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  1. htRobotics is bundled with the release of this mod & just includes the Canadarm parts. It depends upon either the Breaking Ground DLC or Infernal Robotics to function, and will automatically work with whichever you have installed.
  2. The revamped solar arrays aren't available yet, but you can try out the rest of the in-development parts & revamps by downloading the code on the GitHub page (rather than downloading the release .zip). As for attaching parts together in space, that's an exercise left up to the reader Best bet is take it veeeery slow with robotics, or use a tug with a grabbing unit. A certain other mod has a vehicle that would work quite nicely...
  3. i have a question on the robotic arm i cant seem to connect it to the connector sometimes it works but that's very rare, any ideas 



  4. You are probably using Textures Unlimited, it has that effect. I think someone posted a fix earlier in the thread
  5. I have been chipping away at things slowly but life is still rather hectic at the moment! The new SAW is nearly ready to put in game so that should be the next major step.
  6. Updated for 1.12.2 & can now use the plugin bundled with my Historical Kerbal Suits mod instead of KIS. Happy Halloween once again!
  7. In testing I found that the slight flexibility of joints in KSP was sufficient to account for the small offset, certainly easier than having to adjust the meshes and node positions of every single part! If not a little bit of offsetting never hurt anyone
  8. Problem is with the B9partSwitch module on the docking port. Will be fixed in next version, it’s down to the part switch module assuming the drag cubes need recalculating and briefly enabling all the colliders when being attached with EVA attachment. It is a simple config change.
  9. Probably not I’m afraid, that would be quite a major change. Doesn’t the left/right mesh switching also break FAR?
  10. Because of the RCS layout, controlling from the docking port can cause issues with some thrusters not being able to fire in the correct direction, so I find it is best to dock manually with control still from the cockpit. Using the IVA view out of the aft flight deck windows (looking out into the payload bay) can make this easier. The next update will feature improvements to the way the RCS is set up that will make it possible to 'control from here' from the docking port in the bay (or anywhere else on the vessel for that matter) and still get correct thruster firings, which should make using auto-docking systems more functional too.
  11. We have something special planned for that… Modules I think still hold up well enough for now, though they will be getting some minor touch ups here and there (e.g. swapping the old handrails for the new model). CBMs, truss connectors and PMAs will be getting a revamp and I will be adding the International Docking Adapter. The SGANT antennas are broken up into three parts; boom, pointing gimbal and the antenna dish itself. This way it is possible to launch and then assemble them using EVA construction as in real life. The primary SGANT boom is a robotics part that can swing into place from launch config.
  12. Not as it stands, the Gateway plans are a bit too nebulous at the moment to model anything with any confidence. Might be something I look at picking up for KSP2 when we have a better idea of what the IRL Gateway hardware will be.
  13. Currently on the solar truss revamp. This was and still is the most complex part in HabTech so it will likely take a fair while. Here are some other bits in various states of development. Various antennas/greebly bits: New solars in game: External Stowage Platform: Z1 truss revamp + SGANT antennas: Unfortunately this isn't something I'd be able to do as mesh splits add draw calls, additional polys etc which cumulatively will affect performance. I try to only split meshes where absolutely necessary (usually due to animation or use of multiple shaders/textures on a single part) as although the effect is quite small with just a few parts it can have quite a big performance impact across a huge space station for example. You would likely get bad results in many cases anyway as the transitions between materials in a texture are smooth, whereas mesh splits will produce very hard divisions that wouldn't match. The better way of doing this would be to create a B&W metallicity map texture to define what should be metallic and what should be non-metallic (white for metal, black for non-metal), although my feeling is that trying to convert a non-PBR asset into a PBR asset after the fact is something of a fruitless exercise!
  14. Right now my priority is filling in gaps from the ISS as it is now, including revamping the solar arrays/truss structure to finally eliminate some long-standing issues. Can't say what my plans are long term as it depends on IRL stuff and when KSP2 will be coming out, but hab/CAM are probably more likely than any ETS stuff.
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