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  1. Kourageous Tourists /L is the sequel for the venerable Kourageous Tourists, from @whale_2 (the great). In a Hurry: Current Release: for KSP >= 1.3 (2022-1128) It works from KSP 1.3.1 to KSP 1.12.4! Seriously! IMPORTANT Module Manager is needed for handling the patches. Read this post before updating! Downloads on GitHub (for early adopters and beta testers) on CurseForge . on SpaceDock. Description: Space Tourism is the Future, and the Future is now for Kerbals! Kourageous Tourists /L is the sequel for the venerable Kourageous Tourists, adding different and challenging (or not!) rewarding missions related to tourism to the game: Skydiving on planets with atmospheres Swimming on planets with hydrosphere Expeditions to many Points of Interest scattered on the Kerbol System and more to come! Tourists need to be trained, you just can't let a rookie to sky dive on Laythe without proper training - how to do it and still be profitable is the real challenge! Don't forget to allow your tourist to take selfies! Remember, "Pictures of it didn't happened!". Support: I need help in order to proper help you. Open the spoiler for instructions about how to get support:
  2. Straight to the point: we're going to want to build tourist colonies that other players can visit in multiplayer. Colonies with beautiful vistas, breathtaking sunsets, amazing skies to dream about at night. Maybe we'll even be able to charge players for a space bus ticket and a bed. Maybe we'll even be jealous that we were not the first to plant the flag at the location of our dreams. But we're also gonna wanna build extreme sports resort colonies. We'll produce and sell jetpacks, mini-copters, fast jets, AWD rovers and bikes.. I'm sure someone will even build an amusement park and a huge roller coaster on the Mun to fund his interstellar project. More ideas for extreme sports activities and related colonies built at location: captured asteroid surfing in very low orbit around Minmus (actually saw a video on YT - don't know if he also built a mini-colony using the ground anchor) asteroid field racing (like in the KSP2 cinematic) jumping off huge vertical cliffs with friends (parachutes included but useless) underwater trench exploration (going down to max depth with a submersible) last bus trip into the sun (expensive ticket) racing jets through Dres and Duna canyons Kerbin desert Baja motorcycle jumping dunes Minmus flat plains ramp jump to orbit (prepare your max downforce rover) falling from orbit wearing just a helmet and a heat shield rover jumping over Mun craters and Eeloo crevasses volcano exploration (i hope we also get nonflammable crane parts) hovercraft racing over the Rask & Rusk lava lakes high altitude balloon bungee jumping on Eve going down the Mohole with just a suit and a helmet (it might take a while to return) last one to avoid jets collision is a chicken (1v1 on Laythe) drag racing on Tylo jetpack racing around Gilly, Bop and Pol having dinner at the space-station restaurant in the stable Lagrange point between Rask & Rusk (then having a tug of war party) Jool atmospheric deep dives (under pressure tananana) surfing storm planet tsunamis erupting ice geyzer riding on Eeloo kerbal cannonball between Rask and Rusk infinite depth limbo on Glumo Minmus flats hover-racing Skoot upside-down dining and spacediving jousting with Asteroids ring casino (tug puts you into a polar orbit swings a ringed planet and picks you back up if it survives an orbit) sledding / skiing on Eeloo, Merbel gravity assist roller coaster around the moons in the Jool system Eve mountaintop outlook at the North Pole (diving board included) X-Games: reaction wheel assisted stunts (jumps, flips) with all types of vehicles (buggy rovers, bikes, even planes or jet skis) (also related to the Baja idea, but can be done on all planets with gravity and atmosphere acting as difficulty levels) battle arenas (jets, space ships, mechs, tanks, naval, underwater). Bring your best creations and duke it out. hide & seek in the clouds Trackmania! And I'm sure we can come up with a lot more! Only question is if we can respawn back at the colony / space station.
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a ksp mod that allows you to control your kerbal inside a spacecraft, so you can move them around the whole vessel and maybe even have added modules like a fitness center or a mess hall? Im thinking of building a tourist space station in low mun orbit, and it would be really nice to have a mod like this.
  4. Space Tourism is alive and well on Kerbin! Unfortunately for you, lots of us are vying for the green guy’s greenbacks. The bottom line: Take tourists to the surface of celestial bodies as cheaply as possible. Pricing is calculated per ticket and adjusted based on spacecraft recovery and refurbishment. The broad strokes: The market is fiercely competitive so your tickets will be sold “at cost.” KSP does not take refurbishment into consideration, but we will since that is a huge part of space travel. (Formula below) There will be separate leaderboards for each destination that people submit. I expect more people will submit missions to Mun and Minmus than Tylo and Eve. In order to reduce the grindiness of submitting several ticket prices: If your ship can obviously land at other locations which require less dV and have less gravity then you can submit the pricing based on the accomplished mission. For example: If you land on Duna, that ship could have landed on Minmus, so you can note this and count the pricing toward both Minmus and Duna. Obviously, this is not going to be the cheapest way to get to Minmus, but it is an option. dV will be based on a dV map; if you want to get fancy with gravity assists, you'll have to actually accomplish the mission. If you require refueling, your ship must have the appropriate comms/power to refuel at each location you submit. Yes, your tourists have to return home safely. The fine print: Missions need to be run in Career mode and include the starting cost and recovery earnings. Due to the in-game recovery calculation, which is based on distance from KSC, you need to run this in career mode. If you really want to use sandbox mode, I’ll allow it if you land all stages back at KSC and provide adequate documentation to support your calculations. All kerbals must travel inside cabins. No Command Seats. Your spacecraft will be piloted. The pilot is not a paying passenger so subtract 1 from the total number of seats aboard. Your tourists don’t want to fly on a probe. If you are going to refuel or repack parachutes you must take an engineer (2 seats are now filled with crew). Processed resources do not count toward recovery cost. For example, you can't mine and process 100T of Monoprop on Minmus and return it for a profit. If you mine for fuel, you have to use that fuel. Airplanes using jet engines require much less refurbishment than rockets, so you can count the full amount shown at recovery if the craft being recovered has only jet engines or electric motors. If the craft has rocket engines, nukes or ion drives (or RAPIERs in closed cycle mode) then your recovery earning is cut in half (50%) to cover the cost of refurbishing the craft. Do not exploit this by decoupling rocket engines for no reason. I am not making a specific rule about when you can or can't decouple stages because I want you to have freedom to be creative. However, the community will recognize the exploit if you fly a hybrid spacecraft, then stage off your rockets for no real reason. I'll make a rule if this gets to be a problem. No part mods or physics mods allowed. DLC is fine. Part clipping within reason is fine but don't go stacking tanks in tanks in tanks... The cost of your ticket is: The cost of the launched craft (L) minus the recovery earnings (R) divided by the number of tickets sold (T). So (L-R)/T Remember, that R needs to be divided by 2 before calculating ticket price if it uses rockets. If you are recovering stages separately then find the sum of the recovery earnings for all landed stages, then subtract it from L, then divide by T. Missions need to be well documented. At a minimum, we need to see the craft with costs in the VAB/SPH, enroute, landed, at recovery, recovery cost screen. Don't use @vyznev's silly SSTO loophole with a "base" that sits on the runway. For that matter, don't spend your time looking for loopholes, just make an awesome ship. I will make leaderboards as ticket prices are published. Come run me out of business, competition is good! -Single Destination Tickets- Mun: $414 @camacju $770 ralanboyle $3,099 @RoninFrog Minmus: $414 @camacju $770 ralanboyle Duna: $6,661 ralanboyle $7,373 @camacju Ike: $7,373 @camacju Bop: $3,571 @camacju Pol: $3,571 @camacju -Multi-Destination Tickets- (ISRU Not Allowed) Bop-Pol-Minmus: $3,571 @camacju Duna-Ike: $7,373 @camacju
  5. There are 2 parts to this challenge. Part 1 is to build a space hotel in Kerbin orbit, and part 2 is to build something that transfers tourists to and from your space hotel. PART 1- SPACE HOTEL Requirements: Must have room for at least 8 tourists, and must have 1 pilot, engineer or scientist per 8 tourists (so a hotel with 40 tourists must have 5 other kerbals). Must have at least 4 docking ports for transport ships. Must have antenna and be able to store at least 10k units of electricity (and be able to produce electricity). Must be in Kerbin orbit between 150km and 450km. Rules: No debug cheats, Hyper Edit cheats, or Vessel Mover cheats. No autopilot mods or mods that alter physics. Mods that add information on the screen are ok (this part of MechJeb is allowed, not the autopilots). Part mods are only allowed for the craft istelf, not the rockets that launch it. It can be one module or multiple modules. For entry to count: Show picture of it on the launchpad, and it in orbit. PART 2- TRANSPORT SHIP Requirements: Must have room for at least 1/3 of the capacity of the hotel (if the hotel holds 30, the ship must hold 10+) and room for 4 other kerbals. Must be able to dock with the hotel (RCS recommended, but not required). Must be able to safely re-enter and land without any explosions. Must have antenna and be able to store at least 2k units of electric charge (and be able to produce electricity). - Can be an SSTO, but does not have to be an SSTO. Rules: No debug cheats, Hyper Edit cheats, or Vessel Mover cheats. No autopilot mods, part mods or mods that alter physics. Mods that add information on the screen are ok (this part of MechJeb is allowed, not the autopilots). For entry to count: Show picture of it on the launchpad or runway, in space, and docked to the hotel. WINNERS @QF9E with a large Ring design and capacity for 384 tourists and 402 kerbals all together. @Scarecrow building a large spire-like hotel holding 36 tourists and escape pods for all of them, as well as a 12 capacity transport shuttle. @ralanboyle with a sleek design holding a maximum 48 tourists, excursion ships, escape pods and a reusable ferry holding 22. @Mars-Bound Hokie constructing the 53 kerbal capacity "Bedsheetz", along with the P-5 Olympian carrying a whole lot of air-breaks. @Klapaucius Building a 90+ capacity hotel with an observation deck and an outdoor bar and band, completed with a transport ship holding 32. @purpleivan Constructing a large propeller like hotel and a transport ship that can fly in or out of atmosphere. @Dirkidirk With a large beautiful golden baguette, holding 19 kerbals.
  6. Trip 1 (part 1) - Decent of Doom. With the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation completed, Bob felt like he still had things he needed to accomplish on Kerbin, before heading off for other planets. So to help Bob resolve that (and pull in those big tourism funds) he's been set up in the travel business, taking tourists on guided tours of far flung parts of Kerbin. For this venture new equipment was needed. No puttering around in a boat at 30-40m/s, when a plane will get you places a lot quicker. The new bird, named Flaming Flamingo (of Flam Flam to its friends) took to the skies with Val at the controls and Ribrick Kerman, a paying passenger, sitting next to her. Housed in the belly of the aircraft was a rover, in which sat Bob and Katsen Kerman, the other tourist, in search of distant adventure. Takeoff of the the Flaming Flamingo is a little hairy, as it needs to get up to about 100m/s to get into the air, but starts to veer off course at about 60. So after a wiggly line down the runway, it made this rather unorthodox route into the air. On it's next trip the rear landing gear might get a little adjustment to try and get off the ground faster. But once in the air, Flam Flam is a joy to fly and was soon banked round to give the tourists a fine view of the KSC as it headed West. Well Ribrick had a fine view from the cockput, but from the rover, all Katsen could see was the interior of the cargo bay. Well occasionally she could see the exterior of the rover flapping wildly around while the interior stayed motionless. She was a little concerned about this, but Bob assured her it was nothing to worry about. "Happens all the time". From the cockpit Ribrick got a fine view of the mountains to the West of the KSC, nicknamed The Shortstop. So named because if your de-orbiting spacecraft comes in short for a landing at the KSC, that's where you're gonna stop. Flam Flam headed out over the sea with about half a load of fuel onboard. It wasn't fully fuelled before departure, as putting fuel in that big rear tank puts the CoM way too far back for a stable aircraft. But at least that thing gives the plane a shapely rear end. What's that up ahead, must be the desert coast. Good thing, because that sandy realm is the destination the fleshy payload that's paying for this trip, stumped up the cash for. Val's pretty excited, she's really enjoying being at the controls of something airbourne again. The landing strip at the Dessert Airfield is in sight and Val lines up perfectly for a landing on it. Flam Flam has great handing characteristic for a landing, it can come in really slow on those big wings, almost feels like it's hovering. Once on the ground Val pulled the plane round to the pilot's club. Ribrick is a real plane buff and is looking forward to chilling out in there while Katsen heads off in the rover. Well... here is that rover, a much upgraded version of the one which Bob took up many mountains in the K.S.C. It dangles from the end of a telecoping piston, which it undocks from.. ... before heading off on its own travels. This new rover (Bob likes to call it The Bear, but it's not official) is a lot heavier than the he was used to driving. Fortunately with an extra 4 wheels, it's got the grunt to move it. So bob and Katsen left Flam Flam and the Dessert Airfield behind and headed South into the desert mountains. After the smooth ride to the edge of the mountains, Bob took the rover up it's first proper slopes, nothing taxing though and well within the vehicle's capabilities. Bob decided to take Katsen over to the West side of the mountain range (well he got lost and ended up there) to show her the vast dazzling expanse that it Dwight Sands. The area is named after the famed explorer Dwight Kerman, who lost three fingers while exploring it, when his snack supplies ran out. It is now home to the Dwight Sands Test Grounds, the one place on Kerbin that you can test anything, even really smelly things. Something really nasty must have been tested recently, as both Bob and Katsen can't miss the wiff of something unpleasant as they stand on top of the rover. To escape the pong, the pair quickly headed back inside and Bob deployed the array of solar panels. The rover has a capacity of 4900 units, way more than the piddling 300 of his previous ride. With batteries filled, the pair headed off into the mountains and away from Dwight Sands. There was not real mountain climbing planned for this trip (no real mountains here anyway... just big sandy rock piles), but a lot of the time travelling to their ultimate destination they're up above 2km. Bob feels pretty stoked to be out rovering once more. After some more trundling through the desert mountains, those batteries need feeding again. 4900 units is a lot, but when there's 10 hungry wheels to feed, the rover is going to need another refill before getting to their destination. As the going is getting steeper and therefore slower, Bob decided to deploy the rear solar panels, as the speeds they will be going at won't put them in danger of turning into confetti. Might be time to bring them back in though, as that long downwards slope is going to give them some serious speed. Katsen was almost suspiciously calm durring the journey. After all the funds she spent on her trip you'd think she'd be more excited. The going got decidedly angular at this point in the trip. Bob suggest that there must be some kind of chrystals buried here... real big ones. After those spiky little peaks, Bob had the fun of throwing the rover off the top of ridges, into steep descents, as they closed in on their destination. The great thing about having those extra wheels is all that extra traction allows the rover park motionless on pretty steep inclines. In Bob's old rover they would have been slowing sliding downhill, which is not what you want if you're trying to recharge at the time. One steep drop was puntuate by a ramp that put the rover into the air... high into the air. Fortunately the rover and all inside survived this. Ooo look... more skateboard park type environment for Bob to throw the rover into. Finally their destination is in sight. It might be one of the most visited destinations on Kerbin (I think there's even a gift shop round here somewhere) but it's katsen's first time, so she must be pretty excited to be he... ... not exactly excited, mildly curious perhaps. Well here we are at the famous Tully Temple, named after its equally famous discoverer, Tully Kerman. Another kerbal with the incorrect number of digits (toes this time) due to a snack deficiency related crisis. In Part Two, Bob and Katsen do stuff at the temple, then return home. For all that excitement, join us next time on Bob's Travels.
  7. 'We need more income. The money for completing contracts isn't enough to keep our half billion dollar space center running', Gene Kerman said. Wilber, the head of PR, suddenly had an idea: Why only send astronauts to space, when there are so many people on Kerbin? And with that, the Tourism Program was created. CHAPTER 1: 'Change' The next day, all the staff and astronauts at the KSC, as well as those on missions (either watching or listening), were given information relating to a new project. It was to work on passenger aircraft, shuttles, and space station designs. The winner, who's design was accepted by the administrators, would be given their own KSC transport buggy. As soon as he'd heard the word 'buggy', Jeb imagined strapping rockets on the sides and flying away, but was bound by a signed contract not to attach anything providing external thrust to a vehicle. Thousands of drawings were sent in. A new area had to be built for storing all of these. Eventually, five were selected. 1: A light passenger aircraft, capable of holding six Kerbals (two pilots and four passengers). 2: A small Mk2 shuttle, also holding two pilots, and four passengers, with a cargo bay in the back for supplies. 3: A giant ring station, capable of holding four of the shuttles. In the case of structural failure, all Kerbals would move to the shuttles, and land back on Kerbin. 4: A large, four engined aircraft with the ability to swap out passenger cabins for cargo bays 5: A small, inexpensive colony 'pod'. It had room for four Kerbals, could run on solar power, and most importantly, be airdropped (by the aircraft mentioned above in cargo version). The only problem, building all of these in 6 months for the official program launch.
  8. As I am playing on a low-end laptop, I'm pressed to minimize the number of parts on my vessels. In a lot of cases I simply edit config files to make parts "denser" (for example, more weight, cost, and electric charge on batteries) instead of spamming the same parts, but fiddling with crew capacity causes issues. I need a low part count solution to building craft with 50-100 crew capacity for completing the TourismPlus hotel and casino contracts, and for transporting dozens of tourists to them without loading in 600 parts during docking. Ideally, I would like some 2.5m parts with 10+ crew capacity and some 3.75m parts with similar capacity. The Mk3 crew container obviously fits these parameters, but I would like something that fits into the other form factors. Edit: I'm specifically looking for parts mods that are compatible with 1.1.3, although advice on config editing is also 100% welcome.
  9. Well, lets see what you got! All is welcome!
  10. Hi all I've been playing with 1.2 and the G-force option. It's fun once you turn the tolerance down enough that you have to start actually caring about it; the defaults are very forgiving. However, I'm pretty stuck on a contract to get two tourists to fall unconscious while sub-orbital. It doesn't accept them losing consciousness in a flight that then becomes sub-orbital, nor losing consciousness on re-entry. They must lose consciousness while sub-orbital. The problem is that KSP doesn't consider Gs from centrifugal (go away nit-pickers) force. I built a rocket-powered centrifuge that got the tourist module out on the end of a beam spinning so fast the navball was just flashing. Nope, they didn't care, and nor did the parts, even though they would've really been turned to a thin paste on the walls before the whole thing fell apart. So you have to use linear acceleration. But none of the reasonable-sized engines have the grunt; KSP doesn't have very high TWR short-burn engines so you have to fake it with under-fuelled big boosters. So you need lots of boosters and/or to launch a truly ridiculous engine with a teeny amount of fuel. At .5-g tolerance I could do it with 4 Hammer SRBs each fueled to 1/3 to optimise TWR, but launching that is a pain. Two S1 SRBs launching a 3rd fueled to ~20% did the job better. But it's an expensive pain relative to the utter pittance that tourism contracts pay - and "turn my brain to paste while in orbit" ones don't pay a useful amount more. If you start your blackout burn while still in high atmosphere you have to time it carefully so the lose consciousness after you reach 70k, since *being* unconscious or *regaining* consciousness when in space isn't good enough, you must *lose* consciousness in space. Right now a player on default G-force settings will have to launch a cluster of 8 part-fueled Hammer SRBs or something absurd, which means a pretty serious vessel just to get them up there. I really think this is a bug as it stands. Since rotational Gs don't count, either these missions should count losing consciousness in flight after sub-orbital, pay a LOT more, or just not be generated. Even if the tourists were made to have more easily squished little brains it'd still be too hard on default G tolerance. What I really want of course is rotational G to count so I can rocket-centrifuge their little brains to mush. But I'm pretty sure that's tricky for the physics system. Is it meant to be this tough and unrewarding, or is it just not quite baked yet? Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/semhA This finally worked: This ... I really wish this had. Or the version I originally did that launched into orbit, anyway. But no centrifugal G force = no kerbal paste at 200+ rpm: Ignition! It's not exploding, it's meant to look like that. Really. See the pretty green G meter? ... even though it's spinning so fast it's stretching out impossibly: Oh, also, thanks for the awesome Linux support and lack of DRM. I bought a second copy just because you guys rock and I've been playing since 0.8.x. The 1.2 update fixes the Intel graphics driver issues too
  11. Passenger contracts are a reliable money-maker, but there's always room to squeeze some extra profit. I'm interested in seeing the cheapest possible trip on a per-passenger basis to various destinations. The cost of a trip is the launch cost minus the recovery cost. Documentation for that is the cost in the VAB, and the cost recovery when you land back on Kerbin. If you recover multiple stages, you need to show each one being recovered. If you use launch clamps, just account for them explicitly (or remove them from the VAB picture). The number of passengers you can account for is the number of empty seats, or seats with tourists in them. Jeb is not a tourist. The cost per passenger is the cost, divided by the number of passengers. Make sure you have at least one passenger. A destination is something like "sub-orbit Kerbin" or "orbit Minmus" or "land on Duna" ... and back! Whatever destination you have in mind, get there and back and report the cost per passenger. If you want to do Jool-5 and back with tourists, report that per-seat cost. I recommend you include mention of interesting facts such as: your ascent plan, exciting things that happened in flight, what technology level you need, what VAB/SPH/launch pad level, number of parts, mass on the pad. Disclose all mods. I rather recommend Claw's bug fix mod. Just to be consistent: tech tier starts at 0 in my count. Leaderboard: LKO EvermoreAlpaca at $73.8 per passenger, 227 passengers. Note: went on to a Minmus landing. Nefrums at $194 per passenger, 12 passengers. Note: also did a Minmus landing and Mun orbit. ForScience6686 at $251 per passenger, 5 passengers. ForScience6686 at $414 per passenger, 3 passengers. Tier 5. Mun Orbit Nefrums at $194 per passenger, 12 passengers. Note: also did a Minmus landing. numerobis at $1,291 per passenger. 8 passengers. VAB 0, launch pad 1, tech tier 4. Minmus Landing EvermoreAlpaca at $73.8 per passenger, 227 passengers. Nefrums at $194 per passenger, 12 passengers. Note: also did a Mun orbit. Jetski at $2,475 per passenger. 196 passengers.
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