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Found 2 results

  1. I can't be the only one who has a problem with the KJR Mods in 1.11 Most of my Crafts, especially with Mod parts wobble around like stupid, no matter which KJR version I take. I also tried Autostrut but it has almost no effect at all, worse than the KJR mods. It also seems like nobody continues the KJR mods anymore and I couldnt do it myself. So is there anyone out there working on a new version? I just want to play KSP peacefully again without being annoyed by constant Kraken effect.
  2. Tired of rockets collapsing when physics initializes, but it would be fine if physics didn't start with a jerk? Irritated launch clamps can twist your rocket apart when physics starts for no apparent reason? Need more joint stiffness because you're playing Real Solar System and the stock joints just don't cut it? Then you need KERBAL JOINT REINFORCEMENT! Lessen the effects of physics glitches and get back to designing rockets to handle flight, not to handle the forces applied when the game loads. EXCITING FEATURES! Physics Easing Slowly dials up external forces (gravity, centrifugal, coriolis) when on the surface of a planet, reducing the initial stress during loading All parts and joints are strengthened heavily during physics loading (coming off of rails) to prevent Kraken attacks on ships Launch Clamp Easing Prevents launch clamps from shifting on load, which could destroy the vehicle on the pad Increase stiffness and strengths of connections Larger parts will have stiffer connections to balance their larger masses / sizes Sequential parts in a stack will be connected with a stiff, but weak connection to add even more stiffness and counteract wobble Stiffen interstage connections Parts connected to a decoupler will be connected to each other, reducing flex at the connection to reasonable levels Stiffen launch clamp connections Less vehicle movement on vessel initialization Warning: may cause spontaneous rocket disintegration if rocket is too large and over-constrained (far too many launch clamps; their connections will fight each other and give rise to phantom forces) Option to make connections fail at lower forces to maintain difficulty in launching More documentation and changelog available in the README file. Download v3.3.3 from SpaceDock! Download v3.3.3 from GitHub! Source code at GitHub Licensed under GNU GPL v3 Changelog: v3.3.3 Features --Recompile against KSP 1.3, ensure CompatChecker compatibility with 1.3 v3.3.2 Bugfixes --Fix multijoints breaking IR joints and any other exempted parts from moving v3.3.1 Bugfixes --Fix a critical bug involving unphysical forces applied to vessels on load / unload of other vessels and SOI switches v3.3.0 Features --Recompile to fix for KSP 1.2 --Update method of handling multi-part-joints to ensure compatibility with Konstruction mod --Removal of old symmetry-based multi-part stabilization due to ineffectiveness in all situations to reduce overhead --Implementation of new vessel-part-tree leaf-based stabilization for greater stability on space stations and other convoluted shapes v3.2.0 Features --Recompile to ensure KSP 1.1.3 compatibility --Change multi-part-joint system to stabilize space stations and similar vehicles with very large masses connected by very flexy parts v3.1.7 Features --Recompile to ensure KSP 1.1.2 compatibility, especially within CompatibilityChecker utility v3.1.6 Features --Update to ensure KSP 1.1.1 compatibility --Minor optimization in joint setups --Remove B9 pWings from stiffening exemption, as it is unnecessary v3.1.5 Features --Updated to be compatible with KSP 1.1 --Very minor efficiency improvements in physics easing and stiffening of joints --Fully exempt EVAs from all KJR effects --Update config parameters to function with stock fixing of never-breakable joints bug v3.1.4 Misc --Fixed issue with .version file and compatible KSP versions v3.1.3 Features --Update for KSP 1.0 v3.1.2 Features --Added code to slightly stiffen connections between symmetrically-connected parts attached to a central part; should reduce some physics weirdness BugFixes --Fixed issue where undocking was impossible. v3.1.1 BugFixes --Fixed a serious lock-to-worldspace issue involving multipart joints and physicsless parts v3.1 Features --Set multipart joints to account for large mass ratios in choosing which parts to join --Set Decoupler Stiffenning to require the connection of immediate decoupler children to stiffen things even further BugFixes --Fixed a decoupling issues with multipart joints --Fixed multipart joint lock-to-worldspace issues --Fixed some issues on loading very large, heavy parts v3.0.1 BugFixes --Fix some issues involving multipart joints --More null checking for situations that shouldn't happen, but might v3.0 Features --MultiPart joints: weak, but stiff connections along a stack that will add even more stiffness without making the connection cheatingly strong --Proper, guaranteed application of stiffened properties, regardless of stock joint parameters --Updated default config values for greater sanity --Refactoring of code for sanity BugFixes --Longstanding issue with radially-attached parts that were larger than their parent are now fixed --Many NREs from bad events or bad states now avoided v2.4.5 Features --KSP 0.90 compatibility --Include some extra checks to prevent errors from occurring v2.4.4 Features --KSP 0.25 compatibility --Update CompatibilityChecker --Shutdown functionality if CompatibilityChecker returns warnings v2.4.3 --0.24.2 compatibility v2.4.2 --0.24.1 compatibility v2.4.1 Bugfixes: --Included JsonFx.dll, which is required by ModStats --Relabeled ModStatistics.dll to allow simple overwriting for ModStats updates --Fixed buttons being added to toolbar after each flight v2.4 Features --Ensured compatibility with KSP v0.24 v2.3 Features --Updated attach node reinforcement to use properties closer to stock joint performance, but stiffer. --Decoupler and clamp stiffening increased in strength for use in Real Solar System --Removed unused config values v2.2 Features --Updated to function with KSP ARM Patch (KSP 0.23.5) --Removed inertia tensor fix, as it is now stock --Main stiffening / strengthening is now disabled by default due to stock joint improvements --Decoupler stiffening is now disabled by default due to stock joint improvements Bugfixes: --Vessels can no longer become permanently indestructible v2.1 Features --Reduced extent of decoupler stiffening joint creation; this should reduce physics overhead --Code refactoring for additional performance gains --Removed physics easing effect on inertia tensors; was unnecessary and added more overhead --Workaround for the stock "Launch Clamps shift on the pad and overstress your ship" bug that is particularly noticeable with RSS --Clamp connections are stiffer; now allowed by above workaround Bugfixes --KAS struts no longer break on load v2.0 Features --Full release of proper inertia tensors! Massive parts will feel more massive. --Full release of greater physics easing! Landed and pre-launch crafts will have gravitational, centrifugal and coriolis forces slowly added to them, reducing the initial physics jerk tremendously --Launch clamps are now much stiffer when connected to more-massive-than-stock mod parts --Tightened up default joint settings more --Decoupler Stiffening Extension will now extend one part further if it's final part is much less massive than its parent / child part --Added Majiir's CompatibilityChecker; this will simply warn the user if they are not using a compatible version of KSP Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where joints were not strengthened during the physics easing v2.0x2 Features --Added more elaborate physics easing; joints are given wide range to flex that are then tightened up and gravitational + rotating ref frame forces are cancelled out to allow internal joint stresses to be resolved prior to loading the rocket --Tightened up the default joint settings a lot Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where non-zero angular limits would force parts to be oriented in the wrong direction. v2.0x1 Features --Fixed part inertia tensors; heavy, large objects should now "feel" more massive and their connections should behave better. Thanks to a.g. for finding this one. --Launch Clamps are slightly stiffer --Removed improper stiffening for stretchy tanks that was added in v1.7; given the ability to stretch stretchy tanks, this shouldn't be necessary Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where non-zero angular limits would force parts to be oriented in the wrong direction. v1.7 Features --Added ability to calculate connection area based on volume instead of connection area; intended to handle very, very large vehicles that the standard settings cannot --Some more tweaks to the default joint parameters to stiffen things --Extra stiffening for stretchy tanks; a better solution is in the works, but this should help for RSS Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where decoupling could lead to extra stiffening joints being deleted from non-staged decouplers during decoupling / partial crashing v1.6 Features --BreakStrengthPerUnitArea will not override large breakForces; this is intended for building things using I-beams and structural elements Bugfixes --Fixed decoupler-dockingport combination parts from causing strange disassembly when undocking v1.5 Features --Updated to KSP 0.23 --Joint breaking strength can now be set to be dependent on connection area, so large part connections can have realistically large strength; on by default --Vessels are further strengthened for the first 30 physics frames after coming off rails or loading; this helps prevent jitters during intialization from breaking things apart Bugfixes: --Fixed launch clamps not being clamped to the ground after staging --Fixed an issue where the Kraken would throw launchpads at craft in orbit v1.4.2 Bugfixes --Fixed an issue that would allow more wobble to exist than it should have --General tweaks to reduce wobbling further v1.4.1 Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where maximum joint forces were calculated incorrectly --Fixed an issue where docking could cause exceptions to be thrown and cause lag v1.4 Features --Changed calculation of surface-attached connection area to be more accurate Bugfixes --Fixed an issue where lots of wobble would occur between stack-attached parts of very different sizes v1.3 Features --Better solution for failure to apply decoupler ejection forces --Will not apply stiffening to parts below a given mass; mass can be changed in config --Properly updates on docking Bugfixes --Fixed a serious issue where launch clamps would lock the ship to the surface v1.2 Features --Workaround for stock KSP bug where struts would prevent decoupler ejection forces from being applied Tweaks --Reduced default maxForceFactors to be more reasonable levels BugFixes --Fixed serious issue where struts would not properly disconnect --Fixed serious issue where decouplers would not function properly v1.1 Features --Stiffness of joint no longer erroneously dependent on breakForce / breakTorque --Decoupler stiffening function made more comprehensive BugFixes --Fixed an issue where radial decouplers would not be affected by by further decoupler stiffening --Fixed an issue where decoupler further stiffening would cause Nulls to be thrown when attached to physics-disabled parts --Fixed an issue where procedural fairings would be locked to the rocket --Fixed an issue where Infernal Robotics parts would not function --Temporary stopgap measure: stiffening not applied to pWings to prevent ultra-flexy wings Known Issues --Decouplers create no detach force with extra decoupler stiffening enabled Same issues as strut attachment bug v1.0 Release FAQ I still think that win64 is disabled, fix this! This isn't a question, but win64 is no longer locked based on the apparent stability that I've noticed in testing. It will be relocked if and only if it proves to be crashtastic just as before and the support workload grows to the levels they were at previously. Currently I do not anticipate the need to relock on win64 at any time in the future.
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