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Found 10 results

  1. Continuing one of the greatest mods to ever exist in this game Astronomer's Visual Pack is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Kerbal Space Program originally developed by Astronomer. I have been a huge fan of Astronomer's work since my first steps into Kerbal Space Program, during 2014. 2015 would see the hiatus of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements development, along with the unfortunate demise of Astronomer's Visual Pack, as the version of EVE it ran on, a version made for alpha KSP, deprecated. Even as the development of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements gained traction once more, Astronomer ceased to appear in the KSP community. Since 2016, I have been attempting to restore and expand the gorgeous visual overhaul that was Astronomer's Visual Pack, through rewriting, remaking, and repackaging. This is the product of that work. Through adapting stock KSP canon and sci-fi imagination, Astronomer's Visual Pack aims to turn Kerbal Space Program into the most immersive, beautiful experience a player can get. Downloads Stock + OPM JNSQ Installation CKAN Check the "Astronomer's Visual Pack" mod. You will be prompted to choose a texture resolution. Install and enjoy! GitHub Acquire the latest release of "Astronomer's Visual Pack" from GitHub. Drop the "GameData" folder inside the archive into your KSP installation, merging the two folders if prompted. Download a texture resolution of your choice (2k, 4k, and 8k downloads are currently available). Drop the "GameData" folder inside the archive into your KSP installation, merging the two folders if prompted. Download and install the latest versions of the dependencies necessary for the mod to function. This includes: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancementsScattererModuleManager It is highly recommended you also download TUFX to enable AVP's color-grading and post-processing configurations. Once you have installed TUFX, click on the toolbar button while ingame and select the Astronomer's Visual Pack profile. (Optional) Download the 43k Kerbin cloud enhancement: Download and install the 43k Kerbin clouds. These are quite intensive on the GPU and RAM! You will now have much finer unique detail on Kerbin's main cloud layer. Great for cinematics. (Optional) Download the recommended mods: Audio Chatterer (immersive audio enhancements) Visual Parallax (terrain shader for realistic planetary surfaces) DistantObjectEnhancement (distant planets and ships will be visible from afar) PlanetShine (planet shine effect on your ships) Sunflares of Maar (a sunflare pack) RealPlume (realistic engine plume spread) TexturesUnlimited (reflection and texture effects for parts) EngineLighting (lighting effects for engines and decouplers) Gameplay ReStock (stock part overhaul) OR Ven's Stock Part Revamp (stock part overhaul) Disclaimer: Astronomer's Visual Pack is a visual pack for the stock planetary system, as well as the bodies in the Outer Planets Mod. It is best played with the optional enhancements. AVP is not compatible with other atmospheric enhancements for the stock and OPM systems, such as Stock Visual Enhancements, Spectra, stock EVE (BoulderCo), Sci-Fi-VE, Graphics Enhancements Assembly, OPM-VO, etc. Do not install a combination of AVP + conflicting visual mods. Installs with this issue visible will likely not receive support. Features Up to 43k Kerbin clouds High-res volumetric clouds Bioluminescent clouds for Laythe 7 cloud layers for Jool at up to 8k Glow for all non-atmospheric bodies where relevant Up to 8k auroras Sandstorms and surface dust Lightning on Eve, Kerbin, Duna, and Laythe Moho ablation effect 8k Milky Way skybox Geysers on Minmus and Eeloo Visuals for the Outer Planets Mod Custom loading screens and tips Modular file structure, to tinker with and remove specific effects with ease More I likely forgot to list... Featuring the mods (must install dependencies): Environmental Visual Enhancements - rbray89, WazWaz Used for clouds, dust, auroras, and numerous other atmospheric and non-atmospheric enhancements. ModuleManager - sarbian Used to ensure compatibility and functionality. Scatterer - blackrack Used for atmospheric scattering and oceanic enhancement. Performance & Hardware Astronomer's Visual Pack is the most intensive visual mod for Kerbal Space Program, but has been tuned and optimized such that even mid-end hardware will bring an enjoyable experience. With 8k textures, the minimum specifications required for a smooth experience (60+ FPS) is a GTX 1060 6GB, paired with 16GB of RAM. A CPU with strong single-core performance is also recommended.. Performance Tips Lower the settings of any recommended mods you have, or remove them entirely. If your game resolution is greater than 1920x1080, turn it down to this and use either NVIDIA or AMD Image Sharpening to restore the visual difference. Try a lower texture resolution. Try a lower scatterer preset. You can change this by clicking on the blue globe in the toolbar in Space Center. Navigate to <KSP>/GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/AVP_Configs/Stock/ and remove the configuration files for effects you do not desire. If your GPU frequently hits 100% usage, set a frame limit that will reduce the load. Depending on your GPU model, you may be able to either undervolt or overclock in order to achieve lower temperatures or higher performance respectively. Support I'm commonly active on the r/KerbalSpaceProgram Discord, go ahead and ping me there if you need help. You can also just reply below with your KSP.log and perhaps a screenshot. Donations If you like Astronomer's Visual Pack, thank @Astronomer for his years of work on this mod. Feel free to pitch in to my student survival fund. You will have my eternal gratitude License THIS MOD IS LICENSED UNDER Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) WHAT THIS MEANS: You may create derivations of this mod and its contents. You may utilize and adapt this mod and its contents in your own works. You may NOT use this mod or any of its contents for commercial purposes. You may NOT gain royalties from work containing any of this mod's contents. You must give credit to me (themaster401, current developer) and Astronomer (original creator of Astronomer's Visual Pack) if adapting this mod and indicate changes made if applicable. All derivations must also be licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA. Screenshots I LOVE SCREENSHOTS! The most magnificent of shots taken with AVP and submitted in replies may find their way into the loading screens!
  2. SOLVED : check bottom of this post Hi all, I'd want to make the Spectra visual pack and the nice OPM visual component of AVP compatible together. So basicaly : Keep Spectra as it is, but add on top of it only the OPM visuals from AVP. This is of course exclusively for my personal usage, I do not intend of reditributing this. (But who knows maybe it could become a patch integrated with spectra one day, if it works, let's dream !) Before going any further, let me remind you the folder structure of both mods, to hopefully ease reasoning : - Spectra : - AVP : I'm used to MM and to modify, mod, and make patches for parts, but I'm new to the visuals stuff... So anyway, I tried few things : - Merged AVP-OPM into Spectra's folder, by keeping all Spectra files/structure the same, but incorporating AVP-OPM inside, in the revelant cfgs, copying over the avp textures, changing their name if spectra had the same already, and changing all cfgs to point at the right textures in the right folders... - Made a new mod in my gamedata, named OPMVisuals, and keeping inside only the OPM necessary components of AVP. In both cases, Spectra was still working on stock planets, but OPM had neither scatterer, or EVE clouds, well nothing ^^ I think the issue is that they both provide EVE configs and textures which don't load, or overwrite for some reason, for OPM, I don't know anyway ^^. But this is weird, since others planets packs mods ( like Quackpack, and other exoplanets mods) manage to add their own scatterer and EVE configs, while keeping Spectra untouched, so I still have hope ! Big thanks in advance for your help ! Peace Solution : - Install spectra, install AVP - in AVP delete everything non related to OPM, EXCEPT the textures.cfg found in AVP_Config/Stock, which handles also OPM textures, even if it's located in the stock folder..... - in AVP, delete scatterer folder related to stock bodies (kerbin/duna/etc) Enjoy ! Peace
  3. Hello guys, my game is crashing after some time, but I cannot find the culprit or the cause The crash happens with the Unity window and a "loading bar", here is the crash logs https://www.mediafire.com/file/9a8vgy87y6x6u3s/Crash_2023-01-23_130827080.rar/file My system configs are: (This pc is kinda old but still holding on hehe) Mods list:
  4. Hello. I'm posting here now, to formally ask how to properly install AVP (Astronomer's Visual Pack), as I have been attempting to do so on my own, and have been unable to. If it helps, I'm currently using the CurseForge version of the pack, going through step by step, installing everything properly, and then deleting the instructional folders. However, when I do this, when I try to run KSP through the 64x runner (which it instructed me to do), It just shows me a black screen, with nothing actually happening. Could someone please tell me how to install it properly, or even just link me to somewhere that does? and help is appreciated. Edit: After two more separate installs, the black screen is now completely fixed. The only issue I am seemingly having now with the mod, is that the cloud layer over Kerbin is nonexistent. This is not a massive issue, however, I would still like it to be there. If I could get a little advice on what I'm missing? Also, I am now using the forum download instead of the CurseForge one, and that has helped massively.
  5. Hello all I'm having really bad trouble with AVP, scatterer, etc. I have tried everything I know, including deleting Kopernicus+OPM (where this all started.......) So, the trouble is that the clouds are inverse and black and the sky is white at the night side of Kerbin and the terminator is blue... also Jool and the other planets look very strange. KSP.log- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVD8N3pVjtjPhhPnIhb3rxRTDh2UYXjB/view?usp=sharing Photos- https://ibb.co/Z2smQrK https://ibb.co/HtTMJBD https://ibb.co/r2KsGx7 Thanks SOOO much for your help, I have been trying to fix this for 3 days now.
  6. I was installing my mods on KSP 1.12.2 when I saw that the atmosphere looked weird. Also, upon flying slightly above the atmosphere (around 100km up above Kerbin) there would be weird discoloration on my craft which would suddenly disappear when flying above about 130km. I tried switching out AVP for BoulderCo's stock EVE configs which solved the atmosphere problems, but I would still like to use AVP. I recreated the issue on a fresh install of KSP 1.12.2 with only AVP and its dependencies. Mod List: Astronomer's Visual Pack version 4.11 with the 2k texture pack Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux version Module Manager version 4.2.1 Scatterer version 0.0825b Screenshots: Picture using the listed mods. Kerbin's atmosphere seems to extend far beyond what it normally should using Scatterer. While this looks pretty, I don't think it's intended and it seems to cause other problems. Picture using BoulderCo's stock EVE configs. Notice how the atmosphere is much shallower and sharper Screenshot showing the discoloration effect using the listed mods while in LKO. (yes I used cheats, didn't want to fly another orbiter to recreate the issue) Steps to reproduce: Simply looking at Kerbin from the map view and flying a craft from 70-130km above Kerbin are the steps I took to show these issues using the listed mods.
  7. hello, I installed AVP (Astronomers Visual Pack) I got the clouds, stars, and glow but did not get the auroras, So I went into the EVE Config Edit In-game and the "aurora.dds" file was missing, I tried installing the AVP from CKAN, It said everything was installed but It still did not have the file that I needed to have auroras. The Stars, clouds, and glows are working but not the clouds since the file are missing. I have also tried installing manually but it still did not work. can someone help? By the way, I do not have any other visual mods, but I have EVE, Scatterer, and AVP.
  8. Please spare me if there's a quick answer to this. Can the Mun turn red? I was on the Mun in an eclipse when I relized "Hey, the terrain scatters, my craft, kerbals, flag and Mun dust (not mun) all turn red, but not the actual terrain, I wonder why?" Is there an answer? And is there a possible fix/mod?
  9. I installed the astronomer's visual pack recently and encountered a very weird water glitch where the water looks white and the waves are broken, VERY stretchy triangles. I installed using CKAN and I'm not sure what's causing this water issue. Here's a list of mods that I have downloaded. The only conflict AVP has is with EVE configs which I don't think I have installed. What's causing the issue and how do I fix it?
  10. So after seeing avp interstellar updated for the current version of ksp I figured id mod back up to continue my youtube series. (For the purpose of my videos I like to have the best looking stuff I can.) Unfortunately with the new AVP I cannot seem to get clouds for eve and jool to work. Consequently the cloud configs for the OPM planets likewise seem nonfunctional. My understanding is the new EVE version has issues with the OPM clouds, but this does not explain jool and eve not receiving clouds. I installed the current versions of planetshine, texture replacer and e.v.e prior to AVP, clouds work fine Kerbin and Duna but nowhere else Is anyone else having this issue or maybe have a workaround? is there a similar mod pack that adds nice clouds for stock and OPM people know? running 64 bit ksp 1.0.5 This is the aforementioned series, most recent two episodes are an example of the clouds id like to have: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fxlSN_yvQc5l8xjAnoEGRvgAyD0sGku
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