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  1. Show off your standard launch vehicles off in this thread! I've noticed that there aren't any or much threads like these. After all, your standard launch vehicles should get appreciation. A launch vehicle is considered standard if you use it over and over again, not just once. My own standard launch vehicle: The Crew Transit Vehicle (CTV) I don't really have a standard cargo launch vehicle, my cargo are usually different. I always have standard Crew vehicles, for just getting to a space station, or an orbital hop. I might build some cargo haulers though.
  2. These are the biggest spacecrafts i have built "Hype Ship" not at all useful, lag is unbearable (1057 parts), over 220m long. its other name is "The Cosmic Titan" in reference to shadowzone's Cosmic Titan. this craft totally was not built to one-up shadowzone lol (though his ship is still really epic and a lot more useful)) Massive colonial ship, 147m long, 2700t full, 700t empty (the orange and gray "antenna" at the front is there because i had no idea what to put there), used in my stock career, its docked to a station and a class E asteroid for sense of scale, those giant parts are 3.75m fairings, which occasionally detach and cause the entire ship to undergo RUD. refuled, had enough delta V to go from a 1000km kerbin orbit to Duna, insterted into orbit around duna at about ike's orbit, went into orbit around ike to refuel a small cruiser, then went into LDO (low duna orbit), then to Eve, and barely made it to Gilly with 400m/s delta V left... also, i get 6 fps with this craft, and i am somehow fine... must be that i started playing minecraft 6 years ago on an ANCIENT pc, couldnt get past 20fps lol. i have not really seen many threads about showing huge spaceships. on my scale, a spaceship is huge at over 70m in length (and also over 500t JUST to not include the nuclear space noodle, since its... well.. a nuclear spaceship that essentially looks like a noodle). but everyone's definition of a huge/large spaceship is different lol. also, these two spaceships are actually the only three large stock spacecraft that i have built that are over 100m in length (the third is an executor star destroyer) sooo.. you can show off your huge spaceships here! (on your scale)
  3. i've finally gotten back into the game after leaving my joystick to gather dust for WAY too long, and here are the designs that i've cobbled together so far! Number 1: The Wildebeest Transport! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Wildebeest-Transport A simple, two-man transport. NOTE: since i'm dumb i used the gemini capsule from Making History as the throwaway crewpod. Will reupload the file when i fix that. FIXED as of 9/6/18 Number 2: The Horsefly! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Horsefly A nimble and speedy 1-man vtol, inspired by Cupcake's many VTOLs. Number 3: The Sea Imp! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Sea-Imp A plane inspired by the Convair Pogo VTOL. Has a few tricks up its sleeve. Absolute blast to fly.
  4. First showcase! Excited! Here i will post my showcase worthy stuff, hopefully this will give people inspiration First off: Concept 1 Explanation: Got this idea while tinkering with big engines. I had the thought "wouldn't be nice to strap a big engine on a small plane?". Stuff happens in KSP
  5. Alright folks, I used to love perusing the old B9 creations showcase and as far as I know one for NFT doesn't exist yet. In the NFT thread it was suggested to me that I start one myself. With the release of 1.3 NFT I think it's the perfect time. There are no requirements other than that your craft use an NFT part or mechanic. Can be current or old, I don't care. I'll update with a few more when I get home today, but I'll start this off now - This craft was designed in pieces and assembled in orbit for one of my many grand tour ideas. Back in .25 I was using Krag's planet pack before Kopernicus and I needed something with more delta-v than I'd ever managed before. This thing had 27km/s with the lander docked fully loaded, and about 45km/s without the lander. It was designed to be able to get to things like the old Ablate, which orbit really, really close to the sun. It was a really utilitarian craft, as in the second image, all but one fuel tank were designed to come off and go down with the lander to be refuelled with Xenon and brought back up. The lander itself was inspired by Cupcake's dropships, and had enough for a Tylo landing without any extra baggage, and could also do a Dyna landing plus ascent without refuelling via Kethane. I had a lot of capacitors there so it could handle ~3 minute burns without reactor startup, then get that power back via solar panels. There were two main problems with it - the lander had no RCS to save fuel and relied on two tugs to dock every time I had to move it, which got annoying fast. Secondly, out past Jool it had power problems because no RTGs and low solar output so I had to keep the reactor online very low. I can't wait to redesign for 1.3, TAC LS and the new changes to NFT, and I'd love to see all your designs. Mine tend to be very functional and not so pretty, though I was somewhat proud of the way this one looked. Anyways, let's see all your crafts folks! Also any tags or formatting I've missed please feel free to pm or post or whathaveyou.
  6. PARA-SCI APPLIED SCIENCES DIVISION In other words, a repository of all craft I have created that I have deemed worthy to share with the public. At present all ships use exclusively stock parts. Some aesthetic-only clipping of batteries, Science instruments, and fuel tanks to a minor degree is involved, but no moving parts are clipped and I've done my best not to "abuse" part clipping to create overpowered fuel tanks, etc. (Essentially I've preserved the "intended" fuel volume using nose cones or fuselage parts). WARNING: All of the download links are broken due to Dropbox changing the way their public URLs work, and most of the craft below are outmoded anyway. This thread will remain open for archival purposes, but consider downloads closed until I can get around to publishing updated craft. DESIGNED FOR 1.0+: Spaceplane Hanger [1.2] Fear not, I have not misspelled "hangar," but in fact have created a monstrous vehicle capable of dangling spaceplanes precariously above the ground as only a true hanger could! Features a high lift range and weight capacity, and it sports an extra command pod enabling Kerbals to oversee lifting operations from within the safety of the vehicle. DOWNLOAD | Imgur Album Portable Station Advanced and Portable Station Expansion Kit Advanced version of the Portable Station. Less compact (about 30% longer), but with several new features, including pre-packaged ISRU mining bot, survey probe, and Science probe; detachable drive stage with probe core and RTG for self-retrieval; upgraded fuel and Ore storage; and expansion capability with the accompanying Expansion Kit. The Expansion Kit is unable to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay, but can be easily packed in a Size 3 fairing, can be attached to the station and carried along before final deployment, and like the station itself is subassembly-friendly with a large docking port as the root. It features six ring segments, which with the space tug included on the station can be assembled into a habitation ring; several extra docking ports; and auxiliary storage for LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, MonoPropellant, XenonGas, and ElectricCharge. Download Portable Station Advanced | Download Portable Station Expansion Kit Ore Bot Tiny Edition Extra-compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus or the Mun, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with four RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single short Mk3 cargo bay. With a total delta-V of over 1200 m/s, potentially capable of transporting Ore between bodies such as Jool's moons. Also subassembly-ready with the junior docking port as the root - just stick it in the Subassemblies folder. Download Portable Base What's better than a Mun base? A Mun base IN A TEWB! Base-a-doochous! This is a complete surface base, including an ISRU drill and refinery, Science lab, housing for up to 12 Kerbals, and a rover and skycrane for self-assembly, all designed to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least two long cargo bays, one standard cargo bay, and one short cargo bay is required). Also works for Minmus and any other objects smaller than the Mun. NOTE: The skycrane must be refueled after delivering each component to the Mun's surface, which requires a separate fuel reserve. I recommend the Portable Station listed below. Instructions: Download Laythe Plane 3 Sleeker and better-performing than ever! An ultra-compact spaceplane designed to fly on and reach orbit around Laythe, capable of stowing within a Mk3 cargo bay. Carries one Kerbal and a full suite of scientific instruments (only the Science Jr. and Mystery Goo experiments have been omitted). Fuel contents have been tuned based on 1.0.5 aerodynamics for best performance. Features RCS, standard and junior docking ports, and probe core allowing remote operation (such as for rescue missions). Download Kanoe 1.2 A teeny tiny boat for Kerbals to take for spins in watery locations. Approximate travel range is only about 500 meters (i.e. 250 round trip). Also includes a junior docking port to enable easy deployment and recovery. The Oscar-B tanks at the back are intended for flotation and thus should not be filled. Download Portable Station What's better than a space station? A space station... in a tewb! This is a fully functional station designed to pack within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least one long cargo bay plus one standard cargo bay is required). This is both the most compact and the most feature-rich edition yet, including an ISRU converter, three jumbo docking ports and six docking ports in each of the smaller two port sizes, and reserves of LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, Monopropellant, and XenonGas. Instructions | Download SSTO Shuttle Mk1.2 The above shuttle has been improved using shock cone intakes and some mass and drag optimizations, allowing it to reach orbit with over 100m/s more delta-V left over and handle better on the way back down. Download Stackable Ion Probe Ultra-compact stackable, reusable ion probe for orbital Science harvesting. Useful when carried aboard a mothership for missions to multiple objects, such as the Jool system. Total delta-V estimated at 4600m/s; capable of burns up to approximately 300m/s at a time before recharging. Not recommended for trips beyond Jool's orbit (i.e. Eeloo) due to solar panel constraints. Download Ore Bot 2.1 Compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with a large number of RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single standard-length Mk3 cargo bay. Download Mako Replica The Applied Sciences Division's first replica - the "Mako" all-terrain vehicle from Mass Effect. Like the original, it features an overdesigned suspension, powerful jump jets capable of ascending over 300 meters in a single bound (Note: jumps over 5 meters are ill-advised as the suspension is partially composed of batteries that will explode on impact), seating for four, and a working cannon (only one shot though). Download
  7. Crafts from the Asteroid Sentinels A showcase of most of the crafts featured in my graphic novel. I've released the crafts in several sets due to the sheer amount of crafts. Enjoy! The Sentinel Space Telescope/Falcon 9 Asteroid Deflection Mission Mission Very Profitable Asteroid Redirect Mission MOL/Knoll
  8. Well, lets see what you got! All is welcome!
  9. Welcome to SDJ's ships, a random assortment of stuff made available for you, for the first time all in one semi-organized place! More craft will be uploaded frequently so check back to see the latest and greatest designs. First things first, here is the directory of my KerbalX hangars, you can find downloads for most crafts here: https://kerbalx.com/sdj64/hangars Featured Craft: Apollo Replica A replica of the Saturn V, with most of the bells and whistles. Equal consideration was given to accuracy and balance for stock, so the payload and pod are a bit bigger than they should be on the real Saturn V. Lander comes with a rover and science package. Get a Kerbal into the rover before you release it from the lander, or it will flip over and the seats will be blocked. Make sure to enable the fuel cells, for historical accuracy there are no solar panels! More ships: Chevalier Shuttle A space shuttle with the external tank on the front, for all of your shuttling needs. Much easier to fly than a side-mounted shuttle. Always throttle to zero before jettisoning the tank! If you have extra fuel on reentry, try to balance it with a similar amount front and back. Both models have a split tail airbrake with the brakes action group. Chevalier H2 has longer range and more payload capacity than the original model, as well as the ability to deploy rovers with its cargo ramp. Soyuz Replica A true marvel of Soviet engineering clipping, this Soyuz replica can take 3 Kosmonauts to orbit and back. Like the Saturn 5, it sacrifices some accuracy for stock balance. Fighter Planes 3 maneuverable fighter planes, good for stunt flying or exploring Kerbin. The first two are semi-replicas of the F16 and F18.
  10. As The Title says, I have updated Macey Deans SW Battlecruiser to 1.2, In the process I have replaced the outdated weapons, and added utility's essential to modern KSP military craft without overhauling the original ascetic design, so here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpoRtY1EkCQ Craft file will be released tomorrow, just re-checking everything at this point in time
  11. THE BATTLE OF THE DENMARK STRAIT PACK (WIP) This is the project page for the (currently) WIP Battle Of The Denmark Strait pack, and for the battle's 75th anniversary, I'm building the four ships that fought in the cold waters near Greenland in Late May. Currently Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, and Hood are complete: Prince Of Wales's is finished, but under going bug fixing. Mods used in these ships: BDArmory, Community Ammunition Library, Kerbpaint(Not working in 1.1), Naval Artillery System, Tweakscale, and WW2Warships, RealShips, with Vesselmover/Hyperedit as well as any mods required/suggested on the pages of these mods. How Can I Help? Right now- Help me in the struggle to find sources for Prince Of Wales-Hull lines are a notable thing I haven't been able to find anything too good on. Done! Test this buggy early version of Prince Of Wales. Find a Fjord on Kerbin for Bismarck/Prinz Eugen to find in. (Yes, that is a small thing you can do to help) I know people are looking for them, but I haven't gotten any reports on any "fjords". Logo Design For The Forum Page-WIP Find Some Music for the cinematic!-Done though if you have some good ones, feel free to suggest! Give me questions for the Q&A!-Low-ish priority, need to be done. Craft Building- There are several crafts that I probably will be unable to make in time/probably better builders of these ships: Aircraft- Bf109 fighters (which protected Bismarck from air attack in Norway) WIP By Others Spitfire (Which photographed 2 certain ships named Bismarck and Prinz Eugen...)-Done, now I need to actually pick whose to fly... Ships- Suffolk (County Class Heavy Cruiser, which were the first to detect the German ships) Norfolk (A County Class Heavy cruiser subclass ship, a few modifications to the above should do) Lower priority- 6 destroyers that were detached the eve of the battle. Any thing else you can help with, go for it. Q&A Q: Why did you go for building this project? A: The answer I don't remember well, but I do know I wanted to do a Battle Of Jutland 100th anniversary pack, before realizing that this is in fact, a horrible idea, considering that it is, one of the largest battles ever. However, the Battle Of The Denmark Strait happened on a similar date, 25 Yrs later, and a fair few calibers more feasible. Q: The 1st ship, Prinz Eugen is at 1120 parts, yet the larger Bismarck is at 907, and the slightly longer Hood is at 883. Why? A: Probably something about experience and ship building techniques. Specifically, I probably use several WW2 Warship blocks for some straight areas, but later I might have used a tweak scaled structural panel, which is a weaker but all the more customizable, saving a a good dozen parts. The hull on the Prinz Eugen was also more complex, and the confused me may have had used more parts. Q: What will you do with the ships once they are done? A: I'll make a KSP film recreating the battle, and the events leading up to it. Feel free to suggest more questions! Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions or offers to help, please let me know!
  12. I present to you... V7's Big Flyin' Machines A showcase of large cargo, commercial, and military aircraft. First up: The V7 C-1 "Orion" The second aircraft in the "C" Series: The V7 C-2 "Goose" Boat Plane Our first commercial aircraft: The V7 C-3 PA 1-70 The newest in the "C" line: The V7 C-4 PA 2-114 "Starliner" The first non-"C" series aircraft: The V7 N-1 "Greatsword" Nuclear Bomber Now, pretty much just a replica: The V7 VM-T Atlant The heavy bomber: The V7 "Stratojet" The Concorde of Panavia: The V7 HC-1 Finally, the last aircraft: The V7 "White Arrow" SC I hope you like em' V7 Aerospace IndustriesTM
  13. I present to you: V7's SW-Series Fighter Aircraft Showcase! (Phew, what a mouthful) The Panavian Air Force has ordered for a new series of military aircraft to be manufactured, and V7 Aerospace Industries has developed a brand-new line of aircraft to rule the skies; The SW-Series. New SW-Series designs will be numbered from 1-onwards. The larger, ground strike aircraft will have their names begin with the letter F, while the smaller, air superiority fighters will have their names begin with the letter S The V7 SW-1 Spectre Next up: The V7 SW-2 Switchblade Now, the first F-class aircraft: The V7 SW-3 Firestorm The only single-engined one of the bunch: The V7 SW-4 Scimitar At last but not least, the largest of the bunch: The V7 SW-V Falcon That's them all! I hope you like 'em! one final picture.
  14. Hey guys and gals! This is where i dump my crafts and ships when i feel like it.This is in no way organised, so expect this to be a mess of a thread in the future.The mod you will most probably see in use is TweakScale (TweakScale is love, TweakScale is life), and maybe even more in the future.So, feel free to look around! Thanks in general! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kerbin Hydrosphere Explorer Mk.1 A small sub for "everywhere and anytime" use.Fits perfectly into a CRG-50 Mk3 Cargo Bay for easy transport and mass production.Warranty void if exposed to anything but water.User guide in the in-game description. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/KHE-Mk1 Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) 21 My go at a MiG-21 replica.Remembering how it looks wasn't the easiest thing.I live just a mile or two away from the airport and i see them almost everytime i pass by.It might not be the best aesthetically, but at least it flies decently and can reach re-entry speeds with that Whiplash engine.Did a little bit of a TweakScale job on the hind wheels and downscaled the two back winglets. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/MiG-21 B-52 Stratofortress Probably the most recognizable heavy bomber in history.To be honest, it wasn't that hard to replicate.Of course, my replica doesn't have all the details the original B-52 has, but you can customize it to your own will.This is just the barebones.Works best at subsonic speeds. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/B-52 C7-J404 "Falcon" A custom fighter plane that can go up to 3Ma at cruising altitude (9-11km), but it will never overheat rapidly like most planes flying at lower altitudes, since the whole, you know, higher up = less air molecules = less drag thing.Compatible with BDArmory, altough a little wobbly during flight. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/C7-J404-Falcon C7-LV10 "Swallow" A very sleek and speedy plane with overheating issues at any altitude (well, until the intake goes out at least).Semi-useful for BDArmory when it comes to dodging high-speed projectiles.Use with caution. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/C7-LV10-Swallow C7-J90 "Gull" A big 48-passenger plane that can carry up to 4.32 tons worth of sacrifi- i mean, Kerbals! Give it some time tough, it tilts back a bit at launch + it takes an entire runway for it to liftoff at least semi-properly.WARNING! Civilian aircraft, please don't shoot down. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/C7-J90-Gull Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) 15 A really olden jet fighter that first flew in 1947, then later introduced and began mass production in 1949.Who says it can't be rebuilt in stock KSP? (With a little TS of course)...Added an SAS module as a temporary solution with manueverability problems.A bit hard to steer but can go sonic and up to 1.5Ma. Craft suggested by Turtles4Life. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/MiG-15 Messerschmitt (Me) 262 An old fighter that i, in my eyes, sort-of poorly replicated.Could’ve used tweakscale to make the two wing engines a bit larger and the wings themselves rounder, but i’m proud nonetheless. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/Messerschmitt-Me-262 [MODS] Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" Personally, i like how this one came out, especially the round wings.Thank Procedural Wings and KAX for the awesome parts that made this plane possible.A bit slow in the air, but takes off by itself. DOWNLOAD: https://kerbalx.com/Radon86/Mitsubishi-A6M-Zero
  15. Disclaimer at bottom Ok, its time for another SCF! This week is a collection of craft that happened to catch my eye. It is a little rushed since I didn't know I had been moved up to this week till yesterday. I did find time to do some basic testing of each craft featured though. Anyway enough of my rambling, now for the craft! The Flying Teacup By @waterlubber An interesting little bit of fun. This miniscule craft is great for zipping around the space center. A mere six parts and hilarity and/or frustration will ensue. You will need the Take Command mod to fly this (or add a probe core). Forum Thread B-52 Stratofortress with X-24A Martin Marietta By @sal_vager This craft was amazing to fly! While testing this one I managed to get the Marietta to 35km. The Marietta handles smoothly and can easily touch down on land or in the water. Forum Thread Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig mk2 By @Majorjim This is a very well done replica. It is a little difficult to fly for the inexperienced (i.e. me). It does respond well to inputs and can even survive a fall from 200m. Forum Thread Nova II - 229 tons to LKO By @Temstar This behemoth of a rocket will throw just about anything you want into LKO. The lifter weighs in at nearly 850 tons and with the proofing payload included in the download tops out at 1065.8 tons. Forum Thread "Bor" - light and cheap spaceplane for 4 kerbonaut/tourists By @Mesklin This small shuttle is superb for those tourist contracts. Capable of reaching LKO, it handles well in the atmosphere. Forum Thread That is it for the featured craft! Congratulations to these builders. Honorable Mentions Alright, that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this week's Spacecraft Friday!
  16. OK! It's time for another edition of Space Craft Friday! I decided to skip the standard disclaimer as I think everyone knows what it says. This week was tricky, a lot of showcase threads were added to the SCE due to the Rocket Builders going away, so finding individual craft was a bit of a challenge! Never the less, I pushed on and found a few little goodies hidden around the SCE. Please enjoy! Let's get started! |Mini VTOL - Minute| By castille7 This little VTOL is probably the cutest thing I've seen! The wing design is quite unique and everything else on the plane looks very nice. It kind of looks like a butterfly! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Buran 11F35 Kerbal I| By Speeding Mullet Now, I know there are quite a few NASA Space Shuttle replicas on the forums, but not a lot of replicas of the Buran Shuttle (AFAIK;)). This shuttle is quite beautiful for it's low(ish) part count and it even comes with an Energia launcher! Check out the forum page for more pics and info. Speeding Mullet really went into detail! _________________________________________________ |T-10 Jet Strike Fighter| By ghostbuzzer7 If you're into stock KSP warfare, then this jet's for you. The T-10 is a very nice aircraft both aesthetically and... uh well... (I didn't actually test this)... Anyway! I chose this plane for the SCF because of it's simplicity. We don't see enough simple things on the forums these days, it's all about gears and bearings and really complicated things that I can only dream of building. So I decided to remind everyone of how beautiful simplicity can be. Well done ghostbuzzer7. LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Cypher - High Performance Dropship/Prospector| By Cupcake... I don't play with drop ships that much, but this one was just too pretty to ignore. As you may know, Cupcake is well known for his drop ships in KSP, but I didn't think any of his creations had been featured on SCF. This is a very clean and simple design, I just love that cockpit! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWII Avro Lancaster Replicas| By Columbia These two replicas of the famous WWII bombers are both very nice models. Just look at those wings! These beauties also pack a massive punch in the form of explosives with each plane carrying a massive load of bombs. Time to bust some dams! (I think it's the same plane...) LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWI Medium Bomber| By Azimech To finish off this week's showcase, a remarkable aircraft based on bombers from WWI. Built by Azimech, this amazing aircraft is very well built and uses very clever techniques to produce the final product. If you like flying classic aircraft, then this one's for you! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ So there we have it. Another excellent week in the Kerbal Spacecraft Exchange. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the amazing craft showcased here today. Please let me know what you think of this edition, and if there is anything that you think could be improved, please kindly let me know. Thanks to all of the builders who's craft made it here, and to those who may not have made it in. These choices were my personal opinion, and I don't mean to leave anyone out on purpose. Thanks again and HAPPY FLYING! YargJay9991
  17. Welcome to the Wonky Orbits Spacecraft Emporium, where we showcase everything Wonky Orbits Industries has to offer you! We supply everything from satellites, space stations, crew transporters, interplanetary probes, and aircraft, to cargo jets, trainer jets, and Kold War spysats. Wonky Orbits makes EVERYTHING. We hope that you enjoy our multitude of products and spend more monies! Current Products: Starflyer Jet A small yet agile passenger jet capable of high speed turns and ludicrous acceleration! Download
  18. Editing the original topic to add a few pics of my new 1.1.2 LF only crafts - Arbalester and Ghostrider. They are pretty cheap (53 to 99k) and they have very good range and ROI if used to ferry tourists around Kerbin SOI. Arbalester - Ghostrider ******************************************************************************************************************************** Former releases After a few weeks a small new entry, a single engine 10.8t craft that can lift a single kerbal to LKO and dock, the "Fiery Potato". Cheap, nice n'easy. 31 parts, worth 25k in a career. Just pitch 15° till 20000m, then level to 6° till your desured Ap. Switch the rapier to closed cycle around 24000m. Better piloted "capslocked", you have excess power and authority. Carries a fair amount of mono too. http://www.twitch.tv/signo1974/v/23715718 You can download it >>>HERE<<< Hi all, lately I was experimenting with wings AoA and I came up with this that looks pretty cool and works pretty well. It is just 44 parts so it runs perfectly on any pc and it is a "fat skylon" wannabe. Payload fraction is very good so that's not bad too. >>>Fat Needle<<< To reach orbit at maximum weight just pitch 6° at take off (and keep it) and switch rapiers to closed cycle @24000m; burn until you reach your desired Ap above 70000 (80x80 @ maximum take off weight). On top you will gain a few thousand meters on pure lift. Action buttons: 1) toggle engines 2) switch mode/toggle intakes You can download it >>>HERE<<< 09/09 update Introducing the "liner" - same 4 rapier layout, nothing really special here. 68 parts - 64 kerbs crew 104t @ takeoff You can download it >>>HERE<<< 09/10 update Scaling down the concept to obtain something useful I got the Aspis, your average LKO service shuttle. 9 kerbs crew, 42,8t and a double rapier layout. Looks somehow F-104ish. Same action buttons as above, almost same ascent profile (pitch 5°, switch rapiers @24500m) You can download it >>>HERE<<<
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