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Found 19 results

  1. This problem only happens when the game is paused and fixes when going back to 1x time warp
  2. In KSP 1 you can pin the periapsis and apoapsis of the resulting orbit of a maneuver node. You can not do this in KSP 2 and so you can't do it accurately. While you can hover over the nodes and get the altitude while the node is not in edit mode, you can not do this in edit mode.
  3. Hey guys,I am encountering a very weird situation where before when i was in map view, I could simply right click another vessel and it would give me the context menu with option to switch to it. Now all right click does is toggling between highlighting or dis-highlighting the vessels name. I have tried restarting the game and my computer. I removed the few mods that i had (pictures where taken before that) But the problem persiststed in stock. First pic shows before i right clik the vessel, second click after. Both vessels contain a kerbal, both kerbals are mine (no rescue mission). Anyone encountered this and know what the problem is? Any help would be much appreciated
  4. Is there a way to switch focus in the map view other than by clicking on an object and selecting "focus view"? The reason I am asking this is that often times it's literally impossible to click on the object you want to focus on. I don't know if it's a bug, but it seems if I have an interplanetary intercept, if I try to set focus to the CB in question, nothing happens when I click on it (can't even set it as active target, if it currently is not). Another example would be if I had maneuver nodes set up entering the Jool system, and I needed to go back and add/edit/etc., it takes an act of Congress to allow me to click on anything other than a maneuver node icon, regardless of the camera gymnastics I'm performing to try and line Jool up in my field of view.
  5. My lander took off from Minmus and put itself into a prep orbit to return to Kerbin; it was a low orbit but I checked the trajectory in map view and it looked like it had comfortable clearance. But as I followed the ship, its altitude above the surface dwindled to 87 meters before increasing again. Well, whatever, I made it ... but then I had another close encounter a mere 26 meters above the surface! Map view shows a gap between trajectory and surface that should plainly be bigger than that. Conversely, in the past I've seen the path sink into the "ground" on map view while I was still a hundred meters up. I had thought it was just because I was suborbital and "close enough" to the ground, but now I'm wondering if it was the same phenomenon in reverse. Is this a known issue?
  6. Description MonoMap is a simple KSP mod that disabled 3D sound whilst in the map view. In other words, you get the same sound in both ears, instead of just one. Also the volume changes slightly, just a side effect. Installation The mod will most likely work with any version of KSP after 1.4.4 (don't quote me no that though). Install like any other mod; download file and drag contents to the GameData folder. Download here. (Source code can also be found on GitHub) Credit Thanks to forum user Morog for original idea License Standard MIT license. See GitHub page or download mod for details.
  7. Hey everyone. I'm currently working on a KSP external controller (Arduino + kRPC) as many others have before me. This time however, the project is a little bit different, as me and my counterpart would like to split things up in to CAPCOM and Mission Control, so that two people are required to play the game. This requires one person to control the vessel, and another to "control" the map view (having an overview of the situation and making maneuver nodes). However, as there is no way currently to externally have the map view, we've run in to a problem. We've tried a couple of things: 1. Stand Alone Map View (works no longer) 2. Dark Multiplayer (trying to trick the game in to letting us control the same vessel at the same time - no success) 3. Several Standalone Programs/Solutions like Kerminal (none will display visual orbital information or let us make maneuvers) Please note that beauty is not a concern here. 2D, 3D, 4D, whatever. As long as there is a map-view-like visual representation of the orbit, and the ability to create and preview maneuver nodes. So currently, as the developer side of this project, I'm at a standstill. I have considered going the full mile and making my own standalone application that will take kRPC orbital information and basically render a map view, sending back maneuver node information through kRPC. However, as you can imagine, this is quite the task. My question for you guys is simply: do you know of any programs/mods/applications that will allow me to do something like this, or relatively easily expand to be able to do something like this? Has anyone heard of any projects trying to achieve this? Any help and/or discussion would be much appreciated.
  8. I'm really unsure on how to explain this one or if anyone has seen a similar issue, so I'll just post this photo which should explain it all: https://ibb.co/izh3qG As you can see, my encounter with Duna is looking a little off, it's been doing this will all encounters for the past couple of days, it just appeared out of the blue, no changes to any mods or anything. Not sure what could be causing this, here's a list of mods I have: DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Kerbal Engineer Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator PlanetShine ReentryParticleEffect Scatterer StockVisualEnhancements TextureReplacer KerbalAlarmClock ModuleManager I hope someone can help me, also I'm very new to this community so I apologise if I've missed out some information that would help resolve the issue. Thank you. Edit: So it turns out I changed the conic patch draw mode to dynamic which caused this to happen, and since I can't delete this embarrassing question I thought I'd put this edit in.
  9. I want to add an object / linedraw that starts from the center of Kerbin in the map view. It needs to be visible regardless of which CB/Vessel/Node is the active/selected/focused item. Using the code in this thread, I was able to get a sphere in the map scene as a way for me to learn about putting objects in the map screen, but I can't work out how to reference Kerbin as an entity directly so I can always use it as the reference object. The example only ultilsed the selected CB or vessel in the tracking center. I don't want to use the active object as this object/vector needs to be visible regardless of the selected vessel / CB I've tried to reference the CB as seen below; CelestialBody kerbin = FlightGlobals.Bodies[1]; The issue is assigning the appropriate transform to have the vector coming out from the planet myLineObj.transform.position = ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(kerbin.transform.position); myLineObj.transform.parent = kerbin.transform; myLineObj.transform.localScale = Vector3.one * scale_multiplier; myLineObj.transform.localPosition = Vector3.zero; myLineObj.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity; Is there a primer on working with transforms / Vector3 / Quaternion stuff, as I'm struggling to get my head around it all. Thanks in advance
  10. At first I thought it was my imagination, but it has now happened twice. I have a long-duration unmanned space probe on an interplanetary trajectory (inwards, towards EVE) that simply disappeared! It doesn't appear anymore on the Interplenatary Map view, nor as an object listed in the Tracking Station (which is now fully upgraded in my career). The vehicle was a "Sentinal Class" space probe that I launched to fulfill one of my career mode missions - in this case to track/map asteriods. It was a pretty basic interplanetary probe, though equipped with one of those large "Sentinal" camera/scanners. I was so concentrated on doing my first "kerballed" Duna flight I didn't notice exactly when it happened. So last night I relaunched my "Sentinal" mission, and had successfully sent it on an escape trajectory from Kerbal. But, after switching to map mode and back to tracking station - this second Sentinal was also gone! What's going on? Is there a maximum number of objects that perhaps I exceeded? Or is this some sort of bug/glitch in the Tracking Station mode? I cleared out a few of my "debris" objects and will now re-launch a third mission. But if there is some maximum count limit I should avoid, it would be good to know this. Fortunately, the lost probes are un-manned. It would be a shame to lose an actual crew this way!
  11. So I was recently muddling around with a SSTO just to see if it could achieve orbit and I switched to my space station. Afterwards, when I looked at it from the M button view, it had this odd orange photo-like frame around it. I don't know if it's a bug or if I activated anything but it's a bit concerning. I am using the Mac version. Here's a photo of it:
  12. Hey everyone, I have a question for you genius modders out there. I have multiple monitors, and would like to have 3 monitors for the 3 basic KSP views. One monitor would be the normal external view. The other would be the map view, and the 3rd would be the internal or IVA view. Would it be possible to mod KSP in a way that allows me to see all these views in different windows simultaneously?
  13. Like the title says. We all know the navball is collapsed by default when entering map view for the first time on a flight. If you bring it up, next time you enter map view on the same flight the navball will already be up. But for me, it's always collapsed each time I enter map view on the same flight even after bringing it up. I haven't played for a long time so I don't know if this is now normal behavior, or if I have a malfunctioning mod.
  14. I'm having problems with Map View. Sometimes, other (not the current one) ship icons disappear (fade out) on their tracks. If you didn't hover your mouse on the icon in time, it will fade out into nothingness and you'll have to exit and enter the map view again. This problem is not all that big, at least there's a workaround. The problem with asteroids is more serious: for example, the icons on top of the Map View say that there are currently 7 asteroids visible, but I can see only three. I'm pretty sure that these are the parts of the same problem - asteroids too fade out for some reason. In order to isolate the reason I want to ask is anyone having the same problems with stock (unmodded installs) or perhaps someone knows what might be the issue here.
  15. Problem: One of my launch configurations (boosters + probe) breaks map view. No problems until I added an extra fuel tank to my central booster. Now, even sitting on the launch pad, if I switch map views, several symptoms appear. None of my other projects have this problem. The project contains 76 parts in 6 stages. It's smaller than most. 1. The graphics get very weird, e.g. the screen is mostly black and the sun is only an outline. 2. Switching back does nothing. 3. I cannot revert flight (the menu doesn't even come up) and must restart game to clear the problem. Has anyone else seen this?
  16. I just bought and tried the PS4 version, but have wondered about this in the 3 years I've been playing PC version as well. When in the map view during a flight, I would love for the PE and AP altitude values to be displayed constantly. It's a much bigger deal in the console version than PC because one needs to switch the controller from flight controls to UI controls in order to hover the 'mouse' over the nodes to show the altitude tooltips, then if one wants to adjust orbit, one has to switch the controller back from UI to flight, thus losing the tooltip. I can only image how impossible it will be to set up a precise orbit in the console versions. Having the altitudes always showing would definitely help out, when using the flight controls in map mode.
  17. My map view breaks as soon as I achieve escape velocity from Kerbin; the orbit line will disappear, I can no longer place maneouvre nodes, and the frame rate deteriorates. I've tried reversing the orbit line fade direction and reducing it to 50%, but it makes no difference. Is this a known bug?
  18. So I finally got around to trying 1.1.2 (upgrading from 1.0.5) yesterday, and just now I suddenly noticed something disconcerting: The "info" box (the "i" on the map screen that shows the name, part count, mass, etc. of your ship) now appears to be an "app." That's fine on its own, but it seems to mean that I can't have the "info" window and, for instance, the "resources" window open at the same time! This is rather annoying, because I often need to compare the ship's mass and remaining fuel when I'm doing ∆v calculations, and the best way to do that is to open BOTH of those windows and pause the game. Is the inability to have both windows visible at once the new intended behavior, or is something going wrong here?
  19. It seems like the latest version of 1.1.2, and the latest version of MechJeb just can't seem to get along. I lobbed up two spacecraft, got them to orbit all nice and dandy, but when I select spacecraft 'B' for the rendevous command in MechJeb, it does not register at ll in Mechjeb, even though Spaceship 'B' is selected (I can unselect, and then select again, to no avail). Brand new games or saved games both act the same way. Also, if I try to do any other commands in MechJeb that requires a selected target (ship), nothing works. Sigh, 1.1.2 seems to have borked my KSP playtime for now. Cheers, Gaultesian.
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