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Found 11 results

  1. Buran Orbiter Construction Kit | V 0.3.4 Release Candidate 1 | Stockalike Soviet Orbiter Buran Orbiter Construction Kit (or BOCK for short) provides a set of parts to build a Kerbalized version of the Soviet space shuttle orbiter, better known as Buran. This mod is largely based on benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, without which it basically wouldn't exist. This is my first parts mod for KSP and I tried my best to provide the highest quality mod possible, now available for everyone to enjoy! Key features: Highly detailed Soviet Orbiter parts in a stockalike style at Kerbal scale Switchable Orbiter names & decals 2.5m diameter payload bay Best suited for 2.5X scale Kerbin, but will work fine with stock scale IMPORTANT: This mod DOES NOT include the Energia launcher, you will need TantaresLV in order to build it. It's not a dependency because it's perfectly possible to build a suitable launcher from stock parts! Screenshots: Users screenshots: Download: Dev version on GitHub Dependencies: Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, including Buran cockpit and OMS pod (found under Extras folder on SOCK's GitHub) B9PartSwitch Waterfall HabTechProps Benjee10 Shared Assets Tantares Credits: hugoraider: 3D and textures work benjee10: animation JadeOfMaar: animation galopujacyjez: flags and decals
  2. Амина Although I've done this already, I've decided to do a new original Mir-inspired station for a story. June 1984 A meeting leads to a consideration of a space station, Sure, they had Salyut, but they needed something better. Salyut stations were becoming old, and most had become catastrophic failures. They had even lost Salyut 7 a few weeks prior to the meeting, so it wasn't helping the situation. August 1984 Another meeting is held, however this time its about a new space station. Do they do another singular launch station? Or do they do something better? One of the members in the meeting thinks for a minute, and then comes up with an idea. "How about we build a modular space station? We launch modules and then we assemble them in orbit over a certain period of time." The room goes quiet, before the meeting leader decides to think about it. "That isn't a bad idea. I'll take that into consideration." A few hours later, the meeting ends. The idea begins to become a concept. December 1984 The first module begins construction. Its design has 5 ports on the front, and 1 port on the rear for Прогресс spacecraft to dock with it later. Its design, although simple, has enough sustainability for a crew for up to a month. April 1985 The first module has been finished. Its life support systems include basic water filtering, oxygen filters which rely on a small amount of water. It had a gyroscope for easy stabilisation, RCS thrusters, 2 small fuel tanks, and a backup generator in case of any inboard electrical failures. It begins to be loaded onto a Протон-К rocket, and within 2 days its ready to be launched. April 22nd, 1985 The Протон rocket is in its final seconds up into launch, 3, 2, 1! It begins its ascent into the atmosphere, planned to be put into an orbit of ~105km. It will be boosted later to an orbit of ~115km. First stage separation, second stage engines lit. Fairing separation a few seconds after the second stage is lit. A few minutes later, the second stage separates and the third stage is lit. A few seconds later, the third stage is disconnected. The core module is now in orbit. The module experiences no issues during deployment. Its antennas, systems, radiators and solar panels deploy.
  3. What do you think about compulsory vaccinations for COVID, or are they just not an increase in the shadow economy? I remember with my dad (who died in 2002) we watched the material that Skatebroding was banned in Norway, my dad noticed that you can earn money from such a ban Because my dad told me that as he was a printer by profession, during the communes in Poland, he did not make bad money by printing "not entirely legal books" for Solidarity ;-) It's was mainly such author like Lermontov, Sacharov., Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and off course Big bad boy George Orwell It was so called "Samizdat " samizdat | Soviet literature | Britannica Samizdat - Wikipedia That he was earning a second salary thanks to nice American gentlemen from the CIA: D When we watched a program on Eurosport about the development of skateboarding in Norway, that in the 1980s it was a forbidden sport because their moms decided that it was a sport too heavenly for "good children", dad said that he was printing forbidden books under communism, because if the loveing government would forbid it something it's always the best money to get paid for it. That if he had been a Norwegian and not a Pole in the 1980s, he would have dealt with banned skateboards, since the idiots from the government themselves create an outlet for him, only a retard would not take advantage of it. And here arises my question: how the government tells us to vaccinate with the 101st dose, who normal will not get a fake certificate of vaccination for COVID-19
  4. After a rousing discussion of side-slung launch vehicle balancing at the following thread... ...I built a full-size Energia-Buran stack and started experimenting with Mun missions. However, the complexities of balancing thrust (even if it's a touch easier than an STS-style shuttle) made me think...just how small an Energia-Buran clone could I manage to make? Meet...the Baby Buran. At a scant 10.3 tonnes, it's hard to imagine anything much smaller. But it does what it's designed to do! No room for solar panels and no mass budget for an RTG, so it's all-battery-powered, with a probe core to allow it to do unmanned missions just like its much, much bigger brother. By default, the battery packs on the orbiter are locked so that only the one on the core booster is drained during ascent. It boasts a tiny heat shield on the underside, just in the right place to protect the cockpit, which also allows it to have a lightweight radial decoupler. "Lemwig" sounded like a vaguely Russian name, I thought! Just like the real Energia-Buran, the core has four engines and each of the Zenit-clone strap-on boosters has 4 locked nozzles and four gimbaling control nozzles. Of course, here they are all the same size, but no one is looking THAT closely. Liftoff! Two of the Oscar-Bs on each side booster are drained to allow a liftoff TWR>1. And Lemwig careens off toward the heavens. The engines are angled to provide roughly consistent thrust as the fuel tanks drain, but it's still a bit of a fight. There is a planned roll-over about halfway through ascent, both to take the pilot out of the airstream and to help maintain a good heading. Glamour shot! Here comes the roll-over. Approaching booster burnout. By this point, I've already used an action group to cut two of the four booster engines to maintain thrust symmetry. Boosters jettison together, just like Energia-Buran. They do not, however, separate and land independently on chutes, landing legs, and retrothrusters. I am not a god. Good trajectory at separation. Throttling down to reduce asymmetric torque below what my reaction wheel can handle. Booster burnout! Turning my battery pack back on and preparing for booster separation. Good separation. My two linear thrusters kick on to push me into orbit. The burn shouldn't actually be too terribly long. Ignore the maneuver node; the apoapse is way higher than I'll actually be going to. Just wanted a good maneuver vector. Isn't it cute? And we've got a good orbit! Granted, that's not a LOT of dV for stuff to do in space, but with a good intercept you could rendezvous with a space station. Or it could be sent up unmanned to rescue a stranded Kerbal, thanks to that probe core. Anyway, with no further ado, here's the deorbit burn! I ended up quickloading because my first attempt didn't get me anywhere near the KSC, and for some reason my landing gear glitched into an odd position. Oh well; can't be helped! Coming in hot, but it's nothing this kool Kerbal can't handle. Honestly was more worried about that landing gear. Hey, lookee there! We just might make it! Nosing forward to get a better glide ratio. Trying to turn...my inclination was a bit off. Burning off remaining monoprop to extend my range and lighten my load. Besides, who wants that nasty hydrazine still in the tanks with an open-cockpit deadstick landing? Looks like a good descent. Lining up for landing. Last-moment corrections. Will I make it? Why, I do believe I will. Here we go! Let's hope that wonky landing gear holds up. Touchdown! And, done. He's happy to be back!
  5. This is an effective repost of my question If the Soviet manned lunar program succeeded, how would the missions be designated? on Quora. The only answer suggested I ask Roscosmos people. Unfortunately, there seems to be literally no Soviet space program/Roscosmos employees, present or former, on Quora. Hence, I re-ask this question here to show it to a wider audience, including people who may be super duper knowledgeable about the Russian Space Program. Comment in question source:
  6. A quick stock build of an I-153 "Chaika" (seagull?) biplane I made. Wing-tips are not the curved shape that they were IRL (same with horizontal and vertical stabilizers) And (like all other WWII prop aircraft builds that I plan on doing/have done), some engine detailing (very sparse though, and no way to see it unless crashed or in editor) There are still some issues with "shimmering" due to part clipping I've also been working on a Spitfire, Me 163, and a Fw 190 A, and am going to take a break from aircraft construction for awhile. Any plane requests for later?
  7. This is the Story of the start of the Ruskerbia Space Program called Interkerbmos it is my first story and i thought i wanted to give it a try (dont be too harsh :D) Mods used: Tantares Tantares LV Kerbalized flags and agencies [Remember to read Werner with an german accent] [Remember to read other characters with russian accents] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 1 Manned by (Frogs) ( фермер ) |Farmer| Igor Kerman: Ehm.. Werner.. How did you build this thingy again?... Werner von Kerman: i found some scrap metal in my backyard Igor Kerman: okay.. so this is how you want to impress Piton?... with an scrap metal brick? Werner von Kerman: YES! And its manned by Frogs! Igor Kerman: Frogs?! i hope for you that Piton Kerman wont Throw you out of Ruskerbia for insulting him Werner von Kerman: that wont happen my friend [The next day] Werner von Kerman: There it is Piton! the фермер!! Piton Kerman: So.. this brick should put us in Space? Werner von Kerman: well its an prototype but i think it will manage to get there Piton Kerman: Launch it! Igor Kerman: Launching in 5.......4......3.....2.....1 Piton Kerman: its fast! but.. how does it steer? is it manned?! Werner von Kerman: Yes its Manned by Frogs... Igor Kerman: *Laughs* Piton Kerman: *looks questioning towards Werner* Very well, you get your money but! make sure we will be the first in space.. [Piton Kerman Leaves the launch site] While the фермер Parachutes down Werner and Igor Celebrate and start working on their New Future Projects Funded by the Ruskerbian Government Mission Succes! Stay Tuned for more!
  8. Russian rockets like the Soyuz are listed as using RG-1, while American one's, even if they use Russian engines, like Antares: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz-2_(rocket) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antares_(rocket) I also read that the oil reservoir used to make RG-1 was depleting, and that this was a concern for their rockets. What is the difference between RG-1 and RP-1, and could an engine be modified to use RG-1 just as easily as RP-1 (which seems to be more common)?
  9. http://www.voanews.com/content/analysts-russian-space-agency-restructure-unlikely-to-fix-problems/3124917.html The renationalisation of Russian Space is unlikely to fix anything, analysts say. And this is coming at a time when SpaceX is reducing profit margins for commercial launches, and CCDev is finally going into full force thanks to Congress. This is a little off topic, but might Rocosmos be able to make a profitable business by using commercial astronaut rides into space, or something similar to DragonLab with their Soyuz, while competing with Dragon and CST-100? Just an idea.
  10. http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=38959.msg1454018#new http://news.yahoo.com/russian-government-already-paying-space-195035280.html?nf=1 http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/27/news/economy/russia-space-crisis-cosmodrome/index.html Oh noes. "On Monday, Igor Komarov, the director of Roscosmos — Russia's version of NASA — announced that the space agency will receive a total of $22.5 billion dollars in government funding over the next 10 years. That might sound like a lot, but it's close to how much NASA gets from the federal government each year. In 2015, alone, NASA received approximately $18 billion, and is projected to get a similar amount each year through 2019 ." In other words: Rocosmos, with new cuts- $22.5 Billion Budget for the next 10 years. NASA Budget, currently- $18 Billion. (though this is not just space budget) These cuts have been made due to the deteriorating Russian economy. It's also the 3rd cut this YEAR, and is HALF the amount originally planned for in Rocosmos' long term plan. There goes Russia's plans to land people on the Moon...and PPTS (aka Orionski)...and OPSEK (Russia's next gen space station). Even the new Russian ISS modules are at risk at this point. Vostochny Cosmodrome is still happening though. Also, a comment from NovaSilisko, (former) KSP Developer: "So it sounds to me like this basically means the end of Russia's lunar and planetary exploration short of ExoMars, with most of the budget going into Earth-centric operations like the ISS. No Venera revival, no Luna revival, no Phobos-Grunt reflight..." This sucks.
  11. It's happening. We've been waiting for this event for years now, and soon everyone (along with SpaceX, Boeing, & Sierra Nevada) will know who will be flying the first U.S. astronauts from U.S. soil since the Space Shuttle retired in 2011, on-board USCV-1 to the ISS, tentatively scheduled to make its first flight in 2017. Live Updates: [4:08 PM 16 September] BOEING AND SPACEX ARE THE WINNERS! [9:10AM 16 September] Lurio, you must be relieved! Stephen Clark via Twitter: "NASA: "Major announcement today about astronaut transport to the International Space Station." 4pm presser at KSC. Buckle your seat belts." [12:41AM 16 September]: Andy Pasztor has published another article on the WSJ, titled: "Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos's Startup Is Part of Bid to Deliver Astronauts". Read the full article here. [9:16 PM EST]: Mr. Lurio to the rescue again... "Latest from elsewhere: WSJ/Pastor item is wrong. Conclusion: We won't know it til we know it, so take stress tab of your choice.". Jeff Foust has also retweeted this. [9:14 PM EST]: Cnet is regurgitating Wall Street Journal's claims that Boeing is to win one of the spots in an article titled: "Boeing said to win NASA space taxi contract". Everyone should be aware that this is complete speculation. There is no evidence to support any of this information. [3:31PM]: "Yet another item: Supposedly someone saw a poster just delivered KSC re CCtCap - included SNC/SpaceX, not Boeing. But I advise caution." Link to Tweet. [3:27PM]: Charles A. Lurio again... "This just in from another re CCtCap: Award tomorrow between 10-11am EDT." [3:06PM]: Charles A. Lurio on Twitter advising that companies will be informed of CCtCap results tomorrow morning, with public announcements following shortly after! All times are in EST BackgroundWith the Retirement of the Space Shuttle, NASA had to pay the Russians for seats on the Soyuz to ferry Astronauts to the ISS. NASA did not like this and started 2 different competitions to resupply and recrew the station. They are known as CCDev and CCtCap respectively. CCDev was the easier of the two and 2 companies made designs and won contracts, SpaceX with the Dragon and Orbital Sciences with Cygnus. The original idea was for CCDev to be a stepping stone for CCtCap, but it did not work out. CCtCap is Commercial Crew. in the beginning there were 5 designs with 4 capsules. They were SpaceX with the Dragon on a Falcon 9, Sierra Nevada Corp with DreamChaser on Atlas 5, Boeing with CST100 on Atlas 5, Blue Origin with New Sheppard on Undecided, and ATK with a CST100 on Liberty (think Aires 1). After the first round money was awarded to Boeing, SpaceX, and Sierra Nevada Corp to continue developing their designs. Boeing got the most money, followed by SpaceX and then SNC. Instead of a lump sum, the awards are parsed out based on milestones. This announcement is the end of the second phase. At this point, NASA has the money for 1.5 Contracts and this announcement is for who gets the big contract to actually carry astronauts to the ISS. Current Speculation is that Boeing has the strongest case because they have completed 100% of their milestones, with SpaceX in second with something like 80%. The main difference is that SpaceX has proven technology that has flown in the last decade, last time a Boeing Capsule flew was the apollo capsule. Tomorrow is the BIG day when the three lean whether or not they will get money to continue building their craft. SpaceX has already said that if they do not get selected they will continue to build the Dragon V2, it will just take longer. AFAIK there has been no announcements from SNC or Boeing on what happens if they do not get selected. for more info on the designs CST 100 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CST-100 Dragon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_V2 DreamChaser http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_Chaser also reddit is a great place for more info and is where I am getting the updates from https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/2gi43x/rspacex_nasa_cctcap_downselect_official/
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