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  1. Tired of asteroids hitting Kerbin every other month? Bored with your 10th identical playthrough of an asteroid redirect mission? Want bigger Δv challenges? Custom Asteroids is a rework of the stock asteroid/comet system. Just install the mod, load up a save game, and any newly spawned asteroids will appear in locations around the solar system, including an asteroid belt, a more varied near-Kerbin asteroid population, and suitable cometary orbits. No in-game configuration necessary once the included asteroid packs are installed, although nearly everything can be configured. Latest versions KSP 1.10-1.12: Version 1.9.0 (SpaceDock) (Curse) (Github) KSP 1.4-1.9: Version 1.8.0 (SpaceDock) (Curse) (Github) Custom Asteroids is available under the MIT license. Source code hosted by Github. Please report bugs on the issue tracker, and include the mod version, the KSP version, and your operating system. Public documentation, including both user's guide and public mod API. User's guide also included in the download in .md (plain-text) format. Optional Asteroid Packs I am happy to take config file submissions to go with popular solar system mods. Easy-to-reach belts around KSP 64k planets by @Sandworm Custom Asteroids version of Outer Planets Mod asteroids by @Eridan (also available from CKAN) Trans-Neidonian objects for Outer Planets Mod (also available from CKAN) Features (Optional) new spawn system that lets asteroids appear gradually over time, instead of any time there are no untracked asteroids. For players who prefer the stock spawner, set Spawner = Stock in the options file. Modular config files let you pick and choose asteroid packs, or write your own. Asteroids may appear in any number of groups, including planet intercept trajectories. All orbital elements and spawn rates are customizable. Asteroids may even be placed around planets or moons. Asteroids come in four classes: Stony, Metallic, Carbonaceous, and Icy-Organic. Different classes have different resource content (need 3rd-party mods to take advantage) and different science flavor text. Partial integration with the stock comet system, using Custom Asteroids to handle comet properties and detection but supporting the stock configuration system for comet orbit classes and science experiments. Supports update monitoring through KSP-AVC and CKAN. Known Issues There is currently no way to determine the asteroid class from the tracking station or during approach, though it will be displayed in the right-click menu once you're attached. If you install CA and Kopernicus, you can potentially have two independent asteroid systems running simultaneously. Kopernicus now offers a UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem flag that lets you use only Custom Asteroids for asteroids. Does not interact with Sentinel telescope; Sentinel-spawned asteroids and comets will follow stock rules. Credits Custom Asteroids started with some proof-of-concept code by xEvilReeperx for placing asteroids in specific orbits. I am eternally grateful for their help, as otherwise this mod would not exist. Many thanks to Thomas P. for improving the original method. Custom Asteroids was inspired by Trueborn's Custom Biomes and rbray89's Visual Enhancements, and follows a similar "customize everything" philosophy. While Custom Biomes is now defunct, I still recommend Visual Enhancements.
  2. Download Link: https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/releases Background: What's more awesome than asteroids? Asteroids you can put stuff in! Asteroid Recycling Technologies (ART) allows you to remove asteroid mass and attach multiple reconfigurable storage tanks to the asteroid's surface. ART is a collaboration between myself (plugin code, configs, and Unity), and WaRi (modeling and textures). How it works: First, Attach (via the same mechanism as the ARM Claw) a mass extractor to the surface of the asteroid. This device (aka the Jaw) uses a high powered laser to vaporize asteroid mass, transforming it into rock (a new resource) and prepare the interior space for use. Next, attach one of several reconfigurable storage tank hatches to the asteroid. Each of these contains a specific resource (LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, XenonGas and Karbonite are included, mod creators and players are encouraged to create more!). These begin with zero capacity, but can be inflated once attached to the asteroid and take advantage of the space created by the Jaw. Better yet, these storage tanks can be reconfigured on the fly based on your needs - need more Karbonite space and less XenonGas space? no problem - just compress and expand the different tanks. There's even an option to bleed off the contents if you need to make room for something else. What do I do with all of this rock?! You can bleed it off - just select 'Vent Rock' on your asteroid's right click menu to toss some out into space. Or, use one of our handy low-yeild extractors (ones for Karbonite, Minerals/Water, and Substrate/Ore come with the release) to transform rock into useable stuff. Example: Using the Jaw, a player can create available space of, say, 50,000 units. They could then attach tanks for Karbonite, Liquid Fuel, and Oxidizer, and distribute that 50K capacity among all three, and change it as needed (i.e. reduce Karbonite space and expand LFO space during conversion, etc.) There's some extra stuff too! Lastly, there are two new parts for other rocky goodness: a nifty mass driver engine that runs off of Rock, as well as an accompanying storage tank. These are similar to ion drives, but with much higher thrust at the expense of ISP (so they sit somewhere between the nuke and the ion drive). I'm still lost... can you make an awesome video or something? Ask and ye shall receive. License and stuff License is All Rights Reserved. But if you wish to use some code or a model, etc. toss me a line! In the event of my absence from the official KSP forums for 120 days or more, the license will revert to CC 4.0 BY SA NC. Uses the FireSpitter plugin by Snjo What's next: Habitable modules that let you turn your asteroid into an ant colony. More complex high-yield mining technologies, and integration with Freight Transportation Technologies (FTTP) ChangeLog 0.6.0 - 2014.12.16 [LIST] [*]KSP 0.90 Comatibility [*]Converted most parts to Regolith [*]Boosted Jaw efficiency by tenfold [*]Fuel hatches and the Jaw must be directly attached to an asteroid to function [*]Deprecated ORSX [*]Updated DLLs - including TEMPORARY FireSpitter patch for 0.90 [*]CTT Integration. Mass driver and rock tank are under Resource Utilization, with the balance of the parts under Off-World mining. [/LIST] 0.5.4 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]Cleaned up resources [*]Moved out some dead code [*]Converted all TGAs to PNGs [*]Updated USI Tools/ORSX/ModuleManager [*]Moved to full version of CRP [*]Moved rock to the CRP as it will be multi-mod [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.5.3 - 2014.10.10 Fixed name for Crew Hatch, added DRE config 0.5.2 - 2014.10.07 [LIST] [*]KSP 0.25 Compatability [*]Added the Crew Hatch! Latch on, stuff with Kerbals! (for phase 1, this will not take away from space - we assume they use existing caves). [*]Crew Hatch automatically expels Kerbals in the event of disconnection [*]CRP and USI DLL refresh [/LIST] 0.5.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]ATM configs [*]DRE support [*]MFT support [*]Added FireSpitter version file [*]Updated to ORSX [*]Updated Module Manager [*]Updated USI Tools [*]Increased JAW laser strength and energy usage [*]Fuel hatches now have a top node so they can be stacked for delivery [*]Updated CRP resources [/LIST] 0.4.5 - 2014.09.12 [LIST] [*]Updated KSP-AVC info [*]Updated FireSpitter plugin [*]Updated USI DLLs [/LIST] 0.4.4 - 2014.09.02 [LIST] [*]Fixed resource issue that caused a Karbonite conflict with cost and flow type (yay for shooting myself in the foot) [*]Updated version info [*]Updated DLL dependencies [/LIST] 0.4.3 [LIST] [*]Updated USI_Converter [*]KSP AVC Support [*]Fixed missing transform on mass driver [/LIST] 0.4.2 [LIST] [*]Final configuration updates and licensing [/LIST] 0.4.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE [LIST] [*]Split parts into two packs - ART and ART_PartPack [*]RCS and 2.5m Mass Drivers are deprecated, RCS is coming back with a new model. [*]Hollowing potential jumped up to 75% of mass. [*]Simplified the converters at the expense of efficiency - now go straight from rock to resources. Ratio is approximately 1000:1 to account for conservation of mass (asteroids are fluffy), and to leave breathing room for mining specialization. [*]The probe now gives science. Analysis results are non-game impacting for now, but there to support the next expansion. [*]Some FX adjustments [/LIST] 0.4.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE [LIST] [*]Mass drivers in 1.25/2.5 form factors along with a high-thrust RCS version. Yes, you can fly asteroids around. No, they have no more gimbals. Oh.. and the fade of the emmissive is prettier. [*]The probe now requires direct activation to perform it's analysis. IT also shows analysis results (so does the asteroid). [*]Turns out asteroids are very fluffy... conversion rates and hollowed out volume adjusted accordingly. [*]A new part - Intermediary Separation Module - handles the separation of rock into the specialized types. It will attempt to do this when it sees you have a lot of rock. It also handles Rock=>RockDust conversion. [*]Fixed the whole 'probe zooming in the VAB' thing [*]Mass should now remain constant (until conversions start expelling waste). [/LIST]
  3. Every year on the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska impact (June 30th), people and kerbals from around the world celebrate Asteroid Day. On this day they learn about asteroids, their role in the formation of our solar system, the impact hazard they may pose, how we can use their resources, and how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration. This year, the KSC is holding a brainstorming competition in order to come up with ideas for future asteroid and comet related missions, but more importantly, to ensure the safety of kerbalkind in case of an impact. Here is where you and all the brilliant scientists and engineers around Kerbin come in: Imagine that you are in charge of the Planetary Defense Coordination Division at the KSC. You learn that an asteroid is on its way to Kerbin and impact is imminent. What would you do to prevent the asteroid from hitting Kerbin? To successfully complete this challenge, you’ll need to: Pitch an idea for a planetary defense mission against potential asteroid/comet impacts. Perform a proof of concept in-game. Use the game to test your idea. Post a video and/or screenshots on this thread to help sell your pitch. Vote for your favorite ideas by liking individual posts on this thread. Mods are allowed, but are not mandatory. You have until 4pm PT on June 27th to complete the challenge and submit your idea. Submissions will be reviewed by Asteroid Day judges Ed Lu (American physicist and former NASA astronaut) and Richard Garriott (Video game developer and private astronaut). The judges will select five of the most interesting or effective missions as the challenge winners. Challenge winners will be announced on Asteroid Day social media on June 30th. The five challenge winners will receive an Asteroid Day hat and patch. Good luck!
  4. will ksp 2 have asteroids like ksp 1? because asteroids are one of my favorite celestial bodies (if you can call them one) and it would be a shame if they were not in ksp 2
  5. yesterday i was trying to find a massive asteroid to build a base on but couldn't find any good ones. i tried finding ways to create one but couldn't so now I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a add on that lets you spawn them in and choose shapes/sizes and texture. after thinking about that i also thought it would be nice to be able to spawn in planets and suns and possibly even solar systems. If i could do all of those things could it be possible to add textures/models to spawn in so i could have a cow shaped asteroid. and if all of this is possible how hard would it be to create a mod? i wrote this in 2 minutes please don't yell at me for the grammar.
  6. I want to make videos of orbits and the ?questionmark? objects are a distraction. Is there any way to prevent these objects from showing up? I'm using the RealSolarSystem mod.
  7. Hi, i have a contract running since about 8Y (in-game). I should track asteroids endangering Kerbin, but the given orbit is over kerbins orbit, so that the telescope is mapping Duna. The asteroids apeer near the probe on the map, but i'm not receiving any updates about the contract. Should it be like this, and maybe I should let it run for a longer time, or can it be that there is some kind of a bug?
  8. This is just a thingy for discussion ATM. If anybody wants to they can make it into a mod. Also, credit to @Felsmak for the Voonian, Orbonean, and Naalean systems. CONCEPT ART FOR BODIES (apologize for bad drawings) New bodies are bolded, changed bodies italicised. INNER SYSTEM OBJECTS It appears this object may need ridiculous amounts of Delta-V, and radiators, to get to. Orbiting four times closer than Moho does to the sun, Heet is the closest object to the sun. Better plan ridiculous slingshots to get there, because it is only 24km in diameter and has tidal locking, which, coupled with its proximity, makes its near side glow straw-hot. Eve now has a larger moon. Adam is about 100km in radius and orbits not-really-that-close to Eve, and it has the same apparent diameter as the Mun does on Kerbin's surface. Gilly is also no longer Eve's moon. It has been moved out to the Kiazzi belt with Dres, Usta, Qlass, and Kaspir, and has a tiny moon of its own, called Bark. Minmus and Mun are now in similar planes, and have realistically eccentric orbits around Kerbin. Kerbin has also been given inclination and eccentricity changes, and Duna's orbit has been changed to match that. Error is a NKO (Near-Kerbin Object). It has no danger for impact anytime soon, as it doesn't really cross Kerbin's orbit much. It's kinda high-inclination, so a Kerbin slingshot is recommended to rendezvous with it, as Duna doesn't have the gravity to make such a plane change. Its small moon is called Bug. Just recently, two new moons of Duna have been discovered. Pike and Dike have orbits inward from Ike and therefore orbit faster than Duna rotates. They sometimes eclipse, occult, and/or transit each other and Ike. The Duna Soft Drinks Company, known for Ike cola, Pike lemon-lime soda, and Dike root beer, approves of the naming scheme. The second-most massive asteroid in the Kiazzi belt, aptly named Usta, is truly a sight to behold...or not. It's kind of a less extreme version of Dres, so you might not find much there; its orbit is less eccentric, less inclined, closer to the Sun, but then again...some groups of craters look like snowkerbals. So that's a plus. Kaspir was only recently discovered. A little bit smaller than Gilly, it appears to be alone and with nothing else to keep it company. It's also drab and won't change your trajectory much with a flyby, not even a grazing one. This is Plane-Change Slingshot Qlass. If you want to get to Qlass, launch a rocket with extra Delta-V to get all the way out to Jool and fly over the pole, and then you will rendezvous. Class dismissed. Comets really are interesting. We'd name it Thomas, but then again...Enjin actually sounded better in the long run. We don't know why. It's very small, smaller even than Gilly, but not as much as, say, Daphy (whatever that is) or Bark. Tootoot is not a comet. It's an asteroid. It certainly has an orbit like a comet, though. It's shaped like a "bowling pin," and rotates like a "bowling pin" knocked over by a "bowling ball." No moons to be found here! MIDDLE SYSTEM OBJECTS Jool has been found to have a large storm on it now, as well as a tenuous system of rings. With the rings, Animal and Throb, asteroid moons, have been discovered. They are what we call ring shepherds; they orbit within the rings and drive other ring particles away from it. Laythe's water oceans are no more. They are now simply oceans of sulfur, same as its atmosphere...and volcanic plumes. It is also hot enough that you will need radiators there. It's also no longer this large moon we thought it was. We also used to think Tylo was larger and more massive. And now we recognize that it was actually parallax, and that both Laythe and Tylo are only slightly larger than Vall, based on Koyager data. You don't need much to land on them, despite the ridiculous myths surrounding its existence. Klip is unique. Very unique. It looks almost like the space around it and is very hard to detect, and used to be thought of as a hole in Jool until the Koyager probes flew by it. Now it completes the 1:2:4:8 resonance that Klip, Tylo, Vall, and Laythe have. Bop is an "irregular moon" of Jool, orbiting further outward than the KTVL resonant moons. It appears to be brownish and tiny. Just like Gilly! Ion is also an irregular moon, in a kinda polar orbit around Jool, so the line is therefore blurred between prograde and retrograde moons. Some people say it is the namesake of the ion drive. Pol is a lighter irregular moon, in color and mass. It is a retrograde-orbiter around Jool, too. Voon is the larger of the gas giant planets of the system, being 1.5 times the size of Jool. It has only one more moon than Jool does, thus meaning it's a better target for exploration. It is kinda orange in color and has an expansive ring system. Rocko is the innermost of Voon's moons. it is a reddish asteroid moon about a third the size of Sotus. Daphy is tiny enough to be pretty much invisible. What is it, 500 meters? Jumping on it will send you into an orbit around Voon, so I'd advise you not do that. You can land on it using an ion engine, for Kraken's sake. Eeloo has been moved in an orbit around Voon. It occupies the E ring of Voon. If you took Klip, shrunk it down, and removed its white speckles, you get Sotus. It's kinda full of cracks and stuff you might not want to think about too hard. Fonso is kind of like Voon's Laythe. Expect it doesn't have volcanoes. So yeah. It's just a boring piece of work that orbits outward from Voon. And has an atmosphere. Jeez, Voon must like ripoffs! "D'oh!" is what we Kerbals say when we recognize that we have missed this moon all along. We used to think it was a spot on Fonso that made it interesting. And then we recognized it was a new moon and said "D'oh!" The name stuck. Now we call it Doe. It orbits further out than Fonso does, enough to be in a 1:4 resonance, also having a high inclination. We have no idea why this is even called Potatus. Potatus kinda looks like a "potato," whatever that is. We're astronauts, not botanists! ...wait a second, where is that botanist from our recent Duna mission? Ud has the appearance of a "walnut" or something. Voon, stop trying to give us terms that we don't understand! Arre is certainly something. Though only slightly larger than Dres, it has been proven to have rings around it. If something has rings it must have shepherd moons, ergo it must have a moon system. Bill was named after Bill Kerman II. There have been lots of Bill Kermans, to be honest. Also, it orbits retrograde and is highly inclined, so...unless it's close you better escape the system. Orbo is something called an ice giant. It's reddish in color, and used to be thought of as a star before Bill Kerman I came along and disproved everything previously thought of about the solar system. Now people don't want to make any claims about this planet. Nobody knows whether its name is Lucky or just plain Luck. So we at the Kerbal Astronomical society have given it both names, just because we can. Ump kind of makes us laugh every time we say it. We don't know why, it just does. Maybe because it's so tiny! Now this moon is actually interesting! Toop looks like Ud, except upsized and with a ridge not so giant in relation to its size. Dack, in our honest opinion, is very cool. It has a crater with numerous rings, not unlike the other gas giants. Rings around the crater. Give it up for Naal, the newest member of the Solar System. It is a little bit smaller than Orbo and has a purple atmosphere, not unlike Eve. It's not rocky, though! I don't get why anybody would think that. Corn on the Cobb, anybody? Cobb is a cube-like moon that orbits closely to Naal, in fact close enough to maybe even crash into it someday. Kyle...we have no idea where its name came from but this moon certainly was named after some character from a certain show. It orbits and rotates backward around Naal, and is believed to be a captured dwarf planet. The name for this moon, Loopy, is self-explanatory. It was believed to have been thrown out of its original close orbit by Kyle's capture. Now its orbit is one of the most eccentric and inclined in the Solar System. OUTER SYSTEM OBJECTS The largest Kipper Belt object, Ploon is also the largest dwarf planet. It orbits twice every time Naal does thrice. Its tenuous atmosphere is thick enough to need a heatshield, but still not enough to aerocapture. It is, however, useful for aeroslingshots. It does have a significant moon system, but only one is notable. Khan is that notable moon. Its gravity is strong enough to pull the barycenter, or center of mass, of the Ploon-Khan system outside of Ploon's surface. Both are mutually tidally locked like Duna-Ike, but the line wasn't blurred with that; Ike couldn't pull Duna out of the barycenter, so Ike is officially a moon of Duna. Now we at the Kerbal Astronomical Society can't figure out what a planet is and what a moon is! Kenobi, Skywalker, Solo, and Organa are the four smaller moons of Ploon-Khan, in that order. We have no idea where the names came from but we know they sound cool. Maybe we watched too much "Star Wars" or something. Hammy is odd, odd, odd, in more ways than one. For one, it spins fast. For two, it looks like a deformed "pancake", whatever that is. For three, it orbits seven times for every 12 Naal does. Hack is the sole moon of Hammy. It's kinda beefy and strong enough not to succumb to tidal locking. Mayma is a red object outside Naal's influence. No resonances, no moons, nothing. Just a slow-rotating red dwarf planet with a weird dark spot on it...wait a minute... Ryths is actually Mayma's moon. At the moment it orbits edge-on to Kerbin so its orbit can't be determined, and its darkness makes it lost in the glare of Mayma. We need to send a probe there sometime! Look, something's rising! The sun? No, Rise. Rise orbits very far out from the Sun, its periapsis just outside Ploon's apoapsis. Just know that its orbit is pretty odd, but kinda downplayed compared to Samm's. It has a moon even! Nomon is Rise's only moon, a little bit smaller than Sotus, and very bright like Rise. Nomon is also very easy to spot if you look at Rise through a telescope...at Rise's periapsis. We were very darn lucky! Now we have a record-holder! Samm's orbit is like Rise's taken 10 times further and exaggerated. It's also kind of a polar orbit, which is very odd, and is periapsis is between the apoapses of Ploon and Rise. We know there could have been Joolean slingshots involved. But Naal wouldn't have the gravity to do that. It could have been captured from another passing-by star. But we're way isolated...
  9. You could have made the same argument about any colonization or exploration people have ever made in the past. And it would be wrong in almost every case.
  10. Hello, I can't scan resources on asteroids with surface scanner module, What can be the reason ?
  11. So I got my first real asteroid mission; put a class A asteroid in orbit of minmus. I have about 100 asteroids currently being tracked, both from the tracking station and from a Sentinel so i thought i could just pick a nearby one and go after it. The problem is that I dont know how to tell what 'class' they are from the tracking station. I have done some googling to try and find an answer but no-one else seems to have the same problem, which makes me think I'm just being an idiot. If some kind soul could point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated.
  12. So lets go back a few days shall we? So I recently installed the Kerbal Komets mod. I put my discovery chance on 85 thinking it was a good idea. It wasn't. Now I have 465 komets in it is extremely laggy. Komets are counted as asteroids so is there any way to delete all of them at once? I have a feeling that deleting them 1 by 1 would take at least 3-4 hours.
  13. Does the asteroid with the "Magic Boulder" texture differ in any detectable way from the standard one? I want to modify the Community Resource Pack so that only the magic asteroids have karborundum (so that's why they are magic). There would be 0% chance to have karborundum on a normal asteroid and a 100% chance to have it on a magic boulder. Is it possible to implement?
  14. There was a mod that let you mine ore from asteroids and convert it into TAC Life Support resources, but for the life of me I can't find it. Does anyone remember what it's called?
  15. Here is a method for rendez-vous-ing and catching asteroids ( or really, any curved ball the universe throws at you inside Kerbin's SOI ). I tested it this week end with class D asteroids and it gave me satisfaction, so i wanted to share. (I have no class E in my vicinity to try it on right now, but look forward to it ). The problem: asteroids good. Me catch dem. But asteroids often on higly excentric, strongly inclined orbit. Sad. I try to refuel and reuse the same tug as much as possible, but those pesky rocks never have the good manners to match my LKO parking orbit, and more often than not i spent too much fuel reaching them and could not stop them. sad. The solution : park your tug around the Mun and rendez vous from there. Here is the process in 10 steps: Have a tug in mun orbit. A Klaw, a Nerva, reaction wheels and lots of fuel, preferably in Mk 1 fuel tanks for better mass ratio.Refuel. For bonus style points, refuel from a mun base. When your target enters Kerbin SOI, look at its trajectory. Its plan will cut the mun's in two places (unless it's quasi-coplanar, in such case you don't need this trick anyway, you lucky person). This means you have one window every 3 Kerbin days to launch your mission. When the mun is aligned with the 'roid's plan, burn like you want to go back to Kerbin. But instead of aiming for the equator and reentry like normal, aim so that Kerbin will slingshot you in the proper alignment. This will require playing with the normal/antinormal vectors and setting your escape velocity accordingly. The advantage here is that a very small nudge inside the mun's SOI can completely change your orbit once the Kerbin slingshot is complete. Not mentioning the Oberth effect goodie you will get at your Kerbin periapsis. Pay attention though to the target orbit's orientation. Depending on that you will have to aim for one side of Kerbin or the other, but again, a small push early will allow for a big difference in the final result. With a proper slingshot, you should reach the target's path with little spending of fuel. You don't have much leeway for timing, so make corrections with radial in/out manoeuvres to meet the target. Normaly, you should be able to rendez vous with only a fraction of your fuel spent. Match velocity, klaw, turn around and burn until your periapsis enters Kerbin's atmosphere. You can now wait for the air to bring down your apoapsis for free. While you are still far from Kerbin and your velocity is low, try to align your inclination. The farer from Kerbin, the easier. When your apoapsis is low enough, bring your periapsis outside of Kerbins atmosphere and voila, you are in LKO with your rock. Bring your tug back to mun orbit, refuel, rinse, repeat. ? Profit !
  16. So NASA recently set up "The Planetary Defense Office", and I was wondering what you guys were thinking about it. Here's a link: http://www.popularmechanics.com/space/news/a18896/nasa-creates-a-first-line-of-asteroid-defense-for-earth/ Does this give humanity a higher chance of surviving a large Asteroid impact?
  17. I have migrated my saves from windows to ubuntu, steam install 12 common mods (kas, mechjeb2, some save-file agnostic mods, ~12 total). Full career, level 3 tracking station. After I cp'd the file I am getting no more new asteroid around Kerbin for almos a year. I have time-warped 2 years and I am having no more asteroids. Is this normal? Any known workaround? PS: I have active all 12 contract on my level 2 mission control.
  18. Crafts from the Asteroid Sentinels A showcase of most of the crafts featured in my graphic novel. I've released the crafts in several sets due to the sheer amount of crafts. Enjoy! The Sentinel Space Telescope/Falcon 9 Asteroid Deflection Mission Mission Very Profitable Asteroid Redirect Mission MOL/Knoll
  19. I would like to know, but don't know where to look for the following: Weight of all asteroid classes Total ore in each class I plan on, or am hoping to be capable of taking asteroids to the surface of Kerbin, and then relaunching them into orbit once again, just for the fun of it.
  20. I'm having problems with Map View. Sometimes, other (not the current one) ship icons disappear (fade out) on their tracks. If you didn't hover your mouse on the icon in time, it will fade out into nothingness and you'll have to exit and enter the map view again. This problem is not all that big, at least there's a workaround. The problem with asteroids is more serious: for example, the icons on top of the Map View say that there are currently 7 asteroids visible, but I can see only three. I'm pretty sure that these are the parts of the same problem - asteroids too fade out for some reason. In order to isolate the reason I want to ask is anyone having the same problems with stock (unmodded installs) or perhaps someone knows what might be the issue here.
  21. Hi! I'm in my first mission to intercept an asteroid in collision course with Kerbin!!!!! So I decide to intercept the asteroid in solar orbit. The first bug, when I´m close (less than 1 km) to the asteroid, vanishes of the the map. Second bug. I target the center of mass and is outside the asteroid!!!! When I´m closer (100 to 200 mts) this fixes automatically. When I "dock" with the asteroid, I can´t save the game or go to the Space Center. I've tried this three times and the same happens every time. Please Help!
  22. So, I based my mission on the idea of flying into the orbit of the sun, refueling withe an asteroid, then flying to Dres and refueling on another asteroid. However, I don't see any asteroids near Dres. I was wondering if I have to be in orbit of Dres, or maybe just really close to it?
  23. All of my asteroids appear completely black, with no texture, even in sunlight. I've tried verifying the game cache, reinstalling the entire game, and reinstalling the game with the Steam cloud off, all with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen, and how to fix it? Running on a late 2013 Macbook Pro, OSX El Capitan 10.11. KSP version 1.1.2. Link to the log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h24m9aqe081rj3r/Player.log.rtf?dl=0 Here are some examples of what I'm seeing:
  24. Is the are a special conditions for asteroids appearance? I spend a lot of time in career game and I have already open full tech tree. Could you help me please?
  25. I have an weird issue, all astroids from B to E, has not captured any A yet has the same mass, around 120 ton. Size is different but weight is around the same. Is this an know bug or something caused by an mod? I have no mods related to asteroids directly.
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