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Found 4 results

  1. So i'm having this issue that i am stumped and completely clueless on how to fix. I have this issue where lights turn on and off in the VAB or SPH while building. Cool, ok. Issue is when i click launch and go to flight mode, the lights are on by default, but once i turn them off they are off permanently. Spamming the light button does nothing, right clicking and pressing turn lights on does nothing, EVA and do it with a kerbal, still nothing. I have plenty of electricity, so it's not that. IVA screens still work, lights on cockpits and other modules still work and shine on other things like a space station or whatnot. It's only the lights themselves that have this issue and it has my confused to no end. Any help and i'd love you forever. It's on KSP 1.8.1, i stay on this older version cause alot of the mods i love that are working on here aren't supported/don't work on later versions. My KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg13ygtp3wuk5q1/KSP.log?dl=0 My Gamedata folder, my dropbox is full and already used up my other emails on it.
  2. The thing KSP players hates the most--the kraken attack! this bug has been here since *a long time ago* . whats the funniest or rather worst kraken attack you've ever had?
  3. Hey everyone, So I usually just lurk here on the forums but today I encountered a pretty game breaking bug and just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this. I was doing a pretty normal mission to Dres right, pretty boring, but I decided to go do some biome hopping and flew around 4000 meters away from my craft with my scientist and collected some science from another biome. When I came back to my ship however all of my science parts, batteries, RCS ports, and my ladder were laying perfectly below my craft in the same orientation they were placed on my craft. I reloaded a quicksave and came back to the craft and the same thing happened again. Additionally when I rewelded all the parts my craft had gained a ridiculous amount of mass and had lost over 1000 m\s of Delta V, which blows because I was going to do some biome hopping but got screwed out of it by this bug. Here's some pictures of the bug: https://imgur.com/a/PvW5DGB I also have mods installed but they are all visual and I don't think they have any impact on this. Mod List: Astronomers Visual Pack, Distant Object Enhancement, EVE, Final Frontier, Scatterer, and Transfer Window Planner This is a brand new, fresh install of the game, and the save was created in version 1.11.2. Here's the craft file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ec1y2kfu6rfu1nw/Void_Space_1.craft/file Has anyone else encountered this? Pretty annoying to say the least and it seems to me that only weldable parts fell of my craft so I think it's probably a bug with the new update.
  4. So this happened to me recently... Totally on accident, I promise.
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