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  1. A truly great mod had come to an end. I wish you luck on your next adventure, whatever that may be. o7
  2. Not gonna lie this is interesting and impressive for (as far as I can tell) a beginner.
  3. Ah good old nested gamedata issues. A pain in the rear of modders and users alike since time began.
  4. So I did the math. 25000000000000000 F-1 Engines are how many it takes to produce 350 dB of sound. That reduces to non-lethal (from the sound, as other ramifications of this would wipe out humanity) levels at 2000 miles away from the focal point. Assuming the focal point is Cape Canaveral, 465642559 (give or take a few million) people would die from SOUND ALONE. The other ramifications of this would be catastrophic to say the least. From here on there is no math, just speculation. The ocean in the affected area would likely form massive tsunamis, probably traveling towards Africa and Europe. Earthquakes would rattle the entire globe, killing millions and disrupting infrastructure, causing even more deaths. In summary, don't do this, as humanity would likely go extinct within a decade.
  5. @Uohcnam You’ll find those are the old and deprecated Prometheus parts. They have a rusty texture to indicate new parts with better models have replaced them, and they will be removed in a future update.
  6. Regarding BDB placement, I implore you to have some attention to history when placing it instead of just gameplay.
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