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  1. Understand you are very busy with RO, FAR, and life.

    I've sent you a PM, and posted a message in the KJR forum, about possibly adopting KJR, even if for a short time until you are able to pick it up again.



  2. As an answer, the current code is licensed GPL, but several of the icons are not, making the entire distributable ARR. Now, that means that you don't need my permission for the code, but the icons for the debug voxels and the little applauncher thingy would need to be removed if you decide to fork and distribute it. Also, that's then your problem to fix issues in, not mine. Yeah, I'm working on it, just a little busy with life. I just want to be sure not tremendously terrible happens in some weird edge case I didn't think of yet. If you've got any work towards making sure things work, it's better to make a PR to the FAR repo on github, which helps things along. Easier than duplicating work, and there's always the chance that your code catches an issue that mine doesn't.
  3. Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile, but v0.15.9.1 "Liepmann" is out with a couple bugfixes for KSP 1.3.1. Getting compatibility on KSP 1.4.x will still take some time, but this is necessary for Realism Overhaul to get released, so here it is. Changelog has the juicy details, as always.
  4. hello are you still alive? jk

    is there any plan to update your mod for 1.4.1

    its  seems the update break your mod

    pls let me know, I cant play ksp without kjr

  5. @kerbini: That almost certainly means that the shell is impacting the antenna and breaking it. So not a FAR problem; there aren't any aerodynamics going on there. @steve_v& @dubdubak: Most likely that means weird transform shenanigans. I'll look into it, but unless it's something I can trivially separate out it won't be fixable on my end. Science fantasy mods doing fantasy things tend to be... difficult to deal with. Would one of you guys be kind enough to make an issue on the FAR github so I can keep track of it? You guys know the details of what to cause it. @dlrk: I've been holding off until closer to an RO 1.3.1 release so that I'm sure that the whole thing is stable with whatever changes happen there. Unfortunately, that ended up getting hit with Valve time... I'm somewhat reluctant to rush out an official release though because I don't think it'll take too much to get things set up for 1.4 but I'm somewhat afraid of a FAR update setup where I have FAR release for 1.3.1 -> FAR release for 1.4 -> FAR bugfix for 1.3.1 to help with RO. I'm probably just paranoid though. Anyway, yeah, I am looking at what it'll take
  6. When will you update Kerbal Joint Reinforcement for KSP 1.3.1?

    Cause I need it badly so I can resume playing KSP again!!!

    Yours truly, Deathdread.

    1. softweir


      Welcome to the forums!

      KJR already works for 1.3.1. As the thread title says, it is compatible with 1.3.x, and on the last page ferram4 has posted a message confirming it works with 1.3.1

      Happy flying!

  7. will you ever update "The colliders strike back!" , the mod that adds in the intra-vessel collisions again? 

  8. I'm not sure, I think it depends on who blinks in the head on. If the Tytonids blink, then they're at risk of being at a temporary energy disadvantage that will get them destroyed. If the BTs blink, then they'll likely burn up all their energy in maneuvers and end up being easy pickings.
  9. Nothing I can fix, considering the "issue" is that Trajectories is calling FAR's aerodynamic simulations to predict in-atmosphere flight. It's already about as optimized as I can make it, but there's no way for me to optimize another mod increasing the aerodynamic calculations by x100 every frame for future predictions. I mean, I can "fix" it by preventing the functions that Trajectories calls from actually doing anything and returning 0, but that would defeat the purpose entirely.
  10. How... that's strange, considering I copied the FAR stuff for release from the github repo. Must not have grabbed the one after the last-minute .version fix. Well, once the metadata gets updated for CKAN it'll be fine.
  11. Alright, so FAR v0.15.9 "Liebe" is out. It includes 1.3 compatibility, some mod interaction fixes, and localization support. Also includes volunteer-provided German, Russian, and Chinese translations. Anyone who wants to help contribute to more translations is welcome to, and I apologize if anything isn't translated correctly, I only know English myself.
  12. Alright, KJR v3.3.3 is out. Should be good for all versions of KSP 1.3.x, only weird thing was making sure CompatibilityChecker still worked and didn't do anything stupid, because for some reason it thinks that the game build is 0.1.3 rather than 1.3.... Anyway, no other changes, everything otherwise looks good.
  13. Believe it or not, complaining that something needs an update doesn't make it update faster. In any case, my attention has been slightly distracted by real life, then FAR, so I haven't focused on this quite as much. I do have a working build of KJR together, the only thing delaying a release is that there were some reports of IR compatibility issues that I wanted to be sure were taken care of, and it seems like they are. I'll see about getting the info right and getting an official version out in a day or two.
  14. I have no idea, this is something that shouldn't occur unless you've changed some settings to make it happen. If I had to make a wild-ass guess, it would be your antivirus being some kind of crazy-obsessive thing, but if that's not it, I dunno what to tell you.
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