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  1. Yes, it's been added to sharedAssets which you can grab here: Releases · benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets (github.com) Comes in 3 versions, Active Type I, Active Type II (with petals/thermal cover) and Passive, though all of them are compatible with each other for simplicity. I'll be updating the Planetside release soon to include the new version of SharedAssets.
  2. As well as the table above, a good rule of thumb is that Active Type I goes on the forward node of a module, Passive goes on the aft node, and Active Type II goes on the radial nodes. Off the top of my head, the major exceptions to this are Unity, which has no Passive ports (Active Type I is used both on fore and aft), and Kibo Zenith (where the logistics module attaches) which uses Active Type I instead of Type II. Active Type II is used on nodes that are expected to be exposed to space with nothing berthed to them for long periods of time, hence the petal covers.
  3. Thanks, a couple of people have reported this - seems like a bad transform name in the mesh for those parts. There will be a small patch coming relatively soon that I'll fix this in
  4. Once again thanks very much for taking the time to respond to this, especially with so much on everyone's plates! The willingness of the devs to communicate with the community openly like this is reassuring, and I am really excited to see how the modding community for this game will develop. My biggest question is really whether we can consider the parts currently in game now as 'finished' (or near to it), or if some of them are placeholder assets and may be replaced down the line. As others have noted there is some discrepancy in things like side counts between parts of similar diameters, and we can also see some legacy assets from the first game that appear to have made it through almost unchanged, while other parts have been completely remodelled. We are also seeing different detailing & texturing techniques being used, for example some have modelled panel lines while others use normal maps, some are using tiling textures while other have baked AO maps. If we may be seeing revamps down the line, it would be great to know which of the current part set are closest to 'final' so that those of us who want to match stock parts to some degree can base our work on those. I think if there was even one part we could look at and say, yes, this is how we want KSP2 parts to be on the whole, then that would probably be enough for me to take the plunge and start making assets. Otherwise I can only echo what Cobalt has said re. getting some guidance on shaders, texture maps etc.
  5. ORANGES is still WIP but I'd really recommend it. The art is great, much more in line with SOCK itself and the ACK parts, while the reDIRECT art is quite outdated now. As for the RMM SSMES, they got adjusted recently to be scaled better relative to SOCK. I need to adjust the node placement on SOCK to get them to fit properly (they clip a little unless you offset them) and update the engines bundled with ACK.
  6. Which version of that port specifically? There's a few different kinds of T-400 port.
  7. I'm excited for new modding opportunities
  8. Hmm, that's not right. Textures Unlimited isn't bundled with any of my mods, so is it possible that you accidentally copied sharedAssets into it on install? I would recommend deleting 000_TexturesUnlimited and Benjee10_sharedAssets and doing a reinstall of both. You can grab the latest version of sharedAssets on its own from here: https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets/releases
  9. Do you have the Breaking Ground DLC? In that case I think just ignore it. All you will be missing is the O2 subtype for the little pods that go around the Quest airlock and the other storage tank - it is more decorative than functional unless you have a life support mod installed. My best guess is another mod is patching over it somehow but difficult to diagnose exactly what's going on. Weird, do you have any textures unlimited configs installed that could be messing with it? HabTech Robotics contains Canadarm and Canadarm2 parts. It is bundled both with this mod and Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (though the SOCK version is now outdated. I will be updating the dependencies bundled with SOCK in the near future). You can also download it separately if you want here: https://github.com/benjee10/htRobotics
  10. Odd, all looks fine to me. My best guess would be something like Kerbalism overwriting the tank type definitions. Does the game still load?
  11. Yes, the craft files will be updated. This is caused by using a TU config like Magpie that applies TU shaders to all parts indiscriminately. That is classified information I'm afraid.
  12. Hmm, that is strange. My best guess would be some sort of installation error. Could I get a screenshot of your GameData folder just to check everything is installed correctly? To embed screenshots in forum posts you need to upload to another site (e.g. imgur) and then paste the direct link to the image in your post, it should auto-embed.
  13. HabTech2 | V1.0.0 | The Final Update I am very pleased and proud to say that the final major update for HabTech2 is now available! IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from the last version, please COMPLETELY DELETE the HabTech2, Benjee10_sharedAssets, and htRobotics folders from your GameData and replace them with the newest versions bundled with the mod release. Failure to do so may break craft files and result in parts loading incorrectly. I have taken every measure to ensure that existing craft files and saves will not be broken, however I cannot guarantee it. To be safe, always keep a backup. Please let me know if you have any issues. The old parts have been deprecated and had their textures removed, so old craft should still load. SPACEDOCK GITHUB Please join me for the premiere of the update video below: These will be the last new parts I add for HabTech2, however I will continue to provide support in the case of any bugs or dependencies that need updating. Please see the changelog or watch the video above for the mountainous list of changes, revamps and new additions since the last update. This has been a multiyear project and I'm very proud of the result. Several new craft files are included: (Note - ISS craft files require the latest version of Tantares. A USOS craft file minus the Russian section is also included). Please enjoy! Screenshot by Steven
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