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  1. Actually, I transferred the domain to a new provider since the old one doubled their price. This takes a few days and you never know when it is done and when you have to push your config... Anyway, it is fixed!
  2. Great mod. And you have a clean doc. Way better than I ever did
  3. This is not a log generated by Mechjeb but by whatever [PR] is. Mechjeb 2 logs looks like this : [LOG 16:20:09.602] [MechJeb2] Starting the Dispatcher
  4. Version 4.2.3 Fix the dll hashing when the dll is already opened. by @linuxgurugamer Fix for MM loading the wrong physics file when when when using the faulty PDLauncher workaround. @siimav ModuleManager-4.2.3.zip ModuleManager.4.2.3.dll
  5. A bit late to the party since @HebaruSan already did the hard work. @r4m0n and @The_Duck are the original brains behind MechJeb. From what I gathered from the old comments, it was the merge of two older mods. I do not think I have any of the binaries from back then.
  6. The current dev code is undergoing a large refactoring so I am not surprised things broke. Please fill a GitHub issue and I will try to have a look when I am back from my travels.
  7. Yes, you need to upgrade it. The game code for node does not work if the station is not upgraded
  8. If the game complains about the missing part then you used the AR-202 part. MJ does not add part to existing ships.
  9. Install the mod, and delete the dll. You will have the part but the mod will not be active
  10. Mechjeb2 does not manage the MFD. If the aircraft autopilot is available in MJ menu but not in the MFD you need to check with the mods that adds the MFD (RasterPropMonitor)
  11. This one is related to the PVG rewrite that Lamont is doing and I do not want to edit that code while he works on it...
  12. Your installation is full of mods that are not compatible with the current version of KSP, with over 131 exception in the loading screen alone. The only help I can give is an advice: Start with a clean KSP install and use CKAN to add mods. That way you will not have obsolete mods.
  13. New release MechJeb2- Localization fix fix related to radian vs degree New infoItems about the Target ( MeanAnomaly, TrueLongitude, LDN, TimeToAn, TimeToDN ) that nay be of use to Principia players More work on PVG I will try to get another version soon with the fix for the broken windows, and then it will be quiet for a while on the official release front. Lamont is working on a PVG overhaul, and I am testing a "modern" UI that should have less impact on perf than the current one. This will take a while and will show up (later) on the dev releases. (and of course there is KSP 2, but that will be for later). Edit: One last thing. I know some of you have the bug where the UI is stuck in the corner and broken. I have not been able to reproduce it. If someone here has this bug and does not have a huge list of mods please share your mods info, so I can have another go at it.
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