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Found 25 results

  1. If specs are important for help: Windows 10 Home 64GB of Ram (overkill, i know 3rd gen Ryzen 9 3900XT 4TB of total storage Asus RTX-3060 Log dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg13ygtp3wuk5q1/KSP.log?dl=0 KSP Version 1.8.1, alot of the mods i use aren't supported on later versions, and a few straight up don't work or bug the game to unplayability. Now to the meat of why i'm posting here. So i have this issue where my lights dont work correctly. They're on in the VAB or SPH and turn on in off while in there building a craft. When i launch, they're on by default and when i turn them off, that's it. They're off for good and i can't turn them back on again. If i go on EVA and attach lights on a space station or whatever via KAS, i cant turn them on at all and i wasted time putting it on during the EVA. I tried installing new Module Manager directly instead of through CKAN and nothing i've done so far seems to do the trick and i'm confused to what is causing it. I'd really appreciate the help and thank you to anyone who takes their time to look through my issue.
  2. i alredy tried CKAN, forge, github, help me
  3. So since 1.10 rolled arround I've been experiencing this issue that the "connect" button in the VAB load dialogue doesn't work, I've previously tried it without any mods but the issue persits. Steps to recreate: Load or build craft 1; open the load menu and click connect Versions: KSP 64 bit Mods: MechJeb 2 (V. Module Manager (V 4.1.3) Logs (I doubt they help but I can still give it a shot) https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5k8n2xlts6kvvr/Player.log?dl=0 I've also seen a lot of People complaining on Reddit and Twitter so I doubt I'm the only one, maybe there is a common solution?
  4. I just started to play this game and I am having fun. But I just can't make the liquid engine work! I tired unsing the space bar, but it didn't do anything. Then I tried to right click and click activate engine, but it still didn't work. Help! P.S. i am having trouble loading the screenshot.
  5. No clue what's happening. I am trying to get BDArmory and MechJeb2 to install correctly. I have both of their folders inside KSP/GameData. I can provide more information if needed. Help!
  6. I can't seem to be able to open wing commander in my game. Where is it supposed to be in the files?
  7. Is there a mod that is supported or at least works in the newest versions that adds a cinematic camera? I have tried Camera Tools, but the icon just doesn't appear in the side menu. Any advice?
  8. My controls for delete, rotate lt/rt, time advance shortcuts and others are just not working. I have deleted reinstalled new gamed tried to go to sandbox science mode settings. Nothing works the controls just do not work. Outside of Vab/sph lt/rt work for zooming in and out so I know it's not the controller. Launching just a command pod I can yaw pitch rotate zoom etc no problems there but for shortcuts and construction the controls don't seem to work I am on Xbox one KSP enhanced edition.
  9. I'm having issues setting up a Moon's ScaledVersion in Kopernicus, no matter what I do, I can't get the ScaledVersion to accurately portray the Heightmap of the moon. A gif of what I'm talking about is linked here. Help would be appreciated! Also, here's the Moon's Config: https://pastebin.com/kJNizR7k
  10. I don’t know if it is a glitch but when I eva my Kerbals and turn on rcs the Kerbal will not rotate. He/she moves forward, backward, etc without issues but they refuse to turn left or right. Does anyone else have this problem? I didn’t install/update any mods before then, it just happend randomly.
  11. I downloaded ksp but it isn't working, I was stuck on a black screen, I'd like to know why, is it because my computer isn't fast enough or is it something else, also, the ksp music thingy is still playing. please reply
  12. Hi, So I've been fighting with KSP for a while, as gradually more and more glitches have piled up. The game is at the point of being fairly unplayable now, with most recent glitches including; rover wheels not interacting with the ground or not turning at all, landers failing to extend their legs when asked, and parts in the VAB/SPH failing to attach to one another as intended... These problems are limiting what I can make to the extent that I basically can't do anything fun on KSP anymore - is there any way I can fix them? I'm running KSP on a 2012 Macbook Pro, running Sierra 10.12.6, with the latest available version of KSP. No mods are running, and I already tried deleting and reinstalling the game. Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm having a problem with setting up my joystick in 1.3.1. I move the stick to set the axis, but the menu box gets real finicky (spazzing numbers) and shows a different axis than the one I am actuating. Similar to this guy's unresolved problem: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166279-joystick-axis-mapping-broken/&page=0#comment-3189356 Instead of showing "X" or "Y" axis, it shows "joystick 0.1" and numbers similar to that. In game, the controls are all whacked out. Using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick, in very good condition. Have no problems with it in several other games, and in-game calibration from my flight sim says all is as it should be. I've used the old Logiteck 3D Pro stick in KSP with no problems. So I suspect this is a problem with the game. Using 1.3.1 64 bit, problem persists regardless of mods. Now before you suggest that I need to press the Apply button, I will tell you that I have already tried this. I have used this game for quite a while, and I know what I'm doing for the most part. I'm getting sick of using the keyboard for my control axis. Not how a real plane flies. Being a flight sim guy, this game is unplayable for me if I can't use a joystick. Any help appreciated... Thanks!
  14. in kerbal space program, i have tried and tried again to install bd armory, yet every time i try to run ksp, it doesnt work, now remember, without bd armory, my ksp works perfectly. and i think im using the correct version. so halping plox
  15. Hello everyone! I have a problem which whenever I check a mod, the "apply changes" button is still greyed out. I tried restarting it, reinstalling, restarting, and deleting cache, yet nothing works. Does anyone have help on this problem? EDIT: Fixed, realized I downgraded KSP, so I updated it again. Now works fine. Another thing was wrong. Steam fixed it again.
  16. So I've been trying out the stock ships recently, because I always build my own and I wanted to see if they were any good, and I noticed that several didn't work, not taking off or only just taking off or falling over for no apparent reason. I was wondering if this happened to everyone or if it's just my physics being weird as usual, because it seems to not work properly a lot, with other people seemingly being able to lift much greater weights with much less thrust and fuel. I don't know if there's any solution for this, or if it's something that happens to everyone, and it's just me not being able to play the game. If anyone could give any advice or help in any way, I'd be very grateful.
  17. Hi guys! I've recently decided to create my own mod called Valitech Space Agency. I've created the part in blender, added a config stripped from the game to test it, and loaded it in unity to give it the final piece. After about 3 hours of hard work and labor, I loaded it up in it's own folder in the GameData and nothing showed up. I then decided to put it directly into the Squad folder with no luck either. Any ideas on how to actually make the mod load up and work in-game? P.S: As this being my first post, I don't know if this is the forum category it belongs in so apologies if it's in the wrong one
  18. Hello, I am currently unable to use any of the main menu buttons like settings, start game, or quit. The game starts up normally but when I reach the main menu, although the game is running fine and I am able to click on all the buttons, the buttons do not work. I have tried reinstalling the game several times, starting the game in several combinations of resolutions and windowed mode, and starting the game in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes. I have several mods installed:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByGrF563Ue-MNWZHcjdhUlRpN3c. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you for your time.
  19. I used to use a 2 joysticks to play a lot last year but now when I load the game the pitch, roll and yaw axis are all going mad and that's when using one stick and no other controllers plugged in. Win7 64, vanilla build. It was doing this before the new build recently. Not sure if it is just me but I really wanna use my sticks again. Can anyone help at all please? Sorry If this has already been discussed but I couldn't find any relevant discussions.
  20. Hi guys! Long Time lurker here... I'm having this bug, where I can not dock a station with a small ship. I've done hundreds of docking operations, and it's more easy for me now than it was when I started playing KSP. Searching for a solution, I found many posts referring to change a string on the "ModuleDockingNode" module. Folks who had this bug reported that sometimes the docking port status is set to "Acquired" instead of "Ready" so the docking port could not engage. The thing is, after looking into my saving file, the "state =" is set to "Ready", but the vessels could not dock and keep bumping into each other. The magnetic force is being applied, but is kinda weaker for what I can remember. As you can see above, the two vessels are perfectly aligned. I tried looking into the save file and editing the docking port configuration on both the ship and the station. Both were already stated as "Ready"The only different thing I remember about this is that the station's docking port is the root part. Yes, I do know this is an old bug, but everyone managed to solve it by changing that string. But again, when I looked into the save file, it was "Ready" instead of "Acquired"... Have anyone seen this before? Anyway, thanks for all the help!
  21. So I built a rocket to fly to the moon and when I was just about to come upon my maneuver node to land on the moon, I try to accelerate but find what my engine controls are not working. I press z and x to see if that will do the trick but the little pointer on the gauge did not go up or down. I also press shift and alt to hopefully fix the problem but end with the same result. Next I press r and t to turn on RCS and SAS but neither of the buttons light up. I then try to manually click the buttons on the screen but nothing happens. Do note that my ship is still floating through space and passing the point were I should normally be preparing to land on the moon. I decide that there is nothing I can to and return to the launch and try again. I am then distracted by matters in the real world and is afk for a few minutes. I return to find that my controls still work and begin to head back over to the moon. As I am leaving the atmosphere however, my controls once again lock up. The next time, I build another ship but I am still greeted by the same fate. I have mods installed and I am using a mac but these problems have only just started today and I have had the game and mods for weeks now without any trouble until now. Any suggestions?
  22. Ok so I'm running into an issue and Its driving me crazy. I already accidentally lost my saved game ive had for years because of it. (my fault for not backing it up) Anyway so here is the deal. Obviously when 1.1.2 dropped it was time to make sure im getting the updated version as to not cause compatability issues. I literally wrote down the mods I use on a piece of paper, deleted every single mod out of my gamedata folder. And one by one waited for my mods to be updated so I can download and install. (side note: I use steam so the update tp 1.1.2 is automatically done as long as you have opted into the beta program. Which i have) So anyway, when i seen 1.1.2 was released I did as i said above. I made sure that all my mods were updated before i even started playing again. Once i got all my mods set up I started the game. The issue is that for some reason while starting up it says my version of KSP is not compatible with a few of my mods. KIS, Interstellarfeulswitch, and a few others. I double checked and made sure that i had the right updated mods which I do. So basically its telling me that I have not updated to the new 1.1.2 version. Like i said I use steam so it should have updated to 1.1.2 automatically. I even started looking around to try and download the patch so i could do it manually but i cant even find it to download. Is anybody else having this problem or am I just being stupid and missing something?
  23. Hello Kerbal-nauts I am a +1000 hour veteran of ksp, and now i cant get the resources overlay to work. the probe i use is on an polar orbit at 100km over minmus it has comes ,an m700 survey Scanner and power, the lot! the scanner scans, goes to the "100%", "Done" but then nothing...... in additiontin the narrow band scanners GUI dosnet work. only thing working is the Surface scanning module.... i spent some time on youtube to se what wold scott manley do, and now conclude its something wrong with the game. i have removed the game and reinstall it and tryed with no modes with the same result, added Ckan and some modes same result. any advice ??
  24. I have the Near Future Technologies mod installed and I'm testing the fission reactors but I can't get them to work. I'm not sure if I'm missing something. What do I exactly need for a correct setup?
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