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  1. Yeah, I'm aware of that - just a stylistic choice on my part as it adds a bit more interest to the animation than just the sun visor moving.
  2. Should work fine on 1.12 as far as I'm aware, but I haven't had chance to test it myself yet. I don't intend to update anything until the docking port autostrut issue is addressed in the base game.
  3. No support for RPM currently, but I am planning to modify the IVA to make configuration for it easier in a future update.
  4. There is a stand-alone release of sharedAssets available here: https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets/releases If you are having issues, delete sharedAssets from your game data folder and reinstall from here.
  5. That is a variant of the vertical node part. Part name is PT-M075NB Configurable Node Module (Vertical). It has multiple variants with between 2-4 radial connections at various angles.
  6. I'm by no means an expert but this seems most likely. I don't know how much of the TPS was needed for heating on ascent, but it would make sense to remove as much as possible to maximise payload mass if the orbiter wasn't intended to return. Magpie will be the cause as this is the result of applying a shiny PBR shader to everything indiscriminately. Meshes with transparency need to be handled differently. So the fix is to either uninstall Magpie or create some configs of your own (none exist for SOCK as far as I'm aware and I'm not interested in supporting it). As it stands Magpie is actively making the Shuttle look worse by making the tiles and thermal blankets shiny and metallic (which they absolutely shouldn't be)...
  7. Black wing chines are an optional extra that you have to install manually. Instructions in the extras folder. SILTS pod etc are a 3rd party modification. Link to it is in the OP
  8. reDIRECT fuel tanks contain liquid hydrogen and oxidizer whereas the stock vectors run on liquid fuel and oxidizer. Presumably they are burning just the LFO OMS fuel on the orbiter, which is why they are flaming out so quickly. You can fix this by either using a hydrolox engine (e.g. the Rainstorms included with reDIRECT) or replacing the external tank with a tank that contains liquid fuel & oxidizer (e.g. the making history 5m tanks).
  9. I would hope so, it has only been… wait, it’s almost two years since this was released? Time flies! Great screenshots
  10. Not really possible unfortunately due to how the texture is laid out.
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