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Found 11 results

  1. This mod was crated by me and Warp_08 Features : Adds RPM or MAS enabled IVAs for Near Future Spacecraft + Rework of the Almathea IVA Changelog: Screenshots and video: Installation: Download all dependencies from the "dependencies" folder Download the recommanded mods that you want from the folder Copy the content of the "Gamedata" folder in the Gamedata folder of your game Knonw bugs: Some problems with Mechjeb integration to RPM //// Use the version 2.12.0 for ksp 1.11 to fix this i will update the RPM ivas to use MAS for the next update License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Dependencies: ASET Avionics pack ( by alexutas ) ASET Props pack ( by alexutas ) Raster Prop Monitor (adpoted) ( by JonnyOThan ) Near Future Props ( by Nertea ) MOARdV's Avionics System ( by MOARdV ) Near Future Spacecraft ( by Nertea ) Recommended for a better IVA experience (but not obligatory ): Mechjeb 2 (Greatly recommended) (by sarbian ) ( version 1.12.0 MAX ) Astrogator ( by HebaruSan ) Chatterer ( by Athlonic ) Docking Port Alignement Indicator ( by NavyFish ) Hullcam VDS Continued ( by linuxgurugamer ) Kerbal Alarm Clock ( by TriggerAu ) KOS Prop Monitor ( by Dsonbill ) Scansat ( by DMagic ) Through the eyes of a kerbal ( by linuxgurugamer ) Vessel Viewer Continued ( by linuxgurugamer ) You should realy use mechjeb, SAS buttons of some IVA may not work without it All dependencies are given via a Web Shortcut to their original Forum thread / Spacedock / Github Downloads: > Spacedock > CKAN (thanks to the CKAN team :)) If you have a problem, report it here or on discord ( Vexmae#1450 / warp#4396 ) Thanks to Nertea for helping us with the light transforms for version 0.5 Note for the future: We plan to transform this mod into a very big IVA pack with like configs packs like installing the system that you want with Galaxies Unbound but with IVAs
  2. About. This is the new thread for the Version_2.0 Industries Rover pack, the old thread can be found here Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack. This pack seeks to fill the kerbal's need for thrill and adventure in the way of exploration and little to no safety guidelines. The pack consists of a variety of rover parts to tackle the gap in planetary scientific exploration as well as cargo and passenger transportation. Leading the pack in these endeavors is the R32M Puma vehicle parts which give the perfect platform for light transport solutions and scientific exploration. accompanying the puma is its big brother the R32L honey badger parts which work fluently with the puma parts to help with heavier cargo transportation, mining and planetary exploration. Version. Current Release 2.0.0 for KSP 1.3 Download from Spacdock Image gallery. Legal. This pack distributed under the creative commons license, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0). See for more details (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/)
  3. <mod list to be added> KSP Version: 1.3.1 A Twilight Epic Revival, Names, and Ulterior Motives After installing The World Beyond, I decided to make a Space Station around Kerbin to serve as a jumping off point for voyages to Duna. It was also my attempt to get back into KSP after an absence of a few months. Chapters with a # next to the title were originally posts in "What did you do in KSP Today?". Index: Book 1 Book 1 - On Fire and Gateways Part 1: Twilight Power# I don't even know anymore. Twilight Station Assembly I added the backup power module, launched using the Pozhar-1A. I deorbited both upper stages. I encountered a heat bug.
  4. Hello. This is where I will post albums of missions, maneuvers and designs I design and fly in a custom Real Solar System install. To keep things clean, simple and to do things a bit differently than other mission reports, the albums will be wordless. All details will be shown through the HUD. There are no characters, no story or overarching objective, but I will respond to questions and engage in discuss after each report. Report 1:
  5. About This Thread was Created in The wrong place you can find the real Thread here, my apologies. Link - [1.3] Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack
  6. Ive been trying to install all the Near Future mods, in addition to cryo rockets, kerbal atomics, and a few other mods by Nertea. With near future propulsion, engines show, but none of the fuel or fuel tanks that accompany. Some of them show while loading, but i can't find them at in the game. Please help
  7. Alright folks, I used to love perusing the old B9 creations showcase and as far as I know one for NFT doesn't exist yet. In the NFT thread it was suggested to me that I start one myself. With the release of 1.3 NFT I think it's the perfect time. There are no requirements other than that your craft use an NFT part or mechanic. Can be current or old, I don't care. I'll update with a few more when I get home today, but I'll start this off now - This craft was designed in pieces and assembled in orbit for one of my many grand tour ideas. Back in .25 I was using Krag's planet pack before Kopernicus and I needed something with more delta-v than I'd ever managed before. This thing had 27km/s with the lander docked fully loaded, and about 45km/s without the lander. It was designed to be able to get to things like the old Ablate, which orbit really, really close to the sun. It was a really utilitarian craft, as in the second image, all but one fuel tank were designed to come off and go down with the lander to be refuelled with Xenon and brought back up. The lander itself was inspired by Cupcake's dropships, and had enough for a Tylo landing without any extra baggage, and could also do a Dyna landing plus ascent without refuelling via Kethane. I had a lot of capacitors there so it could handle ~3 minute burns without reactor startup, then get that power back via solar panels. There were two main problems with it - the lander had no RCS to save fuel and relied on two tugs to dock every time I had to move it, which got annoying fast. Secondly, out past Jool it had power problems because no RTGs and low solar output so I had to keep the reactor online very low. I can't wait to redesign for 1.3, TAC LS and the new changes to NFT, and I'd love to see all your designs. Mine tend to be very functional and not so pretty, though I was somewhat proud of the way this one looked. Anyways, let's see all your crafts folks! Also any tags or formatting I've missed please feel free to pm or post or whathaveyou.
  8. NFS "Intrepid" In Mid-April 2017, a disaster destroyed the NFSS Intrepid. Now a new station has been commissioned to replace it. It is very similar, but with lessons learned as well. It is made in KSP 1.2.2 with many mods. Core Module First version of the Crew Vehicle, made for the escape pod challenge. Going to the station Docked FURTHER IMAGES IN PROGRESS
  9. NFSS "Interim" (Formerly KSS Intrepid) This is a continuation of my space station originally built for the Space Station Week challenge(ON A 4GB LAPTOP), which can be found here. An album: -Delta
  10. After playing with Nertea's fantastic Kerbal Atomics and Cyogenic Engines, I have fallen in love with liquid hydrogen as a power source and I find myself wanting more. And of course Nertea is busy maintaining more amazing mods than I would think is possible, so I've been wondering (hoping) if there are any other mods which expand his selection of LH2 engines and tanks. Of course there is KSP Interstellar but that is very complicated and I don't really need everything it add, although I can't say I've looked into it very deeply. If there aren't any extensions, how difficult would it be to make some myself? I don't know how to make 3d models and import them into Unity but I figure I could probably make MM configs for existing models, maybe from other mods that I don't use. If so, does anyone have suggestions for this? Suitable models and/or configs?
  11. Hi. I am trying to create a simplified mechanic for nuclear reactors and engines. The objective is a straightforward, configurable, unified-balance mod with minimal RAM consumption. Mechanisms: Reactor are based on RTGs, with an optimal temperature based on size. Reactors and engines use Thermal or Electric MegaWatts. Reactor and generator efficiency depends on temperature. Integrated into the stock thermal control system (radiators). Features: Unified balance, configurable for different solar system sizes. Allows multiple great mods to work together Simple to understand and even simpler to use - focus on providing options instead of hindering gameplay. Requires: Module Manager Tweakscale Downloads Core mod: SpaceDock v1.0 Integration packages (install alongside core mod): Near Future Tech SpaceDock v0.1 Near Future Tech Power Balanced SpaceDock v0.1 USI Core KSP Interstellar - Extended After testing out KSPI-E, I found it very well developed, but hard to re-configure and with very reduced compatibility with other mods. Near Future mods are the result of some amazing work by Nertea, but they too have a complex thermal management system and the 'power level' of the parts isn't scaled with other mods. I also wanted to use the MKS Core set of reactors from RoverDude without their complex resource mechnisms and top-down balancing. The results of this mod would be a set of reactors and engines with bottom-up balancing and open-ended compatibility. I'll start with the above three for now, then move on to other mods. Completed: Specific waste heat outputs accomplished. Near Future integration In development: Adding second Electric Engine. Solving KerbalEngineer inability to calculate dV issue. Planned: Add multi-fuel and variable Isp settings to appropriate engines. Move balance from a per-part basis to full heat management/fuel/reactor/engine combinations. Balance part cost and tech tree node placement. Acquire testers! Create picture tutorial. Changelog: v1.0: Created SimpleNuclearNearFuture that integrated Near Future reactors and engines into SimpleNuclear. Adjusted some settings for the Thermal engines (reduced heat production). Rebalanced the Fission Fragment reactor from 10MW/ton to 50MW/ton. Disclaimers: This mod contains part models and textures from KSPI-Extended. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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