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  1. Issue with that is that they wouldn’t rotate with the existing panels to track the sun unfortunately. Might be something that needs a plugin to work correctly.
  2. SOCK includes a patch that changes the mass of the stock SSME to 1.2t (which is more inline with reality, the stock versions are way too heavy to balance their much better performance compared to other engines in that size class). It's possible that if you are using another mod's SSME or have mods that patch the SSME after SOCK does, you could be using engines which are too heavy and affecting the CoM. I am looking into adjusting the patch so that it applies after all others to ensure that the CoM is always correct. After the next Planetside update + another small mod I have been work
  3. On which parts are you having this issue? I tested pretty extensively and found no trouble EVAing through the stairs. It's possible that colliders are incorrectly set up on some parts though which could cause bad interactions. Also are you EVAing via the button on the portrait camera, or by clicking on the hatch itself? That is a strange issue you're having - are you using the offset tool at all? Could any parts be clipping into each other when you undock? There's nothing in the screenshots that seem obviously wrong, so my best guess is either something clipping slightly or a mod conf
  4. Please feel free to post the link. I don't have any experience with RO so won't be able to verify the configs myself, but I'd be happy to link in the OP if other RO users confirm all works as intended! I am trying to wrap my brain about how that would be implemented. Very difficult given that the solar arrays as they stand are a single part. Would probably need to be a part variant that's toggleable in flight, but that seems like a bit of a cop out! If anyone has any suggests as to how these could work I'd be open to them.
  5. The inflatable looking like that is probably down to your graphics quality settings - on lower settings it can override the way vertices assigned to armatures behave. I will take a look into the other problems tomorrow!
  6. Awesome! I will have to take your word for it that the Russian is correct will review and look at merging into the next update. Not much unfortunately. Try to build on the flattest terrain you can - any terrain slope will exacerbate the sliding. I will see if there is anything I can do my end to increase the grip, though I played around with friction settings before release and couldn’t seem to get a meaningful effect out of it. Large habs are based on the NASA habitat demonstration unit mock-ups, the 1.875m parts are based mainly on some very low-res concept renders of lunar
  7. That's an awesome little lander! Thanks very much, I will take a look at these. Thanks! I don't have any plans to do that myself, but if someone else wanted to create configs for it I'd be happy to the bundle them alongside the download. HabTech should have TAC support already. I will look into adding it for SOCK in the next update. Orion will be getting a revamp down the line so I would probably add TAC support as part of that. Thanks very much! I am working on CKAN implementation at the moment, so hopefully soon! Unfortunately I don't think there is
  8. I’d like to avoid adding attachment nodes where there isn’t any visible attachment structure - especially on a cylindrical object where anything attached there would look like it was floating/not properly connected. Better to use the radial attachment part provided, or one of the stock radial attachment points.
  9. It is APAS to APAS only, not compatible with the stock ports - there is a 0.9375 to 1.25 adapter included which will fit over the doors (you can see this in the promo images). You could also use the docking ports from HabTech which are 1.25m but just a hollow ring.
  10. Since the modules themselves are mostly not command parts, you need a way of controlling them once they’ve been disconnected from the rover base (to raise/lower the hydraulic jacks etc). That’s why that part has a probe core, though it’s quite a weak one that’s really only meant for triggering animations and robotics parts. Not sure what you mean by the big docking port suggestion - could you elaborate?
  11. The version of sharedAssets bundled with reDIRECT is outdated, you should replace with the one included with this mod.
  12. Thanks very much! That's a nice rover design! I probably won't be adding much more in the 0.9375m size range in this mod at least. There are some 0.9375m scale crew tubes in SOCK though. Nice! You can either use the KAL controller, or uncheck 'allow full rotation' on the parts in the VAB and set the allowed rotation to 0-90°. Then you can assign 'set max angle' and 'set min angle' to action groups to toggle between them easily.
  13. Hi.

    Just wanted to say hi. You've been working like a madman recently so I think you just need to be said hi to.

  14. Hmm, I will double check this. Don't think it should matter too much, but worth making sure the dependencies are up to date. Thanks very much Nert, your work really inspires me to keep pushing the quality of my work further. Awesome screenshots! Thanks very much! I don't think a Discord would really be my thing! A tutorial video might be useful though, I'll see what I can do. Could you give me some more info on this? I'll definitely look into it! I'll take a look at this, thanks! Resource processors might be useful for sure.
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