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  1. only in flight... in the VAB/SPH the game uses a different camera and I couldn't find out how it works until now
  2. no problem, I'm glad to see that there's some interest in this mod... I hope this mod gets a bit more popular soon... and by the way, it also uses the "DockingFunctions" which is also a library to do docking completely without stock functions (and thus without all the problems it has)
  3. sure... I did build for example patches for HabTech2 and htRobotics ... maybe that's a starting point (it seems, that they are not yet in the latest release by the way... don't know when there will be a new release) or, if you still have questions, I can also try to create a little documentation (which is planed anyway, but I thought, maybe I'll wait until I have finished all my tests... and then I ran out of time... but I'll do it somewhen in the future... especially now that it seems to be clear, that we won't see a shift towards KSP2)
  4. no, it's not, but it is more a mod for other modders to add it to their parts... that's why I don't have much news to post... I can help building MM patches or stuff like that or modify it in case someone wants more features... but in the end it must become popular with the part makers
  5. I will look into it when I have time and fix it... thanks for the report
  6. currently not, because the limits are no axis but fields... all you can probably do is turn them on and off
  7. I am sorry, but I checked this and here on my computer it shows all the axis (about 25). And this has been added about 5 years ago (or even earlier... I did only go back 5 years).
  8. It should be compatible... I don't know why it doesn't work. I will try to find out what's wrong...
  9. Well... that's true. But: What they should have done and haven't, is something you can see without playing the game. And this is create a solid new foundation. A stable and reliable foundation. But what they did is create some fancy graphics, a poor performing system and they brought back problems of KSP1 (wobbly rockets for example). And that's where my frustration comes from. But I know, that in such projects you often have customers who only see what they can see... and that's what's on the screen. For every new Windows version almost everyone is talking about the start menu, the icons and how good the browser is. But that's not important. The most important thing is how stable it is. How performant it runs and what driver architecture it offers. Sure, only 1 out of 10'000 speaks about it. But that's what matters! ... a shiny new car is not usable if the wheels fall off when you go into a turn of more than 5° ... and here we have just this: The foundation seems not to work (after 5 years or more). And that's something you cannot fix anymore. Try to swap out the foundation of a house after you moved in.
  10. That says all... The software project becomes unsupportable, if version 2 of it is in alpha, at best... after 5 (7?) years of development. No idea why this should be so hard (and I am developing software for over 20 years now... so I know what I am talking about). ... I think one of the main problems today is, that today we have "meetings" and no solutions... we try to be "polite" and not address what is crap... and that both developers and managers don't try to achieve a goal but simply maintain their reputation!
  11. In general you could download all files and reinstall them from Github, or download only the Patches folder... this might work as well. I personally did a full reinstall from the latest state on Github.
  12. I already made them... they're online here: HabTech2/GameData/HabTech2 at master · benjee10/HabTech2 (github.com) But it seems that Benjee didn't release a new update since then. (By the way -> I did also modify the existing ones which were more for the old versions ... and I also added files for other mods that I made like the Connection System and DockingPort Next and those things.)
  13. Looks like the Canadarm2 servo for me. This one should already have the MM patches for IRn. ... if it doesn't work, then my question would be "What is it? How did you get/install it?"
  14. No, that's a bug. But it seems you're the first one to detect it. During development the mod was named "TrunnionPort" and then it changed for the release to "PayloadRetentionSystem-Next". But it seems that I forgot to modify the patches for HabTech2. ... thanks for the report
  15. For the payload bay you don't need patches. Simply put the latches into the bay (use the attach nodes to put the latches into the bay). To see how you can add pins to parts, you can use the patches in HabTech2 as examples. You can then play with the settings in the VAB to find the correct positions.
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