, which again doesn't have any use in KSP unless you have a parts failure mod. By having the aux thrusters use a different prop type they fulfil the role of a backup system in case the user runs out of LF/Ox I guess, so it gives them some functionality as opposed to just being dead mass you'd never use. So that is my thinking there, but I'm certainly open to any feedback on this issue and not totally against switching to another option. By way of updates, here is the universal stage adapter for the SLS Block 1B: USA is a bit of a weird one in that it ejects as a single piece, rather than four panels like the Apollo SLA. Should be fun in game. Also a closed off, nose-cone version (proposed for cargo/science payloads to reduce development time of a dedicated fairing): There will also be a separate 5m-diameter Simple Adjustable Fairing, although that may need to wait until the next update.
  8. This mod isn't designed for RSS/RO so that may be why you're having issues.
  9. The ‘passive’ version in game is an analogue for the ISS International Docking Adapter, which is basically just a docking ring they attached on top of an existing APAS port. It has no hatch or docking target.
  10. Currently focusing on SLS & the HabTech reworks, but after that Buran will be my main priority.
  11. What kind of engines are you using? The external tank contains Liquid Hydrogen & Oxidizer so you will need an engine that uses that kind of propellant. Alternatively it might be that another mod is interfering with the fuel type. Interstellar Extended for example breaks the tanks by patching over what they should contain.
  12. Yes, most parts mods are backwards compatible to 1.8.1, including this one. However, Shaddy (which is optional) requires 1.12+. If you install Shaddy on a version it doesn't work on, the game will still try to load the shaddy parachute assets and fail, causing the part not to load. As I said the mod will fall back on using stock shaders if Shaddy is not present, so uninstall it and it will work fine for you.
  13. I don't plan on supporting reDIRECT any further so I'm afraid not. It's not, you just need to replace the old AJ10 engine with the new one. Second problem is caused by KSP Interstellar Extended
  14. Try doing a clean reinstall (i.e. delete the mod folders & do a new download) of both ACK & its dependencies and any of the bundled mods you may have installed (e.g. Photon Corp). If the issue persists let me know what parts are missing. Make sure you are running KSP 1.12 or later and have an up to date install of Shabby, Shaddy and any dependencies (e.g. Harmony for Shabby). If it still doesn't work you can remove Shabby & Shaddy and the chutes will fall back on using the stock shaders instead. Yes, I plan to add appropriate fairings down the line. This is known issue, delete the Restock.cfg patch in GameData/Benjee10_Orion/Patches/ or grab the latest version of the main branch from GitHub & do a clean install. Progress on EUS:
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