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Found 17 results

  1. I think it would be very useful to implement one key shortcuts (underlined letters) for button-type options in the Parts Manager. Maybe they would be activated / highlighted by pressing Alt (or another key combination). I think it would speed up gameplay.. not having to move the mouse and click everything, constantly going from parts to the PM menu. Most OS and app menus use this system, it's very efficient. This is what I'm talking about:
  2. When i go into some menus (This happens randomly) the menu would collapse into the pin and the hashmark # or if I consistently go to settings it just has a horizontal scroll bar and thats it Modlist: Ksp.log:
  3. For whatever reason, i can't use any in flight menu controls. I can't revert flights, quit to main menu, save/load or even return to the space center, i can only resume game, log posted below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fu6IxL2HXY8JmbwWxjS_dJ53y_8MmSgp/view?usp=sharing Edit: removing Flight manager for reusable stages seems to have done the trick
  4. I'm stuck at the main menu and i have 42 mods... help
  5. The game starts up after the initial loading screen, however when it gets to the menu, the screen with the planet and floating kerbals, it pauses for about 2-5 seconds, with nothing on-screen clickable, and then closes. I followed the 1.8.1 install instructions for RSS/RP/RO exactly, including the dll for DeadlyRentry and the folder thing for FAR. The only thing that I didn't follow was the Mechjeb Dev install via CKAN's updated repository. I just downloaded the regular one because my computer is having issues loading that and CKAN says it's failing to load it. I also have principia installed, but both Mechjeb and Principia don't affect the install, as removing them doesn't help with the crashing from my testing. I've also tried forcing OpenGL and uninstalling MSI Afterburner with no luck. Log's at the bottom along with some specs _______ Mods installed with their installed versions from CKAN. All the graphics and visual mods from the RSS/RP/RO wiki are running their suggested versions, in case CKAN doesn't match: Player log W10, 64bit, KSP 1.8.1. i7-7700k w/ GTX 1080 To reproduce: load the game and wait for it to reach the menu
  6. I was getting a satellite into orbit, and I was warping to my apoapsis so I could start burning prograde, but mid-warp my SAS menu disappeared, and the SAS & RCS buttons are disabled. What happened?
  7. Hello there, as you can tell from this picture, my icons are missing, I uninstalled and cleaned the drive from all things kerbal but it keeps coming back. I even used ccleaner to wipe out the folders and their entries into the register but those icons are still missing. Am I the only one with this problem ? Thank you in advance for your help
  8. I was loading up KSP and then I get the normal thing telling me about the Making History, You know, the tab? But it was bigger then MY screen so I could not click the X button, SO It would not let me close the tab, and I can't do anything with the game/menu. I need help, I can't even play the game.!
  9. I have a PartModule that adds labels (KSPFields) to a part menu. Since computing the info to be displayed on that label is expensive, I would like to detect if the menu is actually open so I can skip computation. How do I detect if part menu is open?
  10. This all started when I upgraded to Windows 10. Playing KSP at Windows 8 is butter-smooth. But now, I have to wait for like 30 seconds to wait until the start menu is responsive again. Same thing happens when I quit to main menu. Already did: Compatibility Mode (Windows 8, Windows 7) Running the program as an administrator Running the launcher as an administrator Running in 32-Bit and 64-Bit modes No, I'm not lacking at RAM.
  11. Just installed KSP en-us from steam and added the "KSP Français Patch" (still being developed) and ModuleManager.2.8.0.dll KSP is installed in Program Files (x86) so thst's the 32bit version, I guess. I started the game and my wife needed my help for something. When back, windows had switched the display off. Woken it up and the three kerbals were in EVA there but the usual Menu was gone. Aiming a click at the expected location for the first item succeded and then going back didn't even restore the menu. Screensaver was set to "Black" and password required to unlock. Windows 10 / 4GB / 64b system, NVIDIA 650 GC, what else is relevant ? I repeated the experiment and could reproduce the bug in the stock game, (having moved away the mod and ModuleManager to a directory on the Desktop) I love the game and work with others towards making a good FR language patch / mod. Have a screen capture but cannot see how to join it here.
  12. Hi! I wont be surprised if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on the topic. Every now and then, when I go back to KSC, the menu buttons dissapear (the ones in the lower left of the screen). Also the game do not respond when I click the buildings, which means I have no option to enter the VAB or Tracking station. Any fix for this? Is it memory leak?
  13. Hello, I am currently unable to use any of the main menu buttons like settings, start game, or quit. The game starts up normally but when I reach the main menu, although the game is running fine and I am able to click on all the buttons, the buttons do not work. I have tried reinstalling the game several times, starting the game in several combinations of resolutions and windowed mode, and starting the game in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes. I have several mods installed:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByGrF563Ue-MNWZHcjdhUlRpN3c. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you for your time.
  14. So basicly i had the version 1.1.2 with a tonof mods(around 80 or so) and it worked fine. T&hen I updated to 1.1.3 and simultaneously I added around 10-20 mods. Then i tried starting it(obviously it takes over 30 Minutes xD, tho I hve a very beefy PC) and it worked. Then I tried opening a save file and it freezes for half a second, then nothinbg happens and i can press again and again. The thing is, first of I can't test every mod one by one if its causing the issue, because it would take days and another problem is: I don't know if this is caused by any mod or the update. In the console it spams: [Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Here is a list of all mods I've installed:
  15. When I right click a part and pin it, it prevents me from right clicking any other part or un selecting the current part. Help?
  16. You play with low resolution? You have heavily modded KSP? You often hit the wrong button during EVA because part's menu is constantly moving? You often get in trouble in the most inappropriate moment when you right-click on part but most portion of its menu hides off-screen so you have to zoom out and rotate camera to actually see it's bottom and all of buttons? If yes then worry no more because Troiden Industries are proud to present you DraggableMenu. With this small mod you won't ever have such problems. Features: Automatically rises menu if it gets off-screen. Freezes menu position when mouse is over it. Allows you to move any menu around your screen by Alt+Click, both in Flight and Editor. How to move menu: Press your ModifierKey(Alt by default) and drag the menu anywhere on your screen and it will stay there(regardless of what buttons you press after) until you close it. Then you can close it the same way you usually close any other menu: either by right-clicking(without Alt pressed) on any part or by right-clicking on empty space between your ship and other windows. This mod is based on famous lifesaving MenuStabilizer written by comrade Alexander Gavrilov aka @a.g. and includes all of its features. Compatibility: It is not recommended to install both MenuStabilizer and DraggableMenu because they will fight for control of same things what can lead to fitful menu movements. Download: SpaceDock Curse GitHub //Coming soon. Installation: Extract the .zip into your KSP directory and overwrite if asked. License: MIT Changelog: Feel free to post your comments, suggestions and of couse bug reports, but don't forget to include your KSP.log.
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