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Found 9 results

  1. hello, I installed AVP (Astronomers Visual Pack) I got the clouds, stars, and glow but did not get the auroras, So I went into the EVE Config Edit In-game and the "aurora.dds" file was missing, I tried installing the AVP from CKAN, It said everything was installed but It still did not have the file that I needed to have auroras. The Stars, clouds, and glows are working but not the clouds since the file are missing. I have also tried installing manually but it still did not work. can someone help? By the way, I do not have any other visual mods, but I have EVE, Scatterer, and AVP.
  2. I recently crashed a rocket on land very far away from KSC. I looked in the astronaut complex. It said that Jeb (who I think was in that ship) was in the missing column. Are they going to come back?
  3. When I'm opening map view and back the action PAW for every part (stock/mod) is missing Example engine for activate/deactivate; probe control from here, torque, control point; decoupler decouple; landing leg, fairing, chute deploy; etc. But the "remove from symmetry, autostrut still there. SAS, RCS, brake, gear, light, abort, and stage is not usable too I can't use action group or action key (brake, gear, etc) except throttle key, map key, and rotate camera. WASD and "set as target" click and "focus to" click can't be used I don't use any mod that change paw or key, it's only solved by F5-F9 or load in tracking station, please help me inform me if something needed
  4. Hello there, as you can tell from this picture, my icons are missing, I uninstalled and cleaned the drive from all things kerbal but it keeps coming back. I even used ccleaner to wipe out the folders and their entries into the register but those icons are still missing. Am I the only one with this problem ? Thank you in advance for your help
  5. What would cause all parts that have docking ports to be removed from the game? This includes mod parts as well. OPT hulls with docking ports built in, MK4 cockpit with built in docking port l, etc..
  6. Ok. So I updated KSP and cleared my mods out to work out what was compatible and what was not ( add them one at a time ) My important ones were: Kerbal Engineer Redux X Science Docking Port Alignment Indicator Precise Node I thought I would add the mods one by one to see what works and what doesn't Loaded my sandbox game with no mods at all and instead of refusing to load because mods were missing it loaded the game and removed any ship with a missing part! So Now I have 3 missions that I was doing in Sandbox completely gone. I didn't have any quick saves .. just the main persistent one. And now my ships are gone! Is there a backup save directory?
  7. The BD Armory section is there when I'm in a hangar and I can see multiple guns, rockets, bombs, and ammo, but no weapons manager. When I tried to use a gun, it didn't fire, even with ammo boxes. I used CKAN to install the mod.
  8. I've been playing the same KSP save for a while and while I was building a station, I noticed the crew I ferried to the station weren't in the bottom right corner. I can't toggle the view with the "c" key to IVA, and the crew portrait is completely missing on every craft. I clicked the hatch and selected the crew to EVA, where they are registered, and when Jeb rolled out, he was fine. However, when he tried to get back in, the hatch registered that he was in but created a duplicate texture of Jeb still on the ladder. I tried to EVA Jeb again, but it said there was something obstructing the hatch. I tried switching to the Phantom Jeb, but the vessel switcher claimed there was nothing there. So, I can't view the IVA or EVA because it locks the hatches. Can someone help me fix this issue?
  9. I need help with this potential bug, I really do not want to restart my game again, even more so when that may not even fix this problem. Anyways, on to my problem! All the sudden I can't use items that I had researched. It first started with just one item, but now I can't use 2 items form the same category. I just used these 2 items to build a jet and I flew it. I went to go build a better jet and I couldn't find the air intake. So I loaded my old jet up and even though it has the intake it says in red letters *** CONTAINS LOCKED OR INVALID PARTS***. When I try to fly the jet it does not let me (because of the parts). Things I've tried to do, for a fix - Verify integrity of game cache (through steam) When doing this it says "1 files failed to validate and will be reacquired." I also loaded an old saved file, this save file happened to be the one I used when I first flew my jet with no problem, and it still gives me the same message when i try to fly it. I uninstalled the game (kept my saved files) reinstalled it, and still getting the same message. I googled it for an hour and found nothing. And yes I went back to make 100 % sure the 2 parts were still in the same place on the tec tree, and sure enough they are still under aviation, and its still unlocked, I can use all the other parts under aviation. On a side note, there are 38 copies of the Mk1 cockpit for whatever reason. I don't think it was like that before. The two parts that I can't use are Delta-Deluxe winglet and XM-G50Radial Air intake. Any help would be great, I feel like playing anymore of this could be a waste of time if I can't use the things I unlock. Sadly, that means I'm not going to play until this is sorted out . (sucks cuzz I really wanna play) After typing this I also went back and checked sandbox mode, sure enough the same parts are grayed out and I can't even select them, there are more parts that I can't use in sandbox mode. A fix for this problem would be amazing! Thanks
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